10 comments on “Mister Supranational has a new Philippine Franchise Holder

  1. siguro nman level up mga contestants jan…mga class A models at hindi bikini contestant lang sa mga baranggay

  2. Bongga!! Ngayon pa lang e excited na ako sa Mister World Philippines 2018 pageant!! With Sir Vegafria as the franchise holder, di malayo na masusungkit na natin ang napaka elusive na Mister World crown, at malamag pati Mister Supranational na rin!! :D….Well, wish ko lang na pati Mister Global (Thai based pageant) at Mister Universal Ambassador (Indonesian based pageant) ay makuha na rin nya para sure na di puchu pucho ang magiging rep natin!!

    • @ oxana ortiz : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      With all due respects, I do not think Andrea Biondo and Paul Guarnes were puchu pucho. Even Baklah said that the latter was “‘effin hot and sexy”. And the former looks EVEN BETTER now! To Mr. Tinio’s credit as PR-Marketing Head of GotPh at those times, they were the best of their respective national tilts. And even at Global, Joseph Doruelo in 2016 was not too bad. (But no, Mr. Tinio was not associated with the tilt that selected Doruelo , the SAME one that fielded “Fafa Neil” to International).

      With a Top 10-and-two-RU finishes at MUA in as many years, it is at this Indog tilt where Filipens needs to maintain a REALLY HIGH standard, with its emphasis on the World Speech preliminary, probably the ONLY male tilt atm with such. But yes, Global has been a more shaky ride for us and that one will “need more help “. In any case, the groups currently in possession of the local franchises are in a quandary. If they impose a VERY HIGH (literal and figurative) set of qualifications, few will apply for their contests. And they are unable to entice with truly lucrative post-pageant incentives.

      World, we know, will depend a lot on the fan feedback-response and Ms. Julia Morley’s blessings. Supranational is obviously all about physique; kahit hipon puwede, if you looked at the Top 20 last year.

      Will ALV bringing together four (4) STRONG male brands – World, Supranational, Global, and Universal Ambassador – under his wing make his organization more prestigious and attract the VERY BEST guys these islands can produce and thus increase our chances at winning? Let’s hope the cash prizes and show business contracts up for grabs will do it! Yeah, he will need to shell out LOTS of cash, even just for the licenses alone. He will also need to put on a LAVISH production (which we know he can) to ADD plus points to his derby.

  3. Ms U in Phils 2018 is officially cancelled. Bummer DotSecPuyat what a boring sec.

  4. Which brings back the earlier rumors of the fate of the Miss title… Also posted here. And of the negotiations for Cebu to host this year? And will Ms. Huelar be the LAST “BBP-Supranational”?

    • I think so too. Jehza might be the last Bb.P-Supranational. Ang weird lang din kasi if paghihiwalayin pa ang franchise owners ng local pageants for Ms. and Mr. Supranational. Pero kung sakali mang manalo si Jehza baka magstay pa rin sa BPCI ang Ms. Supra franchise

      • impossible na talagang 3 asians in a row mananalo ng supra.. at di ako masyadong nagagandahan kay jehza.. pero…. di rin namna magaganda lately nananlo sa supra.. dalawang pana, di naman maganda, si korea di rin,

  5. More titles, more TiTe to chupa! Go Arnold! You are carrying the flag of the Philippines! Make us proud! Nako galingan mwoh ang pagchuchupa! Kalwoka! Yung baba ni tita Arnold! Lumambot at saggy na sa kakachupa hahahaha! Para sa ekonomiya ng bayan! Gowh! Gowh! Gowh! Todo na to! Cheret! Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣

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