15 comments on “Sneak Peek: Mutya ng Pilipinas on its 50th Year

  1. I hope they change the crowns to make them more proportionate with the winners’ heads. lol

  2. There they were! The OTHER criteria in consideration, so that it would be “more than brains” :


    Hhhhmmmm…. Now I wonder if these will be subtitles in their own right.

    • So the following titles up for grab will be as follows: Mutya ng Pilipinad GLamour, Mutya ng Pilipinas Brilliance, Mutya ng Pilipinas Fierceness Mutya ng Pilipinas Motion Mutya ng Pilipinas Insperation 2 runners ups yon ba yon Andrew?

      • @ Fabian Reyes : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Not sure who you are exactly, but YEAH! Why not? Then, bahala na ang org mag-assign who goes to which competition.

  3. Sayang ang potentials ng Mutya sa totoo lang hihi. Just like MEP, it’s a good training ground though for BBP.

  4. Ilene devera is looking great…I can sense that she’s BBP bound in 2-3 years

  5. Go #AyaMazing, Go!

    My multiple personalities/fake profiles and I will support you all the way!

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