30 comments on “Sophida Kanchanarin wins Miss Universe Thailand 2018

  1. Congratulations Sophida…we won’t do to you what your race/kind of people continually do to both Filipinos and Thais and other Southeast asians whilst hiding behind a Filipino persona.

    You are not a beauty by any stretch of the imagination…not even by mongoloid standards based on chinese reactions/comments on your looks. However that is neither here nor there as beauty is subjective…beauty without boundaries and all that.

    What is objectionable is the way you won. To anybody with eyes and ears your performance that night was subpar and not deserving of semifinalist position let alone winning. Your win reminds Filipinos of the win in recent Miss Earth and also a recent Bb Pilipinas where an oriental was handpicked to win. The same agenda.

  2. shes OKish the kind of girls who would place runner up to a MPE winner. i see kate manalo a downgrade version . im sure she will be transformed to something better capitalizing on her exotic asian looks. im not sure of her chances though yah she can easily clap.

  3. Well, Vena is beautiful.. pero to behonest medyo nakulangan ako ng konting umphhh everytime she’s on stage. yung evening gown performance niya, very Bea Santiago. basta parang yung dating kasi nagho-hold back.

    maganda naman yung nanalo e. hindi lang kasi siya ung ineexpect natin. medyo hawig ni Lucy Liu in some angle. let’s just wait na lang for her transformation.

    So far the strongest for me would be Catriona.. then followed by Vietnam. I really find vietnam striking. iba ang dating niya.

    ang medyo weak na arrive sakin is si Indonesia.

  4. Nabasa ko mga English comments sa youtube. The Thais are disappointed with the winner, Miss Chinatown daw. And they will be voting for Cat and not for their newly-crowned queen.

    • She looks like typical Thai naman.

      Parang mga pinoy din ang mga pageant fans ng TH.

      If Vena had won sabihin naman nila Ms Little India. Haissst. Mga tao talaga.

      • No she doesn’t look liek a typical Thai…that is delusional.

        She is called nang sao chinatown because she is ugly…it does not refer to her chinese background which is also recent like Veena is with her indian.

        If Veena had won, Thais would celebrate her and not call her little india.

        When southeast asian s refer to your foreign ancestry in such context…it is derogatory.

  5. I like MUT 2018.

    I don’t know if she can win the MU2018 crown but I like her. Maybe as runner-up to Cat 😊

  6. Mukhang waley ang mga kapit-bahay this year except Vietnam. Let’s wait for India, though.

    • LOL. Who are you kidding?

      She is anything but a native Thai let alone a beauty accordinging to overwhelming majority of Thais of all races/ethnicities and the same for the rest of the world.

      Native Thais look like typical Southeast Asian…she is too mongoloid/chinese looking even by sino-thai mix standards because she is of recent chinese extraction. Hence the derogatory miss chinatown nang sao that Thais call her.

  7. Clapper beauty. They should have picked Thiratee or Vena. This girl is short and plain. Another clapper for Queen Cat. Sawadee Ka!

    • Don’t belittle her .
      U don’t know what she’s capable of.
      A slap in the face maybe coming your way in November

      • Yet you have the opposite attitude towards Filipina beauty queens…others should remember your horrendous comments in past years..for example towards Janine

        Hypocrisy at its best.

        You are the last one to call anyone out on anything as your trollish and anti Filipino behaviour here demonstrates

    • Kaya pala umalis ng DPWH si Usec. Sumali pala ng MUT.😄😄😄😄

  8. Sino yang naka-white na queen na naglagay ng sash sa winner? Parang maganda at maganda ang tindig.

    • @ bop82 : Good afternoon morning evening.

      Sorry for the very late reply. She is Poonlertlarp’s 1st Runner Up, the WONDROUS Suphaporn Ritthipruek! And now that Paweensuda Drouin (Fahsai) “confirmed” that MUT Queens are made to take on two year contracts, there may still be some chance we will get the opportunity to behold her RARE BEAUTY on the international pageant stage.

      Col. Nolasco, PLEASE, Good Sir, get Supaphorn as your Thai bet for Miss Hannah’s Tourism World!

  9. It looks like Thailand wants someone who is smart and can speak English well.
    Facially , she is weak . But she is a clean beauty and with the right pasarela and gown, she can still be a contender.

    • Heard her Q&A and it wasnt that good.. cliche and nothing spectacular

  10. 17 and 14 can win a big international pageant . They are extremely gorge .
    10 is also very pretty .

  11. Now na nakoronahan na MUT18 Im kinda feeling sad for Vena and nanghinayang ako bigla for her, jusko sana man lang si Thitharee na lang kinoronahan nila

  12. Sadyang gumawa ng paraan ang organizers ng MU Thailand para hindi masayang ang kanilang pambato sa MU. Alam nila na pag-uusapan ang buong mundo ang pambato ng Espana dahil sa kanyang bagong kasarian at hindi yung talino at kagandahan niya kung mayroon siya.

    • I think the government of Thailand should handle this situation about legalizing the transgenders into female but I think this is not their first priority as of the moment.

    • Miss Spain does look like a natural woman! She still has that tranny looking beauty.

    • Angela won not because of his performance but because of the publicity he’ll bring. 🤮🤮🤮

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