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  1. Wow Philip you are such a good writer. I admire your gift of gab and how you play with your words..this blog needs more people just like you.

  2. Preachers and smart alecks are definitely worse than the crudes Here . I would rather deal with the jeremi ‘s and the 4m’s of this world than those who think they are better than anyone else.
    If u feel Norman’s site is a dump site , what r u hypocrites doing here?
    Niceness is good
    But to think that you are so much better than this blog and the people that frequent here … well… s—-k my d—k.

    • No offense but didn’t you just do the thing you’re complaining about? No one is expressing their superiority when they’re expressing their opinion on how much this site has changed. It’s just their opinion expressed in a way that uses less “colorful” language. Take a deep breath my friend. If you choose to interact with certain posters and not others, it’s your right. From another point of view, those posters are expressing their superiority by demeaning others.

      I’ve always lived with the thought that when I post something, it’s pretty much there forever, so to speak. So when I post, I’d like for it to be well thought out and, hopefully, inspires communication that keeps lifting those that I interact with. It’s just the way I choose to communicate. Not me expressing my “superiority”, it’s just me being me. So it can also be said of anyone who chooses to post.

      Fabian, there are times when you post that makes me think and inspires me. There are other times when you’re “on a roll” where I just move on to the next comment. No judgment in that, just that I choose to move on. So relax, everyone has a right to be here just as everyone has a right to express themselves however they choose to do so.

      If the comment section of this blog site, at times, reminds one of the bitchfest in another blog site, then it is what it is. If this blog site, at other times, becomes a place where communication is occurring without using “colorful” language, then it has a right to be that too. People are just yearning for a different kind of communication, a kind that was more prevalent here when this site was in its early stages. So please Fabian, relax. From my point of view, people are expressing an opinion, not a judgment.

      Just my humble opinion…

      • Your opinion Philip is very much appreciated. You just hit your target. You are such a good communicator.you are so creative with your words. It was indeed a pleasure reading your comments.

    • Drink your meds, Fabian. You are going crazy again. Tell the staffs at your nursing home to cut your internet usage to a maximum of 2 hours. Hihihihi 😂

  3. A candidate with such high caliber like Catriona will indeed rock MU 2018 ! Genuinely humble, sweet, beautiful, eloquent , very down to earth, and unassuming, how can the MUO go wrong in choosing and crowning her as the next Miss Universe ? MW’s loss will be MU’s gain 🙂 🙂 🙂 I believe she will be vindicated !

  4. Tito norms, your blog used to be the cutting edge when it comes to beauty pageants’ blogs here in the philippines. I do always anticipate your article and the constructive criticisms or comments by those pageant fanatics..however, lately this has become a market place. Those who comment have forgotten the values of being uplifting and not demeaning( well only for some). Guys you know who you are if have been observing proper etiquette here…let’s support every Filipino, let’s not gravitate hate. In our veins, runs our Filipino blood that is being envied by other nationalities..so spread always love, and peace.

    • I noticed too that this blogsite has become a dustbin of toxic negativity. But for those who are familiar with the psychology of criticism, we know that criticism is an easy form of ego defense. Oscar Wilde said: “Criticism is the only reliable form of autobiography” because it tells you more about the psychology of the critic than the people being criticized. We don’t criticize because we disagree with a behavior or an attribute. We criticize because we try to improve our feeling of self-worth by negating the worth of the person on the other side. Psychologists agree that criticism has its base in self-hate. I’m afraid this blogsite, which used to be a forum of intelligent discussion on pageantry issues, has become a forum of unprintable verbiage from self-haters.

    • Much as I hate to admit it, I agree with you. I used to posts comments here a lot 2 – 3 years ago but lately I decided to be more of a lurker. Just reading some of the comments here leaves a bad taste in the mouth, the bitchiness & bitterness gets out of hand. And why do I get this feeling that some of it comes from only one person, with different names???? And I thought Missosology was a nuclear wasteland but in the past years, the commentaries in this blog has surpassed it. At least in Misso, even though there are bitchy comments there is an element of humor, campy behavior & visual art that makes the readers laugh or chuckle. I will still visit tito Norman’s blog just for the latest news in the pageant world,and because he’s a a really competent pageant critic and analyst for me. I hope though, people with logic & reason prevails in the comment section, because they are the ones worth reading in the first place.

