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  1. hiyang-hiya naman ako sa isang tao dyan na nagsabing mukhang trashcan daw si Catriona. Kawawa ka naman baka ikaw nga dyan mukang dump site.

  2. VAVAVOOM!!!! Hot na hot. Go Cat… have fun ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Tito Norms matagal niyo na po ako silent follower pero ngayon lang po ako ule nag lakas ng loob mag comment. Naaawa ako kay Ate Laila na hindi naman active dito pinag pyepyestahan nyo. Nung nag bakasyon po ako sa Pinas two months ago tinaon ko po talaga na pageant season. Wala syang kasama nung talent show pero nakita ko si Ate Laila naka pila sa Jollibee. Ang haba ng pila pero nag lakas ako ng loob magpakilala kasi namukaan ko sya na kamukha ni Miss France pati buhok na mahaba. Ako mismo magsasabi na ang bait bait nya. Kahit mag tanong ako ng mga insider na chismis na alam ko naman hindi nya masasagot at baka bawal maayos niyang ineexplain sakin. Napaka diplomatic po niya kahit tanungin ko siya tungkol sa isyu nila Mariel, Mama J at Aces and Queens. Ngayon po na balik UAE na ako nakaka usap ko pa rin sya. May sense of humor po si Ate Lai, hindi lang po pag papageant alam niya tama po isang commenter dito magaling po sya mag collage at alam ko po ilang taon na niyang hobby yan. Higit po sa lahat malaki ang malasakit nya sa mga hayop na nakikita ko na gumagawa siya ng paraan maka tulong. Siya po ay tunay na fan, maganda talaga sya pag makita nyo sa personal ako mismo na starstruck sa kanya pati po jowa nya na nakita ko sa JAG show gwapo po kahit hindi katangkaran mukang masungit pero kay Ate Lai lang naka tingin kahit ang daming kandidata sa labas.

    Inggit lang po iba dito at walang masabing maganda kahit nga mismong halos walang kapintasang si Catriona ang daming nasasabi sa isang nanahimik na Ate Lai pa. Eto po litrato niya kasama si Rachel alam ko malaki agwat nila pero hindi naman sila nalalayo sa kagandahan.

    More power to you po, sana ibalik niyo po yung healthy discussions sa blog niyo kesa puro atake ng mga tao.

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  4. re: Laila of titas of pageantry
    i usually do not respond to trolls
    because the attention they badly
    seek they do not deserve at all

    but i just wanna share this.
    i had a chance to interact with Laila
    on this very same blog last year
    i found her funny, witty, knowledgeable,
    respectful and super passionate. i am glad
    she branched out successfully with her own blog

    i am just disgusted with the nasty comments about her
    appearance here. she does not deserve this. she is not
    competing in a beauty pageant after all. besides
    she is very self aware and very humorous about her
    approach to this, just check out their avatar…..

    if happen to see this, Laila, i appreciate your work,
    your insight, your wit and mad collage skills 🙂 and
    definitely your passion. keep it up!!!

  5. Grabe si 4M lumelevel up. Fatriona Grey na. Grabeeee. Self-righteous pa. Inunahan si Lord. Sure na sure siya na pasok siya sa banga. Hehehe

  6. Walang gamot sa taong may sakit na “walang taste” o “bad taste”, lalo na kung di nya alam na meron sya nito.

  7. I enjoy reading the comments here. Very entertaining to see the shallowness and pettiness of some of the Filipino fans.

  8. Pagpasensyahan nyo na lang yan si Fatriona… di pa nakainom ng gamot nya. Mamaya iinom na yan ng gamot bago matulog…bukas ok na sya… Wag nyo ng patulan ha.

    • Miss Tissa, read the bible. Repent from your sin of homosexuality.

      And Catriona is not everything. Amen.

      • uminom ka na kasi ng gamot mo, sige na… para makatulog ka na… HAYAAN mo pagising mo bukas ok ka na. promise…

      • Why not let Catriona teach her rude fans how to be accepting of criticisms, instead? That would be nicer than letting me drink medications. Don’t you think, Miss Tissa? And that includes you because you overhype a beauty queen so much.

      • Neither are you! You are not everything either. Bigot!

        Who says it’s okay to spread hate?

        Fact is, if she doesn’t win, it’s okay. We silly still be proud of her. As opposed to you. She would have achieved far more than you ever will in life.

