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  1. Pg naka 15 semis itong si spain eh walk out na ako. i will opt out of all pagent pages and will never vist norman blog again.

  2. The fact that you’re being called TRANS – WOMAN means you’re not 100% woman…ang siste pag naging clapper yan sasabihin nmang bias ang mga judges to naturally born women…protesta na nman…jusko

  3. Come on guys. LGBTQ+ are one of the minorities/marginalized in the society, hence, they are seeking and fighting for equal rights and inclusivity. But sometimes, this reason is being abused or should I say misinterpreted by the LGBTQ+ members themselves. They tend to forget that they are crossing the line at some point on fighting for their rights and abusing the sympathy of the society such as this dream of conquering a crown made and should be for a naturally-born women ONLY. Respect begets respect. If they respect the rights of women, trans-women will get the respect that they deserve. IMHO, being very open-minded doesn’t do good all the time that is why rules and regulations do exist everywhere.

  4. Miss Universe should always be for biologically born women. The MUO should rather create a pageant for all trans called Miss Trans Universe. No matter what we say, we can’t really compare apples to oranges.

  5. nakita ko syang rumampa, sumagot, makipaghalubilo at manamit. Sure I loved her being TG and as an LGBT advocate but come MU, she will have the hardest time and worst may clap! (makakakuha man xa ng most attention) peo yun lang ang magiging advantage nya. Still I wish her all the luck and love in the world…

    • tama ka te. she may not win, kaso inumpisahan kasi i bend ang rules. precedent na ito sa mga future guidelines ng nga local franchises. lokohan na yata talaga ang miss U. if they think na they’re expanding the audience nila, well they might have to think again kasi this is polarizing the fans even in our LGBTQ community. natawa ako sa mga nagsasabi na i educate daw ang mga sarili sa mga rights at eklavu ng trans particularly yung mga taong ayaw sumali ang mga trans. eh parang dapat mag aral ng history, biology, physiology, anatomy, psychology, genetics , molecular , contitutional at social sciences ang mga nagsasabi nito. mas marami yata sila dapat aralin. and i’m certain 100% sure na isasali ng MUO si Angela sa semifinalist for controversy sake. They don’t care anymore kung sino masasaktan nila. They’ve done this before and they will do it again. If they push her placement further , that will be the demise of this pageant at least for me.

      • un na nga. di nman sa against tau sa mga trans peo baka kalaunan mawawalan n ng class ang pinka bonggang pageant sa daigdig haha mawawalan ng class kasi wala n ung essence ng “real women” ek ek. peo ano pa magagawa naten kung omokey ang org… peo i bet di talaga yan magtatagal hahaha

  6. You people think too and talk too much. Don’t take this matter seriously. You analyze things as if it’s the end of the world. Wait for the pageant to come first and react once it’s over. Geez.

    • When you’re passionate about something, in this case Miss Universe, i always take it seriously.

  7. hayaan na yan si Ponce…di nman mananalo yan…not bec she’s transgender but bec she’s not that stunning…mukhang lalaki parin. Other from being transgender there’s really no special about her

    • She understands the uproar too. So do not invalidate our opinions. Che!

      • ininvalidate ko ba? sabi ko nga di ba “Balanakayojan”. In case hindi uso sa inyo, balanakayojan = bahala na kayo jan = i dont care anymore ano opinion mo =/= invalidating your opinion. Opinion mo yan, i dont have the right to invalidate it. Ang sinasabi ko lang kung anoman yung sinabi ni Cat yun ang pinakamahalaga sa akin. Chusera ka

      • My gulay! Re-read your comment. Teh, puhlease. Give me a break. The audacity to lecture me on what balanakayojan means (seriously?) and to say “pinakamahalaga sa akin” when you actually wrote “sa lahat ng may kuda, eto lang ang pinakamahalaga.” Puhlease. Di ako chepepay ng iba diyan. Oh why am I stooping down on your level. Kaloka ka teh.

    • Sa tingin nyo ba pa sinabi nyang unfair at di level ang playing field, she will get support from people who are pushing for this madness? natural, she will get bashed for it? she was very diplomatic and i applaud her for that. Meaning, kahit ano pa ang stand nya, it’s the organization who decides. Unfortunately MU organization is NOW only concerned about sparking controversies to revive viewership BUT TOTALLY disregards the true core of the pageant which is empowering women. LGBT has other platforms where we can voice our rights too. We can still do with all other pageants available to transgendered women.. I can already see the decline of interest among natural born women joining this pageant in the near future. CONFIDENTLY BEAUTIFUL? Really miss universe?!? That definition is encompassing not only in physical but in moral aspect too. how can one be beautiful knowing you have invaded and asserted yourself on someone elses platform?!? Thats rude, entitled and with total disregard for other peoples rights to showcase their rights too.

      • Bakit ba kailangan nilang patunayan sarili nila sa lahat ng arena where real woman participates? Kaloka. Abusado din eh.

  8. Hindi pa kayo nasanay sa spain back 2013 di ba T-Bird din ang pinadala nila di ba? now trying to send again ng kakaiba….

    • 2 things: 1. she came out to the rest of the world after the pageant. 2. She has all the NATURAL physical makings as a real biological woman. – laki ng difference compared to Angela today.

  9. Scientific

    DNA test nlang: XX chromosomes female/ XY chromosomes male… ano chromosomes ni Angela?