    • #nohate #justsaying talo n besh..top10 highest placement..#nohate #justsaying #besh

    • Please join BbP 2 years from now and continue the legacy of Carlene Aguilar, Venus Raj and Ara Arida. A former winner didn’t crack the top 25 of this year’s edition.

  5. I think catriona made a good decision to be Independent. Napatunayan nya yan from natcos show until the bbp pageant night. This girl is very special. She deserved better for the MU2018. If im not mistaken may tao sa fashion industry na tumutulong sa kanya. Different people from different industry. Thats good! but Dis advantage lang sa dami nila parang malilito ka who should to follow. But i hope lahat sila expert and upgrades and worthy ang ideas nila and walang awayan in terms of decision making. Anyway! let us shut our mouth muna . If her styling these days are not suited for her. Hayaan muna natin. Wala pa naman ang MU season and i bet nag eexperiment ulit sila just like what they did during bbp pre activities pero nung papalapit ang finals gang coronation night eh Lahat tayo eh napa wow nya at napahiyaw. Coz everything that night was on point. So believe that during MU2018 she will surprise us again until coronation night.

  6. Mukhang malabo na sa Filipens ulit gaganapin ang MU. Remeber last 2016 mahigit 300millon ang nagastos ng private sector sa pag hohost ng pageant. Halos wala daw yta ginastos ang govt which is maganda nmn dhl bka mabatikos nnmn ang gbyrno dhli s bdget. At ayon sa isang artcle na nabasa ko pwde prn nmn dw ihost ng pilipinas kung mag shahhare sa gastos ang phil gvt.
    Kaya mabuti na rin cguro na sa China ganapin ang next edt ng MU since wala silang problema sa bdget at capable sila mg host ng mga international events. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    Bet ko sa Shanghai ganapin. Yun lang. World peace 🙂

  7. Maria of Thailand did as well as she did because of her facial value,
    If u r looking for a. Costume for Star Wars , she is your girl. Why would a Holywood star wear such a tacky dress on Oscar night ?
    The same thing with Miss Thailand 2016. She’s. Got the best costume for a witch.

    People , MU is looking for a queen. Not a cartoon character .

    • Agree. I didn’t really like Maria’s gown last year, nor their previous queens. They do look a bit costume-y. What’s amazing with Thailand (and Indonesia for that matter) is that they seem to really go all out in styling and dressing their reps year after year. Salamat na lang at least, na ngayon mukhang hindi na tayo masyadong tinitipid ni Madam, and she’s loosened up her grip on the styling a bit in the past couple of years – salamat kay MJ the sacrificial lamb.

      Going back to Catriona: For her evening gown look, she has to strike the perfect balance of looking queenly, yet chic, young, and fashion forward.

      Glad that she is independent and just enlisting the help of different groups, and not boxing herself in terms of styling and training with just one training camp.

      KF’s styling is dated and “baduy”, and A&Q has become formulaic with their one size fits all transformation (papapayatin and rep hanggang matuyot ang itsura, ita-tan the skin, slanted eyes if you’re mestiza to look Asian).

      I say, if Catriona is mestiza, let her be mestiza, although a little tanning is okay in general. They said Pia will just blend in with the Caucasians and Latinas because she is of mixed heritage, and they’re saying the same thing about Cat. I can tell you guys there in the Philippines, that for sure, nowhere in the US of A or any other predominantly white countries would anyone outright think that these two are “white” or “latina”. And no way will Catriona just “blend in”.

