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  1. Fahsai is MU’sh..I hope she joins the search for MU Thailand.

    • JawsKuh at magtataray na naman ang bruha sa MW😄hihihi
      Ito na lang ang aabangan natin mga Vacklush🤗hihihi

    • True ba na sasabak ulit yang si Angelica sa pageantry? Mag MW Philippines daw? Magugustuhan daw ni madam Julia ang opera voice nya.

      Confirm na ba si IBE or Katarina?

    • Sus ginoo! Wag na! Hindi pwede sa Miss World yan lalo na mahigpit at important ang background ng queen kay Madam Julia Morley. Ang dami issue niyan si Mariel, kalat sa internet, at wala pa siya real na advocacy which is super vital sa Miss World bid. I like her as a person pero mag-artista ka na lang girl! Miss World will not help further your showbiz career. I mean, what is the point of joining pa if you’ve already reached the plateau of your pageant career? If gusto mag-charity, just do charitable activities. You don’t need Miss World to send your support, help to others. You already have a huge platform through your celebrity parents and through your hard work din.

      If may unfinished business like Katarina, yung si Ann Colis girl or even si meow for example, I could understand pa… eto yung situation na stop na and pursue other career nalang. If she will join, go! I wish her luck! Pero I hope maging wise siya sa mga decision kasi kasama din niya ang Philippines if ever na she will represent us again. Yun lang po.

  2. My bet during Miss Earth 2017. Too bad she messed up her answer. Oh well… It goes to show that you can never be too sure, even if you’re good in English.

    • Same goes for Catriona. No effort being put into sculpting and sleekifying her body. We may be in for a tough lesson i.e. Confidence killed the Cat!

      • yes Fatriona and Beach? talking to urself dai? haha malala na ang sakit mo hahahahaha kinakausap ang sarili, nagko comment tas sya lang din sumasagot hahahahahahaha

      • @ Beach : Good afternoon/evening/morning.

        Let’s wait some more.

        Though it is true that about two months after a pageant you should already see some visible results if you SLEEKIFY-SCULPT, bear in mind that the MU 2018 is still some months away.

        In the meantime, Catriona Gray needs to pay for her keep at BPCI and honor sponsors’ commitments, so she needs to pace herself.

        I am sure her handlers know when to resume the dirty!

        For now and especially in this heat (literal and figurative), she needs to stay properly nourished and hydrated. No less than Kylie Verzosa stressed the importance of “staying gassed up” when fulfilling post-pageant commitments.

        And yes! Catriona, Fahsai, and Rachel (Peters) will be at Resort’s World Manila tonight for Hannah’s.

    • magmov own kna teh with Catriona ahehehe!!! nanalo na xa sa BBP2018 tas mag cocompete na sa Miss U, manalo matalo nakapag Miss World at Miss U sya ahihihi!!!! move on move on din teh noh ahehehehe kawawang soul char

  3. Parang tanga yung “star” na commenter dito. Triggered masyado kahit may konting not on a positive side na comment sa Miss Earth. Part ka ba ng Miss Earth or Obsessed fan ka? Siya lang ang nagthumbs down sa ayaw niya na comments using the refresh delete history technique or incognito mode.

    Star, get a life. Wag masyado pastress sa every comment sa Miss Earth. Dedicated ka masiyado na your whole life revolves around Miss Earth. Lol! I’m sure ikaw din yung fake Instagram accounts na lagi nagsspam sa mga Miss Earth pages. “Oscar Robertson” ba yung isang fake account mo? “Pancho Villa” din diba? If may makita kayo na ganon name, si Stat yun sa IG.

    I’m so close to tracking your real identity. Last year ka pa, pansin ko lang. if binabayaran ka ng Miss Earth, I could understand pa. Pero kung obsessed fan ka lang or may connection ka sa Miss Earth, mahiya ka naman! OA to the extreme degree ang pagkafanatic mo sa pageant na yon.

      • eh kung maghinay-hinay sa oa na stalker ang pagka-obsessed pwde ba?

      • ewan ko ba bakit minamaliit ng iba ang sariling atin na pageant imbes na tayo tayo ang mag angat nito eh hinihila nila pababa. Ito ang mentalidad ng ibang mga pinoy ,nakakalungkot lang.

      • That’s why your country never progresses because of your fellowmen’s crab mentality.

    • what’s wrong with my comment? inano ba kita? Yes i am a fan of ME, anong problema mo? nakasakit ba ng tao ang comment ko? masama bang iangat mo ang sariling atin na pageant?it’s my way to promote it kahit sa mga nakakabasa lang dito sa Norman blog dahil mahal ko ang sariling atin at para narin sa pagpapahalaga ng environment natin which is the primary advocacy ng pageant. I don’t get it why you are annoyed o na OAhan sa comment ko, you better ignore it and sorry kung i hurt your feeling sa pagpromote ko ng ME.

