8 comments on “Catriona Gray for Preview Magazine

  1. she really slays those photos and you can sense and feel the dedication, hunger and passion. she’s in it to win it. I just hope that they people around her that includes us and of course those who have more control of the situation to tone her schedule a bit for endorsements, interviews and others. This is to give her time to work on other areas. For her to have a rest to prepare and dispose her for the pageant. I remembered pia knowing that her body needs work wowed us come competition. We know cat also needs to work on that aspect. If others are giving time to practice com skills in her case, she might need dedicate time on the physical/body aspect to make really irresistible and ready for battle. 🙂

  2. Go Cat!!! Galingan mo … and do enjoy … <3<3<3 andto ang sambayanang Pilipino para sayo! Aja!

  3. Slowly making some noise as she gears up for MU2018 ! Regardless where it’s going to be held, Cat will be among the front runners in this year’s edition. If and when she wins, barring unforeseen circumstances, I wouldn’t doubt it and deserving, she will be 🙂 🙂 🙂

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