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  1. completely OT

    oh mga baccla official na, hindi dito sa Pinas ang MU this year. Personally hindi ko alam maffeel ko kasi even tho alam kong fair at mataas ang credibility ng MUO at IMG, i still can’t help but be paranoid with the thought na baka magtampo sila bec of this tapos maapektuhan chances ni Cat of winning, baka mamaya todo todo perform si Cat pero di pa rin sya manalo dahil may tampo si Mama Shugart. Pero syempre thought lang naman yun, i still believe in Cat no matter what. Anyway here’s the link of the announcement and also vid from IG


    • Actually si Catriona ang template ng mga indog sa panggagaya ng Sonia na yan. I remember na talagang nagpost pa ng pic ni Catriona yung national director ng putari idiotnesia after ng win ni pusa, translated sa google yung caption was something like about sa face ni Cat and Philippines is strong this year pero di daw sila papatalo. Parang ganon. A week after nagpakagay ng silicon sa baba si Sonia tapos gaya gaya bigla sa mga photoshoot ni Pusa.

    • I find Sonia beautiful. At one glance, you’ll really say, “Yes, this girl is from Southeast Asia.” There’s something in her that I find captivating. Maybe it’s that humble yet elegant appeal of hers. I’m excited for her full transformation. Well, I’m looking forward to the other SEA ladies that will join Miss Universe this year. Except for one. She’s more Australian in looks than Asian.

      • ^ Patikim pa lang yang ng isa sa mga multiple personalities/fake profiles ko.

        Ang kapal talaga ng mukha ko, ano?

        Wala akong pakialam kahit babuyin ko na ang blog na to, hihihihihihihi.

  2. parang municipal pageant lang ang dating ng mga candidates ngayon

  3. Wow Final Picks na talaga? hihihi What happened to the other events of this pageant?

    • well this is understandable since Flora hails from the same country as Cannes Film Festival. As for Ariadna, well, knows nyo naman na strategies nya. Plus Pia was and is still tied up with IMG. I feel like out of everyone IMG is the most responsible for Pia’s international and i think ayaw lang nila maovershadow ni Pia ang reigning MU if mas pagtuunan pa ng atensyon int’l career nya. Tho ang unfair lang kay Pia if ganun talaga yung case

  4. Many of them will try their luck in BBP2019, i can see Tacloban City,BalingasagMis.Or.,Cebu City,Fil.Rome,Zamboanga City

  5. OMG Zahra talaga?! Laging less sa beauty department ang dapat Manalo? hihi. Teka may A&Q pa bang nasali sa MEP?

    • i think meron pero di naman siniseryoso ni Lola Jonas Gafud ang Miss Earth, nachecheapan siguro siya sa pageant na ito.

      • true. saka feel ko mas nagte-take pride si Jonas kapag hindi Pinoy ang may-ari ng int’l pageant. Kumabaga for him mas mataas ang level of difficulty sa mga yun so bigger risk bigger rewards bigger bragging rights chos. And i also feel na in general mas bet lang talaga ng mga girls na part ng A&Q na sumali sa BBP at MWP kasi aminin man natin o hindi, iba ang prestige ng dalawang nat’l pageants na to compared sa MEP. Gone are the days when the likes of Karla Henry, Sandra Seifert, and even Jaime Herrell (in physical beauty dept) are joining MEP.

      • @unorthodox – it’s too early for you to say that na gone are the days…remember the winners of bbp in recent years were once MPE candidates and placers…during their foray at MPE back then hindi pa sila tlga ganun kaganda at polished tulad ng pagsali nila sa bbp.

      • @tita i dont take away from the girls the opportunity to improve and clinch other national titles in the future naman. Pero yung tinutukoy ko kasi is yung mga girls na nung time na sumalang sa MEP eh kalidad na agad, yung tipong in top shape na, not fully polished pero alam mong may winning quality. That’s what i was referring to. Say for example Jamie Herrell nung sumali sya MEP fighting form kung fighting form si baccla. Yung tipong MEP pa lang mejo feel mo nang sa ME na sumasabak ang aura ganern. Another example (well not really kasi di ko type beauty nya pero) Staphanie Stefanowitz beat Ariela Arida in MEP2012 precisely bec Ara joined then na hindi pa sya polished. So in that sense i dont consider Ara at par with Jamie or Stephanie Or Karla at the time she joined MEP, even tho she surpassed the latter three by winning the highest and most prestigious national title in the Philippines. Again uulitin ko lang, ang tinutukoy ko ay yung quality ng girls at the time they joined MEP, not at other times when they joined other national pageants.

  6. Zarah should make an effort to atleast reduce some weight,she really looks big in the press presentation.

  7. After the Hannah individual feature of Norman, naglahong parang bula ang mga commenters.

    Lesson learned,

    While it may bring money on the pocket for a feature article, it will lessen the traffic which in return lessen the “pay per click” from Google AdSense. Sayang naman, eto Lang ang pageant blog na approved ng Adsense. Even Jesson Capuchino and Adam Genato blogs doesn’t generate that much traffic much more approval from AdSense!

    • Korek ka jan Mare! Naging parang library lang ang blog ni Ateng N. Hahaha

    • Claire , Hannah is prob part of it . But I think the major cause of the exodus is the people that fake their usernames . It takes away the joy out of reading comments from the regulars because u cannot tell anymore who says what.
      I hope something is done abt it .

  8. Even if they are randomly picked, that’s fine!

    At this point in time, another Filipina winning the Miss Earth title would do more damage than benefit to the organization. Sayang naman advocacy nung organization.

  9. Zahra is talented and very articulate . Why she joined MEP and not BP is perplexing .
    She is not exactly a stunner and her body needs work . But she can be a good spokesperson for MEP.
    If for once MEO chooses beauty over brains , my bet would be Fil-Rome. Not that she’s stupid , I have yet to see her talk .

      • She tried her luck last year at BBP. She was cut though due to the fact that she wont wear a 2-piece swimsuit.

        She never tried out for BBP 2018 since she was being fielded for MEP2018

  10. It’s between Jean de Jesus and Bianca Saldua for the highest crown.. the rest would just be based on physical beauty hence only luck would determine if they get a question they could answer in flying colors..

    I’m still hoping that Leah Macapagal could redeem herself to make it into the winning circle.

  11. This time let’s just choose the prettiest. She won’t be Miss Earth anyway!

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