23 comments on “Angela Ponce, Miss Universe Spain 2018

  1. Beauty is a relative thing! From my point of view, she is not beautiful at all compared to other gorgeus transgenders. Why this time is different? Why is she the first transgender in this kind of comeptition? Is she seeking reassurance that she is the most beautiful ‘woman’ in the world?

  2. Or better yet Julia Segovia vs Angela Ponce. Im sure Julia will kills her. Julia any day 🙂

  3. MU is digging its grave deep. Ok na yun koronahan nila matabang babae but not this gay.

  4. This spells Death to the Miss Universe pageant .
    The idea of a transgender participating is very hard to swallow .

  5. Congratulations.
    MUO needs a candidate like her who’ll create noise and publicity for the pageant.
    She’s pretty but her beauty is polarizing and not universal ✌️

  6. ok pa sana kung mukhang babae sana kaso kitang kita mo parin ang aura ng lalaki sa kanya…ang tapang ng mukha…ang daming kanto….mukha tlga syang transgender…literal

    • Yes, she does not look like a natural born female. She looks like a horse.

  7. she is beautiful no doubt about it but a transwoman should join a pageant for transwomen not for natural born women like miss universe.

  8. Iisa lang ang masasabi ko: May the best woman win 😘

  9. MU should disqualify her! There is already a beauty contest for transgenders where she can join.
    There are different types of beauty contests for different genders.
    A beauty contest for gay people,
    A beauty contest for male.
    A beauty contest for female.
    A beauty contest for tomboys.
    This is my opinion.

    • I dont think MUO can do that, unfortunately. This rule ang alam ko is nagcarry over lang from the Trump admin to IMG and hindi naman nila nabago. If idisqualify sya ng IMG masisira credibility nila plus mababansagan silang transphobic

      • There might be a backlash of this Lots of sponsors will pull out, lots of countries will pull their candidates out to protests. Remember all the Latin American countries are conservatives and Catholics, and there are Muslim countries who do not believe in homosexuality, like Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, and even Jamaica and China.

      • Since IMG is now the owner of MU, surely, they can change the rules, since these rules are NOT etched in stone.

  10. All things being equal, imho the “European threat” consists of France, Georgia, and Czech Republic, atm. In fact, I can envision a Final2 between France and Vietnam (a repeat of the 2016 scenario, “France and its former colony” (Haiti in that case)). A French “sandwich” with Sud Afrika as “palaman” should ENTICE even more the PUSH to hopefully revive the spark of pageantry in Europe. And Vietnam has caught the fancy of Latina pageant followers, with her “edgy editorial” look.

    Because given the current HOSTILE ANIMOSITY (redundant) between the Americas and Asia, ONLY a European victory can be acceptable to both sides of the Pacific Pond (Ocean, rather).

    And like I said before, Catriona Gray will only go as far as 2nd Runner Up, similar to Olivia Jordan. Unless the Summer Rose of USA edges her out with her “Pia Wurtzbach” vibe.

    And rounding up my Taft5 are the Ariella Arida doppelganger with Madonna mole (Panama’s Rosa Iveth Montezum) and the “hilaw na sampalok” of Sud Afrika. Spoiler would be Mayra Dias of Amazonas.

    As for Angela Ponce, she looks mannish. So, no.

  11. there should be no special treatment for her; if she’s gonna be judged on the same basis as the other delegates, Catriona is easily more stunning and more gorgeous than her

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