      • Mag blend in lang si Catriona KUNG lahat ng kandidata kasing Ganda nya. Eh ang kaso hindi eh. Ang LAYO ng Lamang na ganda ni Catriona sa ibang kandidata! Kahit anong color ni Cationa kung ang GANDA ganyan ka ganda kay Catriona, eh lutang na lutang talaga. 😀 😀 😀

    • Well, your “taste” against the taste of the respected, well-known, discerning fashion bloggers, experts and gurus around the world. Fabbie, I know you are passive-agressively replying to my comment below… but if you think Thailand’s gown last year was nothing but spectacular, you need to visit the optometrist and have your vision reevaluated. I’m merely echoing what the fashion aficionados were saying about Maria’s gown last year. If the sentiments were not unanimous, then you may have a point, but every blogs, vlogs… everywhere from Facebook to IG to Twitter… even the yearly reviewers of Oscars gowns’ best and worst, all were saying that Maria’s gown was the best in the past several years of MU.

      And sweetie, I couldn’t disagree more about your views with Oscars. First of all, Oscars red carpet is a chance for the hollywood celebs to play dress-up, create this fantasy they have… so in a way, it is a “costume party.” I mean, behind the flashing lights and the glitz and the glamour, these celebs don’t usuallu wear haute couture gowns, adorn themselves with fancy jewelries. (Thanks to their sponsors of course! Lol) But my point is… Oscars red carpet event is the chance for the a-listers to be everything but boring. The chance of ending up in the best or worst dress of the night is what makes “dressing up” for one of the biggest fashion events of the year exciting, thrilling.

      Let’s just leave the judgements to the experts. I have a degree in fashion… currently working in the industry… so I’m just here sharing what the people who follow fashion and are experts at it are saying. Anddd… sorry Fabbie, if I’m being sort of blunt with you… but I remember that from few weeks ago, you were the one aggressively arguing with everyone about you wanting Cat to go back to her Miss World styling… Glad they didn’t listen to you… I mean, Cat was nothing but fabulous during the coronation last Sunday… the hair was on point! Those ear-cuffs were to die for! The gown was amazing! Everything was just fabulous…

      That’s all.

      • Birdman and Dances with Wolves ? Weren’t they the unanimous choice of the so called experts ? If I had to rely on the so called experts to guide me on what movies to watch , I’d have a very miserable life .
        The same thing goes with fashion and beauty pageants .
        First of all , I absolutely disagree on what u claim as the unanimous choice . What is ur basis for that ? U r full of Sh-t!
        Thailand 2016 and 2017 wanted drama and they succeded immensely . The first looked like a witch The second like an ET from Saturn. HVe u seen any of these dresses inspire Hollywood ? Maybe one day , you’ll see Whoopi and Bjork wear these ridiculous outfits. But Nicole AngelIna and Charlize ? Oh no.
        You r glad Cat did not listen to me ? She did not need to . She could be wearing your silly creations and still she would come out on top.
        I promise u . She listens to all her fans . And if she does on MU stage what she did at MWP , she will be the bomb !!

  8. Saan na ba gagawin ang Miss Universe? Sa China? Vegas? O, outer Mongolia?

    • There’s an article na nakita ko online. Shanghai is the rumoured host DAW. sana wit totoo.

      Sana si Madam ang pahawakin ng hosting committee para 2 months din ang MU pre pageant activities. CHAROT!!!!!

    • Baka INNER MONGOLIA!!!!!!

      outer mongolia is the present day mongolia and some parts of russia boardering mongolia.

  9. Cat can use Mareeya P of Thailand’s styling as an example. Fashion forward and suited for a tall girl. I trust in cat’s sense of style she’s not basic unlike Rachel .

    • Venus , let Rachel go. She did her best . She could have taken the place of Colombia o Jamaica in the top 5 . But that was her fate. So let her live in peace …please hihihi

      • For the last time Fabian, Rachel was lifeless and sorely lacked confidence on the MU stage. Top 10 was the best placement for her based on her performance.

  10. I want MU in Vegas or in New York (possible ba in new york? lol) just not Doral. my gosh, ibaon na natin sa limot ang doral. hahaha!

