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  1. No chance of winning because a clapper and a mega retokadang masama ugali trained her.

  2. Bad karma ang mangyayari sa kanya, kasi ugaling Magi noodles – na may surgery sa puson at Bea-engrata – na walang respeto sa ama.

  3. eto bang babaitang to ang nagbody shame kay Catriona? eh
    me mga nakikita kong bilbil at body fats sa kanya.. siguro naman nakikita nyo
    din yun.

    well well well.. trained naman to ni maggie wilson at bea santiago sa personality development
    kaya go na go to sa Q&A…

    for me, shes too short and masyado malalaki ang ngipin.

    • @ lancevince : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      She did not “body shame” Catriona Gray. The statement (that Catriona was not deserving of the Swimwear award) came NOT from her, but from Wilson-Consunji and Santiago. Naipit lang siya kasi bilang personal friend nu’ng dalawa, nag-agree siya.

      Was there ACTUAL “body shaming” of Catriona? All I heard was that they felt another candidate – the one who represented Palawan – was more deserving and had the physique worthy of the citation.

      • thanks for the claridfication pero meron ako nakitang interview niya na
        paalis sya where she was asked about this swimsuit issue. napakayabang
        ng sagot. well well well.. look at her body.. madami baby fats.. in all places..

        ang legs at pata.. my god.. pwede sa andoks at baliwag..

        tsaka wala sya masyadong fans.. pansin ko lang.. kokonti mga likes nya
        sa posts sa instagram.. nega kasi personality nya di
        tulad nina senoron at wynwyn na approachable..

        well.. goodluck sa kanya.. bring the camel home.. hahaha..

      • hahahaha @lancevince, bka ride the camel going home ang bet? hahahaha…

      • @ Andrew.. regarding your statement on BODY Shaming, i checked the whole issue on the net and this is my assessment.

        Definition of BODY SHAMING – the action or practice of humiliating someone by mocking OR making critical comments about their body shape or size.

        When bea and maggie talked about the winner in best in swimsuit as what they wrote in their posts and making hahaha comments same with thomalla but erasing immediately, it is already an act of humiliating someone.. and by saying that another one deserves it, it precludes their criticality on the winner thus a lot of people said its body shaming. So i do believe it happened.

        For cynthia, she was fortunate enough to erase it immediately and no one was able to screenshot that convo as per my research. But during her interview before flying to Egypt, she confirmed that they were just in a group discussion that time and she just affirmed some comments. Lucky talaga sya kasi walang evidence only hearsay and commenters saying.

        Anyway, when she was in Miss World Philippines, she was very beautiful but how come ang pangit ng transformation nya. As in, literally lumabas pagkapandak nya sa mga wardrobe at styling nya and nawala freshness sa mukha nya. She was initially in my mind for BBP in the future pero on what I am seeing, she will end up a CLAPPER if ever she joins..

        Sana lang magustuhan ng mga Egyptians at Middle Easterners itsura nya ngaun para maging saving grace na lang nya for her pageantry journey..

        Bring the camel home.. hahahaha.. ay crown pala..

  4. bakit parang nag iiba na look niya. LOL ang ganda niya nung MWP finals. tapos ung first day niya, ang ganda niya dun.. yung naka Mark Bumgarner siya. Oh well. hit – miss ang looks niya.

    tatak kf talaga.. joanna eden v2.0 ang swimsuit. kaloka

    • Same thought! Nagpadagdag ba ng laman sa face? Ang ganda ganda niya nung mwp.

  5. D-i rin naman pala kagandahan katawan nya, e. Kung maka lait grupo nila.. Pati cut ng bikini, off.. Her look/styling has changed and not in a good way..i won’t be surprised if she doesn’t bring home to crown.. And I’m no longer looking forward to her bbp cross-over..

    • Cynthia’s torso from the chest all the way down to the hips looks body and straight, save for a notch on either side, just above her pelvis. Odd-looking. Match this with her short stubby legs, which she tries to overly compensate for by her tacky platform heels. Lakas ng loob maka-lait, eh wala namang K magmalaki.

      But who knows, with her sash factor, maybe she’ll still win. There’s only 50+ participants, after all.

  6. Is she wearing the tacky Maggie Wilson collection swimwear? I think it is the same cut (bottom piece) worn by Joanna Eden during Miss Supranational. That should be burned.

  7. Body-5
    Intellect- no idea

    But I still like her. Good luck Thomalia. Bring home the crown 🙂

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