23 comments on “The 47th Miss Intercontinental in Manila

  1. Isa lang ang masasabi ko, IBIGAY NA NILA YAN! Karen is WAY too gorgeous to be wasted on a runner-up position.

  2. It’s a trap… If she wins, it could contribute the end of our winning streak!

  3. Given MIC’s unpredictability, Karen’s chances are just the same as if it is held in Egypt.

  4. I am not so sure how Filipino pageant fanatics are receptive of this idea. For me, whether this pageant is going to be held here in the Philippines or not, it doesn’t make this pageant any better or any lesser. With its inconsistent criteria in selecting a winner, the pageant makes no impact at all.

    If a lot of fans see Karen a potential winner of this pageant, then it makes no sense to argue if this is going to be a homecourt decision or not if she indeed becomes a titleholder. Otherwise, we should not sourgrape if she loses due to homecourt delicadeza.

    That’s all.

    • Hi Lilet, I like your nice tet cheret!!! Hihihihi brace ba or veneers and gusto mo? Your hair is so stone age but your teeth is like mesozoic era kaloka!! Trex na trex ang fangs grrrr Hihihi

  5. mixed emotions.. wala lang. parang tagal na dapat natin nakuha ang Intercon crown, pero parang pinasasabik lang tayo like MGI.

    pero isn’t a bit weird.. or awkward na Philippines is hosting this pageant – regardless of who is going to shoulder all the costs – yet we ‘declined’ to host Miss Universe? for sure the government will still put a lot of effort for the security and all.. wala lang.

    • MM, it’s common knowledge that hosting Miss Universe needs a lot of spending than hosting minor pageants. If it’s Miss Universe being hosted, halos lahat involved kase nga it’s a famous brand. Hindi talaga biro ang effort at pera. Tapos ‘yung venue ng coronation night dapat bongga, unlike ‘pag minor pageants, sa isang theater lang pwede na.

      • Ana, it’s not about the spending.. kasi private sectors naman ang gagastos. What i’m trying to say is.. same lang, hosting pa rin ng pageant. ang point kasi ni DOT Sec before.. the government, even though private sectors ang gagastos, may ishe-shell out pa rin sila like security forces and etc. major or minor pageant man, ganon din. may gagawin pa ring part ang gobyerno.

  6. I think Karen Gallman increased her chances of winning because of this and because of the injustice to Katrina last year… I think the organizer did this on purpose to give the crown finally to Pinas!!!

    • Tama ka baklush! yun rin ang feeling ko mga manay, mananalo si Karen as a gift sa Philippines!


  8. If talagang deserving naman si Karen okay lang na manalong Miss Intercontinental.
    Pangalawang Karen na yan na makokoronahan sa sariling bansa kung sakali. Di ba Miss Earth? 😁

  9. Kahit dito gaganapin sa Pilipinas , ang mga Pilipino ay hindi na magtitiwala sa mga organizers ng Miss Intercontinental at hindi sila manonood. Sigurado ko kaya nag-desisyon sila dito gaganapin dahil baliw ang mga Pilipino sa patimpalak at alam din nila na lalangawin na ang patimpalak kung sa ibang bansa gaganapin. Sigurado hanggang publicity purposes na lang beauty ni Miss Philippines dahil kailanman hindi mananalo ang Pilipinas dahil naluto na nila.

  10. This wouldve been okay if Katja ang reigning MIC. Bat kaya hindi nila sa Mexico ganapin to? choz

  11. tinitingnan ko sya as pang consuelodebobo since lage taung runner up at alam nilang nggagaliti n ang mga pinoy so it also means n baka manalo n ang PINAS this time haha Go Karen haha opcorz and disadvantage lng nun is that sabhin ng iba n nanalo lang kasi ginanap sa bansa naten hahaha oh well whatever it is, go Karen laban , mananalo ka!

  12. Who will sponsor this pageant here in PH? Is it BPCI since they are the franchise holder of the pageant?

      • @ Leo : Good afternoon morning evening. Thanks for the information. Interesting! Wonder now if that Japan team will play a BIGGER role in MIntercon (WBO) in the future. And if I am not mistaken, Supranational is its sibling (sister) pageant. And Supranational ALSO wants (Cebu) to host. Connect!

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