    If it’s going to be in Vegas, sure na yan mala Pia Wurtzbach ang hiyawan ng fans – or more than that. Cat is well loved/received by most pageant fans.. even from other countries. they are even saying that the Philippines has a very very strong line up for 2018 – which is true. I’m not sure if they are still considering MWPh since alam naman nila ang Miss World.

    I’m not worried on Cat’s preparation. lalo na sa styling and wardrobes niya. She’s working with different peoeple – not just a single camp and it’s affiliations. so mas marami siyang choices in terms of make up styles, wardrobes and etc.

    nai-imagine ko lang na she’ll be wearing these mala Miss Thailand’s wardrobes – fashion forward, modern, chic and elegant – hopefully. lol

    Ngayon pa lang, kita mo na ang PR ni Cat sa mga tao and her personality.. she’s so approachable. ❤

    • I agree, Rachel’s styling was very bland and basic. I wish🤞🏻😊, for Cat, they would go the high fashion, sophisticated but fun route. A little bit of sass and spice (and ✨) to her wardrobe would elevate everything! Think Ralph & Russo Fall/Winter 2017! Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2018! Those type of clothes and styling would compliment and bring a beautiful contrast to Cat’s soft and delicate features. 💛

      • p.s. was referring to Ralph & Russo’s and Zuhair Murad’s haute couture collections*** 😊

      • Fashion bloggers and pageant enthusiasts share the same sentiment that form fitting gowns are getting too repetitive and unoriginal in the MU stage. A little bit of volume in the right places and aiming for that “sexy without being too much” vibe would give you the oomph factor from all the girls who would not think outside the box and just go with the flow of form fitting, same old, same old gowns. It’s 2018 and gone are the pageant patty days! Imagine what you would wear if you will be walking at the Oscars red carpet! Anyways, here is a fabulous gown I envision Cat wearing, sporting a big wavy curls that is parted sa center (not sa sides! been done too much na yon!)😄.

        View this post on Instagram

        #zuhairmurad haute couture 2018

        A post shared by iCOUTUREyou (@icoutureyou) on

      • If I may add din, if there is one thing na we could learn from the Thais, that is they are not afraid to go all out (without going overboard and tacky) with their evening gowns. Year after year, sila ang best in the eyes of the fashion bloggers. See their last year’s rep Maria, my gosh, I could imagine her walking sa any huge red carpet events, like oscars o cannes, with that gown and styling.

      • The gown I posted above by Zuhair Murad from his Couture Spring/Summer 2018 collection would look so beautiful with that Mikimoto crown 😍 I could imagine Cat wearing custom fab earrings na would match the peacock-like feathers ng crown. So “YASS queen!” Southeast asian royalty ang peg. 😻✨

      • Hola peeps … ibang “Laila” po yang nasa taas. Nagulat lang ako ang haba ng hanash, akala ko rin talaga ako hehehe…

        Bakit nag aaway si 4M at Fabbie? Parang di naman sila hostile noon sa isan’t isa. Anyway – love Cat.
        Hope she wins. Hope they come up with a gown more opulent than the one she used for the finals although parang ang hirap na i-top yun. yun magiging challenge ng design team nya.

      • Laila the orig , r u saying the Laila above is also 4m ?
        Wow , how many accounts does 4m have? That explains the tens of dislikes because 4m has tens of acctz here hahahaha

      • Hi Fabbie

        no clue man. uso ata dito ngayon but yun nga just to clear lang – hindi ako yang Laila na yan.

        that’s all … (pati that’s all and … kuhang kuha so kudos i guess?)

      • Laila, I don’t know who you are but you are not the only “Laila” in this world. This blog has thousands and thousands of monthly readers so the chance of sharing the same username with someone is not one in a million. “Laila” is not a unique name. 😊

    • Rachel was a total ‘miss’ all through out. especially her styling. she just sported just the same look, wardrobes sobrang basic. Hello, sino makakalimot nung turtleneck na suot niya na hindi talaga bumagay sakanya?