    • Gender now is not just biological . It is also psychological . It’s however the person feels abt himself .
      Just the same , transgenders should not be allowed to join MU – just like overweight and not so facially gifted people.
      Why even set height requirements … if everyone is allowed to join ?

      • sa totoo lang. kahit lgbt ako. dalawang klaseng gender lang naman talaga ang ginawa ng evolution natin kahit di na natin isama ang religious views natin.. tayo lang naman ang gumagawa ng gender bending ideas eh. we feel entitled to challenge the law of nature. kaya ang pageant nga mga babae, pinapakialaman na rin ng mga trangender. oo, any person can think , feel and act like the opposite sex kaso yung katawan natin is wired to perform for an assigned gender since birth. kahit i modify pa ang outward appearance niya, everything inwards is lalaki pa rin. she’s taking proactive measures to change everything about her like hormone therapy, surgeries, perhaps resection of adams apple.. lahat. kaya she is cheating in all sense in a natural born woman pageant. we make so much issue sa surgery enhancements ng mga babae in this pageant and yet we are glorifying a transgendered woman by allowing her who made up of all surgeries from head to toe? that alone needs justice. so angela should go to miss queen international instead who like her have taken the same procedures to level the playing field.

      • Sure, she can join Miss International Queen if she wishes to. But she chose the path towards Miss Universe. And she can join Miss Universe since she won a national pageant and she is within a certain age. SHE IS ELIGIBLE TO JOIN MISS UNIVERSE.

    • Saan ba nabibilang yang ANGELA PONCE na yan?
      Male (man)
      Female (woman)

      Adrian pakisagot nga.

  10. I dont know what to say on this issue. Pero kailangan ba na sa lahat ng bagay eh kailangan ipagsiksikan ang sarile and rights? Sa mga essential o mahahalagang na bagay sa araw araw na buhay where gender equality is a must. Pwede mo ipagsiksikan ang sarile dahil may karapatan ka talaga. Pero sa mga gantong bagay like pageant na pambabae na hinde essential at hinde mahalaga sa pang araw araw na buhay ay hinde kailangan abusuhin ang rights. Hinde dapat ipagpilitan. This is too much. Lgbt hardly fought for their rights para sa mga importanteng bagay which is nakamit naman nila at dapat ibigay alang alang sa gender equality at respect. Pero kung gusto nila irespect sila kailangan din nila iresepect ang mga babae. Kahit pa accept ng MUO yan kailangan pag isipan ng mabuti. Since traditionaly MU is only for naturally born woman. Isipin mo ung mga bagay bagay why hinde ka dapat sumali. Hinde ung basta babaeng ka na at accept ng MUO ang trans eh gora na ka na agad. Dreaming to be a beauty queen is not wrong and dreaming to be a miss universe is not wrong also pero yung sumali ka talaga in real life is ibang usapan na yon. May sarile silang pageant where their dreams to be a beauty queen can come true where they can prove their worth also. Ang hirap talaga iexplain ito grabe! Pero commom sense i think is enough. I know marami ang trans and gays na hinde din pabor so i think if IMG will disqualified her it will be okay parang walang nangyari. Since majority hinde talaga pabor. But i think its impossible for them to disqualify her since MU loves lgbt and she is part of this group.
    Sana nag change na ng rules ang MUO nung time pa ni Pia since iba na ang owner ng MU. But i think they never changed the rules so possible accept pa nila ang trans baka in the future n din which is maninibago talagaang lahat. Parang mawawala ung. Dating malakas na hiyawan o excitement during the competition. Mawalan ng gana ang karamihan. Sa trans pageant pa nga lang parang wala lang. walang excitement as MU. Pero pero galing ng spain infairness. Nakagawa sila ng ingay para mas mapansin at pagusapan since kung ung ist runner up ang pinanalo eh hinde gaano mapapansin at pag uusapan like last year. Nakakainis naman kasi si Donald trump. Why hinde nalang gumawa ng trans pageant. Miss trans universe. ayan tuloy nag iingay ang mga MU fans. Tsk tsk. Cant blame them (pageant fans).

  11. Yes. Angela is a woman. However, a woman not for miss universe but for miss international queen 🙂 ini imagine ko lang pag may totoong magandang babae na sasali sa miss gay. Im sure jombag at sabunot ang abutin ni ate. Hahaha

    • She is a transgender woman and that is different from a real woman! Kahit baligtarin mo pa ang mundo hindi sya masasabing tunay na babae.

      • Thanks for pointing that out ameygah. Thats why i refer them to pageants most suited for them 😉

  12. Catriona – top 5
    Francesca -top 15
    Angela and Sophida – clappers

  13. I understand the sentiments about Angela Ponce’s participation in MU. Even ako Im not in favor of that as well. There’s Miss International Queen naman sana dun na lang sya sumali. BUT, sana wag nating ipagkait sa kanya yung gender identification nya. Let us (correctly) address her as a SHE instead of a HE, to respect her decision and identification. Ano man ang sabihin natin, babae NA sya. Maybe not naturally-born, pero right now babae na sya. So sana let’s respect that. Wag nating ipagdikdikan na kesyo wala syang ovaries at fallopian tube eh hindi na sya babae. Small things like these are what’s keeping internalized homophobia alive and kicking

    • Check the haters and trolls. Most are transgenders and gays. Envious is the perfect word to describe them. Angela has achieved something that these trolls could never have. That is the fact!

