10 comments on “The Butterfly in Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

  1. Absolutely stunning. Michael Cinco’s haute couture creations are always to look forward to.

  2. Charlene G who is around her age is way prettier
    But Rai is Rai

  3. If Catriona Gray wins MU 2018, she can walk either the Oscars or Grammys red carpet in that Mindanaoan ensemble she wore for her NatCos at BBP 2018. Sans parasol, of course. 🙂

    • I totaly agree!!!

      I’d preffer if they create an exact copy of that Maranao princess gown but in a serpentina cut w/ a 1 meter trail… The styling would just be the gown without the veil & headress but instead, she’ll be sporting a high bun and a symetrical small-sized highly-ornate muslim sarimanok inspired payoneta stuck in front of the high-bun and I’ll match a highly-ornate wing feather inspired ear-cuffs on both ears… And she’d be wearing a dominantly gold feathered purse with accent feathers that matches the metalic color pattern of the red jungle fowl.

      I suggest she wears that at the auction event of Miss Universe… The drama of that gown alone would slay the competition then and there!!!! 😀

      Now that would look stunningly gorgeous!!! 😀 Wow!!!.

  4. This gown is so magnificent. This would really look good on Eva or Michelle when they compete for their respective beauty tilts.

  5. Ibang klase ang craftmanship nitong gown na to. I mean, if makita mo yung video sa instagram, grabe ang details. siksik na siksik bawat sulok. agaw eksena tlaga. perfect na perfect for Cannes. Congrats to M5, 2 years in a row bumalandra ang gawa niya sa Cannes because of Aishwarya.

  6. Pagawa rin ako ng ganyang gown kay MC for Oscar 2018 hihiji😄
    MICHAEL 5, ikaw din ang isa sa mga alalay ko para tagaayos ng mahabang buntot ko para di madumihan at di matutupi hihihihi😄

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