      • tama! I don’t see anything wrong with that at all!!! Go star!!!

      • Tanga ka lang? I support ME din pero di katulad mo na OA exaggerated sumasamba to the extreme levels. Ikaw ang “hurt ang feelings” kasi everytime na may magcomment ng di agree sa Miss Earth OA ka sa pagthuthumbs down at pakikipagaway. Not only sa particular article na to, you do that sa every Miss Earth na article, Instagram pages, facebook at multiple blogs. Match na match ang IP address mo at email sa lahat ng accounts mo teh. So close to tracking your real identity. Bakit di mo kaya I-apply mo sa sarili mo yang comment mo about ignore ignore. Bakit di mo hayaan magcomment ng sarilinng opinyon ang iba, hindi yung parang halimaw na stalker ka na sa kabaliwan mo. I know you are also “Pancho Villa” “Oscar Robertson” and many more sa IG. Ano gusto mo patunayang abnoy ka? Hahahaha. Yun lang. pointless ang makipag-argue pa sayo kasi may sira ka sa ulo. Affected ka masyado even sa super little na criticism sa Miss Earth. Delusional na abnoy na kultong fanatic! Kbye. Sira ulo! Hahahahah 😂😂😂😂

      • Mang Kanor , u started this fight
        Star is simply expressing his views . Respect his ‘ if u want others to respect yours.
        Thumbing down ? it’s called democracy . Don’t be too sensitive

    • Wow ha, nag effort kapa talaga to know kung sino talaga ako ,bakit did i commit criminal offense,did i hurt you?.
      Can we just spread love and positivity since we are all pageant fans here, no need to trashtalk and cursed anyone.

      • Magbago ka na obsessed Miss Earth fantard. Katuwa lang yung Oscar Robertson and Pancho Villa account mo. Hilig mo magspam sa mga Miss Earth page. Mahiya ka huy! 😂😂😂

      • Talaga? Kalat kaya sa FB ang kagagahan mo. Hindi ako inis sa comment mo dito fyi. Irita ako sa pang sspam mo sa multiple facebook pages and instagram pages about sa deluded views mo sa Miss Earth. Kbye.

  4. awwww, fahsai, soooo beautiful and sweet, too

    there was a rumor way back that she might join
    miss universe canada, but it looks like from what she said
    that she has commitments with miss universe thailand
    and will be joining another thai pageant (i suppose misss world
    thailand will be the next step)

    anyway, she has so much to offer and a second chance at success
    will be sweet!!!

  5. i would love her to join miss universe thailand. as much as it would be much exciting to see catriona and fahsai duke it out for this years edition, i feel that fahsai should wait for another year. there are things she needs to unlearn from her recent ms earth stint so she could fully commit herself while building a strong clamour from her countrymen to rally for her like what catriona did. This year, i only saw a few posts about her as they are anticipating for the half indian girl to give it a try.

    I believe so too that she and maria are very intelligent women thats hard to come by in MUT in the recent years. They are slowly gaining momentum in the world of pageantry with equally adoring fans like the Philippines.

    Should she decide to give MUT another try, I’d definitely be rooting for her to represent thailand.

    • pero the big question talaga is, Is she still allowed to rejoin?

    • 2 years pa contract niya. So 2020 pwede siya magtry ulit sa MUT.
      I don’t like that half-indian girl. Malandi siya kasi I checked her IG, most ng finofollow niya are sexy foreigner na boys, hilig din niya maglike ng half naked guys na Instagram photos.
      Siya yung tipo ng girl na sasali lang sa pageant para sumikat at maghanap ng boylets. Lol!
      Anyways, mahina siya sa english. She could win MUT… could do well sa MU pero Cat can beat this girl sa q and a easily kung english din siya like maria sasagot. Gumagaya na din sa Philippines yung Thai and other latinas na english sumasagot.

  6. To be honest, I would have loved if she won the crown. While I agree that she bombed the Q&A, there’s still no denying that she put her life and soul in this pageant from the start to finish. And she is uber gorg!

  7. Fasai knew that her answer was a mess and she congratulated Karen right away after the pageant,i believed she accepted the result with open arms with no grudges and bitterness and that’s a real queen should be unlike Venezuela Ninoska Vaszquez whom until now felt that she was robbed .

    • Please. Stop it. ME 2017 was a missed opportunity for ME. Ang ganda na sana. Hahahahays.

