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  1. Buti pa si Love Añover nakalibre ng 180kphp 3 stars and suns earrings,,,,, hihihihi….. swerte ni taba,,,,

  2. 4m, can u read ? Why don’t you go through my entry again above and then get back with me

    • Drink your meds, sylvia. Youre on the loose like a wild dog ready to bite and transfer rabies. You have no credibility because you are bipolar…..

      • Gloria aka 4m this is my last response to you
        I’m not going to drag it down with you
        It’s a waste of time

      • You are a waste of time…. I’m not 4M….. what is wrong with you sylvia??? I’m actually scared because I think you are crazy person……..

  3. 4m, can u read ? Why don’t you go through my entry again above and then get back with me

    • Hoy fabiana, wala kang karafatan na gamitin ang reyes na afelyido ng esposo ko dahil kavit ka lamang! Isa ka lang kavit at ang kavit ay mananatiling kavit magpakailan man!

  4. Cynthia Thomalla and Kata Rodriguez posts were taken down? Does that mean a person related to MWP organization have a say in this blog?

    • Bessie Basa-na, who is one of the key persons in MWP, was/is part of Aces and Queens.

      • It about Kata joining MWP and Cynthia in her next assignment in Egypt. Both articles are in a way related to MWP.

  5. Beautiful and eloquent. She could have placed higher had it not for that hideous gown.

    • Ayaw ni Madam ibigay kay Jewel ang crown. In offer muna nya kay Ruffa at Charlene. At nung tumanggi saka na lang binigay ni Madam.

  6. Sayang ang eloquence and spontaneity ng batang ito sa Miss Globe dahil Wala namang QnA Yung pageant na yon! Puro aurahan ang ganap!

    Although positive side, puede na Rin sa existing career niya as amplifier. Sana mging ala-Dyan Castillejos ang career track Niya!

    Impressed din ako sa positive outlook niya on life na kahit na nasangkot ang tatay niya sa escandalo Hindi siya bitter or galit sa mundo!

    Sana manalo siya!

  7. She was the only threat to Cat. Once she was called as Miss Globe , it became clear Cat was going to be MUP.
    I’m glad anyway since I don’t know if Michelle could attain the body for MU or MI.
    I just wish she had won a runner up or get MGIP or Supra which is way more interesting than Globe.

    • I prefer Supra for her instead of Globe.

      BTW, what happened to the previous post of Kat possibly joining MWPh? lol

      • I saw that too. LOLs.

        Maybe someone didn’t want it revealed just yet that she may be joining MW? 😉

      • @ MrManila : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Yup! Even the post on Thomalla was taken down. 😦

      • It’s clear that our dear blogger is in cahoots with Aces and Queens. Everything we read in here is carefully contrived to benefit the image of the said camp.

    • After the announcement of Best in Smimsuit and Best in Evening Gown, Cat already cemented her claim for MUP crown.

    • I have always thought Michele fits more the MW mould than MU. Her sports supremacy, her gift of gab, and advocacy would easily propel her to fast track events. But in her Binibini bid, I saw her and Catriona battling it out for the MUP crown. It was like a tested veteran and a rising neophyte pageantry game.

      • When Michelle also joined Bb. I was honestly rooting for her to get the Grand International. She is undeniably a greak speaker. She also has an advocacy which she can actually present to the org and perhaps use the pageant as her platform to promote more her advocacy. She is also tall and very competitive which i believe every candidate would need for this kind of pageant.

    • I beg to disagree, Fabbie. Much as I do love Michele with her regal bearing and sophistication, I firmly believe, however, that she never came close to Cat’s caliber. Specifically on the coronation night, Cat has shown everyone what she has got (despite the whimsical protestations of the bitchy queens on Cat’s winning best in swimsuit). I think we should be happy on the crown Michele won, the same way we see her happy with it. I bet she will be bringing home the Miss Globe crown (so are Cat and Eva).

      • Ana – at first, i don’t think Michelle was that ‘happy’ with the crown she got. but wala siyang choice. LOL

      • MrManila, I think you owe us a profound explanation on “wala siyang choice.” Lol.

      • I think she wants or targeting a higher placement – well, most of them naman. but she has no choice but to be ‘happy’ with the BBP Globe crown. haha!

    • Wehhhh dinga fabianna sylvia ibarra???? Last week lang you were bodyshaming Mich. bigla kabig ka??? Bipolar ka teh?

      • 4m, Read my entry again and see if I am not consistent .
        U queen of many accounts

      • 4M, agad agad??? Pwede rin ako ikaw. Ohhh fabiana sylvia ibarra,,, you must be talking to yourself again….

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