25 comments on “Catriona Gray for Mega Millenial Ball 2018

  1. I watched the interview of Cat last night. She was very spontaneous. I wasnt a fan till I heard her speak. Hope she wins Miss Universe. Good luck on your journey, Cat!

  2. I’m a fan but the dress..it doesn’t look elegant, neither it is high fashion. Hope she and her team realize that this kind of gown is not the type she should be wearing come MU time. She is gorgeous and her face alone spells class but the gown negates this. I am not a fashion expert and I don’t have to be to see that the gown is not complementing her. She doesn’t need to show too much skin to be sexy and interesting. Her smile, her eyes, her walk and stance are more than enough to create an impactful positive impression. All those plus her wit and intelligence are screaming Miss Universe in million decibels. I’m not saying that that kind of gown will surely ditch her chance of getting the crown but it can make the probabilities lesser.

    Tito Norman, I am nobody. I’m just a fan, a concerned one. If you’re reading this and you get a chance to talk to Cat or her team, hope you can let them know about this comment and please tell them I don’t mean to offend. They’re expert, they know more than I do but maybe even experts need a little input or need to be reminded too sometimes…

    To the all-knowing readers, I want to let you know that I’m not playing smart and if you like to bash me for my comments…God bless you.

  3. I would have cinched that waist super tight…
    But then again… Could this be a strategy?…
    Are they planning to wow us at Miss Universe?
    They better make me gasp…

    • I see Rachel Peters 2.0 poor Miss Universe styling again with Ton Lao and Harley at the helm.

      • Veks I feel like Harley is trying hard to be someone else he isn’t! He should stick to managing talents instead of dreaming to be a stylist…hihihi

  4. What happened to Cat’s face? Parang lumobo ng konti… I hope it’s just the make up. 😦

  5. I love the look, the face, the hairstyle, the aura.. not a fan of her dress. she’s not that ‘big’ talaga. naitago yung curves na meron siya.

  6. The dress of you can call it that is horrid. She doesn’t need this aggressive styling !

  7. The dress of you can call it that is horrid. She doesn’t need this aggressive styling !

  8. Wow CATRIONA, Philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ way to go Cat!

  9. I like her hairstyle in this photo. It highlights her facial beauty. She looks fresh that way. Face-wise, there’s no doubt about it.

    She really has to work on her body though. That’s her biggest weakness. I hope she can overcome it before MU season comes. Although, I wouldn’t mind her wearing a one piece during the swimsuit competition. Maria P. of Thailand did it so elegantly, and I think Cat can even do better.

    The MU crown is still a long way for Catriona. With new reps being chosen, it’s everybody’s game now. Good thing that she’s working hard for it. Keep it up!

    And to the fans, keep your feet on the ground. 😎

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