80 comments on “Easter Sunday Specials: Catriona Gray for The Philippine Star Supreme

  1. Unfortunately sa China yung venue.alam mo na kung Chinese ang gumalaw walang pag asa. Yung ginagawang jewelry eh ilalagay sa biceps nya. At yung National costume nya eh jet ski yung buntot eh si dutertads…….

  2. Catriona is going to be a great representative for the Philippines. I can’t wait for her complete transformation!

  3. Cat will reign supreme as MUP2018 on her way as MU 2018 👄❤👏💫👑… Go Cat for the Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  4. I still believe that the Philippines should never resort to sending half-breeds to international pageants. It goes to show how much Filipinos are insecure of their own skin, and they prefer a foreigner to represent them. It’s a shame that beauties like Michelle Gumabao and Aya Abesamis were put to waste. They have true Filipina looks, no surgical enhancements whatsoever, with great personalities. They are true modern Filipinas, not some white girl tanned to look Asian.

    • that should not be an issue…there is no such thing as pure Filipina…mema lang?

    • 20th century na veks…global na mga breeds ngayon. Ang corny ng gusto mo

    • Fatriona,
      With all due respect was not Venus Raj half breed?
      Her father of Indian decsent?
      How about MJ Lastimosa? She is half Arabic is she not?

      However, like yourself, I would prefer to see more “island-brown-morena” reps at the major Big 3 pageants.

      In the meantime, any rep that wears the Philippine sash deserves our utmost respect and support.

      Have a great day.

      • Dos centavos you must be jonas gayfood…… ikaw lang ang nagsasabe ng big 3 dahil clapper ka sa miss earth.

    • Makabayan kamu, eh bakit ang tatas ng Ingles mo. Dapat ng Filipino ka, pinanindigan mo na rin. Magpakatotoo ka nga! O baka, iba nga naman ang isyu mo, magkatalo ng manok mo. Mukhang matalino ka nga, pero ang kasaysayan ng Pinas ay hindi ko kabisado. Pagkatapos ng Malays, ano sumunod na sumakop sa atin, hanggang sa dumating ang mga hapon at Kano. Imposible p ba sa panahon ngayon ang hindi malahian ang dugong Pinoy. Mabuti pa si Cat hanggang entablado, buong puso nya pinagsisisgawan na Pinoy sya, nakita mo naman ata yong nasa taenga nya.


    • @Fatriona

      FYI, “Filipino” is a nationality and the term was originaly used as a colonial social classification of pure and mixed Spaniards born in the Philippines or a mestizo who has at least one parent who was born in the Philippine islands.

    • Bagong account na naman ni 4M.
      As usual, todo bash na naman kay Cat, at todo papuri kay Aya.

      Veks, pasalihin mo sa lahat ng pageant ngayong taon. Malay mo makasungkit sya ng korona sa Mutya.

    • Eh kasi naman yung purong Pinay eh may pag ka bobita sa pag espluk ng lingwaheng English. Puro pagpapaganda lang kasi ang alam.

    • Darn, 4M and your multiple personalities… Nabisto ka lang, nagwawala ka na dito.

      Tanggal na talaga lahat ng turnilyo sa sintido mo, ano?

    • Make up should enhance your beauty, not the other way around.

      Maghanap naman sana ng mga bagong make up artist ang KF. Para may input ng fresh ideas.

    • Pa lipo niya yung kili kili fats niya pati sa side ng chest area medyo mataba siya don chaka tignan

    • Try, try, try, until you succeed. Malay natin. 😀 😀 😀

    • Pure Filipina. Pure beauty. Glorious creation of God. Miss World Philippines 2018 caliber.

      Gay guys, repent from your sins. Sodomists must be burned in hell.

    • I think BP is the clincher for every Pinay beauty pageant aspirant . Once they are crowned there , it is impossible to convince them to join other pageants . If I were Nelda, I would just go the Aileen Damiles route – marry or have a relationship with someone whose resources are endless … then I would just be sitting pretty as a queen for life.

  5. Hello jeremi hijihi diko nakalimutan yung furnitures pero sino nga ba yung nakipagsabunutan sa yo dahil lang sa furnitureS hijihi 🤗


      • Oh….. angelo reyes is agterall still alive ha ha ha ha welcome back angelo!

    • tagatanggal kasi sya ng alikabok ng mga furnitureS sa kalye…so kalyeish! yuuuckkkk 🙂 char

    • I corrected him way back. There is no such word as “furnitureS “.

      It s always Furniture .