        How does it feel, bitch. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • Wow, I don’t comment much. But this Fatriona Grey is really stupid.
      Sorry girl, but you are really inadequate up there.

      You live a very depressing life. I think you are obsessed with bring hate into this blog.

  9. Catriona, you’re beautiful. I just don’t think you’re the right girl to represent us. You’re not a pure Filipina. You’re body isn’t even proportional. You sound Australian, no Filipino accent at all, and you sound rehearsed too. Worst of all, your fans are heavily delusional, rude and feeling entitled. I like you to address those things, especially the last one. I’m no hater, even if I sound like one. But that is what I do, point out what’s obvious, even if others don’t agree with me. I know you won’t be MU 2018, I just hope you could tame your minions when the results don’t favor you. Amen.

    • Maghunos dili ka nga 4M.
      Sasali daw si Aya sa lahat ng beaucon ngayong taon para manahimik ka lang.

      • There’s no problem with that. I find Aya’s beauty very exotic and oriental. Her downfall though is her communication skills. But between her and Cat, I’d rather choose Aya.

      • 4M, mag internaitional model na lang sya. Or join sya Mutya or Aliwan. Di sya pwede sa Ms Earth dahil may no make up challenge at mabigat ang Q&A dun.

      • Fatriona cut it out. Ipadala mo mga Aeta kung pure Pinoy gusto mo. Tse!

    • Hayyy naku di pa rin maka move on ang mga talunan!!! Kahit i-rewind mo pa ang coronation si Cat pa rin ang mananalo at wala ng iba. Tama na yang kakadakdak mo, uminom ka lang ng gamot mo at matulog ka na ha. Bukas baka ok ka na!

      • Funny that you think that way. You guys always associate pointing out what’s obvious to being a sore loser. Oh well, I hope your idol can teach you gay guys how to be more receptive to criticism, and learn to accept that you can’t please everyone. Poor souls.

      • There’s a difference between being receptive to constructive critusism and pure hatred. You are no criticising Catriona to make her journey better. You are down right bashing her.

        Get a fucking grip you unholy woman.

  10. Grabe na mga comments dito….Leila..unlike before nung iilan ilang tayo nag cocoment…tsk tsk

    • Walang moderation yan Veks. Pampa traffic din yan.

      Malamang nga ang iba dyan, sinasadya lang talaga guluhin ang mga posts kay Catriona kasi alam nila na ma trigger ang mga fans. Ka ching ka ching.

  11. Her downfall will be her trashy fans. I’m so excited to see her lose in Miss Universe. I wonder what her fanatics will say that time. The pageant is rigged? Cooked? Whatever, gay guys. Your overhyping is really out of control. My gosh!

    • She may lose however for you to wish someone to lose, shows that you have already lost, and much more. Man, show some respect for yourself. You’re such a pessimist. What makes you think it’s okay to put someone down and not receive backlash. Grow the fuck up. You are juvenile. Your bets didn’t win anything because they didn’t deserve it. Or, if they did win something, they won what they deserve.

      You are probably one of those needy bitches that men leave because you’re such a hater. Lol hahahahahha

      No one likes a Debby downer.

    • Don’t confuse pessimism with reality, Ayesha. It’s no longer a secret that her fans are rude and overhypers. Is it negative to say something obvious? You gay guys are really full of yourselves.

      • First and foremost bitch. I am a woman. Hence the name you dumbass. Secondly, do you even know what pessimism is or even know how to use it in the right context?

        What? Just because we didn’t cheer your bet on the way we do for cat, you’re going to throw a damn hissy fit and bombard us with hate? Who the fuck do you think you are? You are nobody you imbecile.

        We support who we want to support. She was worthy if the crown and she out performed everyone else

        Piss off if you hate us so much. Problem solved. Your hate does not belong in any society so, get lost!

      • The only pessimist I see here, is YOU AND 4M!

        Everyone else on here is happy for Cat.


        DIP SHIT!

      • 4M and I saw something that you overhypers can’t see. You guys are just blinded because you guys thinks, she’s the one. But she isn’t. I can already smell her defeat.

        Ayesha, you are a woman of Satan.

      • Hahahahaha call me whatever you want.

        What you see in Catriona is a reflection of your hatred. Sadist.

        You are stupid. If there is anyone who is a woman of Satan, it’s you!

        You are nothing but foul dog shit waiting to picked up by a cleaner, but no one will pick you up because you will eventually disintegrate and wash away.


