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  1. WBA has announced to directors that this year’s competition will be in Poland on December 7th so she will be a traveling candidate. As for now she is the one to beat. Good luck!

  2. A Top 3 finish for the LOVELY lass from Dabaw! Go, Ms. Huealr, “above and beyond’! (Supra)

  3. A pleasant Thursday Sir Norman and to fellow readers of your blog. For me, it’s better to see my fellow kababayan the Davaoena Jehza Mae Huelar (of Mandug, Davao City and an Ateneo de Davao University alumna) to compete Miss Supranational in foreign shores. It’s better to see her competing against equally beautiful ladies around the world in a foreign nation. She has what it takes to be a beauty queen and it’s a very big bonus if she become the 2nd Filipina to win the prestigious title (keeping my fingers crossed) after her three long years of joining Binibining Pilipinas and finally (as I expected, including you Sir Norman and others believed in her) won Bb.Pilipinas-Supranational 2018. 🙂

  4. I really don’t find her beauty to be consistent. There are times that it’s a hit. Sometimes, it’s a miss. This girl really needs to find that styling that would suit her features. Good luck to her though.

  5. I prefer Supranational to be in Poland. Many of the ladies seem to have a blast experiencing Eastern Europe for the first time. I also like the feel of an Eastern European production. There is an air of elegance and sophistication in comparison to its counterpart MGI which is OTT and maarte.

    I also wonder what will happen with Mr. Supranational that used to be held concurrently with Ms. Supranational. Last year’s version was a joke with maybe only 5 guys who qualify as legitimately hot enough to be vying for Mister anything.

  6. If this move comes to fruition, MU, MI, MGI and now MS will all be held in Asia. That is quite amazing.

  7. As per CEO gustong gusto talaga nya na d2 sa pinas gawin ang MS. Jehza will possibly land at least in the top 5 even how stromg she will be or be a winner. But if failed and bid. Siguro same faith kay channel. kung hinde kaya ihost this year. I hope makipagnegotiate ang possible sponsors ng maayos sa MS to bid it in 2019 at dapat sure na yon. So in that way para safe pa din si jehza to win the crown in other country or at least top 5. Jehza would be happy win or lose since mairerepresent na nya finally ang PH. But I think and i feel that she can make it with her own merits. She is not tall as channel but this girl is upgrade pa din naman. Mas queenly kumilos kesa kay rogelie. Joanna and channel. And facially upgrade or same level pero theres something on her na good na wala sa past reps natin. But well see. I hope hinde ito pabayaan ni jonas. Feel ko talaga eh basta basta nalang ang ginawa nila kay channel. parangbata Si channel that night pero in a good matured manner pero ewan May something wrong or kulang or mali lalo na sa styling and gown. But anyway! i agree to our blogger. Travel nalang dapat si jehza.

    • “As per” is such an overused phrase by the typical “pasosyal” filipinos.

  8. Miss supranational will be hosted by the Philippines? I dont think so! Who would fond the project? are the private sectors interested to sponsor? Will the government spare some dime? Who would sponsor the official resedence of the candidate, shangrila? Movenpick? Waterfront? Are they assured of the ROI? Will the clamour be the same with miss universe? Is the reigning that beautiful enough to charm the filipino fans just like dayanara torres before? Lastly, is it practical to crown miss philippines in her own turf even if she’s deserving?

  9. If we consider the fact na MS crowned 4 Asians almost consecutively (2013 2014 2016 2017, nagpahinga lang kay Paraguay in 2015), mejo nakakakaba nga ang chances ni Jehza na manalo and we can easily say na 1st RU at best lang. Pero looking at Miss International na known to crown 6 Latinas (Spain included) from 2006 to 2011, mukhang may pag asa pa rin naman si Jehza. Altho being a host delegate would seriously take a toll on her chances to win

    • oh by the way isingit ko na lang dito (mej OT) kasi nanotice ko lang while looking at the MI winners. Miss International crowned Mexico in 2007 and 2009 and Poland in 1991 and 1993. Both instances 1 year lang ang gap between the wins. So sa mga nagsasabi na baka magaya si Ahtisa kay Diana Croce (hindi nanalo in 2017 kasi kakapanalo lang ni Edymar in 2015), ayan may iba pa tayong point of comparison. So kahit papano may chance naman na manalo si Ahtisa. Hihi okay back to Jehza na ulit

      • Para kang gago, International is not Supranational. Icompare ba naman ang two different pageants with two different owners.

      • You sound like the type of faggot who believes in pamahiins superstitions

      • Ano bang pinagsasabi ng bobong unurthodox na to? Miss supra ang thread na to ginawang miss international. Istupido!

