15 comments on “Sandra’s Summer Shots

  1. The sexualy suggestive poses, the tatoos…
    I guess this is her saying… this is the end of her pageant journey.

  2. Balik miss world at lalabana sa minor beauty pageant para magka crown. From miss world, bb now anong pageant sinalihan?

  3. The third pic will give SMA a heart attack.

    That legs-spread-open-with-head-tilt pose screams trouble.

  4. unfortunately with these pictures OUT na sya!!! Remember the girls who had sexy shoots–out agad ni Madam Stella!!! Sayang ka Sandra!

  5. Mas mabuti pa wag ng sumali uli. Wala naman syang eloquence kahit konti. Kailangan ba talaga pag-aralan lahat ng itatanong sa Q&A. Kahit naman hindi mo alam ang Build Build Build ng gobyerno eh pwede mo naman sagutin in general and talk about development of a country.

  6. I saw her in SM Aura one time. We were next to each other in a coffee shop. I’m telling you that she doesn’t need an angle to look beautiful. She is really a beauty. But she is quite short and I’m not comfortable with her tattoos too.

  7. Her Tattoos are multiplying,☹️
    By the time she’ll join another pageant,
    It’ll probably be all over her body,😟
    She’ll never win with tattoos…
    Pageantry is still old-school….
    NO to TATTOO.👎

    • Naloka ako sa “By the time she’ll join another pageant,
      It’ll probably be all over her body,😟” halos isang tuldok lang naman yung tattoo niya, kung di mo pa sasabihin di ko pa mapapansin lol. She’ll do fine with or without tattooes.

      • Then you haven’t been too observant…
        She had tattoos on her left arm during BbP..
        Even Stevie Wonder could see that😜
        Ala Angelina Jolie… copycat! But not that close…
        Beautiful, yes! Tattoos, NO!👎

    • Dear, what have you been smoking? Sandra had a chance to win a crown but that Q&A doomed her chances.

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