  6. Saw a youtube video and I like the bodies of Miss Poland, France, Vietnam and Venezuela in their swimwear.

  7. I don’t even think any of these are considered “pasabog”. Everybody is excited for Cat and want to feature her. It’s not her or her handlers bringing these photos out. They’re still very much part of the normal media blitz that comes after BBP season, but we just sense more of it because of the high demand for Cat to grace TV shows and magazines. Interestingly enough, it’s actually great that it seems that the other BBP queens are also getting their own separate features and interviews too. Great batch of winners indeed!

    Among Cat’s big reveals would have to be her wardrobe, her evening gown, her proper head shots and promo shots for Miss U’s website, her national costume, her new jewelry piece/accent piece she will be developing with Tessera Jewelry, and of course, her figure and pasarela (I have a feeling she would wow us again with her pasarela and up the ante on her pasarela come prelim and pageant night).

    That said, A&Q’s contribution (if they’re ever still in the picture) should be kept at a minimum, or all you’ll end up seeing is a tanned dried up look of a Miss U Rep that they keep rehashing year after year. With regards to KF: Cat should also just stay as far away from their KF’s “baduy” stylists and their infamous duck walk, and she’ll be fine.


  8. Seems like her team hinde nauubusan ng pasabog. Thats great as long as until MU eh may pasabog pa rin. Basta upgrade sa mga last na pasabog before MU. I think hinde talaga sila nauubusan ng pasabog so halos weekly meron. Alam nila ginagawa nila but i hope so. Kung prefer nila halos araw araw may pasabog. Make sure nila na hinde yung tipo na magsasawa ka. Like what i said dapat upgrade sa last na pasabog. Pero so far ok naman upgrade tapos nakakexcite. Hinde naman nakakasawa. Since may transformation pa tayong hinihintay so kahit araw araw eh may pasabog, kung nakakaumay eh ok lang babawi namn sila sa transformation pang paalis umay. I trust her team.

    • @ Geoff: Grabe naka seven times ka ng pasabog na word, binilang ko talaga hahahaha #pasabog #redundant

  9. while i do agree na it’s Cat’s and her glam team’s decision na magrelease ng pasabog after pasabog this early, i think dapat maghinay hinay sila after some time. Remember ganyan strategy ng shupitbaler natin pasabog lagi so pagdating ng MU season umay na mga tao. Wala nang maexpect na bago kumbaga. Same with some Latin countries ganyan din style nila. So sana may relatively long intervals naman between each pasabog

    • Teh, required ng sponsors, media visits, etc. So hinay2x muna sa pag-reremind.

      • wag mo ako awayin teh magkakampi tayo enebe!!

        eniwei what i meant naman is in the long run. I mean gets ko na syempre busy pa sila since bagong panalo lang and yes sponsors and media visit. Kaya nga sabi ko hinay hinay “after some time” (mga bandang May-July pa ganern). Kumbaga wag sana weekly until the finals may “pasabog”. Saka nakakaaliw kaya yung may pa-mysterious effect sa training di ba para once naglabas ng mga pasilip mas nakakaexcite at nakakabuhay ng dugo. Nacomment ko lang ngayon kasi syempre mejo napag uusapan

    • Walang masama kung magpasabog ng magpasabog.. basta kayang ma sustain… Yang pasabog na mga ginagawa ni Cat ngayon.. normal lang nyang gawain yan dati as model.. hindi lang masyadong kasikatan kaya hindi napapansin… me dynamics din mgaganap sibce matahal pa ang pageant… Baka pag yan nagpakita ng totoong gilas e baka mapa nganga nalang kayo. 🙂

      • God doesn’t hear gay people like you. Maybe the so-called God you have is the devil. You’re the trash, so shut your mouth instead.

      • 4m, give this HolyWeek a break
        I’m sorry you hate yourself so much u don’t think God listens to you .

      • Gay people have no rights in this world. You are getting many by the minute because you are the children of the devil. Your kind is a virus in this world. There are only two genders: male and female. Gay people should not exist in the first place.

      • I am forgiven because I am not gay. You, on the otherhand, is doomed to hell forever.

      • Fat, i can smell u from a million miles away.
        U r gonna be miserable for the rest of your life .. for lack of self-acceptance
        U sound so dark … stay strong … there is help available

      • Fabian, God’s design for natural sexual relationships is part of His plan. Homosexuality falsifies what God designed. Sin often means not only rejecting God but denying or rejecting how and why we are made. Though it may be considered acceptable by some today — even in some churches — it is not acceptable to God. And we need to take that seriously.

        I know you are gay, and it’s time for you to change your ways. I can already smell your soul burning.