    • MJ’s and Rachel’s styling were lackluster (Rachel’s gown was a trifecta of tired, boring, and deja vu). I can’t blame the candidates as they’re dealing with so much and have to rely on experts, but please, give them the right experts, preferably those who have encyclopedic knowledge of global designers and trends.

  11. OK KF Beauties, just a short quiz for today and you can use the toilet paper if you want🤗
    Pls explain about our lesson “To be a smart, intelligent and beautiful BbPilipinas candidate, you need to be a superdooper Bitch – Maggi noodles soup, Trainor. 🤗hihihi cherette lang🤗

    • Hey there! The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here.

      I like Maggie so much! Maggie is such a genuine person, like me! I am a good judge of character, kasi in my line of work as a Seaman (Sea-Gay) Janitor whose cruise ship where I cleaned toilets in has docked at 32 kowntries (sushyalin!!!), I have met so many different types of people – all asking me to clean their toilets, unfortunately.

      On top of that, Maggie is a socialite, parang ako lang, madaming FURNITURES! (Plural yan, ha? Ang galing-galing ko talaga sa grammar – almost high school gradweyt yata ako!)

      I predicted Maggie will go and win Miss World 2007, kasi alam mo naman, laging tumpak ang mga prediction at sinusuportahan ko! 😉 Purong tanga lang… Panot pa!

      • Last time u touched on this, 32 CITIES lang, paano siya naging 32 COUNTRIES now? Paano ka magiging legitimate dito eh u r never accurate?! Paiba iba!

  12. In that video below, Michelle is so real while Catriona is so fake.
    The smile, the sweetness etc are so pretentious, insincere and put-on. You can tell it just by the tone of her voice.

    Norman, I wish you come up soon with an article regarding Miss International Bea Santiago and socialite Maggie Wilson.

    • The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here nga pala. For those who don’t know me. Ako yung mahilig magmarunong pero parati namang nasusupalpal dahil tangang baklang panot lang po.

      Kakatapos ko lang maglinis ng mga kubeta sa cruise ship na pinagtra-trabahuhan ko.

      • Hi jeremi baklang panget, hunky gay, palengke queen. You are soooooooo cheap and ttrying hard socialite.

    • The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here. You can also call me: JEREMI THE OFW JANITOR.

      Seaman (or more appropriately: Seagay) po ako na nagtatrabaho as Janitor dito sa isang cruise ship. Breaktime po kaya andito na naman ako, nagkakalat ng katangahan at kapangitan ko.

      • Hija masaya pala buhay mo. Every night me hada ka iba iba pa. Go gurl! Spread your wings and fly like a butterfly sa cruise ship!

    • To the fake Jeremi – old bald and dying screaming faggot
      This is for you:
      Catriona Undin Duling Gray, 24
      Albay, Australia


      • OMG! I’m so affected by that! Grabeh!!! How am I gonna live after that comeback reply from myself – the Real Jeremi Baklang Panget. LOLs!

        The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here. Panget forever and ever… Panot pa!

        Porke’t ba Sea-Gay Janitor lang sa isang cruise line, bully agad?!?!?!? At least, I’ve been to 32 countries – kapag napapadaong ang cruise ship namin at may break ako sa paglilinis ng kubeta. Ang dami dami ko pang pulot na FURNITURES!!! (Plural pa rin yan, ha? Baka akala niyo, mali-mali ang grammar ko.)


      • Not really Fabie it’s just that not everyone that smiles and shows kindness on cam are all real and sincere but that is my personal interpretation based on the tone of her voice and the minute facial movements. Even the way she says “my loves” sounds so put-on to me. I think this is the reason why she failed to win the Miss World crown because no matter how you disguise your real self just to appease somebody, it will always show.

      • Not really, Fabie. In my line of work as a SEA-GAY JANITOR for a cruise line cleaning toilets, I have become a good judge of character.

        All the cruise ship passengers and tourists, all of them seem kind. Everyone is all smiles and polite, but they really only want to tell me that it’s time to clean their toilets and bathrooms. All sooooo fake!!!