      • @Fabian I was about to say that as well kaso di ko na tinuloy baka awayin pa ako lalo dito.

      • Naku unorthodox, don’t even give Fabian the pleasure of….! He’s the kind of person who will make a comment, like above, talking about Angela’s achievements, yet commented earlier (check his comment @1:56) contradicting HIMSELF by commenting about MUO’s demise because of accepting Angela. Magtigil ka! Di ka pwedeng mag “balancing act” and think that you can agree/disagree on both. Yes, you can be neutral but stop ur hypocrisy!

      • Anon , the name Fabian Reyes is like a magnet to your negativity . U did not even realize that the Fabian Reyes above was not the ‘real one ‘
        Clones start showing up again .
        They are like viruses .
        They will keep multiplying until they kill everyone’s interest .

    • @Anon I honestly dont care kung anong pagkatao ni Fabian. What matters to me is the statement that he gave, to which somehow i agree. Even Fatriona ayoko sa kanya as a person pero pag may sinabi sya na may sense naman at agree naman ako okay lang sa akin. Or si CatrionaFan lately nagcclash din kami (kasi dati hindi naman :((( ) nun pero may mga statements din naman sya na agree ako. Point ko lang siguro dito is, the argument currently being presented matters more to me than the person presenting it. Kung icnotradict man nila sarli nila at mga statements nila before, that’s out of my business na.

      now, regarding sa balancing act. since when pa naging opposite sides of the coin ang pagtatanggol ng gender identity ng isang tao at ang pagbatikos ng isang rule ng isang contest? Gets ko na they are both involving a specific person, pero magkaiba kasi yung tinutumbok eh. Ang sa amin (akin) lang, babae ang pagkilala ni Angela sa sarili nya. the least we can do is respect that and address her the way she wants to be addressed. Pero hindi ko naman sinabing kaakibat nun eh umagree kayo na sumali sya sa MU. Katulad nga nung sinabi ng someone dito, may certain requirements pa rin. Hindi ka pa naman nakakakita ng married woman na nanalo sa MU di ba, pero are those married women not women anymore just because hindi sila qualified sumali ng MU? Babae pa rin sila, babaeng hindi qualified sumali sa MU. That’s how i view Angela. Babae sya pero hindi sya qualified sumali ng MU for me. okay na ba? O balancing eme pa rin?

      • U totally misconstrued my point, unorthodox. I wasn’t even commenting about “Angela” because at this point, I’m a little confused about the debate: are we debating whether she’s now considered a woman or are we debating her MU participation? I know that it’s connected, whether it was one or the other. But I wasn’t even about that.

        My reference is how Fabian states his opinions sometimes. He says one thing one minute, then contradicts his own self the next. Just like my example of his comment @01:56 below. He cannot congratulate Angela for her achievements, like above comment, after wishing MUO’s death previously also because of her participation. Where does he stand on the topic ba? Dun ko nirerefer yung “balancing act.” He’s like walking on a tightrope and deciding which way to fall. Pwede ba yun? Have one opinion!

        I get that he said there’s another Fabian so maybe one comment was hacked/cloned or however he wants to describe it. I don’t care: I’m commenting on the both comments and I’m seeing “Fabian!” Yun lang!

      • And he trolled me before so I’m after his comments, especially when they’re nonsense!

  14. off topic ulit

    if meron man dyan na nagwiwish na ipadala sa ME si Vena, hindi na magkakatotoo. Kasi inappoint na si Thitharee (1st RU) as ME-Thailand18

    • Nope. MUT is no longer associated with Miss Earth. Adisorn is no longer the franchise holder. There’s a new MET that is different with MUT.

      • ooops. OO nga joke joke lang pala. Unverified pala yung nabasa ko kanina and hindi nga official. Im sorry for not checking the facts first. @Fabian yes that’s what I know as well, na MUT is no longer the franchise holder for ME. So when I read about Thitharee beinga appointed, I kinda got excited and commented here right away without fact-checking first. My bad.

  15. Pano pag tinanong sya ng “What is the essence of a woman?”. E di tatambling tabling na lang si ateng.

    Marami naman nang mga prestigious pageants para sa mga trans, bakit pa sya nakisawsaw sa pambabae.

    • Your belief that she is not a woman does not limit her ability to define the essence of a woman. As a transwoman, she can still answer in line with how Sushmita answered the question and that is “a woman teaches what loving, sharing, and caring is all about.” Her being trans does not negate the fact that the origin of a child is a woman. She came from a woman as well. She is not delusional to think that she can bear a child. And I don’t understand your use of humor that is clearly meant to disparage her person.

      • A woman knows what loving, sharing and caring is all about since she carried life in her womb for 9 months. Imagine the pain and sacrifices she went through.

        She is not delusional, yet she is joining a pageant for women.

      • It is a fact that she is a woman and you can’t do anything about that at all. It is just your belief that refuses to acknowledge the truth.

      • She is a fake woman! That’s a fact.
        Tinanggalan lang sya ng tt, woman na sya?
        Nagpalagay na rin sana sya ng kk at matris!

      • kahit anung ganda ng paliwanag mo hindi parin sya tunay na babae…yun ang FACT !

    • Hindi po siya nakikisawsaw. She is eligible to compete. As many people should be reminded, since 2012, the Miss Universe Organization has expanded its eligibility for its contestants. Hindi na lang ito para sa natural born women. Bukas na rin siya para sa transgender women. Para sa MUO, transgender women are women. Deal with it.

