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  1. Isn’t she the first and last Pinay who trained in Venezuela? And after her success, Venezuela stopped training Pinay?

    I wonder how she became a homophobe even though she was surrounded by gays during her pageant days. Something just snapped?

  2. Hindi natin masisisi si ateng Miriam, bakla ang unang napangasawa and she felt betrayed, so ano magagawa nyo?

  3. Base sa mga comments ditey, hindi pa rin napapatawad ng mga bekis si Miriam Quiambao.

  4. Nothing is inspiring about Miriam. She’s disgusting, delusional and a homophobe.

  5. I like MQ and will always do. I’m gay but I’m not hurt by what she said. She has the right to express her beliefs and opinion and I have the discretion to believe it or not, to let it affect me or not.

    I have a sisters, brothers and friends who don’t share my ideas, views and beliefs on sooo maaaany things but we all love and like one another just the same.

    • But it is being hateful! Yes, she’s allowed to hide behind it under the guise of “religious freedom”. The problem is that there are people who have to suffer and have discriminated because of her beliefs.

      • Couldnt agree more. Bigotry wrapped in religion is still bigotry. The moment those religious homophobes start spewing bible verses, I reply sana lahat ng restrictions ng leviticus at exodus finafollow mo din, otherwise ur just cherry picking.

  6. very ordinary beauty….. kung walang make up chaka… pareho sila ni iza calzado, super gandara sa tv…. sa personal waley….

  7. Sometimes those with the loudest voices are those who cannot hear. It’s always surprising to me that those who preach their religion the loudest are those who seem to misunderstand the teachings of their Master, their God. If one takes the time to actually read their teachings in their original text, without the basterdization that translation can do, they would more than likely find a teacher who asked that the word be spread through love, through compassion, through understanding and through humility without being subservient. What the teachers also seem to have in common is that they would speak and people, who were attracted to their words, would gather and listen. Rarely, if ever, would the Master, the Teacher condemn. If one paid enough attention, they would notice that even the Masters evolved and changed. The God of the Old Testament is not the same God that is in the New Testament. And I would imagine that the God of today has evolved and changed even more so than the God that was in the New Testament.

    Religion and politics are two subjects that can cause a very heated discussion. Heated discussion in politics is understandable, for the most part. However, in my mind, it is a little off putting when you hear someone speak of their religion of love but include exclusion and damnation as a part of their beliefs. To me, it sounds like words that were added by a human, a mortal if you will, than words of a Master of Peace, a Master of Enlightenment. Sometimes the mind just has to have a say instead of listening to Spirit and the message from its heart.

    Everyone has a right to their religious beliefs or lack/rejection of it. Shouting, finger pointing and condemnation is not what I’m attracted to or inspired by. Others may be, but it’s not for me. For my taste, my inspiration, I try to not listen to the noise but search for and listen to the silence of Spirit and the wisdom that comes from that silence.

  8. Contrast Miriam to Mpule Kwelagobe’s trajectory after winning Miss Universe 1999:

    1. Following her reign as Miss Universe, she became the first Miss Universe to enter an Ivy League university following her reign.[citation needed]
    Goodwill ambassador

    2. Appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations, focusing on youth and HIV/AIDS. Among others, she has addressed the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the Least Developed Countries conference, the World Youth Summit and the United States Congress (the United States House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Financial Services). Kwelagobe testified on the socioeconomic impact of AIDS in Africa and proposed a bill to set up a World Bank AIDS prevention trust fund

    3. In 2001:, received the Jonathan Mann Health Human Rights Award by the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC).

    4. In 2003: selected as a Global Leader for Tomorrow (GLT) by the World Economic Forum, and in 2006, she was selected by the same organisation as a Young Global Leader (YGL).

    5. In 2015: Kwelagobe signed an open letter which the ONE Campaign had been collecting signatures for; the letter was addressed to Angela Merkel and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, urging them to focus on women as they serve as the head of the G7 in Germany and the AU in South Africa respectively.

    6. She holds a degree in Political Science (international political economy) from Columbia University in New York City. She sits on the board of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, a pan-African network of Centers of Excellence in mathematical sciences founded by 2008 TED Prize winner and quantum physicist, Professor Neil Turok.


  9. andami dada ng mga kampon ng kadiliman ganyan naman talaga pag wala kang Diyos sa katawan at wala kang Diyos na sinusunod sariling pag iisip mo lang ang pinaniniwalaan mo… pag mamamatay na kau dun kau magsisisi sa mga kasalanan nio pero huli na ang lahat sa pagtalikod nyo sa Diyos at sa mga utos nia.kung ayaw nio paniwalaan ang bibliya so maoang diablo ang pinaniniwalaan nio.mga isinumpa kagaya ng sodoma at gomorra..

  10. Puro kayo dada.Lagi ba dapat tolerate ang mga bakla?May kanya-kanya tayong opinyon at paniniwala.Homophobia na agad itatawag kapag iba ang paniniwala ng isang tao?Yan na ngayon eh,kelangan pareho ng paniniwala kung hindi basher ka na,closed-minded ka na.Kung anu-ano naiisip niyong karapatan kuno na kelangan tolerate agad.Bakla din ako,pero naku yung iba laging self-pity..May paniniwala siya mga baklang palaka..Ano kayo lagi tama at masusunod?Kelangan sang ayon lagi at maganda sa pandinig niyo ang sasabihin ng iba?