  8. Grabe ang suporta ng Thailand sa kanya during ME, lahat ng malls sa Thailand ay may coverage and sure ako na dissapoint sila sa result .ME is making waves sa Thailand if si Fasai sana nanalo. No wonder parang naungusan ang Miss International as top 3 pageant dun.

    • Ah yes, i believe Fahsai was the missed opportunity to make Miss Earth a popular brand in Thailand. I also believe that a Fahsai victory could have eradicated or at least significantly diminish the hatred between Pinoy and Thai pageant fans. Imagine oh Thai candidate nanalo sa pageant na owned ng mga Pinoys, tapos dagdag pa natin na maraming mga Pinoy mismo ang nagpupush na manalo si Thai candidate, eh di bongga sana di ba. Eh di sana BFFs na ang mga Thais at Pinoys ngayon tapos Indonesia na lang kawarla warla natin di ba. chaaaaaar

      • Yup. That was a missed opportunity, business wise for Miss Earth. No wonder, no one’s willing to host the pageant so it’s not surprising that it will be held again in the Philippines and Karen’s reign is one of the most boring in history.

  9. So i guess she’s targeting Miss Thailand World after saying she’s planning to join “another” pageant. I personally see her competing in the MU stage pero MW isn’t that bad na rin lalo na wiz namang issue/special connection ang MW sa Thailand so if ever manalo sya walang bahid ng kung anek anek

  10. Her answer to the last question answered my theory na she deliberately didn’t correctly answer her infamous Miss Earth q&a kasi she wants to join another pageant. I mean, this girl is so intelligent kaya I couldn’t believe na di niya na-nail yung question and answer round. I can’t blame her though! Siguro sa start na she was announced as the representative ng Thailand sa Miss Earth, she really wanted to win the crown, pero when she arrived sa Philippines, as weeks went by, she realized na Miss Earth is not the path she wanted to pursue. Sure big 4 pageant, pero she wouldn’t get that much recognition or fame versus sa if she will be the Miss Universe or Miss World representative. MU and MW ang popular sa thailand so kahit na win or lose, as long as you represented their country on those top two pageants, instant celebrity ka na. I mean, look at Chalita, Maria, and pati yung mga past winners nila. Smart decision lang kay Fahsai. ☺️👍🏼

    • @ Mang Kanor : Again.

      Point well-taken. But in any case, and regardless of which derby she eventually chooses, she will now have Pignoy fans to help buoy her through. (myself included, ever so “piggy”).

      • Andrew, Siguro di ko na siya support if sa MU or MW siya sasali. Lol! Siyempre Philippines na ko non! Hehe! Pero I will remain a fan kasi kind naman si girl and genuine siya sa appreciation sa love ng mga pinoy. ☺️

  11. Ah, welcome back to the Philippines, girl!

    BTW, I just read in the news that the newly crowned Miss Universe Ecuador 2018 Virginia Limongi (who also competed in Miss World 2014) sported an ear cuff a la Catriona in their national pageant. It only means to say that Catriona gave so much impact in pageant landia that even this Latina beauty got inspired to wear the cuff. It’s trendy!

    I heard from my friend who is a part of Catriona’s glam team that they are brainstorming for Cat’s overall style in Miss Universe. Talk about preparation. Hmnnn…

    • Bebe Ana, so nice to see your post dito 😍!! Anyways, do you know this Instagram page @arquitectodemisses? That page started the earcuff issue! I mean, walang issue talaga. Sure, may mga pinoy na nagcocomment na similar ang earcuff, pero nobody was “bullying” virginia naman. I don’t know if dahil sa language barrier kasi latino yung page so di masyado intindi sa comments na english ng pinoys so he misinterpreted, OR sinadya to make noise and gain followers and fans for Virginia. Suspicious lang kasi may ties sa Miss Ecuador yung admin ng @arquitectodemisses, and they know na Cat is the most popular candidate so why not make an issue para pagusapan ang candidate nila diba? I’m starting to believe na sinadya nilang gayahin styling ni Cat at it is working kai Miss Ecuador was literally irrelevant and wala pumapansin, pero after the issue na pinalaki nung latino page na yon, Virginia’s follower jumped from 20k to 120k. After ng coronation niya she was at 20k yun lang ang na-achieve niya, pero when the issue erupted…mga multiple pages posted the issue, naging popular bigla si girl.

      Checking the arquitectodemisses pag now… ayun! Post post na naman kay miss ecuador, tapos being shady sa gown na naman! Kairita siya! 😏😠

      • p.s. kilala yang arquitectodemisses page na yan na being plastic and fake supporting our queens. They are using the pinoy fans to gain more followers sa page nila. They know na we are the biggest pageant fans. I don’t trust that page!

