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  2. sus…ngayon p sila gumimik ng ganyan…ngayon pang wala nang nanunuod sa kanila. Gumanyan na ang MWO pero wala nmang naitulong. Gawin nlang nilang talent search at Quiz bee yung Miss America

  3. f there is anyone who should follow suit (no pun intended), it should be male pageants. Yes! Even though I am gay and I follow them. Those SKIMPY “pekpek” trunks, deftly designed to maximize penile bulge to the delight of prurient fans, are as objectifying as it can get. Comfortable drawstring beach shorts in flat black will suffice. We just want to be able to assess the physique. Or, board shorts, as when Moslem Djakarta hosted Mister International five years ago.

    For the ladies, simply bring back the GLORY days with the One Piece, as ELEGANTLY pulled off by Poonlertlarp at Universe and Verzosa at International.

  4. Ang dami pang paligoy ligoy ng organisasyon bakit hindi pa aminin na gustong makatipid sa gastusin. Bakit hindi na lang kaya bawasan ang lahat ng gastusin sa patimpalak para tuloy makatipid. Kung gusto nila ang tudo tipid wala ng patimpalak

  5. Swimsuit competition is a well applaud portion of a beauty pageants for both local and international, without this segment the show is boring, why removing this segment where in fact the purpose is to determine who got the better look not only in evening gown, talents and etc. Malice is in the eye of the beholder and wearing swimsuit is not showing the flesh but to show to all audience how the candidate looks while wearing it.

  6. i heard they also removed the evening gown competition. Instead the girls will be allowed to wear whatever dress they are comfortable in

  7. If this is the way Miss America should finally realign to its real cause, then so be it. Miss America has had viewership issue more than a decade ago, and they could not do any better ideas to make their brand relevant in this generation. Hence, their decision to remove swimsuit competition—in my humble opinion—has become too late to matter in the pageant world.

    While Miss World has long been the swimsuit-less beauty pageant, it still remains to be the second best to Miss Universe pageant albeit its boring presentation. However, its popularity continues to decline due to politics played by its chair, and I don’t know how it could regain its glorious days.

    As for Miss Universe, I don’t think it will follow the trend. Miss Universe is Miss Universe when candidates sashay their banging bodies in skimpy bikinis on stage, notwithstanding the fact that more than half of its viewers are not real men. With that, I’d say swimsuit competition does not really objectify women.

    That’s all.

  8. Malamang sa malamang n kahit ilang beses ng naitanung sa QandA yang issue about swimsuit eh itatanung ‘yan malamang s Miss U.

  9. I think they forgot the very essence of swimsuit competitions over the past. Aside from the face, intelligence and substance, contestants are also equally expected to excel on the fitness part. It’s also a way to say na the contestant is really taking care of her body, etc. That’s why there’s SS. Just a publicity stunt as a response to recent controversies, I guess, so I think no beauty pageants should follow.

  10. Plus size Miss America 2019 from Harvard University- my prediction❤️

  11. as if these pageants are relevant

    it only has 0.00001% effect
    for entertainment purposes only

  12. No need of sexual arousment for Miss America 😄hihihi
    I rather be mentally aroused by these gorgeous ladies 🤗 cherette.

  13. The only reason why they are scrapping the swimsuit is because of the sexual harassment controversy a while ago. Nice try Miss America. hihihihihih

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