    • Ganito na lang ChiefJustice.. mag google ka… i-research mo kung ano yung sinabi ni miriam tungkol sa mga bakla… then balikan mo yung comment mo at basahin mo ulet…

    • Dang girl, cute naman ng post mo. Look mo Stockholm syndrome sa interwebs and internets then report back to papa. Search mo rin self-worth para kumpleto rekado.

    • Kung masaya ka na to be treated like a second-class citizen in your own country then good for you, I respect your right to believe what you want but don’t blame those ones who will fight for their Constitutional Rights. Miriam’s personal belief has no place in governing my relationship with another consenting, tax-paying, Filipino citizen.

  11. Nice post for this season of reflection, Norman. I admire all our queens for their multi-dimensional beauty, but Miriam and Shamcey remain tops in my list because their confidence is anchored on God. Their lives convey the most important element to the “confidently beautiful” tag their titles proclaim– faith in God.

    • Unfortunately, some of these “faithful” use the oppressed as their stairway to heaven.

      • I find it quite interesting that fundamentalist Christians here in the US oppose gay marriage so much, and yet their heterosexual marriages are just as likely to end up in divorce as non-Christians.

        If they really wanted to fight for the sanctity of marriage, wouldn’t it be more reasonable to fight to outlaw divorce in the US? Doesn’t the saying: What God has put together, let no man put asunder”(referenced by the faithful from Matthew 19:6) not bear any meaning to Christians. Technically, in people of the Christian faith, divorce is a lie, because everybody’s first marriage is their only marriage.

        If Miriam Quiambao wanted to live faithful to her own beliefs, she should technically go back to her first (AND ONLY) husband. This marriage she is in now is nothing but a lie and an act of defiance to the will of her Christian God.

    • “Confidently Beautiful” except if you’re gay, then go rot in hell. That’s Miriam’s slogan.

      • You can’t judge her because she does not share your own belief or ideology. We all have different perspective and opinions. Only god can judge us all, Mariam will be judged by Almighty the same way we all be judged by him.

      • Baka kasi bakla yong una niyang napangasawa kaya naging homophobic na si Quiampao, este Quiambao.

  12. Agree with others here. She was an inspiration until she used her prominence to focus on those who remain oppressed and marginalized, victimized if not threatened.

    She had a choice to use her voice.

    She should focus it on women who chased fortune and then saw it run away. Or women who chased trophy husbands and then realized victory is not all that it seems.

    Instead she focused on the low-hanging fruit as that is what her intellectual peers (aka Manny Dumbao) can process. Let’s focus on homophobia at kaya natin sila…

    If we can delete the Thomalla at Katja posts, can we delete this one? Refund her paid advertising, if that’s what this is.

    • Bravo. I hope Norman gets that this is like putting an anti-semite’s photo in a synagogue.

      Unless she’s done a u-turn and is actively campaigning for LGBT equality then she has no business being an inspiration to anyone, least of all pageant fans.

  13. She’s a raging homophobe and hypocrite. A divorceé who’s anti-divorce. Shame on Miriam.

    • Of course Jeremi she’s your favorite queen… I can literally smell na pareho kayo ng ugali 😊😊😊

      • Eeeeeww yuck talaga AKO… SUPER PANGET INSIDE AND OUT… panot pa!

        Pasensiya na kung parati akong nagmamarunong dito, wala kasing pumapansin sa akin sa totong buhay.

        Ang totoo niya… ako… The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget… lives a very miserable life. That’s why I take it out on all the people here.


    • Hi jeremi hunky gay daw, palengke queen, trying hard socialite so cheap.

  14. I used to like her but the homophobic comments she made, nah, next..These were the same people to helped her thorough out her career.

    On to Miss World Philippines!

  15. her answer to the final q & a was superb, her downfall was that she didn’t delivered her answer with confidence. with the 3 rounds in Q&A she handled the first 2 with confidence. she’s still my sentimental Miss universe 1999.

  16. I was proud of her, then her colors emerged. She’s judgmental as most born agains are, forgetting the core ideals in the bible to love everyone and leave judgment to the guy upstairs. Their “hate the sin, not the sinner” is bullcrap mantra that allows them to discriminate and still sleep at night. If they really believe in God, then spread unconditional love and work for equality in all its form. A lot of these gospel-spewing folks are in it to feel good about themselves rather than doing good because it is the moral and right thing to do. Ever notice how hard-core believers are usually the ones with the most skeletons in their closets? AND the freakiest when no one’s watching.

  17. I’m actually disappointed with Miriam Quiambao… When she became 1st runner up, I completey adore her… But when she began spewing homophobic comments that would rival that of Manny Pacquiao, sobrang nadisappoint ako talaga sa kanya…

    • Correct, she threw the same people supporting her under the bus and for what, so she can claim she’s a true faithful, whatever the hell that meant.

      • “But they have gay friends/family members/blah blah blah… Anyway, they are just speaking for the Lord and not for themselves…”


      • Salamat talaga that Im not the only one who feels the same way about her. I saw her talking to a transwoman and she was so condescending. In the words of KZ tandingan, you cant point ur fingers at other people just because they sin differently than you. Its not your job to judge other people, that is Gods job. Your job is to love one another regardless of who they are.

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