20 comments on “Rachel Peters by Dookie Ducay

  1. Sadly until now Rachel lacks projection or giving face as Lu Sierra would say. I believe that’s her major waterloo in last year’s Miss Universe – more than the backstory or lack thereof – which led to her being edged out by Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters and everybody else in the Top 5.

  2. Mukha siyang na-lobotomized everytime. Clueless and high with marijuana lagi yung peg ng face niya noh? Lol

  3. Ung mukha nya talaga ang mjo nakukulangan ako…ano kaya un …hihi! ngipin ba? ung lips? ung labi? baka ung veneers nga cguro hihihih

  4. body wise – hands down, perfect!

    still, ganon pa rin ang face. kulang pa rin sa emotion. blank stare. parang “oh, pose ka dun, tas tingin ka lang dito.” lol

  5. When God gives us beautiful body it is our responsibility to use it for good or for worse. I believe Rachel is gifted with talents and I hope she will use with God given purpose.

  6. Has at least somebody ever critiqued and told her that she doesn’t look good in that facial projection wherein her front teeth are shown? That only fits Megan Young.

    Bodywise, she is a perfection. How I wish Catriona would have that body as soon as she lands in the Miss Universe competition arena.

    That’s all!

  7. Ang laswa naman niyan! Hihihi did she change her name to Tina Moran? Tina Moran ni Gov.? Cherett! Hihihi Megan? Meganooownnn!

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