53 comments on “The Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Queens for the 11th World Autism Awareness Day

  1. I’m really curious why Eva and Ahtisa was not included in this interview?

    Is it because of their family’s political affiliations?

  2. In this group shot… Michelle Gumabao looks gorgeous. Jehza is too skinny (and those horrid earrings). Ahtisa looks totally out of place.

    • I agree. Michelle really looks so gorgeous in the pictures above. She must be feeling relieved now that the nationals is over. No more pressure in her part, for now.

  3. Dialogue is good, but the bulk of postings here lately have been gutter talk. It’s getting harder and harder to sift through genuine comments, which is what I initially appreciated from this site. Peace and good luck to all.

    • I can relate Dandan 😦 It’s been frustrating and annoying to say the least.
      Sir Norman should start filtering comments before they get posted – pretty please ?

      • Laila aka Jen aka Ana Winter aka 4M. Baguhin mo naman ang style mo. Halata ka masyadong baboy ramo ka. Hahahahahaa!! 😂😂😂

      • Laila aka Jen aka Ana Winter aka 4M. Baguhin mo naman ang style mo. Halata ka masyadong baboy ramo ka. Lakas ng apog mo makatawag ng multiple personality eh ikaw din naman putak ng putak sa multiple accounts mong ugok ka! Hahahahahaa!! Pag nasakat at napahiya sa isang account, gagamit ng ibang account ang obese na baboy. Malay ba namin baka napuno lang ng mantika ang utak baboy mo at ikaw lang pala ang gumagawa ng gulo ditong baboy na mukhang daga ka. 😂😂😂

      • same sentiments, Jen. but.. traffic pa rin kasi yan. so parang business as usual. LOL

    • There are just a few of them here but they have multiple personalities. Indeed it is a pity to read their gutter-speak. It is pretty obvious they don’t have lots of costumers in their respective parlors that they spend so much time writing inanities here. We have to forgive or ignore them to keep our sanities intact.

      • Reyna – I know there’s just a few of them but the comments being posted here are way getting out of hand. This blog’s credibility is being maligned by these few people. Yes, it creates traffic and boost this blog’s popularity but is this something that we should just tolerate ? Oh well…. 😦

    • Well, it seems that this site is already infested with Catriona Gray’s minions. You get bashed for saying something that’s not in favor of their idol, even if it’s constructive criticism or pointing out what’s obvious. Catriona is not everything. I will repeat it again, her failure will be brought by her supporters who are rude and who feels entitled. I just find it funny that she knows how to handle criticisms well, but her followers don’t even replicate the action of their idol.

      • Says the bitch who likes to play victim. Your name alone is already bashing. Pathetic.

      • What do you have to gain by putting Catriona down all the time? Do you receive personal satisfaction by stating she has I’ll not win? Why would you already claim that when the pageant hasn’t even begun? You are not psychic? You are not perfect. The fact that you think Cat won’t do well is proof as to why other nations laugh at us. You are the Epitome of Filipino crab mentality.

        You use God to justify your victimisation and quite frankly, you hide behind your faith to purge misery into a community that adores someone who inspires the community. You are like the people who ordered Jesus to die because they didn’t beleieve.

        You may not like Catriona and we all know that not everyone will. Just respect the girl who is making an attempt at fulfilling her dreams. Doesn’t mean you have to love her. Just respect everyone else’s opinion without being in crude.

        If you gain personal satisfaction out of putting Cat down, then you need to see a doctor because that is not a normal person’s way if thinking. Religious or not, follow the golden rule.

      • if that’s the case call out the fans and not Cat…she has no control over their passion as fans. Nag susugar coat kp eh obvious nman na si Cat ang ayaw mo not d fans. You’re maligning Cat. You discriminate her. Pati yung lahi nya issue sayo. The fans are just defending her from people like you

  4. Mahirap gamutin ang taong may sakit na “walang taste” o “bad taste” lalo na kung di nya alam na meron sya nito.

    • 4m, there u are again
      Using someone else’s name .
      It makes this blog very confusing especially for those who visit this site frequently

      • Wehhhh fabian??? Este sylvia??? Di nga??? Ikaw lang yan talking to yourself nadadamay ka pa…… hihihihi

      • 4m u used to be nice
        Everyone has called u out for creating tons of fake accounts
        I didn’t believe it ..until now

      • Si Laila yan. Inip sa call center work ang cheapanggang baboy kaya hobby ang mambuwisit ni Lailang obese na baboy. Nabisto sa IP address ang gaga. Kalat na sa fb yang kagagahan.

    • So you mean, if you don’t like Catriona Gray you already uave bad taste? Oh, please! Spare us from that fanaticism over your idol. You can’t please everyone. She’s not a total package and her fans (that includes you) are rude and does not handle criticisms well.

  5. I haven’t seen Vickie with the reigning queens lately in their post-Binibini activities ? Any updates on her ? Kudos to the queens for being part of this World Autism Awareness day 🙂

    • OA na masyado and overused ang word na “kudos” Laila aka Ana winter aka 4M, nagsuot lang ng pink, “kudos”, tumambling lang ng 2 times,”kudos” na agad, lumunok ng bato ng balot, “kudos”na naman. Cheapangga na masyado ang word kapag cheapanggang pinoy baboy like you ang gumagamit. Kasuka lang. lolz.

  6. Vickie should have attended this event, sya yung maypersonal connection sa Autism, since her brother is a special child #AllTeaAllShade

    • I was actually expecting her to be present sa event na to. baka di invited ang runners up? or baka naman naka bakasyon na. rest rest din ganon. haha

  7. Loving the minimal/natural looks! Vickie needs to find a way to look tall. Her height really shows in the the group photo.

  8. Anyare sa face ni Ahtisa? Maga? Nabusog ba sa Holy Week? Cherettt hihihihi

  9. Michelle is very likable.

    Pero sa pic na ito, malalaman mo dahilan kung bakit Globe lang nakuha nya. Facially superior sa kanya ang mga katabi nya.

    • Yes, she is very likeable. I just love the way her bubbly personality brightens the room. Her words are so genuine and she’s just being herself. No pretentions, whatsoever. She would have been a great representative to MU, but I know she will be a front runner in Miss Globe. I just have a good feeling about her.

    • In as much as I like Michelle, she had no chance against Catriona. Hello 4M.

      • She may not triumphed over Catriona during the nationals. Let’s see what will happen in their respective contests. I’ve got the feeling that Michelle will be successful. Cat, on the other hand, might have a different fate, considering her weaknesses. She won’t stand a chance against the Latinas and the Europeans. She may pull a surprise come Miss Universe. And it won’t be a nice one.

      • 4M, Catriona will make the final cut of Miss Universe 2018. And Michelle will do well in Vietnam.

      • Agree Johnny. I think she would have done well in other pageants too but facially, her beauty isn’t as striking as others. But she has everything else to compensate for her weakness and I know she will work extra hard to make her standout.

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