13 comments on “The Return of Paweensuda Drouin

  1. an absolute beauty
    with charm and grace

    just a little bit unlucky that coronation night

  2. Djusko hindi pa pala tapos ang pageant na ito. Ano pa ba activities nila? Baka naman laspag na ang mga Mr Hannah cum finals night…hihihihihihi

  3. Bet ko yung proportion ng head to body ratio ni Fahsai. Parang same sila ni Catriona ng bone structure and yung face na parang doll. After ng body transformation ni Cat, mala Fahsai yung outcome niya. Wish ko lang hindi na nagpa-enhance ng breast si meow, or sana after few months mag-reduce pa sa size. Eto kasi talaga yung supermodel body, normal/natural size ng bust, waist and hips, tapos legs for days! Ganda lang! Ganiyan yung wish na body and size ng face ng mga aspiring supermodels.

  4. Suphaporn Ritthipruek, the one who came between Poonlertlarp and Paweensuda-Drouin, is ALSO worth a second glance, imho. Hope the MU-Thailand organization also finds a way to bring her to Filipens. Not a few Pignoys expressed ADMIRATION for this CLASSIC Thai doll during MU-Thai 2017.

    • Gaga natural si Maria pointingpekpek ang bet ng lahat that time.pero mas maganda pa pala tong si Fahsai, sa body face. Actually mas maayos pa nga communication skills neto kasi graduate siya sa Canada, yung Maria sa Sweden ata kaya di masyado bihasa. Nagkataon lang na binigyan ng complicated at di masyadong connect na tanong sa Miss Earth si Fahsai. Si Maria boba, easy na ng tanong, ginawa pang I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way ang ginawa! Lol!

      • @ Fabian Reyes : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        I was referring to Suphaporn. I have no (serious) concerns with either Poonlertlarp or Drouin. I supported both when they competed at Universe and Earth, respectively. I just feel the 1st RU was somehow “wasted”… Anyway, YES, I believe the two ladies may have faltered at their turns at the Question Round. But we need no go further than to the “Lemonada” herself for a CLASS lesson in grace-under-awkwardness-uncertainty at the recently-concluded BBP 2018. Thanks to her candid honesty bordering on placid self-effacement, most of us are now egging her to give it a second go.

      • Fabian Reyes , I beg to disagree.
        I think Maria was given a very difficult question . What is a Social movement? Even Americans will have a problem with that question

  5. @1800 Filipino time which means @1855….it at latest 1930….🤭🤫😬🤗😝😜🤪🤣

  6. wow naman Hannah’s, ginagastusan talaga hihi… malaki cguro ang prize jan sa kontes nila. well, goodluck Hannah’s and welcome back Pawee!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. This girl should join Miss Universe Thailand. she was my bet during the ME 2017. but she failed sa Q&A. She should train more on sa part na yun… Mas bet ko siya kesa kay mareeya.

    • I believe she was one of Mareeya’s Runners-up, and was appointed as Miss Thailand-Earth. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) Since she’s already titleholder, she is most likely prohibited from joining Miss Thailand again.

      • yes, Fasai is Mareeya’s 2nd runner up. Nakakatawa lang kasi iniskip nila yung 1st RU sa pagconsider kung sino iaappoint nila for ME-Thailand. Their org knows Fasai is worth more than a 2nd ru position and hanggang ngayon di ko talaga gets kung bakit yung lang nakuha nya nung finals nila

      • awww i see. hindi ko knows.. sorry. so hindi na siya pwede sumali? huhu wala lang. i find her facially stronger than mareeya. mas malakas presence niya. she can speak well din. oh well..

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