    • India is technically in Asia, but that is not how the Europeans view it.

    • chillax guys, ang point ko lang is hindi naman imposibleng magcrown consecutively ng ladies from the same continent sa isang international pageant. Im not spesifically comparing MI and MS coz aware ako sa differences nila. Ang point ko lang is in a general sense pwedeng mangyari yun.

      gosh mga tao dito halos lahat puro warfreak na. Nagbigay lang ako ng opinion at konting research akala mo naman inaatake ko na sila personally. And honestly, by calling me “baboy” or “estupido” may napala ba kayo? nainvalidate ba ng mga words na yan yung opinion ko? Ad Hominem peepz

      • Expect the low class comment from Fabian; each and every time! Sanayan lang, unorthodox.

      • @Anonymous well hindi ko lang inexpect. Way back kasi I see Fabian’s comments as may sense and meaningful. I dont know what happened to him

  10. May point naman na pwedeng hindi pa rin koronahan ang Pinas sa Supra since kakapanalo lang ni Mutya nung 2013.. BUT.. remember, India? 2014 and 2016? nag skip lang ng 1 year di ba nanalo uli? so malay naman natin.

    In terms of the location. I want to see Jehza travel na lang. para naman mas sulit siya at walang bias if ever man.

  11. I still don’t get it how Jenny won last year and Chanel not placing in the top 5!!

    • Missosology. Pawee Ventosa, who has a strong connection to supra org, is connected to Mister and Miss Korea Org. Gusto nila makisawsaw sa sochi olympics pero didn’t work. They thought korea would generate them more followings and earnings pero fail lang. boba sa business si pawee ventosa kaya even after so many years ng misso, living day by day parin si bakla. Mahilig gumastos sa mga boylets.

  12. If MUTYA DATUL will be competing this year, she would still be the winner of Miss Supranational 2018 pageant!
    Mutya is PHENOMENAL!!!!
    anywhere it would be held!!
    anywhere the outgoing titleholder came from!
    any circumstances is not an excuse for Mutya!!!
    She is in the league of her own!!!

    • hihihihi
      di pako tapos kainis yung keypad ko!!!
      As for JEHZA’s chances, well well well di ako fan ni Jehza pero after manalo ni Jenny Kim last year, nawalan ako ng tiwala sa Miss Supra Pageant! I smell luto after those brilliant choices from previous years!!! So ang verdict ko? May pag asa kahit sino manalo ng Supra Crown!!!! Just because of Jenny Kim which I believe the WORST PAGEANT WINNER OF ALL TIME together with Ikumi Yushimatsu

  13. The location of the pageant will not determine whether a candidate will going to win or not. Let us wait and see what will be the talented and statuesque 5′ 5″ Miss Huelar will be her strategy to win and how she is going convince the board of judges that she is worthy to win the crown.

    • Statuesque……5’5….really???? Don’t get me wrong but that’s not statuesque at all. She’s pretty and I’m glad she got a crown finally, but you are using the wrong word to describe her 🤗🤗🤗🤗

      • Ver dapat b petite ginamit instead of statuesque? By the way can anyone tell what’s the meani g of statuesque? I don’t even know how to pronounce it. Ano ba sa tagalog yan, istatwa?

      • OA mo “Andrew” ano real name ko bakla? For sure virgilio or jhong yan. Chakang bakla ka eh

      • To Andrew…. it means attractively tall, striking, or Regal. She is definitely striking but no where near being tall if she’s only 5’5 plus her elevator shoes that she wears.

  14. Well, well, well😄
    May tama ka Momma N😄
    Top 5 or 1stRU or Winner ang peg ng Queen Jehza natin this year since the negotiations is ongoing to host MS 2018 or much better next year or 2020 😄
    It will be a grandiose festive Opening number of MS Finals in Cebu because all the festival in the visayas(sinulog, atiatihan, mascara, etc. will join to celebrate and showcase the tourism industry focusing the fun side of the Philippines featuring the yearly celebrated festivals in the visayas region😄🤗☺
    The dancers from the provincial jail will be featured also with the candidates in the audience plus Queen Jehza as the star dancer of the show Divahhh Bongga, maganda to ifeature as one of the activities done basta fun fun fun lang ang concept ng show😄
    The visayas white sand beaches + mindanao islands will be shown also during Swimsuit Competition by continents😄
    The historical sites will be featured during EG competition Divahhhh ang saya lang😄hihiji

      • Miss GAGA, mag-isip ka rin ng concept mo kung may utak ka😄jijiji
        O baka naman nabasa na rin ang utak mo at kahit isang litra na nakasulat ay Waley na at napunta na lahat kay aling boboLeni jijiji😄

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