12 comments on “Happy Birthday, Ma. Ahtisa Manalo!

  1. She is so gorgeous. Ang statuesque niya dun sa first photo. i know she’ll do well.. it’s just that if destiny niya talaga manalo.

    matagal tagal pa ang preparation time for all our BBP Queens. but.. if may gusto na tlaga ako ma bago ngayon pa lang with Ahtisa.. is yung shoulders niya. very Rachel Peters. ang taas. but nonetheless, good luck! ❤

  2. Not really a fan of her before the pageants coz i find her balikat so short idk and payat so i put her in intecon to MI. But during the pageant itis like shes telling me that shes MU material also. Gosh pang MU nga talaga sa batang idad na yan what more if she turn til 24 uber uber na ang improvements nya for MU. How i wish after 2 or 3 years eh iba na ang may ari ng MUP at hiwalay sa iba pang title so in that way makaksali pa sila athisa And the other MUish girls. But its impossible so i want her to join MWP instead after 2 years.

  3. Ahtisa is really stunning in the pictures but pls lang I rf nyo na face nya instead of photoshop galore. Maga mukha nya in person

    • @ Bonsai hater : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Kasi nga, “doll-faced” siya. In any case, I agree with your suggestion and I BELIEVE she will be good enough for a Runner-Up placement at the very least.

      • @andrew, Ang hahaba pa ng biyas thats why i can also see a win or a runner up.Sarah lahbati is also gorgeous after rf lalo naging dyosa.tama ka doll face that’s why dapat tutukan ng aces. Pati wardrobe planuhin
        Happy bday ahtisa! May u bring another mi crown

  4. Congratulations and Advance MI2018 🙂
    Happy Birthday to you too.
    NakakaYnez itong c Inis Penetration at ang ganda ganda nya hihihi Cherette 🙂

  5. This girl will do really well in Miss International even with the disadvantage of Kylie’s recent win. But the more I look at her, the more I think she’s MU material.

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