      • Si Trump po ang nagpauso nyan dahil sa publicity na ginagwa nung Talakova. Kilala nyo naman si Trump di ba, kahit saan may publicity, andun sya.
        At hindi sya kilalang tagapagtanggol ng LGBT.

      • It does not matter kung andun pa si Trump nun. It was still the Miss Universe Organization. Hindi naman binawi ng MUO yung pag-allow sa transgender women na sumali nang mawala si Trump e. Ang kailangan lang winner dapat sila ng national pageant. So again, nanalo si Angela ng national pageant. At ok lang sa MUO kahit transgender siya.

  16. Can that Angela bear a child? Where can you find the fallopian tube? How bout the mammary gland? Is that what you mean of a real woman? How can you say it’s unfounded accusation? Please educate those who need to be educated. Now, who disrespects who? We need to support various causes and advocacies, but not at the expense of dropping and ignoring what is REAL and TRUTH.

    • I already answered your question in your response. You are just repeating yourself. I have educated you based on the personal process that transpeople undergo. She is a woman and no one can’t take that away from her. That’s real and that’s the truth.

      • Clearly, you did not answer my questions. Enough of much drama. Be specific. Deal with what is real. Kahit sa agham o sa pananampalataya ng nakararaming tao sa buong mundo, he did not comply of what it takes to be a real woman. Mukhang matalino ka nga magsalita, pero di mo pa rin sinsasagot ang mga nakakarama dito. Sa isang tulad niya, makaka pag luwal ba siya ng bata? Filipino na po yan. Mabuti pa ang mga bata, kahit nasa section D makakasagot niyan ng walang “niha niho”.

      • You hear what you want to hear. Maybe try to listen instead. What drama are you talking about? Medically, legally, and juridically she is a woman. You can’t take the gender identity given to her by all those accounts.

      • Really? Then, why was he called trans in the first place? If you are a real woman, no need of prefix. Medically? Then, why can’t science make him capable to bear a child? Pang ilang tanong na po yan, di mo pa rin sinasagot. If “trans” and “real” mean the same, then, you must be right.

      • Simple. It is just a label. She is still a woman. In all honesty, what can you really do? Yes, she is medically a woman that is why she was given clearance to undergo sexual reassignment. Bearing a child is not only the definition of being a woman. If that is your hard and fast rule in being a woman, then you still live in times when women are just for childbearing. I hope you see the flaws in your arguments and stop forcing down my throat your backwards thinking.

      • Yes, a transwoman to be exact. Tha’s why we are discussing here. And i am not forcing you to believe my arguments. Otherwise, you must have agreed with me that “trans” and “real” are different things.:). Pero again, wala ka naman sagot nun.hehe. Bye babe.:)

      • Proof I have answered your questions point-by-point. You just refuse to accept that your belief is stupid in archaic. You chauvinist pig. All you know is women should bear a child.

        It is unfounded that she is trying hard to be someone she is not. She is a woman in heart and mind and has proven that by changing her physical self through a gender reassignment surgery in order to be a woman in body. Now, you can vehemently deny that she is a woman by pointing out what she doesn’t have and cannot do but can all women bear child? There are cis-gendered women who are unable to. Do all women have mammary glands? Women who have opted to remove their breasts because of breast cancer have done so. Miss Spain has mammary glands and so do men. Do all women have fallopian tubes? I may have to concede on that point. You can protest as much as you want that she is not a woman but her doctors and the medical community has said that she is, her country and its laws has said that she is, and her pageant has said that she is. I reckon she means no disrepect to cis-gendered women. In fact, she wants to be accepted as one of them. I respect your differing opinion but what I don’t respect are people who identify as LGBTQIA+ that don’t support her bid for Miss Universe. Where are their convictions?

    • BayanKo, not every female can a bear a child despite her biology. Yes, a female has the capacity to bear a child but stop stereotyping female roles as “child bearer” to make a point. It actually is very counter productive to what a modern-day woman is. A lot of females do not want to have a child period because they have other things in mind they want to focus on.

      • We are taking of capacity to “bear” a child. Do not understimate that greatest gift of the nature to a woman. Option not to bear a child does not incapacitate a woman to bear a child. Ask your mom, how happy she was for 9 months that she had you in her womb.

      • An argument based on emotions: ask your mama how happy she was … That’s drama with a tinge of male chauvinism.

      • If you can’t answer my question straight to the point, you really do not want to hear the truth from your own mouth.:). That’s drama. Yes, she was happy of having me in her womb. Again, it was a fact. No drama at all.hehe. Hala, dami mo ng hindi sinagot na tanong.

      • Your questions were answered. You just want to show off. What counter arguments have you given. I have had enough of you stupid person!

      • There is no cure to stupid. Not all things are black and white. You just keep repeating yourself. Have you noticed nothing has changed to your child bearing argument?

      • You keep repeating yourself then I will keep repeating myself.

        It is unfounded that she is trying hard to be someone she is not. She is a woman in heart and mind and has proven that by changing her physical self through a gender reassignment surgery in order to be a woman in body. Now, you can vehemently deny that she is a woman by pointing out what she doesn’t have and cannot do but can all women bear child? There are cis-gendered women who are unable to. Do all women have mammary glands? Women who have opted to remove their breasts because of breast cancer have done so. Miss Spain has mammary glands and so do men. Do all women have fallopian tubes? I may have to concede on that point. You can protest as much as you want that she is not a woman but her doctors and the medical community has said that she is, her country and its laws has said that she is, and her pageant has said that she is. I reckon she means no disrepect to cis-gendered women. In fact, she wants to be accepted as one of them. I respect your differing opinion but what I don’t respect are people who identify as LGBTQIA+ that don’t support her bid for Miss Universe. Where are their convictions?

