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  1. Catriona is like Chat Silayan and Lalaine Bennett… parehong 3rd r.u.. Wag naman po sanang 3rd r.u. lang abutin ni Cat… higher please!

    Ahtisa Manalo… parang kombinasyon nina Evelina Papantoniou (especially her walk) and Raquel Pélissier (especially ung boses and accent nya)

    Eva is Karla Paula Henry 2.0

    and Michelle Gumabao is like Diana Zubiri.

  2. Mga Seswang, swollen parin ang mukha ni Ahtisa. Anyare? Facial scultping? Or wisdom tooth daw?

    • Naku naku shoeses ko po, sa video na yan daw na insecure si Catriona kay Michelle dahil daw sa sinabi nung interviewer na para ng lumaban si Michelle dahil sa ganda ng sagot. Naku shoes ko po sabi ng nagsabi sa akin nag pagkatapos daw ng interview na ayan bigla daw di kinikibo ni Catriona si Michelle hahahahha naku shoeses ko na may heels.

  3. Evil (you know who you are because you exert so much effort creating negativity) is validated pag pinapansin niyo.

    So huwag niyo ng patulan. Don’t be baited. Don’t go down their level.

    I take this person’s name and claim it for Good.

    Blessed be!

  4. Basta ako angnpinakanindot sa tanan dire. Way mukontra kay ako dyud tsupaon!

    • Catriona looks like a Disney princess. She would make a great Mulan in a live-action film! 😍

      • FUN FACT: Catriona has a background in Taekwondo/Martial Arts, can sing and act. Trifecta for a Mulan role?

      • Mulan is petite and brown skinned. Catriona is too tall and western looking. Sleeping beauty would be great, she will be malficent!

      • Please. Let a Chinese actress be Mulan. Not some beauty pageant contestant who’s an “empath” and “torch.” It’s so fake. Get over with your delusions, faggot. Maybe you want to have Catriona be truned into a saint? Ridiculous.

      • Your comment proves that you’ve never been outside the Philippines. You don’t even know how to differentiate the facial features of two different ethnicities. In the “west,” particularly in the U.S. and Europe (and even Latin America), Cat’s lovely upward, chinky-round eyes, and gorgeous cheekbones are considered as distinct “asian facial features.” In live-action films, above-average to tall actors are favored because they would translate better in motion in a huge cinema screen than the petite ones.

        Your lack of knowledge about the topic you’re arguing about, the fact the your username is a petty, immature insult to Catriona’s name, and your use of deragatory words, show that everything you say has no credibility, is irrelevant. You are irrelevant.

        p.s. my reply is not for you… you don’t deserve any attention. My reply’s purpose is to reaffirm everyone, who might be reading this, that you are nothing but a hater who fumes with anger and jealousy whenever somebody compliments Cat. Don’t be bitter, darling, be better! 😉😘💕

  5. Fatriona the FAGGOT of Sodom is once again spewing hate all over the forum. This deplorable scum likes it in the arse by the way.

    • Make fun of me all you want, you’ll end up in hell anyway. Man of Sodom.

      • You willl definitely go there first Fatriona Grey Faggot of Sodom because you like it in the arse.

      • I’ll have the last laugh, man of Sodom. I’m alr3ady annointed by His Grace. You can no longer change that. Farewell and burn in hell.

    • You were never saved Fatriona Grey Faggot of Sodom – because your heart is filled with hate and hypocrisy. Don’t claim something you never had, you scum who likes it in the arse.

  6. Catriona is just a hyped candidate. She’s just a pretty face because of her Australian genes. She will drown against a sea of beautiful women come this MU. Her looks is not at par with the ones being sent from South America, Europe and even Africa. Her body is not to die for. She needs surgical operations to correcr her flaws. Let’s be honest here, she’s not perfect. And even if she works hard for the competition, she will not reach what Pia did 3 years ago.

    The most appaling thing of all is that she allows her fans to bash other candidates. She doesn’t stop them. She’s the only candidate, so far, who has this cult status. She enjoys the attention and sympathy. Very unbecoming for a queen. She should be a role model, not a catalyst for conflict.

    I still believe that she is not deserving of her title. I may sound alone here, but we are many. I’m just brave enough to voice out my opinion. I don’t care if you hate me. Catriona is not everything. Mark my words, she will not win MU 2018.

    Burn in hell faggots. Bring Catriona with you.

    • Catriona, or any beauty queen for that matter, cannot control whatever her fans will do. Just like you. You are a fan of someone. And yet, that someone whom you idolize cannot control whatever you will do or say.

    • Fatriona Grey the FAT Faggot of Sodom is on his sorry ass death spiral rant again! Sad😷😆

    • She can’t control but she can reprimand. Oh wait, she likes all of these. Catriona is a spawn of the devil. Bringing conflict wherever she goes.

