9 comments on “Miss Universe 2017 in Fiestas de Machala

  1. cute pa din nya! pero parang onte lang mga ekxena nya ano?… or bka di lang naten nakikita lage s online like nung kay PIA dati… go Demi!!!! paki pasa ang crown kay CAT… char hihi…

  2. And since you guyth noticed how “not at her best” MU is, then this serves as advance notice to Ms. Gray to work on her ENDURANCE. Just like what Steve Harley said during the MU Question Round for the Final Three, there will be no breather. MU will need to be able to COPE.

  3. Now one thing becomes apparent : some facility in Spanish will help the winner when she maked her rounds in Latin America. Ms. Gray better get some lessons from… Teresita Marquez! Oh, ‘dili vah…

      • @ miss tissa : Good evening afternoon morning.

        What is “maked” (question mark. Sorry, my keypad is defective atm).

      • @ miss tissa : Good evening afternoon morrning.

        Hay, sorry! My bad. Hahahah. I meant, “makes”. “S”, not “D’.

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