      • You must be so brilliant by using bobo and stupid in your arguments.hehe.Completely BLINDED!:). Tingin mo kung hindi REAL ang mom mo, magmumura ka dito ngayon? Now answer that again.:)

  17. Djusko it’s very disappointing to hear how the pageant fans talk against the LGBTQ community. You can disagree with the policy but to namecall someone is just against what your favorite beauty queens are advocating. Asan na ang tolerance ek ek nyo? MUO has already spoken back in 2012. Why are you all outraged all of a sudden? Why would she be disqualified if she’s accepted based on the policy?

    • The issue is not against LGBTQ community but allowing a transgendered woman into a contest intended for natural born women. I have outlined my issues below. The core of the outrage is putting an uneven terrain for all parties concerned. I have also outlined below why. Bottomline is, this is a desperate attempt of MUO regaining viewership. But who knows? Baka long term goal ng MUO na papalitan na ng trangenders lahat ng mga candidates for this pageant. However, this is not a good message of inclusivity but rather a prelude to a bigger issues on barraging the rights of real women as well. Dahil ba policy nila, di na nating pwede kwestyunin?

    • Nanggagalaiti sila kasi nangyari nang may makasali sa Miss U mismo na transgender woman. Kebers lang sila nun kasi kumbaga hypothetical lang naman yung rule at natalo naman sa Miss Universe Canada yung transgender delegate. Hindi nila inakala na may transgender woman na mananalo ng national pageant.

    • Puhlease. We dont talk against LGBT community. Wag din kayo abusado. Lahat na lang papasukin. Ewwwww. You dont need to join MU to be accepted. Wag OA.

      • You don’t talk against the LGBT? Loll haven’t you read the comments here already??? Lmao…. Denigrating someone who isn’t at fault. She won fair and square. Why are you questioning her being trans if the rule says she is qualified to join?

        The organizers says it’s ok so why still say negative things against her. Instead of attacking her being trans, why don’t you air your grievance against MUO who allowed for such thing to happen?

        Your argument against “trans acceptance” goes past pageantry. Hindi lahat ng transwoman eh gustong maging beauty queen. Some strive to be athletes and professionals too so let’s not get too caught up with just the pageantry aspect of acceptance.

        So if your argument is to for them to join a trans pageant, trans people should have their own trans only olympics too? Or trans only sports league?

  18. Hindi ko na alam saan patungo ang kagaguhan ng miss universe ngayon. Surgeries should only be allowed to enhance not to change your whole self. Allowing a trangender woman to compete is the highest form of cheating in a pageant intended for women. i think theres other venue for trans ladies like Miss Tiffany in Thailand. Hindi kasi level ang playing field. You see, Miss spain is manufactured from head to toe. There may be women who went under the knife to enhace their assets but there are still a lot of ladies in Miss Universe who competes with their natural assets. I fear the impact of this move will be more detrimental to the self esteem of the natural born ladies, Most of the ladies might be forced to go under the knife to keep up with all the surgeries made by trangenders. if the transgender ladies are fighting for recognition, natural born women are still fighting against discrimination in the workplace and is still struggling to empower themselves.. so where do you draw the line? Parang, na disappoint ako sa move na to ng miss universe. btw, i’m an an LGBTQ fighting for my place in the society but I do acknowledge women have so much more to fight for not only discrimination and recognition but also maternal , biological and mental health associated to simply being natural women compared sa Transgenders. So Miss Universe, why cant you just give this pageant to the REAL LADIES?

  19. Just wanna mention the rumors about Thailand is in negotiation witth MUO daw to host this year’s edition. As we all know naman, Thailand is the land of transgenders kaya dagdag points to kay Angela. Crowning the first trans Miss Universe sa land ng mga trans. Lol! Ilabas na ang mga conspiracy theories para ma-jinx naten yang mga yan. Haha. Let’s not forget na dala-dala niya yang golden trans-card which means sa ayaw at sa gusto naten mayroon talagang special treatment na magaganap kasi history will be made if ever mag-compete talaga siya. Malaking news ito, hindi lang ito gaya ng Miss Iraq 2017. Expect na media around the world will be focusing on her. I hope maging fair ang laban and if kailangan talaga siya ng IMG for publicity sa brand nila, sure bigyan ng placement pero sana maging patas talaga. May masama akong kutob and I hope I’m just being paranoid.

    Add ko lang, Si madam Paula Asukal may Instagram na and first thing na she posted in her IG story is a picture with a caption na “dare to be different” and “confidently beautiful comes in many forms”
    She posted that the same day ng win ni Angela. Tapos yung IG bio ni Angela is “Be Unique, Be yourself” lol coincidence lang ba? You do the math 😉

    • You are reading way too much with what people post on social media. Don’t be such a paranoid freak.

