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  1. Well hinde masama kung mag judge sila sa barangay pageants. Its an honor to be invited and seat as one of the judges. No small and big pageants from a real queens. For the serenading the candidates. Ok lang naman kung si xander. Malay nyo naman maipakita nya ang tunay na pag serenade sa mga kandidata. Diba daniel? Lels.

  2. XANDER FORD? Groundbreaking. HAHAHAHAHA

    anyway, do you have any chika or chuchu if Alita is planning to join BBP soon? or MWP perhaps?

    • Nad Bronce (or was it Mama Ruffa yata, basta isa sa kanilang dalawa) posted a pic of Angelica Alita seated beside Leren Bautista during A&Q’s mock pageant earlier this year. The caption in that photo confirmed that both ladies will join BBP 2019. Pahabol Apriel Smith also confirmed that she will join again next year

      • i hope so too. I super love her and she’s been my MUP bet in the editions that she joined. As much as i hate to admit tho, i feel like Maine’s highest placement if ever she joins again si MI na. For some reason I can’t see her in line with what IMG is looking for (perhaps about comm skills). And im also getting a Sancler Frantz vibes in her na (palaban at fighting form pa rin pero hindi na fresh). If ever she joins again for the last time i hope magawan nila ng paraan to revive her freshness and of course the comm skills din sana mas mag improve pa

        Also, these aren’t confirmed, more on my gut-feel lang:
        1. With Katarina hinting on joining MWP, feel ko sa BBP na rin nila isasalang si Samantha Lo. Tho marami nang crowns at stake sa MWP, mej strategy ng A&Q is to field a single very very strong girl (for the top crown) tapos some other girls na not as strong as their flagbearer (2012-2016). Last year lang naiba kasi bagong org so nangangapa pa sila. Pero this year feel ko balik sila dun sa pagfocus on one main girl. Sam was very vocal that she wants to join specifically MWP, but i feel A&Q would capitalize more on Katja’s momentum in pageantry. So either BBP19 or MWP na si Sam Lo feel ko
        2. I also feel cinoconvince ng A&Q si Sirene Sutton to train with them for BBP next year

  3. Tito Norman took it literally .. in your face!
    It’s barangay level , so what ?
    It’s my blog .
    Shove it up your a—!

    Catriona and Angelita were trapped.
    The barangay captain invited them and they could not say no fearing backlash from fans
    I hope they are getting paid to do it . After all, they are ‘celebrities’.

      • That said, I hope Aya joins this pageant next year.

        My multiple personalities/fake profiles and I will support Aya all the way if she does… [Ang pa-advance ko, ha Tita?]


      • hihihihi fake 4M tama na. Aya is one and done giralaloo. Hindi talaga sa pageantry ang calling nya…

    • 4m, how many x did Cat mention Albay during her MW and BP stints?
      If this has not penetrated anyone’s consciousness, I don’t know what will.

      Btw, I have realized this is no ordinary barangay pageant .. with Bragais at the helm .
      Still , all praises to Cat and Alita for taking on this job .

      • Thanks for clarifying, Fabbie. At dahil baka may residency requirement para sa pageant na `to – I set up an online petition for Aya to move to Albay, so she can join this beauty pageant next year.

        My multiple personalities/fake profiles and I will support Aya all the way if she does… [Ang pa-advance ko, ha Tita? Kailangan ko uling bumale. Hihihihihi.]


      • Fabbie, Catriona always had Albay as her “hometown.. Check out the introduction videos. Also her MW introduction was shot in Albay too.

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