      • Juvenile. Always has to have the last word.
        Bitch you are going to hell for spreading hate. There is a difference between providing your constructive opinion and wishing someone harm or illness towards her goal.

        Go to a priest and ask them if that is Holy of you. I’ve studied theology. Your actions are not Catholic at all. You are not a true Christian for putting anyone down and justifying your belief with irrational nationalistic behaviour.

        Go educate yourself, bitch.

      • You, Jeremi, will go to hell. Because you are a child of Satan.

        Your idol will lose.

      • Thanks Jeremi.
        This bitch thinks she is Holy but she isn’t.


        She uses God to justify her actions. She isn’t religious. She is sacrilegious. Lol

      • We all know that there is the losibikity of Cat losing. We have HOPE. God teaches us to have hope. You need it.

        However you have already demonstrated that you have already lost. You are a lost cause. You need to pray. Pray for forgiveness and maybe God will enlighten you or show you to the direct path on how to be an ethical Christian.


      • Gays and sinners! You are a disgrace to God’s eyes. You are vermins and must be purged to hell!

      • You are Pontius Pilot, ordering people to death!
        You are EVIL!! EVIL! EVIL!!!!!!

      • Rude? I’m a fan of Cat but do I sound rude to you, bitch? Lol

        And judging by the frequency of your comments here I can tell your full-time job. Get a life, you miserable creature!

    • Bakit ganyan ang ugali nyo? Crab mentality.. ‘Tho bet q rin si Aya na makasungkit sana ng crown(but not Universe), di ganon ka internationally appealing and marketable (shes already 26 at di naman din ganun kaboom ang modelling career nya, di ba?) and talaga namang namana nya rin ang labnaw at tila me liquefactive necrosis brain cells interview skills nina Desiree at Mafae, dun na ako nagdoubt na ligwak sya sa winning circle that night. Di aq mhilig mgcomment. Just fun reads lng, pero parang kayo ang di mga tunay na Pinoy sa asal nyo mag-pull down sa mga official candidates na natin!!! Let Us encourage our reps Catriona et al na lang sana to ace their respective pageants na lng because yun na ang reality, they are the chosen ones Na to represent the Philippines this year at hindi ang mga kaampalayahang wishful thinking nyo pa rin pinapasok nyo at pananalanging matalo sila! Hindi makaDiyos na ugali yan kapatid! Hindi po ako nakikipag away ha. Tamang supporter lang lagi ng lahat ng Miss Philippines natin! I mean LAHAT….kahit hindi ko bet manalo nung nationals.

  12. It would have been better if she represented Australia instead of the Philippines. Yes, she’s beautiful but her looks don’t even look Asian. Sorry, but I just don’t find her worthy of the Philippine sash. Complete package? Not even close.

    • For fucks sake you dumb cunt! You are not worthy of even addressing Catriona or let alone be affiliated with the Philippine flag you disgraceful scum bag.

      Next time, no one asked for your opinion and neither did SMA. Cat has the crown, so deal with it you baboon!

      • Jeremi, just accept the fact that not everyone patronizes your idol the way you fanatics do. Your idol seems to be okay with it, why can’t you guys follow her example?

      • Why don’t you just shut the fuck up and mov along onto something worth bitching about. Patronizies??? Please go use the word in the correct co text you fuck tard. The word you are looking for is adoration. We adore her because we are inspired by her.

        If you don’t like her, then fuck off. The shit you write is obliquely negative. You putting gay people down making yourself sound as if you are above everyone conveys how little your credibility is. I’m not gay myself, however gay people are humans and regardless of their sexuality, they deserve respect.

        You on the other hand, don’t. Your colonialist perception will be your downfall in your personal and professional life.


      • Wow. Just for a mere beauty contestant, you say those words? Is that what you learn from “adoring” someone? Very interesting.

        I stand by my belief that gay guys are a curse to this world. Sodomists must burn in hell!

      • Yeah that’s right. You putting people down who you don’t even personally know is just as bad as me swearing at you. Possibly even worse.

        Alright you over glorified, self righteous biatch. If there is anyone who is going to hell, are people who wish other humans to go to hell, you. You are not God. Stop acting as if you are above everyone else because you aren’t.

        Lol please read the bible and learn to interpret the words of the lord with humility. Actually, you claim to be religious, whats Jesus’ second commandment after the most important???

        Dont use God as a reason to justify your hatred, people like you, psychotic, should go to hell.


      • I am a true follower of God. And it is my duty as a devout follower of Christ to castigate those who are defying the words of God, that includes gay men.