      • Kaya nga sabe ko conspiracy theories diba? Please don’t ever reply sa mga future comments ko. I know the kind of person you are and ayaw ko masali sa masamang hangin mo. You tormented the people sa blog na to last BBP season with your multiple accounts and ikaw ang number one basher ni Cat. You have no credibility whatsoever. Pasensya na pero isa kang baklang hamog. You can reply and troll all you want but I’m blocking your IP so that I won’t see your future nonsense. Good bye! 🙂

      • I have the freedom to speak whatever is in my mind. And your post is just adding fuel to the fire against Miss Spain. Instead of having an intelligent discussion here, you resort to “conspiracy theories” ek ek….

        And veks, I dont need integrity in this blog. I am here not because I want to appease everybody but to give my points of view. Whether you like what you read or not is none of my business.

        And how dare you accuse me of fake profile when yours is fake too? hihihhihh Mang Kanor…. Who has a real name like that? hihihihihi

    • Sabi ng mga Thai forumers, walang recent updates regarding TH hosting and mukhang mananatili lang siyang rumor.

  20. It is counter-productive if we do not allow Miss Spain to represent her country at Miss Universe. Apparently, even among the LGBTQIA+ community there is discrimination which is a symptom of division and crab-mentality. How can you ask for acceptance for yourselves from society, if you can’t accept and support others in the other colors of the rainbow in their endeavors? Who are we to impose our own judgment on Miss Spain’s pursuit of success? Is her participation a detriment, a disadvantage, or a discrimination of CIS-gendered women? Her success is the result of the tireless efforts of true blue LGBTQIA+ advocates to create awareness that we want progress towards equal opportunity and representation. We are only ruining the forward advances of the community in full acceptance and equality if we limit ourselves and others in the community with our own internalized hatred and prejudice. She is a woman in heart, mind, and body. That being said, Miss Spain should be allowed to join Miss Universe. And I believe Catriona will make us proud.

  21. Sabi na, this early talaga nag-draw na ng maaanghang na debate ang pagkapanalo ni Jerome Ponce, este, Angela Ponce ng Miss Universe Spain, who will then compete in Miss Universe later this year. Remember, it was Donald Trump who allowed a transgender candidate to join a national pageant of his brand franchise. Does IMG have the same policy? We do not know yet until they release an official statement.

    Hindi naman sa masyado akong bias, pero we can see Catriona leading the pack of frontrunners at this stage of the competition. I am pretty…sure may mga pasabog pa s’ya come Miss Universe season. Kaabang-abang!

    • Catriona will be fine. She knows it’s going to be an uphill battle from now on. The only thing they can do is stick to the plan and hopefully that with a little bit of luck and timing, she will win.

    • Ang pasabog ni Catriona ay cya pala ay tibo since Grade 2 🙂

  22. imo, insulting ang ikumpara ang isang babae sa isang trying hard na bakla.

    • If you mean bakla as gay, Miss Spain is not gay. She is a transwoman. There is a massive difference between the two. Also, she is not trying hard to be what she is not as you presume. She is a woman in heart, mind, and body. Let us educate ourselves on this issue before we make unfounded accusations.

      • Can he bear a child? Where can you find the fallopian tube? How bout the mammary gland? Is that what you mean of a real woman? How can you say it’s unfounded accusation? Please educate those who need to be educated. Now, who disrespects who?

      • It is unfounded that she is trying hard to be someone she is not. She is a woman in heart and mind and has proven that by changing her physical self through a gender reassignment surgery in order to be a woman in body. Now, you can vehemently deny that she is a woman by pointing out what she doesn’t have and cannot do but can all women bear child? There are cis-gendered women who are unable to. Do all women have mammary glands? Women who have opted to remove their breasts because of breast cancer have done so. Miss Spain has mammary glands and so do men. Do all women have fallopian tubes? I may have to concede on that point. You can protest as much as you want that she is not a woman but her doctors and the medical community has said that she is, her country and its laws has said that she is, and her pageant has said that she is. I reckon she means no disrepect to cis-gendered women. In fact, she wants to be accepted as one of them. I respect your differing opinion but what I don’t respect are people who identify as LGBTQIA+ that don’t support her bid for Miss Universe. Where are their convictions?

      • kahit ano pang itawag mo jan transawoman o kung ano pa man the bottom line is Angela is not natural born woman. Tanggapin muna nya yung realidad na yun….in the end bakla parin sya

      • It is a fact that she is a woman and you can’t do anything about that at all. It is just your belief that refuses to acknowledge the truth.

      • She is a transgender woman! That is different from a woman! Educate your self!

      • Huy ano ba kayo, basta lalake siya na naging babae sa tulong ng science period! nasa gitna siya ng pagiging lalake at babae, di nakakalamang ang pagkababae niya sa pagiging lalake, pantay lang! so that means, di enough yun para tawagin siyang babae. Gitna as in gitna! kaya nga transwoman, di full woman! so meaning, di pa din talaga siya dapat isali sa MU! di siya tunay! Kahit na member ako ng LGBT, pwede ba wag natin gawing black ang obvious na white? dadating ang araw na mawawala na ang logical thinking ng mga tao dahil sa baluktot na reasoning na kesyo babae ang transwoman at pwede ng ilaban sa biologically-born woman! Dun siya dapat sa pageant for transgenders!

      • Ang tigas ng titi nitong si Adrian. Ang kulit ng argument. Bakla na may pera afford magpaopera at nagpatanggal ng titi. Baliktarin mo na lahat di pa din cya TUNAY na babae. Leche to may heart, mind and body pang nalalaman.

