20 comments on “Maxine, Catriona & Kelly

  1. Maxine has one of the most exoticaly proportioned and symetrical face among all our BBP-Universe winner.

    • What did you mean by exotically proportioned ? Shouldn’t you say exotic and proportioned instead ?

  2. hands down to Max! She’s really one of the most beautiful Filipina representative to Miss Universe.

    Medyo may something lang ako in terms of post-processing / editing of the photos. parang ang rough ng dating, hindi nakaka fresh ang editing. lol

  3. ang gaganda nilang lahat! Max is max! c Cat mejo nene ang styling but not bad pa din… she can easily pull off anything talaga… ganda din ni Kelly, mjo stiff lng onte ung facial ex peo pde xa isabak s pageant, sumali nba eto dati? (d ko xa gaano kilala) hihi…

  4. I thought that red gown was Rhett Eala’s creation? Didn’t 4M already wear that at Miss U?

  5. Maxine nailed it. She is a model first and foremost. Cat’s right eye which is forward looked smaller than her left eye which is more towards the back. Kelly’s face looks tensed or is it because of her wide set jaws? She should play it like Maxine always does, chin forward a little bit.

  6. Maxine looks great.
    She does not appear awkward with her stare … unlike Megan

  7. Never understood the hype around Maxine’s beauty. Never will, I guess. And I agree with the other commenters here, this styling didn’t work for Cat that even her modelling skills couldn’t save it.

  8. Kelly Misa nailed the pictorial, model na model sya. Parang hindi pantay ang boobs ni Maxine at si Cat parang kinulang sa make-up or hindi maganda ang make-up.

    • Djusko Fake4M you’re back na…hihihihihi I don’t think this is George anymore….hmmmm…

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