25 comments on “Fil-Italian Goddess wins Miss Earth Philippines 2018

  1. They chose someone who is the most beautiful. Congratulations are in order!

  2. this is Karen’s best look so far. ang glowing. plus ang sexy niya sa gown niya!

    Congratulations to the winner. beauty department – walang problema. LOL i know she’ll do well in ME but.. i don’t think going for a back to back again is a good idea.

    Halimatu is gorgeous. She has a lot of potential.

  3. Beautiful sila lahat pero si Halimatu parang sweet na Naomi Campbell 🙂

  4. The moment I saw her win MIss Earth Fil -Rome , I knew she was gonna do well. In fact , she was my only bet for MEP … until I saw Zahra sing and talk . Then I said it would be between the 2 ( beauty vs brains)
    Zahra surprisingly looked amazing that night . If she can lose a few pounds, I don’t see why she cannot try BP again.

  5. okay ang winner ngayon…maganda at may utak…her answer has substance…sa delivery lang sumablay. Understandable nman kc Italian language nya.MEO got it in the beauty department. They preferred a more complete package winner. The 1st RU has superb comm skills but facially her beauty is nothing compared to the winner…Pag natrain ng mabuti tong si Cortesi halimaw to sa ME…pag nanalo tayo ulit super bash na nman ang Pinas….hihihi

  6. magandamgawinners deserving lahat success ang MPE this year cheers to PH pageantry!

  7. Miss Silvia and Ms Halimatu (halimaw toh mga veks) should consider joining BbP in the future.

  8. Zahra Saldua gave the best answer but she was declared first runner up. This would be to ensure that b2b will not happen.

    Feedback from pageant pages are positive about Silvia because of her unquestionable beauty. If only they are following Miss Earth, they would have known it already that the org is always after for a smart girl because by default all the girls should be beautiful!

  9. Final question: The deterioration of Boracay left our president with no choice but to close the island for six months for rehabilitation, what should be done to make sure at what happens to Boracay does not happen to other tourist destinations?

    Ms. Cortesi of Rome, Italy: Good evening everyone! I am agree with the decision of the president to do that and I think Boracay need a drainage system because the juice of the trash goes directly to the ocean. We have to control the capacity of the hotel and I think that we have also to…….. ( Time is up)

    Brava Miss Earth Philippines 2018! You answer the final question beautifully. You will be the next Miss 2018.

    • @ Mayumi Marikit : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      She said it EXACTLY as most folks would feel/see. Or, to paraphrase, 1. Waste management must be in place and strictly implemented, and 2. Property development needs some restraint. I FULLY agree. I do NOT mind her alleged difficulty with English; she did grow up in Italy. The SUBSTANCE is more important, imo.

    • Filipinos equate being good in English as intelligent. Another hallmark sign of colonial mentality if you ask me. If you live in countries where the primary language is English, it doesn’t matter if your grammar or pronounciation is incorrect because what matters most is the content of your message. Native speakers of the language even commit grammatical errors themselves. It is often unnoticed because they just sound really good talking in English. Oh well…

      • In English -speaking countries , they don’t complain if your grammar or diction is incorrect . They expect that in you anyway .. just by looking at you. But trust me , they trash u behind your back . This is especially so if you are high up there in the hierarchy. Of course , it does not matter if you dress chicken for a living at Tyson or some place else .

      • Fabian, in where I live, nobody cares about grammar and pronounciation despite of your status in society. And everywhere you go, someone will always trash you. If they talk behind my back, I really don’t care at all. Those are just petty things. There are more important matters I need to focus on in life.

    • korek…tlgang may puna sa lahat…plaging may masasabi ang mga negang tao sa paligid

  10. The Cebuana Alforque is a diamond-in-the-rough! She is like Isabel Preysler in both looks and provenance.

  11. pag maganda nanalo mrami p rin reklamo na kapos sa talino, pg chaka nanalo ssavihin kapos sa ganda anu va tlga. fans will never satisfy. dyosa ang tema dis year so dpat dyosa manalo. un lng bka ma-sandra seifert ito sacrificial lamb khit deserving. niweys di komo di fluent sa ingles e di na mtalino. di nmn cguro fluency sa ingles ang critreria pra mnalo. may iimprove pa ito bago ang ms. earth.

  12. Congratulations 🤗
    Mukhang B2B na naman itiz hihihi cherette😊
    Buti pa si vahklah invited sa Royal Wedding😊

  13. Better late than never… so beauty first, brain second… its a BEAUTY contest anyway so ayun! 🙂 Congrats Ms Fil-Rome!

    • BTW, habang tumatanda mas gumagwapo si Robi Domingo #pakissRobi hahaha Parang mas gusto ko cya maghost ng BBP kaysa kay Xian Lim o Richard Gutierrez na sobrang awkward and very stiff on stage… pero in fairness ang ggwapo nilang tatlo (landi) hahaha

  14. In fairness… ang ganda ni Karen Ibasco dito… laki ng ganda nya compaired sa winners…. I love the porcelain skin and beautiful eyes with no eyebags.

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