      • @MK — I am not into Instagram, ‘di ko kase feel ang pagsi-share ng information in public (though I have FB, but it’s only close-knit functioning) kaya I don’t have access to or follow any IG account for that matter. But I appreciate the juicy info you have shared. Well, I would say we have to embrace the fact that, nowadays, pageant organizers find ways to create buzz so their candidates score recalls to the fans at the early days of the pageant season.

        Let that IG owner take advantage of Cat’s popularity because at the end of the day Cat will gain from it. Cat is Miss U newsworthy, so whoever candidate that will bandwagon on her, it still Cat’s win in the end. The important thing is we all know that Cat is seriously taking things, so she is in the running towards becoming the next Miss Universe.

        That’s all!

      • Agreed, Ana! 🙏🏻😍 Nainis lang ako dun sa caption na pinaparinggan si Cat na, “Miss Ecuador is physically ready. Oratory is the only aspect that needs improvement” lol! Parang tanga lang kasi the admin pointed out na parang mas easy ma-improve ang communication skills/q&a kesa sa body. Wala sila mapintas kay Cat aside sa body lang which is not that difficult to improve naman. Pero you are right na hayaan na lang sila. 😄☺️😘

      • They have to do that to at least ride on Cat’s popularity. Nevertheless, we all know right before our very naked eyes who edges who. ‘Wag na lang natin masyadong ipangalandakan at ipagkumpara ang dalawa. We have to have a lot of class in dealing with it. Para kay Cat. Mmmmmwah!

        That’s all!

      • Cat said this will be her last foray in pageantry so she’ll give her all. She will make sure that there will be no stone unturned in her preparation for MU

  12. My loves is back!!! 😍😍😍😻 Sa lahat ng Thai beauty queens, aminin, etong si Paweensuda ang pinakaminahal ng mga Filipino fans. Medyo tie sila ni Chalita pero mas lamang si bebe Fahsai kasi I remember the pinoy fans waited, brought gifts sa hotel lobby niya before tapos to meet her din. Love talaga siya ng mga pinoy kasi super humble and down-to-earth (no pun intended) ni girl. I hope she enjoys her 6 days na vacation sa Philippines. 😘💓

    Tito Norman, sana mag-meet sila ni Cat kasi judge siya ni Fahsai dun sa Miss Hannah’s last year, diba? Ganda ni gurl! Mas fresh pa nga siya dun kay Maria na parang losyang na. Hehe love love lang! 😄😍💛🧡❤️

    • @ Mang Kanor : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      I think some credit is due to all the pageant fora admins and pageant bloggers (Mr. Tinio, included) who created BUZZ early on in MU-Thai 2017. In fact, I think I recall Thomas among a handful who voiced reservations on local pageant aficionados gushing over Tae (and earlier, Indog) competitors, that perhaps out of some sense of nationalism we should support only OUR OWN. But were we not also glad that some Latin pageant pages gushed over Catriona Gray as early as MW 2016?

      Namtan Chaling Chalita Suansane had not the benefit of that early buzz (prior to landing on our shores); we probably only noticed her as she made her way through the Preliminaries, and finally when she grabbed Fans’ Choice and advanced into the First Cut (with an obviously disappointed Mariam Habach in front!) at MU 2016. We were too focused at the time on 4M’s “b2b burden”, Hawa Kamara (remember her? Even Mr. Tinio featured her here as she resorted to crowdfunding), and of course “El Tocuyo”.

      As for Paweensuda”s “let’s see”, I humbly suggest she DOWNGRADE, NOT upgrade. And for that, I am referring to ending “war and violence”. Yes! Go to our dear-sweet Angkol. He will like you.

      • No, sissie! Chalita was making noise sa pinoy forums wayyyy before she landed in the Philippines. I remember many pinoys commenting, after her win ha, na they wouldn’t mind if siya winner other than Maxine. Yun lang. 😘

      • i think the real things that made the difference were the overall aura and appeal. I mean Im sure both girls are wonderful and kind in real life. It’s just that, Chalita has this aloof, almost “suplada” vibes in her looks, whereas Paweensuda has the more “humble” look na you feel you can be friends with her agad agad and she’s more relatable, plus the fact that she speaks english well so mas madali makipagconnect sa kanya compared kay Chaling

      • I beg to disagree! Chalita was already a force to reckon even before she landed in the Manila. Her perfomance in the MUT was flawless. I disagree with your comment sister.

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