    • So Jeremi , if someone is crude and rude , he’s real ? And if he is sweet and smile-y, he is not real?
      In other words , every ‘normal’person u have met in life is rude and cruel… so much that someone must be faking it when he shows u kindness.

      • Hi Fabie dahlinnn my reply to you is above. I have mistakenly put it below the Trashy Fake Jeremi who does not deserve a conversational reply. Sorry about that hihihihi

      • Hey Fabie dahlinnn. The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here again. Please read all my reply above for you okay. Para malaman mo kung gaano ako katanga at gaano kasalimuot ng buhay janitor ko… panot pa!

    • i found them both real, but each has a different way/style
      of expressing themselves and i like both

    • Maganda yan jeremifasolatido para mapasalamatan ng mga Meowwww fans sa kagandahang loob na pinakita nila kay Queen Meowwww hihihi cherette😄

    • Teh, move on na please. Sinasayang lang ninyo ang reign ni Cat. Focus on what Cat has to offer and what her journey has to offer…

      Move forward, not backward. Wilson and Santiago had their time. I supported both during their reigns and they did a good job. I agree they are entitled to their opinion but the way they expressed it leaves something to be desired. That being said, their opinion is not relevant to those that matter. You all are giving them more relevance than they deserve.

      “Someone can’t rent space in your mind unless you provide them they keys…”

      • I know, they deserved to be crucified hijiji 😄
        If I’m KF or any connection with maggie’s family business, I’ll fire her or never deal with maggie”s or husband family business Divahhhh haggang gumapang sila sa lusak hijihi😄cherette lng

    • Bea is really good at what she does though. She was part of Kevin Lin’s team of KF trainers & helped polish & enhance Kevin’s brilliant winning speech. We might not agree with her assessment of Cat’s swimsuit award but definitely Bea has proved she can train a delegate to win a crown. Before Kevin Lin won, the Philippines was the only Asian country to win Miss International. Now with the KF team’s input, Indonesia has become the 2nd Asian country to win Miss International. That’s quite a feat. Let’s not be so dismissive of what Bea & the KF team has accomplished—and what they can still accomplish whether for the Philippines or other countries. Their winning record speaks for itself.

      • My bad. Japan has won, so has Lebanon. Both Asian countries. I haven’t contributed much to this board lately having been turned off by the trolls who have made a profession of spewing hate, but I love that I can learn so much from other fans when discussions of pageants are civilized. I guess I should correct myself & say that Kevin Lin made Indonesia the 2nd Southeast Asian country to win Miss International. That would be a more accurate statement. Thanks to CatrionaFan for the pointer 😊👍🏼

  13. Also on #TeamVegas.

    Feel ko na it will happen. I’ve been a fan forever and know that if there was a foreign host even close to being a possibility we would of heard about it by now. Rumors here, rumors there. Silence however. Peru seemed like a potential prospect but deadma on that for months now and their rep was excluded from Top 16 this year so pretty sure those talks were unsuccessful. Glad Philippines isn’t in the mix.

    However, MUO has been busy on working for a host city for Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. They just announced both will be held simultaneously in a dump of a Southern city last week. Not a great location, but I think MUO did well do secure a city that would agree to host both pageants. It’s hard finding a host city in the US alone, much less one internationally.

    Anyway, two months notice lang ang host city announcement for USA and Teen USA so I fully expect not to know about this year’s host city until Fall. I will be saving vacation time nonetheless and honestly, the less we hear the better, because the more it will likely be a Vegas pageant.

    That can only be a good thing for Cat….

    • Vegas is a turn-key host, not to mention a fun place to visit 😉 I hope you’re right.

      • Super-convenient pa. Like 100 flights daily from any and every where Pinoys want to come from.

        In 2012, I wasn’t able to clear a work commitment (Tuesday pageant) until the last minute. I arrived at 8am just in time for dress rehearsal and flew out at 9pm. Shorter than I wanted originally but sama ng luob ko over Janine so okay lang pala.

        Killed the time in between at the Sahra Spa across the street at the Cosmpolitan and my friend from LA drove out to join me last minute for the telecast. Had time for pictures after the pageant with contestants and formers-including Leila Lopes 🙂 Even then still arrived at McCarran with 15 minutes to spare before my flight.