        Not everyone likes Catriona. And you gay guys just have to deal with it. She’s not a pure Filipina to begin with. She sounds rehearsed. Her body is out of proportion. And that’s obvious.

      • Shut the fuck up and take your extremist behaviour onto the Catholic website where someone might pray for you and exorcist your sorry ass. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

        No one fucking cares.

        If God were here, he would probably tell you to shuttup as well. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

      • If there is anything out of proportion it is your brain. You are delusional.

        We get that you don’t like her. STOP SPREADING HATE and go somewhere else where your opinions may be appreciated. Emphasis on MAYBE. LOL

      • You can’t deny the fact that not all agrees that Catriona deserves her spot now.

    • On the first photo we can see an Australian woman (on the left) who competed as Miss Australia in MU 2010. On her right is another woman whose looks and features seem very Asian. I wonder who that girl on the right is.
      On the second photo we see another woman, this time a Japanese, who did not even look Japanese upon her crowning during Miss Universe Japan 2015. She reached Top 10 at MU
      Finally, on the last photo we can see a Russian-born, Russian-looking woman who won MU 2005 as Miss Canada. Beside her is a Western looking woman we all know as Miss Universe Thailand 2017 and reached Top 5 last year.
      MU1962 represented Argentina despite NOT having Argentinian blood at all (she’s half Italian, half Irish)
      Oh and by the way Gabriela Isler is Swiss-German, 100% European, 0% Venezuelan

      What did we learn? MUO does not f-ing care at all kung anong breed mo. Basta ikaw ang total package at pasok sa banga, yun na!

  13. Aww seeing that swimsuit pic makes me want to see Cat in a Moana-inspired/pacific-islander-ish photoshoot. Feel ko super bagay sa kanya!!! Gandang babae talaga jusko walang tapon!

  14. Sure ba kayo na nagrerest yan??? Hihihihi mukhang pinapagod ni clint 24/7 holy week na holy week sexcapade ang peg cherettttttt hihihihihi im referring to Bianca Manalo and her sugar daddy mayor budz. Hihihihi ayon tumaob ang bangka sa kalandian………. cheretttt leng po,,,,,, hihihiih happy easter monday……

  15. I hope the Gray Cat got the chance to walk the Panglao beach on a moon-lit night (as were the last few nights). The sand seems to GLOW softly. Pure MAGIC!

    • Quit it with your gray cat gray cat chorba….. im sure Cat doesn’t like being called like so….. hihihi

      I watched one of her livestreams and she thinks it’s weird when people call her “gray cat”

    • And will that secure her the MU 2018 crown? I don’t think so. You people should stop these delusions. It’s getting annoying already. Buy a Barbie doll instead, and apply your hopes on it.

      • Fatriona Grey, if you don’t like Catriona Gray then GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE you pessimistic degenerate. Your opinions are unwarranted. She has the fucking crown, deal with it you dick head.

      • This is a free nation, Jeremi. I am entitled to say whatever is on my mind. Your idol is not worthy. Overhyped. I’m so excited to see her fail in the next edition of Miss Universe. Deal with it as well.


      • Be careful with your profanity, sinner. That is a one way ticket to hell.

        And yes, Cat is not deserving.

      • You Fatriona are the one who’s already annoying. You are always using God’s name in vain. Do you think God is pleased with what you’re doing trying to bring a good girl down? If you do then sorry teh, I think you need to see a psychiatrist already. If not then you may also see the devil.

  16. a well deserved rest. she’s looking fresh! kaloka, wala na nga (or halos wala nang make up) yung sa unang photo, ganda pa rin.

    With her swimsuit photo. ang sexy niya. in fairness. di na ako mag cocomment kasi i know she’ll work hard to have the MU ready body. so dedma. let us give them a break na lang.

  17. Cat looks amazingly gorgeous sans or with just minimal make up ! Enjoy what’s left of your vacation and hope to read and see more of you in the days to come 🙂

  18. Hey there again. The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here.

    Ako kaya, kailan magkakaroon ng EXTENDED BREAK SA KAPANGITAN KO?!?!?!?!?

    Kahit one second lang please!!!

    That’s all. Bye!

  19. You deserve such a relaxing break, Our Queen. We know naman that you are not making pabaya on your duties and responsibilities, especially on your preparations for the upcoming Miss Universe competition. We can’t wait for your va-va-voom transformation.