  23. I still don’t know how to react on this. I mean, yeah fine. give her a chance. but.. for me kasi.. kaya nga may Miss International Queen e. give the MU to the naturally born women. I have nothing against Angela. I believe they saw something in her that made her win the crown… but.. still… this is Miss Universe. so pwede bang sumali ang mga babae sa MIQ? charot.

    basta. all i know is it will give IMG/MU the publicity that they want but not totally in a good way lalo na pag nanalo.

    let’s just see.

    • and after manalo ni Angela and ni Sophinda, a lot of pageant fans/pages/accounts are saying that no one else comes close to Catriona. So far she’s still the frontrunner.

      again, let’s see and hope for the best.

  24. Only Catriona Gray even comes close to MU material, in this selection. If this is what Australia can offer now, Monika Radulovich is STILL the benchmark! And Chaling for Thailand. Spain’s MU bet last year was not bad, either.

  25. Francesca would be a girl to beat as well. Not a fan of the Thai winner. So far, USA, South Africa, Philippines and Australia seem to have this “modern woman” type that IMG wants.

  26. In my opinion, kahit sa Miss International Queen sumali itong si angelo di din cya papangas. Mas madami pa sa Miss QnA at super Sireyna na lalampasuhin cya ng milya milya

  27. Opinion ko lang naman… STOP ang bashing, commenting snarky remarks, o kahit anong nega na you want to say about kay Angela being transgender. Why? IMG wants controversy and malaking publicity yan sa brand nila pag manalo ang first ever transgender MU. So posting negative comments or anything about sa kaniya, LALO na sa MU page (nako yung mga baklang hamog), will only strengthen her bid for the MU crown. Remember na maraming MU staffs na all eyes sa social media and taking down notes yang mga intern na yan. Reverse psychology, gamitin ang utak, paganahin ang mga brain neurons, dahil malaking part ang labanan sa social media.

    For now, sitting pretty pa tayo mga fans kasi Cat is still the clear front runner and most followed queen and mag-mumultiply pa yan to (hopefully) almost a million by the time na MU season na. Kaya naman, relax lang and gaya ng sabi ni @titasofpageantry hayaan sila kasi laban nila yan. Actually parang same ng run ni Demi 2017 june/july si Cat. Top pick ng almost all pageant critics and fans, chill lang sa mga post sa personal social media nila sa IG, consistent sa weekly updates to keep everyone talking and to prevent na mag-fade sa background. Hopefully may teaser tayo sa preparations niya by the end of this month, tapos steady climb na from August to the week ng official arrival ng candidates. Yun lang naman. Prevent lang na bigla mawala yung momentum tapos mag-fade na lang bigla. Looking forward sa mga pasabog. 😄

  28. ————————————Catriona—Angela
    Female Chromosomes———Yes———No

  29. Kung hindi kaya ng bakla (feeling girl na girl) magpatanggal ng ari at magpapalit ng gender sa mga documents di na ba pwedeng maging “woman”?Kakapraning naman,baka sunod ito na yung isusulong at pilit isiksik ng mga ‘to para sa equality at respect.”Female” na may ari ng lalake.🤔

  30. I have nothing against trannies but this is MIss Unverse
    Just the idea of women competing against former men
    Miss U will probably die earlier than I predicted

    • Akala cguro ng MU na magdiriwang ang sangkabaklaan haha.. backlash coming. This is travesty!

      • IMG doesn’t give a fuck, or at least hindi nila priority, sa sentiments ng rabid and vile gay commoners na fans. Getting the nod from the american media and the powers that be ng liberal entertainment industry sa US ang biggest priority nila. Crowning the first ever transgender queen will not only boost their brand but it will also revive the Miss Universe as a whole. I’m sure na we all share the same fear na the possibilities of them crowning Miss Spain ay pretty high. Pero let’s just hope na this year won’t be the year that they crown a transgender queen and highest possible placement is top 3 for publicity.

  31. Bakit natin ihambing ang bulok at nalalanta na kamatis sa tatlong tunay at sariwang kamatis, Francesca, Sophida at Catriona.

    • Yvethe is tall pretty and very persistent .
      The only thing is she has already tested the international waters 2x and she failed big time .
      My advice is for her to move on and find new endeavors in life outside of pageantry ….Maybe marry and have kids or go to med school.
      But if she feels like her life won’t be complete without plodding the MWP field , why not ?
      Good luck to her .

      • Naku ganyan talaga itong si Fabian, always second guessing and undermining the dreams of the girls/candidates. I remember his comment about Loren Artajos when she joined Bb Pilipinas: na dapat huminto na sya since she already was elected Miss Earth after the resignation/dethronemeng of Schweighart. ‘Just let them be! Libre (although I know it’s not) naman ang mangarap diba?

        Also, he made it clear na Yvethe already tested the international waters 2x yet almost contradicted the same comparison when he replied to Bayan Ko below by saying Pia tried 3x before making it. I mean, make up your mind!

    • Bakit niya paniniwalaan advice mo eh mismong background niya di mo inalam? Not thoroughly thought of advice. CPA siya teh tapos Med School??? Kaloka ka teh.

      • Cat, I know a lot of engineers teachers and other professionals who went to medicine . All you have to do is to complete the prerequisites and pass the MCAT.

      • Hahahahahaha. Then? Mali ka pa din. My point is, napaka-bossy mo mag-advice as if alam lahat, mali2x naman. Like duh. Wrong facts, improper advice. Getsung?

