25 comments on “Will Vena Praveenar Singh take it all the way to the top in MUT2018?

  1. Hmm hype. Clapper awra.
    Ewan ko kung maganda cya. Parang Miss India Intercon na ewan. Im sure there will be more beautiful Thai candidate to choose from.

  2. She has what is between a diamond and inverted triangle face shape which is far from Megan and Amelia’s more ideal horizontically symetrical faceshape… one side of her upper jaw is more prominent than the other side hence her bite is not verticaly symetrical. And her mouth shows her lower teeth more than her upper teeth.

  3. parang she’s beautiful .. na parang hindi masyado.. na parang may something. maganda rehistro niya sa camera. may something lang talgaa. para siyang pinaghalo-halong megan, mj lastimosa, amelia vega, elizabeth clenci.

    PARANG typical thai beauty. but let’s see. may nakita ako na ibang magaganda din..

  4. Wow ang ganda nya!!!!! kaso umangat ung ganda nung pure Thai n nanalo ng best in SS ang ina eye nilang maging MUT. peo di mkakailang maganda tong babaeng toh!

  5. If sa BBP siya sumali, mala-Karen Gallman ang category niya. Maganda pero walang substance. Actually mas may brains pa si Karen kesa sakanya. Watch niyo yung interview video niya.

  6. I think thailand is thinking that they have a sash factor already and that now they are pushing someone who can answer the q and a to take home the crown. Indians have a wisdom that makes them a beauty pageant power house!

  7. Pang Supra or MGI or Intercon ang beauty nya ngayon pero kung mas fierce sya at ang confidence ay malaMeowwww ay Puede na sa MU hihihi.

  8. she’s beautiful….i’ll give her that but I feel something’s off about her…ewan ko kung ano. I don’t think she’ll win MUT

  9. I like her but Thais aren’t really backing her up as much as we think. She is pure Indian daw na nagmigrate sa Thailand. And I don’t think it will be an easy win for her like Cat did at BbP, there are other beautiful candidates as well.

  10. Vena is really beautiful, like super ganda talaga. But for some reason ewan ko may navvibes ako na “mukhang tanga” awra sa kanya. Like, para syang sabaw and tulala ganern. Kumbaga yung ibang candidates nasasabihan na ang bango at ang linis ng beauty, or kaya naman mukhang alta/sosyal ang face, si Vena parang may ignorante vibes talaga. Well ako lang naman yata nakakakita nun. Anyway agree naman ako na she’s still the one to beat sa MUT18. Kaya lang with her face super scream INDIA talaga plus historically mas malakas sash factor ng India so feel ko dun na lang sana sya nagcompete. Saka feeling ko parang si Kusuma Chowdon kapalaran nito, heavy fav pero natalo ni Chalita na mejo come from behind ang victory sa nationals nila

    • i think she’s a fine candidate and needs to have more experience in terms of pageantry and real life. Idk if it has something to do with the culture that’s usually pabebe approach but she needs to develop the fierceness pham huong had when she competed. she turn her game to another level once she masters how to look fierce and not the usual innocente look. I also noticed about it but just kept shut. For now, she’s not a threat to out MUning

  11. No, I hope not, tbh. To me, she looks like just another Femina Miss India candidate.

    Chaling is STILL THE BENCHMARK for Thai pageantry! Even Suphaporn Ritthipruek last year was better than most of this year’s crop.

  12. There’s some Megan resemblance…She’s beautiful and yes she could be a force to reckon with if she wins MUT.

  13. Hala akala ko si Miss SA na ang sure winner ng MU may makakalaban pa pala sya. Well then I guess kung ito magiging pambato ng Thailand The fight is just gonna be between South Africa and Thailand. To Cat, thank you for representing the country but tough ten is not bad. Just saying.

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