    By the way, Tito Norms, do you have any insider info about the boat incident in Antique involving Bianca Manalo? I read some news about that, but is there much juicier item linking her to the local mayor in Antique (tsismosa lang ang peg)? During long weekend, I was hoping that I would bump off with some other beauty queens in Sta. Ana, Cagayan beach that I went to. Pero wala akong nakita.

    That’s all!

      • I dunno what’s going on with Bianca’s (love) life after John Prats. When she joined showbiz, it seems she has messed (or enjoyed) with her love life. I have high regard to her ate Kate Manalo, and I wish she would follow her ate’s life.

      • Last time I saw an ig post or photo ata was sila pa ni Fabio. sabi ko pa nga swerte naman ni Bianca. inggit ako. CHAROT. oh well.. to each his own. kung san sila masaya.. hehehe

    • Si Laila nga yan bakla! Halata masyado kasi feelingera na magaling sa fashion kuno. Google is her bestfriend lang naman. Walang taste at budget in real life naman kaya hanggang print print lang ng pictures ng mga expensive dress. Feelingera masyado. Baboy pa at mukhang inire sa imburnal ng pokpokitang nanay. Huhu! Ta ta!

      • Hay ang harsh!! Hihihihi di naman ganon ka-chaka si ate Laila. Grabe ka gmw!!! Hihihihi bodyshaming ka naman…….

      • Im not bodyshaming dear. Sinasabe ko lang ang truth ha mukha siyang dambuhalang trashcan. Walang shape ang katawan pabilog at diretso mukhang troso. Chaka pa ng ngipin. Siya dapat ang magpaveneers. I remember todo lait sa mga kf girls yang “Ana Winter “ namesung niya. Kesyo chaka daw ngipin and shoes. As if ang ganda ng baboy na laila. Feeling fashion icon, nakapajama lang naman nung coronation. Ahahhahha. Mukhang isang malaking trashbag si baboy na laila.

      • Akala ko nga dati ikaw si laila din or yung “maxxuniverse” account kasi sila ang nagpasimula ng #4M last 2017. Echusera yung mga baboy na yon. Ni Hindi nga afford ang sosyal na chips, kaya cracklings at chichacorn ang nilalantakan ng baboy. Favorite niya daw yon kaya ang chaka ng skin… eeeewwwwie

      • You 4M and GMW — you must be flattered that I shall waste my time to you both (unless you are one and do have split personality) by replying to your non-sense speculations. It seems that you are new to this blog. When I say new, you 4M is not the old 4M I would love to exchange wits, ‘no? I have been in this blog since three years ago, and I am not like you who have pseudonyms and psedo-whatever. I noticed that with your comments in Tito Norm’s posts, this Blog has become infested by bakya and dirty people like you. If you both have nothing to do in this Blog, I suggest you ANNIHILATE YOURSELVES.

        That’s all!

      • Huli ka balbon. Not only you are laila, but you are also the orig chakang 4M, or si MaxxUniverse nga. All I can say to you is, baboy ka Laila. Pasosyal, wala naman pera. So typical squater girl na sa bangketa greenhills bumibili ng counterfeit items. Eeeewww. Panget mo, nakita ko yung IG mo. Chaka ng teeth and face. Mukha kang katulong. Pweh! Hihihihihi

      • Bilis kumagat sa bitag ng baboy na daga. You look like an obese sewage rat last coronation, pandak at obese mo pala. Huli si taba! Hihihihihi laila aka ana winter aka 4m aka biik na baboy.

  20. Pasensiya na po kung parati akong nagmamarunong at umaastang iskwater dito sa blog na to. Sorry rin po sa parati kong pangbu-bully sa mga commenters dito na hindi naga-agree sa opinyon ko. Kunwari po hindi ako gumagamit daw ng mga bakyang salita, pero madami na po akong tinawag na “baklang panget” dito at “iskwater”. Kahit po marami akong FURNITURES (plural yan, ha? tang), wala pa rin po akong karapatang magmalaki. Paumanhin po.


    Wala po kasing pumapansin sa akin in real life. Walang nagmamahal dahil pangit po ako inside and out.


    Dinuduraan at pinagtutulakan lang ang kapangitan ko kapag naglalakad ako sa kalsada, kasi kasuklam-suklam daw ang hilatsa ng pagmumukha ko.


    Masisisi niyo po ba ako kung bakit galit na galit ako sa mundo? 😦

    Panget-na-panget din po ba kayo sa akin?

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