    • tlga many kayo? asan ang iba? don’t speak in their behalf kc bka mag isa k lang nman tlgang ganyan

  7. I don’t need to research what I know about my faith because I uphold the teachings of my religion wholeheartedly. It is being said in the bible that God created male and female only. Homosexuals are spawns of the devil and must be put punished. Just like the people of Sodom of Gomorrah, you gay guys must be purged because you are multiplying at an alarming rate. That displeases God. Burn in hell faggots!

    • Did it occur to you that by saying these things, you are also insulting the owner of this blog? Have some respect. We get it, you do not like some people or even hate them. But please do not treat them as if you are far superior. The Bible also said, do not judge. Only God has that authority.

      • I am in authority because He gave me the authority to condemn sinful people like you. And you will burn in hell.

      • You wish you were in authority. If you were leading with authority, you would have brought all the Catholics to hell. You’re a racist, obnoxious demon!

        You are an abomination to the Catholic denomination. Eat shit scum bag!

  8. Ayun naman pala si acheng Fatriona satanista lumabas din ang totoo. Inggit lang ang bakla kay queen Catriona ayaw niya lang aminin. Meron siyang bet na ibang queen basta ayaw niya lang na si pusa lagi ang pinaguusapan. Huli ka baklang pangit! At meron ka pang sodom at gomora nalalaman ha. Talagang nag google ka pang palaka ka. You are a pathetic loser.

  9. It’s great that each girl brings something totally different to the table and that if one made a switch, the chances of success would still be the same. Like any of the girls can be Globe and Supra. MGI obviously is reserved for the well-spoken one and MI is for that girl with the ‘sweetest face’, though it’s not something the Japanese would completely swallow, hook, line and sinker all the time.

    But Universe has been raised to such a standard that no other girl would just do- she has to be undeniable the best.

    And that is Cat. The end.

  10. Yung mga inggitera at gustong pabagsakin c Momma N ay nagbubunyi ngayon kc plano talaga nilang guluhin at babuyin ang norman’s blog Divahhhh mga trolls😠
    Gusto kasi nilang mawala c Momma N kc umaani na ng tagumpay at sikat na c Momma N national man and going international na Divahhhh😄
    Gusto kasi nilang lumipat ang followers ni Momma N sa kanilang kabaklaan din na blog Divahhhh😄
    Sino vah ang naiinvite sa TV at ivang kabaklaan show Divahhhh c Momma N😄hihihi
    Parang mainstream media lang yan na gustong pabagsakin si Mocha at ivang social media blogs kc threatened sila at affected na ang under the table business nila to spread lies and fake news kaya may balak pa yata silang ipagbawal ang Facebook sa Pinas hihihi kc nga money money money changes everything kahit mamatay kamag-anak nila if the price is right😄
    Mga dayukdok sa pera pak pak pak nabasa ang balota hihihi kahit sa pamamalita sa TV at newspaper ay fake at palalabasing tama ang Mali😄
    OMG talaga ang power ng PERA🤗hijiji

  11. An open letter to Norman:

    Dear Norman, I have been a great fan and supporter of your blog for years. I have enjoyed your reporting, all the backstage tidbits, the rumors that only people close to the source can know. You have given your blood, sweat, and tears to keep this site running, while keeping us, your global audience, entertained. You deserve the cornucopia of good fortune that is laid at your doorstep. I wish you all the luck in the world.

    I’ve come to view this site as a classroom where I can interact with interesting people and always walk away learning a thing or two. But now, I find it hard to cut through the garbage. While I believe in freedom of speech, and acknowledge the elevation and derision that come with it, I do not believe in giving platform to abuse, written or otherwise. There’s enough gratuitous nastiness on the web and I don’t need to see more here.

    And so, I just want to thank you for the years of entertainment and information you’ve provided, and to give a warm farewell to you and the fine audience I’ve come to know here. Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.


    • Said with diplomacy and sincerity, Dan Dan.
      I never thought I would see the day when Norman would allow his blog to “jump the shark.”

      If his decision is based on business then good for him. However, it is something I do not understand nor care to endorse.

      Commenters like Fabian, CloserToFame, Philip DelaTorre, Thomas, Laila, Jeremy (the original), Sunkist, Andrew and a host of others brought something either inspiring, comical, informative or a contrary opinion to the table…

      Oh well time moves on and Im outta here too!

      • Inspiring? Informative? comical (maybe) and you are referring to the original Jeremi? wth!

      • Naku naku shoeses ko po.. Oo naman Jeremi na hindi original, mas gusto ko yung original Jeremi kesa sayo. At least yun kahit palaging kontra ang opinyon nya sa nakakarami never nag-mura yun at pinipili nya ang words nya. At pansin ko rin sa taong yun ang mga sagot nya ay naka-depende sa kausap nyang bakla dito.

        Shoeses ko po kung galit ka sa taong yung bakit giinagaya mo ang pangalan nya. Inggit ka siguro dun no naku naku naku shoes ko po talaga na may heels. Inggitera ka lang no hahahahahahaha,

        Pero nasan na kaya yung original Jeremi na yun. Parang mula nung may nagnakaw sa profile pic nya at ginamit ang parehong pangalan parang nag baboo na sya sa Norman Blog.