      • Self-righteousness will not bring one to heaven. See you there, FG.

      • Dear Fatriona, nobody cares about your opinion, belief or whatever. What are you doing here like a lost soul? This isn’t the place for you dear. Lol

      • You gays will be thrown in hell! That’s for sure. Sodomists!

  10. Is Andrew the ‘sosyal’ version of Angelo/Angela Reyes?
    I have been so confused since it came out that 4m’s using multiple possibly hundreds of usernames .

    • @ Fabian Reyes : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      Hello, UP-mayte! No, I am neither “sosyal” nor Angelo/Angela Reyes. I am also a victim of identity theft (correct term?). I know you know the difference between the copy and the genuine article. 🙂

      Now, in relation to this Post..

      Paulina Vega asked a random guy on the street just outside Planet Hollywood Hotel back in 2015, “what can women learn from men”? To which guy said, “I don’t know if women have anything to learn from men. It’s usually the other way around”.

      I will attempt an answer, even though I am gay : The ART of the long-distance spit! Also, stone-skipping on a rough sea, and aiming the urine stream to within a six-inch radius. There! ‘Bye.

  11. If MU was to be held in China , would the Chinese counterpart be okay to an early am show? While the Philippines quietly assented, Russia did not in 2013 paving the way for the lowest ever rating for MU in the US.
    I hope MU 2018 happens in Vegas . I will not fly for 18-24h just to watch MU live.

    • Happy Ester Bong.

      Yung tipong, sa comment section ka na lang magbabasa kasi mas malaman ang pinag uusapan. Cheret.

    • Hey there! The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here.

      Money changes everything. I have no money. That’s why I will never change, and will always be The Real Jeremi Baklang UBOD NG PANGET.

      At hindi ako naniniwala sa Holy Week na yan, kasi kampon ako ng kadiliman at kapangitan… PANOT PA!

      That’s all! Bye!

  12. Aye naku, live for the moment na lang. Enjoy the process. If she wants to pasavogue now, fine by me!

    I’m still waiting for our pasabogs from some of our past queens… “abanang” daw eh losing my patience na.

  13. Hey there! The Real Jeremi Baklang Ubod Ng Panget here!

    Just a word of warning (from someone who owns a lot of FURNITURES!!! Plural yan, ha?): Humanda kayo, dahil magbabalik pa rin ako para magkalat ng katangahan at kapangitan ko sa blog na ito!

    Hiling ko lang… PANSININ NIYO NAMAN AKO PLEASE! Kasi, dito, kahit minsan man lang, feeling ko… IMPORTANTE AKO!


    That’s all. Bye!

    • Eeeeeww yuck!
      Nandyan na naman yung psychotic na nagnakaw ng pic ko at ginamit para mag create ng ibang account. How sad and pathetic! Pakamatay ka na lang kaya para matapos na yang desperado mong buhay. Inom ka ng muriatic acid.

      • And… as predicted…


        Very predictable iskwaterish “hunk of junk” gay panget!



        That’s all! Bye!

    • Hija walang plural na furnitures. Furniture is a collective noun so sets or pieces of furniture kung marami.

    • Ito Fala yun mga vecklah hihihi😊
      JawsKuh, napaisip ako na bilang isang Beauty Queen of Cheretteness ay wala akong karapatang manghusga sa ibang tao or just simply being Kind and Humble at all times Divahhhh hihihi 😄

      • Kaya pala hindi siya present last coronation, busy siya sa kama with mayor,,,,,, hihihihi

        Nako po,,,,,,, tiyak tina,,,,,,, na yan,,,,,, tina

        Moran……….. ni mayor…… hihihi cherettt lengs…….

      • 4M, money changes everything parang ikaw din na pinakain lang ng isaw sa kalye ay nagayuma na hihihi cherette 🤗

  14. The classic MU beauty, the faces who win the MU crown… Catriona is worth 2 MU points and if she wins MU, we will have 5 MU points instead of 4, enough to tie Puerto Rico’s five titles … HAHA

    • Zuleyka is so ugly and her reign was so short that hers is only worth half a point, so Catriona can have Puerto Rico surpassed by Pinas .. HAHA

  15. Maximum props to Catriona. An MU just waiting to happen. As a fan, the anticipation for her to compete at MU is unbearable. Lol
    Curious as to whether or not powerhouse Venezuela is able to send a representative. It will be unfortunate if they do not.

  16. Catriona, ganda ka?!? Magtira ka naman for Miss Universe. Pasabog after pasabog after pasabog. Can’t wait ano pang mga pasabog mo for Miss Universe

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