18 comments on “The Miss Globe 2018 in Vietnam?

    • Vietnam was pretty din naman. deserve din niya manalo.

      sana matuloy to. ng mas may update ang pageant na ito compared sa Albania at ng mag level up ang production and activities. you think?

  1. Way to go, Vietnam! Hope the negotiations SEAL THROUGH. MU, ME, MGI, and now (The) Globe.

  2. Bakit kaya pag-aksayahanng BPCI na magpadala nang kinatawan sa patimpalak na ito kung may hocus pocus na nangyayari. Sa tingin ko kahit matalino at maganda ang isang kandidata. at sigurado ko, saan man gaganapin sa Asia ang patimpalak, sigurado ko walang Pilipino na mananalo.

    • Hello daw sabi ng Japan at ni Kylie. Hello din daw sabi ng Indonesia at ni Megan (altho i get where youre coming from kasi Miss Globe pinag uusapan eh)

  3. pinakawalang kwentang pageant, akalain mo yon walang q and a dahil kinapos na sa oras .. Drop the MGlobe Franchise Madam Stella Marquez Araneta for God’s sake or better replace it with Miss United Continents.

    • BET KO TO!!! Since recently din naman umeeffort ang MUC para mag level up. Saka ang cute no may Reina Hispanoamericana sa MWP tapos Miss United Continents naman ang version sa BBP hihihi cutie

  4. Michelle is a stunning beauty! Like many other fans, I wish it were possible for her to compete @MU, MW or MI. Given her being a BbP title holder, a professional athlete and an intelligent speaker, she truly represents the triple B; 1) beauty, 2) brawns and 3) brains!
    She will be a tremendous asset in life and a role model as well long after her pageant days are over.

  5. I don’t think Pinoys will be encouraged to watch it despite Vietnam . They have to make it worth-watching first
    I would rather go to Thailand for MGI or Manila for ME.
    But the only thing that interests me in pageantry is MU . Hopefully , it’s in Vegas again

  6. Michelle Gumabao will succeed in this beauty contest. Pure Filipina looks. Pure beauty and no enhancements whatsoever. Great personality. The embodiment of a modern Filipina.

    Gay guys, repent. Sodomists must burn in hell.

  7. Lahat ba ng major contest sa asia? Miss U and Miss World sa China; Miss International sa Japan.

  8. Hey there! The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here.

    In the spirit of giving, I am announcing that I am giving a way 90 PERCENTS (Plural yan, ha? Para naman ma-educate kayo) OF MY MANY, MANY FURNITURESSSSS (Plural pa rin yan, ha? Kasi ang dami-dami ko talagang pulot na furnitures from the dumpsite near Begun Bari, Bangladesh, the hometown of my Padirdir).



      I will never, ever part with my many, many, MANY FURNITURES, okay?

      That’s all. Bye!

      • of course I will never part with lotsa furnitureS….because its my job to clean furnitureS…along the highways and thoroughfares of Bangladesh! 🙂

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