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  2. Noong nag submit si Cat ng application for Bb, tinanong siya kung kasama ba siya sa A&Q, sagot niya Independent so she could work with other designers and groups; A&Q was guiding her too, she added. Halos lahat nagets kung bakit ganun ang gusto ni Cat. If she was really Independent or not, wala ako issue dun. Maybe for some na gusto questionin integrity niya but it’s not worth the fight.

  3. What I specially liked about this post is … not only does it showcase Catriona’s fight that night of the coronation and who she is but more importantly, it silences the trolls and haters. If they choose to say something, it ends up sounding so pathetic and desperate and grasping at straws. You just have to scroll down to prove this indeed is true.

    Thank you for the post, Norman. You further cemented my support for Cat’s quest for the 4th MU crown.

  4. WooHooo! Go Catriona go! You’re a true Queen indeed. Your reaction or response to any issues whether it’s during Q&A on camera or simply a day to day talk (to include social media), you ooze with beauty, confidence, diplomacy and armed with substantial defense to negativity. You cannot please everybody, but trust me, you don’t need those few who doesn’t believe. The Universe is out there waiting. Like what you said… go and pursue the dream!

  5. Paging hunky gay daw jeremy , so cheap palengke queen. We’re missing your non sense comment, please make your presence fel ( ala multong baklang hunky gay daw)

      • Pinamukuha ko lang sayo na kpag nagtabi sila ni cat, mukhang tiyahin niya si cat. Okay na tayo dun? Happy?

      • Oo, tiyahin niya. Sabay nagkantutan yung grandparents niya at parents niya, so same birth year sila ni Cat. Happy? bobita?

      • Babanat ka na lang di pa pinagiisipan. Sakat si bakla uy! Nonsense.

  6. Please check the interview on Ruffa Gutierrez. She answered with class.

    Ruffa could have been the first Filipina to represent the country in Miss World and Miss Universe. But she politely declined the offer of SMA in 1998. Sayang.

      • Wow 4M! Really classy….

        Now you’re making fun of domestic violence and violence against women.

        Bravo! Kakaiba ka!!!!!

        Sana mangyari sa yo mga ginawa kay ruffa at mas Malala pa sana.

      • Ruffa is still beautiful, and no doubt her daughters will become beauty queens as well. The one who is making fun of domestic violence, bless your heart. Some people here are as ghetto as the past queens, think before commenting, very offensive.

      • Wow, 4M, rock bottom na ito. Kailan pa naging katatawanan ang domestic violence?

    • she declined coz she was already married to a certain Richard Daloia the time she was offered by SMA to represent PH in MU… said news would only come out years later answering the questions of beaucon afficionados the real reason why Ruffa declined SMA’s offer

  7. 4M! Aligaga lang veks?! Oo na nananiwala na kami sayo. Happy? Happy! 😆

    • U believe because you know it’s real…… and that no matter how much you dislike me,,,,, i have a point,,,,, no basis….. yet!!! Give benefit of doubt,,,,,, but soonn……

      A pasabog is soon to be released,,,,, hihihihihi

  8. Wow, 4M, congrats. Ikaw ang commenter of the day. Kunin mo na daw yung rasyon mo. LOL

  9. Pansin ko Lang, daming media tour ng mga Binibini. Di pa Sila totally rested from the 2month pre-pageant activities pero sinabak na agad pero they still look gorgeous as ever!

    On a side note, Harley Tan is the Managing Director of One Model Management who is helping Catriona. And just like A&Q which started out as an informal group, there is a possibility na maging isang formal training camp itong grupo nila Harley Kaya di maiwasan ang intriga! Just imagine Kung maipapanalo ni Catriona ang MU then Harley can claim that victory as well.

    This is the advantage of competition! It brings out the best in people! Kaya I disagree with the proposal before of Jonas taking over the MUP franchise just like in Venezuela because it will kill the competition and we will not be able to send the best candidate.

  10. Andaming ingit kay Cat… Grabe!

    Andami pa gusto makisawsaw…

    Go lang mga celebs.. para habang maaga maingay na pangalan ni Cat sa buong mundo…

    Kita ko din mga comparison pics w/ other front runners ng Miss U….

    Meanwhile, I’m sure todo squats na si Cat to grow that bubble butt…. I can’t wait to see Cat and her all natural Bubble Butt!!


    tagal ng Miss U! 😀

  11. I really like this direction Cat is going. Going independent this time around was the right decision and will pay off bigtime. She has a gameplan, and will certainly deliver when and where it matters the most! 🙂

  12. #ALLiamsaying is Cat is still part of Aces and Queens…. they tricked Madam SMA that she is independent so the crown will be given to her…… this is all Jonas’ plan since the beginning……

    Now I don’t know why Aces and Queens trolls are here doing damage-control…… mga veks,,,,, i am not the main source…… you need to kill the whistleblower who is one of yours if you want the truth, the dirty truth to remain hidden……. 😉😉😉

    • Cat never left Aces and Queens…. she never was independent…. that is the bombshell and more ready to explode……..

