12 comments on “The Queens at the PLDT Smart Converge Store

  1. Jehza has great body proportion.
    But something has to be done with her face .. to make it more pleasant . Her face reminds me of Marciar Balagtas and not in a good way .
    The smile does not jibe with her nose. Paging Ibe ? Please help her with the nose make up.

  2. Pasensya na po, nagmamadali kc ako kanina kaya yong damit ng lola ko na pangsimba nya ang sinuot kasi wala na akong time magplantsa. Di na rin ako napag ayos ng buhok kc di ko makita mga hair pins ko kinuha yata ni junjun yong baby brother ko ang hilig kc nyang kumuha ng mga gamit ko.pati make up kit ko

  3. Cat.- I dont like the distracting print… but I guess its part of her strategy.

    Athisa- I like the minimalism… but she really needs to tone her cheeks… I know there is this mouth spring that she could use to exercise her mouth and burn those fats… or else Radio Frequency… if all else fails… have that beucal fat removed manualy.

    Karen- i love the hairstyle, I love the long dress,… minimal yet modern… she could
    Have brought a better bag that matched her shoes. But her pretty face saved her from her crime of fashion.

    Jheza- l like it.. safe and minimal w/c is perfect for the occasion.

    Eva- uhmmm no… she should have matched it with white not black… and this is the perfect time to wear her chunky heels or something cute like mary jane stilletos… or wear a dress that is more modern & cosmopolitan..

    Michele- I love Michele… love the colors.. the minimalism… simple yet perfect for the occasion… and she is getting leaner and pageant ready.

  4. dapat magpalit na ng stylist si eva. sa kanilang 6, mukha siyang manang, must be because of her “balot na balot” outfit. just look at the other girls, very fresh and relaxed tingnan..

    • Stylist niya si chakang Oli Sara. You know that baklang mukhang lord of the rings creature?

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