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  1. I think Bianca looked better after her reign. I actually like her and I met her in Makati when i was visiting the Philippines in 2012. She was nice enough to post for a pic with me. She was waiting for Matsunaga. Stop bashing here..She looks great on the pic above.

    • same here. mas prefer ko ang itsura niya ngayon compared to when she competed sa MU.

    • Agree.

      She looked better after her reign. But that statement is saying a lot. It can mean that she was “not so pretty” during her reign so that any improvement over the years (read: she is now average looking) meant “she looked better”. Lol. It is not exactly saying she is beautiful now.

      I am sure she’s a nice girl. What get’s my goat is the trying hard, drawing attention attire and heavy make-up in that photo. It looked so cheap. And so not suitable for her age. She must be in her mid 30s now, right? I really thought it was Azenith Briones. Lol. No offence to Azenith.

      Well I guess if you were a clapper many years ago, one should find ways to steal some thunder from real winners in any photo op.

      World Peace.

  2. I can see the 4th MU in these photos, can you ? Charming girls all in a row 🙂 💫💛💜💚👑💄👡👠

    • You mean 67th Miss universe? 4th Miss Universe is Hillevi Rombin of Sweden back in 1955. And I totally agree the 67th Miss universe is on these photos. 😍😍😍

  3. Ang nangyari ei na crown na ang 3 kaya masasabi na angat na sila… pero kung nag kataon sabay sila na 4 this year sa isang comptetion… Angat si Catriona…

      • I don’t think u can qualify it as pagyayabang .
        How does it benefit Luis personally?
        But u r right . It’s too early to make such comments . Let’s wait until Cat gets it before saying anything.

    • While im vocal in saying that Cat outshines the three MUs in their group pics during this event, I think it’s a little bit too much to say that Cat will triumph over the other three had it been the case na sabay sabay sila nagcompete in one edition. I mean in terms of finals night performance alone, Pia is still waaay ahead of everyone else, not to mention that her batch is still considered the most competitive batch ever by many people. Additionally, the 3 MUs were in their peak fighting forms on each of their own finals nights, eh ngayon syempre super laid back na sila kasi di na sila nagcocompete. So i think it’s unfair for them na i-compare natin sila kay Cat ngayon who is clearly ready sumabak anytime ganapin ang finals and still continuously improving to reach her max fighting form

    • As Pia said before on an interview. of course once you won the title, you don’t have to be on the “competing mode” make up, dress, can be relax. While Cat is still trying to prove herself that she’s worthy for the crown. one bad photo can haunt Cat, til the competition starts.

  4. Ang chaka talaga ng buhok ni Bianca! Mygahdd!! Dami ko tawa at di ako makaget-over sa thought na parang buhok lang ni Dora na hinugot sa scalp ang bangs. Kalowka😂😂😂😂! Seryoso talaga! Pakibasbasan nga ng holy water si Cat at pausukan ng insenso ng mawala ang kiniskis na malas ni Dora. Please lang! Nakakabother lang talaga at worried ako mga beshie!! 😄

  5. Oh my my my Cat… Ikaw na naman pinakamaganda at pinakamatangkad dito. May panalo na 🙂

    Oh no Bianca Manalo bakit ka sumasali dyan. Grrrrr hahaha At saan blouse mo? Nakalimutan mo sa kotse?

  6. Nagpost din si Liu Sierra ng meme about Cat. Hahaha. Nanggagalaiti tuloy mga Pinoy haters. lol

  7. Bianca Manalo standing next to Catriona is like a bad omen folks. Bianca was the last of the Bb Pilipinas Universe titlists to come out of the dark ages — until Venus Raj came along and broke that awful curse. Now, suddenly like a returning dark storm cloud wearing a bad outfit, Bianca reappears like she’s some bad witch from a fairytale that party-crashed these festivities, as if to cast a dark spell on our Princess Catriona. SAY NO TO THE DARK AGES.

    • Lol. That’s so funny Casper.

      I was thinking who the hell was that aging, matronly, socialite wearing a slutty outfit (young for her age) having the gall to pose with the four Ms. Universe winners (yes, four. Lol). Azenith Briones , statue? Lol.

      I know she underwent a traumatic experience lately. But she really milked that issue dry and we all had to discover na…ahhhh..”girlfriend pala sya ni Mayor”

      World Peace.

      • Seems like she has a different BF every year, the new one always seems to be higher up the food chain than the one previous. Poor Fabio…. however, the mayor was such a catch she just couldn’t resist, so greener pastures await over the horizons for our queen (of opportunity) and been-verified dark-age damsel.

        Right… So next year I guess she’ll be gunning for a governor… (right Rachel?)

      • Bianca is like one of these wooly mammoths who should’ve stayed frozen under the glacier, but for some reason got unfrozen, then somehow got past security and got onstage with these 4 MU lovelies at The Cove…

    • Testing lang po ng isa sa aking multiple personalities/fake profiles…

      ALAM NIYO NAMAN KUNG GAANO KAKAPAL NG MUKHA KO… kahit babuyin ko na ang blog na to.


  8. OKAY na sana eh! Bakit nakasingit yung Bianca? Bad luck yang bilat na yan, malakas ang power lalo na kakagaling sa trahedya with Mayor after ng semana santa. Paki basbasan po ng cleansing holy water at pausukan si Cat ng mawala ang malas na dulot nung Bianca. Kthx!

  9. Naku naku naku shoeses ko ang chachaka kasing chaka ng mga trying hard na vaklush dito

  10. JAWSkuh😄
    Akala ko kung sinong vaklah na tinubuan ng suso ang nagpupumilit idikit o isingit ang sarili sa mga Fresh MU at c Bianca M Fala jijiji 🤗
    Good job BM at mukhang Di busy kay mayor ngayon hijiji cherette😁

    • @ bong700 : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Buklung tinubuan ng susu. Hahahahaa…!!! 🙂 Parang def ng “veneers” – “teeth that grew a face”.

  11. Nanlalamon ang ganda, ‘nyeta! Hindi nanaman maihi sa pagka-insekurada ang mga kapit-bansa.

    Pero anyare sa outfit ni Bianca Manalo? Mukhang napaparami yata ang kain nya lately?

  12. Official proclamation na lang ang kulang ni Queen Cat 🙂

  13. super react ang mga latinos…masyado raw pinapamukhang may nanalo na for MU 2018….pero di nila madeny ang fact na maganda tlga si Cat

    • Nakow baka nakipagplastikan yang si Lola Jonas kay Catriona… Buti andyan si Lemonada para barricade…hihihihi

  14. well… well… well… i’m sure the rest of the world will have their say on these photos.. but no denying… catriona looked like she belongs in this exclusive IMG clique… they can say all they want, but this photo looks very prophetic! 🙂

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