13 comments on “Miss Summer World 2018 is a Filipina

  1. Hoy Pawee, anong kailusyonan na naman to😄cherette hijiji
    Kung sila napapaniwala’t nalinlang more, ako hindi ☺hihihi
    Anyway, Congrats teh🤗

  2. sino naman kaya ang nanalo sa miss autumn world, miss winter world at miss spring world? idagdag na rin ang miss summer universe, miss autumn earth, miss winter international, miss spring supranational, etc :p

  3. I’m quite conflicted about this girl. Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful in her own way, but she’s kinda giving me that ladyboy vibe going on. Anyway, congrats to her.

    • 4m, Listen to her before making such a comment
      A girlboy doesn’t sound like that

      • And why do you think I am 4M, Fabian? When I listen to her, she sounds like someone who usually joins that beauty pageant in Pattaya, Thailand. I even thought that this is a gay beauty pageant. Yes, she is beautiful, but with a hint of being a ladyboy it is. There’s no problem with that at all.

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