5 comments on “An Inteview with Mister Universe Philippines Samuele Carenzi

  1. Body, Sex Appeal, Face, Fashion…all set. However, communication skill needs a lot of work. His answers need more depth than just Tanibg and Sagot. I think he has a great chance but he needs to read more, learn more and inspire more. Otherwise, his competitors will eat him alive. My two cents.

  2. Tito Norman, I’m just curious – why was Samuele Carenzi appointed right away as Mister Universe Philippines 2018 and our official representative to Men Universe Model 2018 as successor of Denver Hernandez? Does that mean that no Mister Philippines pageant will be held this year?

    • @ Ken : Good evening afternoon morning.

      Apologies for pre empting Mr. Tinio. The license to send a Filipinas rep to MUM THIS YEAR belongs to Ginoong Republika ng Pilipinas Europe. Samuele Carenzi won in this year’s tilt. Denver Hernandez himself won that title last year, but back then the license was with Mister Philippines inc. (now Global Bachelors Philippines). GBP now ONLY holds license for Global! And our rep for Global next month is already determined. He is Khristiian Sarmiento from Quezon Province. Mr. Tinio posted on him here before, jointly with Ahtisa Manalo as “The Pride of Quezon Province”. Check in the archives section. So yes, the “Mister Philippines” pageant is already finished.

      As to why GBP let go of the Filipinas license for MUM may be due to three reasons :

      1) The EXPENSIVE airfare from Manila to the Dominican Republic. Perhaps cheaper to send a Europe based representative;

      2) The “relative ease” by which “Foreignoys” with EU passports can get through Immigration checks through the Americas; and

      8) The cost of the license itself might be too steep for GBP.

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