16 comments on “Grit + Glam

  1. No to Miss Universe this year. Wanda was already fired. Usec na feeling beautiful eh dapat matsugi rin. Don’t mask the problem of the Phil by hosting the Miss Universe again.

  2. the tallest big guy is no other than Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson, the Icelandic actor who plays Gregor “The Mountain’ Clegane in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones.

  3. What if these three beauties are girlfriends of these giant strongmen, no? I just can’t imagine. Lels.

    Anyway, I think MUO is doing okay with the staging of Miss Universe this year. That is regardless of the fact that Philippines may win the coveted crown through Catriona Gray. I am pretty pretty sure that Catriona will receive the loudest cheers surpassing Maxine’s on the coronation night, and will snatch the crown.

    Balik tayo sa strongest men. How do their wives, if any, or sex partners do kaya? Hihihi!

    That’s all!

      • @MrManila I understand that these type of men are not endowed, but literally they are heaviest on bed. Kaloka! Hahahaha!

        That’s all.

      • Ana I beg to disagree , check my entry below.
        On the other hand , their balls may be small because taking steroids could shrink their testicles.. still the shrunk ones may be bigger than those of the much shorter men.

      • Fabbie, I have a first hand experience, eh, hence my statement. Kaloka. Hahaha!

      • Ana, one does not make all
        In my line of work , I have seen literally thousands from all sorts of racial background.
        So I k now hihihi

    • Ana I beg to disagree
      The truth is , the size of their thing may be small relative to their size . But next to a much shorter guy , theirs is still bigger .

  4. Ay! Ay! Ay! Ang Sherep Nemen Neng Mge Stengest Men! Pereng Geste Ke Bemekeke Et Megpekentet Sekenele. Kesehede Neng Mebehe Eng Kepel, Fer Sher Wesek Pekpek Ke Sekenele. Ehehehehe! Cmen! Streng Men! Feck My FekFek Ne! Nyem Nyem!

  5. Will they announce thay MU this year is gonna be held in our beautiful Philippines?

  6. So is it true that tomorrow, May 8, DOT and MUO will have a presscon with regards of the PH hosting the pageant again? I heard that the government wants the swimsuit competition to be held in Boracay. What do you guys think?

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