12 comments on “For a Great Man has fallen…

  1. Col Ric Nolasco had helped and Uplifted Many peoples Lives. I True person Devoted to Tourism and Improvement of peoples lives.. I salute him with all the honors of a TRUE Military Colonel.. Hope One Day…

  2. this is sad…I was shocked…he looks so happy and healthy nman…I’m sure he always visit his doctors for regular check ups considering that he has the resources…oh well if it’s really your time walang makakapigil…RIP Col Nolasco

  3. I can feel that Norman is extremely sad when he wrote this piece for the late Col. Nolasco.

    May his soul RIP.

  4. Ay sad naman, he won’t be able to see Cat compete and win sa Miss Universe. Diba parang he was a friend and a huge sponsor dun sa Hannah’s title ni Cat?

  5. Rest in Peace Col. Nolasco ❤ ❤ ❤

    Sana tuloy pa din ang Miss Hannas Tourism Intl Pageant…

  6. May he rest in peace with the Lord.
    Condolence po sa naiwan ni Col. Nolasco

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