24 comments on “Samuele Carenzi “On-the-Go”: a normannorman.com Exclusive

  1. Ay kaloka ka fafa Sam! So hot mooo as in! My Mr.Universe! Win or lose fafa Samuele, support ako sa yu. Hoy mga kalorkeys! Anu pinaglalaban nyo? Support nyo nalang c fafa Sam. Mga echuz kayu!

  2. I’m somehow getting this Sam Ajdani vibe from him – a lot of form but lacking in substance and engagement to proudly represent the country. Remember that infamous video by Mr. India now Mr. World 2016 when he asked Sam to sing a Filipino song and the latter retorted that he doesn’t speak Tagalog? More than a year to prepare for the competition but he didn’t even bother to learn the local language??? A clear indication na nagpunta lang doon si kuya para magpasyal. At any rate, sana mali ako about Samuele.

  3. Samuel(e) with an E tlaga. Clapper itong baklito na to. Kahit sa Barangay namin hirap itong mag semi’s hahaha

  4. Eto ang tunay na masarap at pwedeng isabak as Mr Philippines. Juicekolerd, na compare ko tuloy dun sa Mr Phils Kenyong Filatka na ewan ang itsu at kung magsalita mas malambot pa sa downy

    • hahahaha ewan ko din ba s Ken Filarca na yon , dapat Mr Gay World sumali char hahah. melaban nga tong c koya bes…nyurap pa char hahaha Aso for me it’s a YES lol

  5. buti ung mga ganitong photoshoot di nagtitrigger ng disqua sa org like s miss U hahaha sabagay pang attrack ng audience hahaha. mukhang lumalaban nmn s koya kaya SUPPORT!!!

  6. Buti pa cla pde ung mga ganun ganung photoshoot hihihi sereppp char! go PH panalunin mo yan ha

  7. @miss tisa I have been living here in the Phil.for 25 years now and I even do not know all the cultures, traditions and places in the Phil.and frankly speaking, I am even lost when I go to Manila. So @miss tisa, am I not a Filipino to you? Be proud Samuele is representing the Phil. #GoSamForTheCrown!

  8. I agree with you @miaca yuuki. This miss tisa girl gets on my nerve!!!So judgemental! #GoSamuele! #MUPhil

    • Do you even know the Philippines that much? Have you, yourself explored every place in the Phil.? Before saying that, you should bear in your mind first, that despite Sam being not raised in the Phil., he is still half-Filipino. He has a Filipino blood in him no matter where he is in the world. I even think he is more of a Filipino than you Miss churvalo. He is representing the Phil.even if he is in Italy. He is working so hard and preparing himself for this pageant albeit his busy schedule. So give him credit for that. You should be proud he is our representative. Do not judge him. Do you know that by judging him, you are also like judging all the half-Filipinos out there and it is an insult to all Filipinos.

    • According to his facebook account, he studied in a Montessori school in San Juan during his youth. So he lived here for a time, I guess.

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