    • Pang MI ang bearing nito. Kaya lang di na sya pwede sumali uli sa BBP.
      Pwede na RH. Katya pa din kasi woman to beat sa MWP (kung sasali nga sya).

  32. Not even close . Ms Spain sounds like a man . Thailand is a good speaker but not beautiful enough . Australia mAybe

  33. The only real threat to Cat between these three is Australia. Spain will probably advance to top 15 since she’ll have the publicity backing her but her features are still manly and frankly, she’s not facially beautiful. Thailand will clap this year. USA and SA are still Cat’s toughest rivals.

  34. Oh cmon this Angelo should have joined Ms Gay Spain. Not here bakla. Not MU. Ok fine pinayagan ka for the ratings. Wala ka pa din falupian tube! Haysss the start of the end of MU.

    • Ewan ko ba. If they allow trans, allow married, mommies, oldies, etc. No more limitations. Kung ganyan lang din, i-allow ang mga feeling girl by heart but gusto borta pa din ang katawan. Kaloka! Too much na eto.

      • Julia Segovia for Bininining Pilipinas 2019.
        This will backlash and perhaps this Angelo Ms Gay Spain should just resign out of respect sa mga tunay na babae. Pinagpipilitan. cge kayo MU you’ll be dead before you knew it.

      • Ang oa mo 🤮🤮🤮 Obviously it wouldn’t be a “Miss” anymore kung married na and the age limits are there cuz at the end of the day beauty pageant to and they won’t want anyone wrinkly old, same with Angela since she looks like a man. Jusko 🙄

      • Luh siya oh. Mrs “name of husband”. Ms “name of wife/girl/woman”. Haaaaaaay. 🤣😂🤣😂😅😅😅

      • Juskoteh!!!! 🤦‍♀️ A woman can’t be a ‘Miss’ anymore if she’s already married! Common sense teh!

        Miss is a title of respect before a woman’s name or position that is used when a woman is unmarried (It is often used in reference to a child, teen, or student).

        Mrs. Is used to indicate that a woman is married (or has been married since she may be a widow or divorced).

        I can’t believe, in this day and age, that someone still needs to be educated on the difference between Miss and Mrs. my gaaaaawwwddddd 🤦‍♀️

      • My golly. Try to research more teh. It is acceptable to address a married woman as a Miss. Kaloka! Nakabasa lang ng kung ano, akala mo na kung sino. Hahahahays. 😆😆😆

      • “Mrs “name of husband”. Ms “name of wife/girl/woman”.”
        Lol Catrionafan nakapaskil na ang katangahan mo dyan 😂 sit down, take the L, and stop embarassing yourself further 😂😂😂

  35. Hindi ko alam kung ano talaga nararamdaman nila kay Miss Spain kung Threat o Insecurity. Kung MUO nga mismo very open sa pag sali nya tayo p kaya? Kahit ayw nyo pa sumali ang isang trans sa pageant kahit anong protesta pa gawin natin kung mismong ang org ang may approval wala tau magagawa. My gash 2018 na bakit ganito parin tau mag isip. Kung di nyo matanggap bat di kau mismo sa MUO mag protesta baka sakali makinig sila sa mga punto nyo. Yun lang.

    World peace 🙂

    • gaga, beaucon nga ng tunay na babae at ipinanganak na babae, di sya threat kahit kanino man sa mga kandidata dahil nakikita pa rin ang mukhang lalaki sa aura nya, bagkus pambabalahura ito sa MUO, ikaw ano pag iisip meron ka, may seperate pageant sa mga trans,

      • ang bobo din kasi ng MU. publicity hungry. eh meron beauty pageant ng mga trans so doon cya dapat. Ane be yen. Kaloka ito.


  37. Sunod na Miss Universe baka meron nang t*t* ang mga kandidata.Yung mga walang perang bakla na di kayang magpatanggal na identify nilang babae sila baka pwede nang sumali kasi mahirap lang,di kaya ang finansyal.Kasi sabi ng sumisiksik na babae daw sila,respeto daw open-minded daw dapat ang mga tao.Kahit kelan hindi magiging babae ang bakla.Scientifically lalake pa rin.#crossingtheline#respectforwomen#lgbtpageant#womenpageant

  38. no Thailand this year in semis; Australia is a long shot; Spain maybe in for Europe in order to make a statement and for ratings… Cat is still the one to beat after less than half of delegates have been elected

    • Almost half na ba ang elected? Meron pa bang powerhouse na ‘dipa nakracrown? If that’s true, talagang may laban! Threats pa lang, so far, ang US and South Africa.

    • Kung sa MUT nga di sya nanalo, bakit pa sya magiging threat sa MU contenders, lalo na kay Cat? Taas din ng crab mentality, insecurity and skedness ng yong pag-iisip.

      • Pia had lost 2x Before she won big time .
        So Bayan Ko, your argument is not valid .

      • Huh? Be specific and be clear in your argument. Veena against Cat in MU2018. Can Veena compete this year? So, is your argument valid? Unless, you will dismiss the MUT winner and the 1st to 3rd runners up. Nasosobrahan ka lang ng analysis, kalma lang. OA ka na nyan.

      • BayanKo , wag namang tira ng tira . Isip isip lang ng konti bago magsulat.

  39. Sometimes, trying to prove that you are the best is insulting. Pweh!

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