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  1. She sounds so plastic. How would a first world girl suddenly becomes so sensitive about third world problems? She did not even experience poverty herself! There’s not even a life changing event that made her realize those things! I don’t know. She’s not authentic. Everything is rehearsed. You men of Sodom reek of the stench of sinfulness and fornication! You make me sick!

    • I think I read somewhere na naghirap din sila when her father, who was the breadwinner, got sick or retired, and she became the breadwinner. I’m not sure if my memory is correct.

      • @ Sophia : Good evening afternoon morning.

        Daniel Gray survived cancer.

  2. I read a blog by a latino, and he said she often looks like she’s about to cry when she answers a question. I’ve watched videos of her, and i have to admit that he’s right. But to her credit, everything she says is sensible, and seems meaningful and sincere.

    • Hahahahahahahaha. Thats the best criticism you can come up with? Pfffft.

  3. No problem in words coming out from her mouth. Really smart. Ang need i train sa kanya in terms of Q&A /speaking ay ung ways how to talk/answer. I know that sometimes being like a scripted looks/sounds is her way. Alam nya ung feeling na dapat ipakita sa Q&A. Galing sa puso. But i hope ma less kahit papano o ma wala ung parang scripted look/sounds sa pagsagot nya for some Questions. After all nasa judges pa din yan. Iba iba kase ng taste. Hinde nila killala personaly si cat and during the pageant night hinde lahat ng comm skills nila eh makikita ng judges. Only one Question will be asked and one answer to make her win. So i hope during competition til finals everything to her is onpoint/perfect.

    • That won’t be a problem. May casual interview naman sa start plus short videos during the show and to cap it off, the final Q and A. If she still loses because of sounding rehearsed, so be it. We cannot fault her for sounding so perfect and so beyond us. 😍😍😍

  4. Love love this interview. she speaks very well and so engaging. parang inantok pa ako sa host. CHAROT.

    the more she speaks, the more we know her. mas naiintindihan mo yung passion niya to help. to use the pageantry as a bigger platform para sa advocacy niya. hindi siya panay photoshoot sa beach. CHOZZZZ

    She’s hungrier. and i hope that hunger is enough for her stars to align come MU finals night. I know she’ll deliver. i know she will. she can.

    I am more than excited than nervous for her MU Journey. huhu saan kaya this year? I am fine with vegas as long as not sa mezzanine uli ang prelims. my gosh. cheapanga 101 talaga yon. LOL

  5. The best interview so far for me. Haysss. Anu kayang style ang ipapakita nya sa finals? I hope during competition halos lahat ng magandang ibat ibang style ipakita nya. I like her style and make up during bbp parade and also ung confidence that time nakakainlove talaga MUish talaga. I hope she maintains that cofidence. And im sure she will. Shes hungry for the MU crown and she learned from her MW experience. So hinde sya mag babasta basta na may maisuot lang. may mai style lang at may maiperform.

  6. Grabeh napanood ko toh at ayaw paawat ni CAT!!!! hangang hanga ang nag interview… Mukhang handang handa ka na CAT!!! laban lang

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