30 comments on “M.G. (Miss Globe) on M.G.’s (Michele Gumabao’s) mind

  1. ang ganda mi Mitch!!!!! nangangamoy another MG crown… nga pala, go Creamline!!!! haha goodluck

  2. better styling for her. nag lose siya ng weight no? i mean halata sa fez niya e. pero bagay sakanya. her look is very pageant beauty queen. that was what’s missing sakanya nung BBP. no complains though, she look gorgeous .

    Now, i’m just not sure if there’s something with her smile.. or okay lang. parang may mali na wala. haha

    She’s a stronger contender than Nelda (no offense meant) so i think she has a higher chance of clinching our 2nd Miss Globe crown.

  3. Kung hindi pinalad ang kanyang pinsan na si Kristine Rachel Florendo sa Miss World 1997, sa tingin ko may pag-asang manalo si Michele Gumabao sa Miss Globe 2018.

    • Indeed, 4M. She’e an authentic Asian beauty. I feel like she’s going to nail the upcoming Miss Globe competition. Her transformation is on-point, don’t you agree?

  4. what a face!!!
    she seems to take to all sorts of styling
    and end up looking great
    very versatile

    she’s very articulate, too
    if she’s up to it, she may do well in miss world

  5. The one who should have been named Miss Universe Philippines 2018. My favorite. Anyway, her transformation is noticeable. She looks gorgeous in that styling. I hope she clinches the Miss Globe crown for us this year.

    • Great disservice to the gal to call her the should be winner of MUP2018. We all know who performed best during that night and throughout the pageant. MI2018, perhaps.

      • Fatriona isn’t a Filipino. Nagpapanggap lang yang shupitbalur na yan na kunwari pinoy sya at ayaw nya kay Cat.

      • @CatrionaFan I’m sorry, but I find your comment offensive to Ahtisa. You’re crying foul over someone na nagsabing Michele shouldve been MU18 yet okay lang sayo na sabihing Michele shouldve been MI(P)18. Siguro let’s be fair na lang by saying Michele deserves a higher crown (for another time), wag na nating ireference dun sa mga current nang nakoronahan na other girls

      • Girl, please. The MI title was not securely placed on Ahtisa’s head that night.

      • yes it wasn’t securely placed on her head, but she earned it fair and square thru her performance that night. The judges deemed her best fit for MI as compared to Michele, Cat the 37 other binibinis, and the crown’s already in her head.

        I guess my point here is wag kang masyadong OA pagdating kay Cat na para bang si Cat na lang palagi yung perfect, tapos the other girls pwede nang palit-palitan nang basta-basta. Eto kasi yung reason kung bakit lalong nagagalit mga bashers ni Cat sa kanya, kasi yung ibang mga fans nya naman todo akyat sa kanya sa pedestal by putting other girls down and discrediting them for all their efforts. Masyado na tayong mayabang pagdating kay Cat. I hope we can tone it down a little bit sana

      • I bet that this CatrionaFan person will be the first one to react violently if Catriona won’t fare well in Miss Universe. Most likely, this is the type of person who will say that the “pageant is rigged,”or “Catriona got robbed,” even if someone better will emerge as a winner. The thought of it makes me laugh actually. I mean, it’s just a beauty pageant. No need to get serious with it. Relax, CatrionaFan. The World is not always about Catriona. She did not even win it. Lol!

      • Di ka pala tapos, Unorthodox? You really did not get my point. Basing on the performance of the ladies, we know Cat will be crowned MUP 2018 after the Q and A. As to who will be MI 2018, we were not. It could be Ahtisa, Michele, Eva, etc. That is why, I said MI 2018 perhaps. Dun pa pwede ilaban si Michele. Like duh. The enemy is not me but IT (the one immediately below your comment).

      • It looks like you’re the ones who’s making enemies, CatrionFan. Lol!

      • popcorn please. mukhang may pity party dto s mga talunan at ayaw pa ding mag move on na nanalo c CAT as MUP2018 hahahahaha… well…. hahahahaha manalo matalo c CAT sa MU, nag MU pa din sya. at forever kaung mag ngangawa sa pgka bitter nio hahahaha.. go enjoy the pity party hahahah

      • hoy Fatriona tumigil ka !!! kakampi ako ni Catrionafan. Sipain kita jan eh

      • So what if you are allies? Should I be scared? You Catriona supporters really amuse me. Keep it coming.

      • Whatever you Catriona Gray fans say, I’ll just laugh it off. I’d rather be in a pity party though. At least, I’m not a member of a group overly sensitive individuals who will do whatever it takes (even bashing other queens) just to defend their idol.

      • “group overly sensitive individuals who will do whatever it takes (even bashing other queens) just to defend their idol”???really FATRIONA? masasaktan nba ako? hahahaha. oh please u know thats not true haha… dmo nga kailangang gustuhin c CAT but please wag magmalinis hahahaha hinding hindi mo maikakailang di mo matanggap tanggap ang pagkapanalo ni Cat over to ur bets! hahahaha… Im sorry dear, forever basher ka nlng ni CAT hahaha…. go join the pti party now…losers! hahahaha

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