53 comments on “Sarah Rose Summers of Nebraska wins Miss USA 2018

  1. She’s ugly in person , I saw her without a makeup maarte na pandak pa. She will be in top 50 for sure.

  2. shes pretty but she looks different without makeup. Not a fan of her beauty nor her bubbly personality we have seen it again and again cause its Miss USA. she could be a threat only because she talks like a miss USA. Olivia Jordan and previous Ms USA are better IMHO.

  3. She’s a modern Brooke Lee with a resemblance to Pia especially the smile! The only woman who can beat her in Miss Universe will be the one with a quiet, mysterious elegance, like Lara Dutta or Leila Lopes. For now this girl just reminds me of the past Miss Universes. She’s my bet 🙂

  4. Except for her buffed body, I love ms USA 2018. She’s simple yet her pasarela is on point. And I surmised she’s nice and down to earth. Haven’t listened to her that much yet but reading so far, she’s a smart girl who is a sensible speaker. And what I like her most is her understated fierceness that was absent from the past ms USA winners who are pa sweet ang peg.

  5. Her top 5 answer was kinda ‘ bleh’ . She tried to answer the question but failed to get to the point
    On the other hand, Her top 3 answer was superb. She clearly outperformed the other 2 finalists .
    And she’s really pretty . She just needs to lose those muscles that make her less feminine. She can be toned without those rats.

    Regarding FL and GA , it would be a shame to let them represent The US. They can’t even speak English fluently. And they are very pageant -y.

  6. Cat should be coached very well to speak in a natural and authentic manner during Q&A… Nebraska can score higher points here…

  7. Baklang bakla ang attitude… gusto ko siya… hehehe… labanan ng personality ang miss universe. Bayot kaayo nga babaon ning ebaya

  8. This is a woman of substance. She is a modern woman who knows how to speak her mind. She’s not only a beauty queen who focuses on advocacies alone, but she is a professional who has a noble cause. I like candidates who do not rely on their physical attributes and communication skills alone, but also those who put emphasis on their achievements as professionals in their chosen field. She is what we call a complete package. Beauty, wit, personality and good credentials. This lady is not just beautiful, she’s also a role model to women all around the world. I won’t be surprised if she wins Miss Univeese this year. I just love this girl!

    • ^ Mapa-gloria or Fatriona or gmw or kung sino man sa mga multiple personalities/fake profiles ko, maiin-love talaga kayo sa pambababuy ko sa blog ni Norman.

      Alam niyo naman… Ang kapal talaga ng mukha ko! Kaya nga marami ng lumayas sa blog na to, nabuwisit sa kagaguhang ginagawa ko dito.

      Babuyan na kung babuyan!


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        Kapalan na lang ng mukha, kaait mambo’s na ang matitinong commenters dito sa blog ni Norman, bababuyin ko talaga tong blog niya.


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  9. She’s bubbly, smart, with great background story. She could be threat this year.

  10. mu2018 in las vegas for sure miss usa na panalo

    clapper ang pinas

    • I am sure maraming clapper para sa Pinas!!! Yan ang sigurado!

    • ^ Mapa-gloria or Fatriona or gmw or kung sino man sa mga multiple personalities/fake profiles ko, maiin-love talaga kayo sa pambababuy ko sa blog ni Norman.

      Alam niyo naman… Ang kapal talaga ng mukha ko! Kaya nga marami ng lumayas sa blog na to, nabuwisit sa kagaguhang ginagawa ko dito.

      Babuyan na kung babuyan!



  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, she made history for her state being the first MS USA from Nebraska. It is quite an accomplishment! Ms USA has been in existence for more than 50 years and it is just now that Nebraska has bagged the crown. She has no perfect body and walk that could compete with latinas or even the stronger Asian contenders but I believe she has the personality and brain to make it to the top. She is an eloquent speaker who can deliver spontaneous and powerful messages. She defines confidence by embracing her own physical attributes and uniqueness. I believe this is what makes her a big threat to the Ms. Universe crown. Ms USA 2018 has a lot of surprises! The results were really unpredictable and I wouldn’t be surprised if this will be the case for Ms Universe as well. However, my heart is still for Catriona Gray!

  12. She was not my favorite but she delivered when it was necessary. She was enjoying the journey and was having so much fun on stage last night. And her personality just shined on stage. I thought it was going to be Miss Nevada. She would have been a perfect Miss USA but her Q&A answers for the top 5 and top 3 are the same.

    • And she is so short at 5″5!! ShE has beaten all the glamazons!!

  13. Not a threat based on physical beauty but her credentials are hands-down amazing – She graduated cum laude in 4 years with 2 degrees while working as a pilates instructor and she also has a simillar advocacy for kids like Cat’s.

  14. Malakas si Nebraska preliminaries pa lang alam ko nang Top 5. Ewan ko kung bakit di predicted yan. May feeling ako na baka manalo siya. Sayang si Florida. Chaka ng evening gown.

    • I think her delivery in the Q&A blew her chances more than the gown did

  15. Asan na yung mga nag sabing baka daw si Miss Georgia and “Paboran” ng mgi this year, na kesyo daw she’s from colombia at bka daw sya ang papanalunin para matapos na sa wakas ang issue nung 2015? So asan na si miss georgia na hndi man lng pumsk sa tough 5? I mean I don’t hate miss georgia in fact I like her and she’s in my top5. Pero yung mag kalat ng conspiracy theory na pabor pabor lng ang winners ng MU at MUSA. Now that Miss Nebraska won and nailed both Q&A rounds paki explain po kung bakit sya ang “pinaboran” ng mgi this year? Char! World Peace 🙂

  16. I think she’s a good winner. i don’t know how to explain this but Miss USA needs a facially stronger representative this year.

  17. sabi na nga ba blonde ang mananaig ngayon. IMG wants an Olivia Jordan peg…the Miss USA crown and the MU crown looks almost exactly the same

    • it’s not that difficult this year compared last year…a lot of the heavy favorites this year made the cut. Yung last year ang nakakagulat

  18. Just my one cent(s), but I think the DIC “French Fries” crown should have been used for Miss USA. And the Mikimoto “Phoenix” crown reserved for MU. Yes, I know the licensing deal went pfffttt…

    • I love the Mikimoto crowns.. but i think the best Miss USA crown is the Diamond Nexus Lab crown. they shouldve used it instead. but choosy pa ba? Mikimoto crowns are ❤

  19. Catriona got very lucky that South Dakota did not get the USA crown… otherwise, USA could have been Cat’s biggest competition

  20. i didn’t see this coming lol! but she’s pretty too. Dko rin xa nakita sa prelims n nag shine peo pez value, magnda xa! Laban CATRIONA haha kayang kaya… Congrats Miss USA 2018( Nebraska)

  21. Nasobrahan sa muscle
    Not my candidate
    I prefer the more feminine Olivia J Olivia C and Naia

    • I remember both Deshauna and Kara weren’t on Tito N’s list before either. Correct me if I’m wrong. It’s just that Miss USA is anybody’s game nowadays. But I’m totally content with the results. If ever Catriona joins the roster of MUO ladies should she win (fingers crossed), they could be best friends. I see Olivia and Pia in the making.

      • except that Catriona will be like Olivia with her height … role reversal

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