5 comments on “Miss Philippines in Miss Tourism Global 2018

  1. Mr. Tinio, after seeing that obviously “not authentic and arts and crafts” SWORD, PLEASE advise ALL NatCos designers FROM NOW ON to PLEASE just incorporate short swords or daggers as “props”. That HUMONGOUS BEAST Mister National Universe Filipens used last Monday night (care of Michael Barassi) was the WORST. Parang ‘yung mga armaments sa “anime” at cosplay. (sigh)

  2. Lalaking-laki ang national costume. Baklang-bakla ang platform shoes. Maryosep!

  3. mjo maypgka boyish ung costume hihi peo bumagay dun s back ground ng pinag shootan nila! haha lakas mka the great wall keneme movie ….laban pinay!!!! Go Bea

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