        In what other host city can you do that?

      • Vegas is a quick and cheap hop for us west coast folks 😉 Planet Hollywood buffet after 10pm is the best to catch the ladies for selfies. I was asleep by then but my friends got tons of pics!

      • I’m coming from the Twin Cities, and even then, Vegas would still be an easy flight from MSP. Sana nga sa Vegas na lang. Hope to meet you guys there, if ever! 🙂

    • I hope it’s in Vegas since I live in the West Coast. It will only be a short flight for me and my first time to go to LV. It will give Cat a higher chance of winning the MU without question. But then Miss USA contestants were able to win the MU crown right in their homeland too.

      But I do hope that IMG will do better this year with their pre-pageant events than last year. I hope they take the MU contestants in other beautiful locations in LV and have a parade of the contestants just like what Trump did when he was running the MU org. BBP did great with their parade of the contestants too.

  14. I really anticipating sa Canada ang Miss Universe i held. Feeling ko malakas laban ng Pinays doon. Ilang beses naren narepresent ng Fi Canadians ang Canada sa international pageants (Riza Santos in Universe World Earth ; Jessica Trisko in Earth ; Suzette Hernandez in Supra)

    • I highly doubt that. At least in the US, beauty pageants are tolerated, and somewhat still relevant in the south. Canadians, in general, look down on beauty pageants. It is a progressive (?), SJW-run country, that sees pageants as demeaning to women. Not surprisingly, most of the Miss Canada reps are foreign-born or children of immigrants. Even Natalie Glebova, then Miss Universe, was prohibited from opening a Thai food festival in Toronto, because of fear or “oversexualizing women”:


    • Canada is a progressive first-world country. Pageants are not celebrated there and the local government was openly hostile to Natalie Glebova’s crowning. Probably not going to happen there soon.

      However, agreed the Pinoy population there would come out in full force.

  15. I’ve been watching snippets of interviews of the bbp queens
    have to say they all are doing very well. Karen’s aussie accented
    tagalog is really charming and was surprised at jehza’s sexy sultry voice
    ahtisa’s answers are always focused and concise and michelle’s casual
    conversational style suits her very well.

    finally Catriona, she is always at ease when speaking, it’s quiet confidence.
    nothing is forced and everything flows very well. I have no doubts she will
    do extremely well at MU. and speaking of MU’s q&a’s: they always tend to
    reflect American current events/ social issues. I would recommend her
    studying the me too movement / sexual harassment / women’s representation
    at work and politics. gun control and youth activism….noth korea… mid term elections
    is coming up in November, it’ll be in every body’s mind…but that a big huge can of worms

  16. Interesado akong malaman cino c col. at paano nya naipatayo ang Hanna 😄jijihi
    Wow Momma N, how much hihihi cherette 😄
    Planned. ….. hihihi

    • Ask 4M and his multiple personalities/profiles. Marami daw siyang sources (i.e., the voices going on in his psychotic mind), at may mga pasavogue (terorista rin ang bakla) pang ibubunyag? LOLs.


      • Excuse me isa lang ang account ko. I never uses other fake accounts. Im sure you are 4m who does nothing but to used accounts who are faked.


  17. Can’t wait for Miss Universe, hopefully in Vegas to support Catriona. I know it will be an epic moment, live her❤️

    • Hoping for Vegas too! If not Vegas… Hawaii! 🙂

      I hope they announce it soon too so we can all plan ahead. Hoping that it’s not during Thanksgiving week/weekend. Mahirap magplano around that time kasi everybody has family stuff going on.

      • I hope Vegas or Los Angeles, it will only make sense if LA since ImG has headquarters in LA. Plus I live in Los Angeles Lol!
        I will stalk the candidates if held here lol!

  18. She will be such a joy to watch come MU later this year. She’s genuinely sweet and has a shot at both Congeniality AND the crown. Now wouldn’t that be something.

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