14 comments on “Macau or South Korea for Miss Universe 2018?

  1. Always on time ang MU ah haha. Until now wala pang announcement ng venue. It may be a part of their strategy pero success naman since until now lamAn pa din ng bWat pages at pinaguusapan together with the rumored possible venues.
    Well kung korea o macau ang choices. Parehong bongga ang stage nyan for sure lalo na sa macau. Both countries maraming pinoy pero masyado bc ang mga pinoy sa korea dahil sa work pero i feel that they are going to watch it live din. Hinde nila palalampasin yan since once in a lifetime experience lang and break/pahinga na din nila yan. Palit sched nila. Ung work time gawin Sa MU at RD gWing work. swerte lang kung mabait ang amo haha. Pero im sure lilipad Din ang maraming pinoy sa korea just to watch MU. So kung mag top ang pinoy sa tourist count ng korea its a plus point for catriona. Both countries no prob sa support ng fans. Sa result magkakaiba lalo n pag sa macau nakakakaba pa din pero mas worst sa china. Pero nakakakaba p din kahit saang bNsa. Ive read that hinde gusto ng china ang live so no MU hosting. Pero bakit ang MW diba live yon? Magulo hehe pero good kung hinde sa china And wag na wag talaga sa china. Kung nov pwedeng pwede sa korea. Kung dec pwede din nman basta ist week para d sobrang lamig. Mas malamig ang polad sa korea right? Nag host sila ng supra ist week diba? So i think dec ist week in korea is a great choice pa din.

  2. So if you read the article (HERE) CAREFULLY, the REAL reason why Filipinas will not host is simply because Gov. Singson has not been fully paid yet. That’s my understanding. And, indeed.

    @ Closer2Fame : Supranational regularly holds its pageant in the Boreal Winter. Their solution is simple : conduct the swimwear preliminaries in the steamy heated pools of swimming resorts, such as at Aqua City Poprad. I think it is possible there are “onsen” like sites in South Korea, too. How did the Pyeuongchang Winter Games go, btw.

    Between Macau and Korea, I would prefer the latter. The timing could not be better, as their recent wins at Supranational and (Mister) International (which went largely ignored at home, I think) could use a shot in the arm with a BOOST by the MU brand.

    • Too cold as in there are more people on vacation in warmer climates… and between

      Macau, South Korea and Las Vegas…

      Which location has the most Filipinos who cold fill the arena?…

      Budget wise Macau could have more Fil tourist who could watch…

      Las Vegas… Filipinos in the whole US could just go there and watch…

      South Korea? … budget-wise.. The Korean winter is not the most popular time to visit Korea as a tourist… 🙂

  3. pag Macau yan mag ala vegas ang peg nyan feel ko lang haha… so dapat mjo may pagka liberated gurl n peg ang labas! peo maganda din Korea para mjo pabebe ang peg…magalang ang peg ganun haha bala kayo jan haha GOODLUCK CAT!!!

  4. Parang anlabo na maganap sa 2 bansang ito. Unang una wala namang miss macau. Pangalawa, sikat pa ba sa korea ang miss u? Di ko rin sure hence the question. Malamang las vegas ito. Sadly, nababawasan na ng relevance talaga ang pageants economically.

  5. Sa Spratlys na lang mga veks… Djusko it must be a slow news day to keep on covering rumors on a venue… Kalurks kayo mga veks…hihihihih If I have a wish list, I would love that it goes to Eastern Europe for some variety..

  6. Catriona have high chances of winning us or any Latin countries. Malapad sa Tingin ng asian si muning. Bago kayo magreact iba talaga Ang asian body frame standard. Ang prelim judges usually comes fr the host country. So I’m wishing it’s still vegas

  7. We do have a greater chance of winning in South Korea.. but it would be too cold by December…

    I saw the delegates of Ms. South Korea and based on beauty.. theres no possible threat… yet!… But then again, Honey Lee, who had a total overhall after her national win ended up as Miss U 3rd RUp.. so Who knows?!

  8. Regardless of the venue, if North Korea sends a representative and politics plays a part in MU2018, NK would be in top 10, could be in top 5 or even top 3 together with PH and USA/SA.

  9. Well, it’s not remote for IMG/MUO moving heaven and earth to have a North Korean delegate. .their business is struggling and they need all the publicity stunt to stay relevant, at least to sponsors.

  10. I prefer macau, kung sa korea masyado overwork mga pinoy dun and mostly sunday lang dayoff sa 12 to 14 hours na trabaho nila kaya pipiliin nilang mag work kesa mag absent para manood ng MU.

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