    • You’re the 3rd person I know who bid farewell gracefully to this blog after Jorsel and Scorg. Kudos. Let Fabian and her minions reign in what is becoming to be a trashy blog.

    • I guess it’s time to move on and find another site where there is inspiring exchanges. Years ago I found this site and loved the banter. It’s gone now and so am I…

      • This site used to be my morning go to habit. Enjoying the Blog while having coffee, reading various comments that are funny and yet intellectual in nature with very few thrashy comments on the side. I havent visited this site for a while now——until today because the comment sections is such an eyesore with multiple fake accounts, downright offensive and obnoxious comments, I end up feeling heavy hearted after, from all these overflowing negativity. I wish you the best Tito Norman but just like the others here, guess it is time to move on indeed. Peace out ❤️

  12. Fatriona,

    Is your anger against Catriona and her fans or your bet Michelle Gumabao being awarded BbP Globe, which is technically the lowest in the pecking order among the six titles awarded?

    I am one who feels she deserves a shot at MU-MW-MI, but it is what it is.

    You are not helping Michelle’s cause by your unbridled jealousy against Catriona Gray and her fans.

    Let it go, child!

  13. I could really feel a Maria Poonlertlarp vibe on Catriona. Maria was also a hyped up candidate, with a pretty face but no perfect body. Many thought that she had it in the bag because aside from her looks, she is also a good speaker. She made a big mess during the Q and A portion and eventually became a clapper. That’s what you get from hyping. Let’s learn from what happened to Maria Poonlertlarp. She was hyped up, and she failed to clinch the top plum.

    Catriona may have won BBP with her performance. It’s yet to be seen in the international stage. It’s going to be different in MU. There’s a high a chance that she may become Maria Poonlertlarp 2.0. Overhyped and a loser at the end.

      • Di na kailangan sabihin yan..winner si Pia eh..kabobohan at kababawan!

      • Says one hypocrite blinded by its (not his nor her) bias against Cat. Burn in hell BIGOT!

    • I’m a huge fan of Anne Hathaway’s beauty that’s why I like hers as well. She’ll do great in her upcoming international pageant. I do hope she will join BBP next year. She can be a contender for the MUP title.

      • SMA will never gove the MUP crown to a 5’3” girl. Try niya sumali, Intercon ang highest na makikuha niya.

      • She is pretty but needs to distance herself from the mean girls or she’ll as always be associated with them. They should act like real beauty queens, role models for young girls.

      • Especially if she wants to join BB in the future, good behavior is a must…

  14. I am rooting for Catrtiona and Eva to win MU and MGI respectively!!!!
    Naiimagine ko rin sina Michelle then Ahtisa na magkakorona!!
    Sina Karen at Jehza naman is having a great job din naman kahit not very much my cup of tea!
    I love all the queens kesa last year na sina Nelda at Katarina lang nagustuhan ko na nanalo, but i learned to love Clenci and even Chanel nung nasa abroad na sila competing! However di ako nagkamali, sina Nelda at Katarina ang most successful placement last year. Hopefully tama ako sa expectation kina Cat and Eva

  15. The lady who stood out is Eva. She is such a sweetie. Nawat will surely give the MGI crown this year.

    Meanwhile, Catriona looks plain. Nothing is surprising about her anymore. By Caucasian standards, she’s just a plain Jane. There are times that she looks cross-eyed in some photos. Too bad she’s being hyped by Filipino gay guys.

    • If it’s true then we all should prepare ourselves with the dark era fast approaching. His attention will be diverted towards the foreign trainees. Hopefully just in time, a camp rises just as how A&Q made a good brand reputation on transforming girls of different beauties. We can’t blame Jonas as this is business.

  16. Eva looks so short in the pic..her shoulder is that broad enough to give her a stance of really tall and statuesque..However, her face is really beautiful and her skin is something that someone would want to have.

  17. Mag tigil kayong mga baklang tambay sa sleeping room ng call center!!!!! Lubayan nyo si Catriona.

  18. Why is it that each and every1 of them has something wrong with their outfits?

    Mukhang planado… parang gusto magpabash…

  19. Waitress look lang ang peg ni Catriona. From Muslim princess to waitress.

    • Jusko, kahit suotan pa yang Catriona na yan ng basahan, maganda pa rin siya! Ni wala sa in-grown niya ang mga namimintas sa kanya. Baka aatakihin kayo sa epilepsy nyo sa kaka bash sa MUP2018.

  20. Walang nag bago sa styling at make up ni Karen while na sobrahan nmn yta sa blush on si athissa pero pretty parin. Si eva ang may pinaka malaking transgormation mas naging blooming sa ngaun and si ate cat nmn mas nagiging fierce yta but still classy. The girls changed tremendously. Their stylists are doing a great job.

    • Miss Tissa, your name is already in Satan’s list. Good luck in hell.

    • Ikaw talaga ang Reyna ng Sodom at Gomora kaya nangunguna ka sa impyerno!

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