      “I don’t hate Cat…. I hate the woman she has become… the woman being manipulated by the conniving Jonas Gafood.” —- message from whistleblower # 1

    • “Cat should come clean once and for all…….. escape the sinking ship that is Aces and Queens……

      It is never too late to speak the truth,,,,,,,,”

      —- message from whistleblower #2

    • Alam na namin yan veckx matagal na yan pinag-usapan din dito ng mga magagandang veckla kagaya ng mga sosyal at magagandang clan ng Reyeses hihihi cherette 😄
      Ikaw lang yata namomroblema nyan together with your other pseudonames🤗
      Pero pagbibigyan kita para ihayag mo lahat ng sakit at paninibugho bakit c Meowww pa rin ang sikat at hindi yung mga maiitim ang budhi na kapamilya mo🤗hihihi

  13. I thought that she is now going to train under Jonas Gafud. Her gown can be from couturier Tolentino who is based in L.A. and a friend of Jonas. Libiran or Andrade can be good too. M. Lhullier as well.

    • no to oliver tolentino. LOL i believe his works are not pak na pak for pageants. I’d rather see Cat wearing Mak, Bumgarner or Cinco..

  14. Parang mas maganda pa ang kuha ng video clip na to, cenematic kesa sa buong production ng ABS very ASAP ng mukhang veriety show. Char!
    Just saying! World peace 🙂

  15. Kalowka talaga si Bakla. Gustong gusto niya talaga gumawa ng kwento. Di ko keri si ateeeee

  16. Susme, tapos na ang contest noh. Tama na yang bangayan at may nanalo na. Move on na kayong nagrereklamo sa pagkapanalo ni Cat.

  17. Cat should come clean once and for all…….. escape the sinking ship that is Aces and Queens……

    It is never too late to speak the truth,,,,,,,,

  18. It’s amazing how just one ignorant idiot could drown out all the intelligent and healthy discussion in this blog post.

    As usual: it’s just one of the 2 usual suspects (4M and his multiple personalities or Jeremi the OFW Janitor na tagalinis ng inidoro sa cruise ship).

    Kudos to you, 4M, talo mo si Jeremi the Janitor today, Loka!

    • You are saying that because I exposed the truth about Aces and Queens….. and you are part of Aces and Queens….. am I surprised??? That youare reacting tha way??? So angry???? No…. hihihi

      #divertTheTopic pa more!!!!! A lot of people know the truth and they are jist waiting for the perfect time to release the pasabog about Aces and Queens…..

      Dear don’t worry,,,,, cat will still be MUP……. hihihihi no disqualification…… madam is professional…..

      But the truth….. will come out…….. very sooonnnnn!!!!! 😉

      • ^ Meron pa ring gigil na gigil diyan, o! LOLs Give it a rest, homegurl. Miss U is several months away.

        Kahit araw-araw kang magkalat ng lagim dito. Lalo ka lang nagmumukhang mal-edukado.

      • ohhh honnneyyyy,,,,,, I’m just here laughing at how stupid you are…… why so angry????oh I know why? 💡☝🏻🤩 you are part of team Aces and Queens….. doing damage-control…… hahhaha!!! Oh dearrrrr 😉

  19. Jonas will destroy you…… not because you are against him,,,,, but because you are still with him……

    Be brave, be bruised, breakaway from Jonas, be who you wanna be, don’t be a puppet, be YOU…..

    That’s the lesson for this week mga veks….

    • I hate cat not because she is cat….. i hate her because she is still a manufactured puppet being played by Jonas….. so much potential,,,,,, so much beauty,,,,,,, all of that will just go to waste because a conniving, manipulative person named Jonas Gafood is behind her calling all the shots……

      That is a message from one of my source aka whistleblower # 1

      • ^ Paki-bigyan naman ng pampakalma ang matandang baklang to, aatakihin na sa puso sa galit at ngitnit.

        Aaraw-arawin mo bang ganito? Humayo ka at ang multipel personalities/profiles mo!

        Pang-aliw lang namin ang kagagahan mo! LOLs


  20. Hindi naman masyadong galit na galit at gigil na gigil sa kaka-comment ang isa divan oh… nahiya ka pa, lubusin mo na. Alam naman naming DI MASYADONG AFFECTED. LOLs.

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    4M on This is your Miss Universe Phi

    • You must be part of team Aces and Queens…. hmmm understandable based on how you react to my bombshells….

      • ^ Gigil na Gigil at Galit na Galit!

        Kalma lang teh. Marami ka pang kabibwisitan. Baka maubos ang buhok mo niyan at matulad ka kay Jeremi the Janitor na panot. Matagal-tagal pa ang Miss U. LOLs.

      • No dahlin,,,,, you sound gigil,,, not me…. I’m here writing what my sources told me, calmly, smiling….. hihihi

  21. Catriona is probably the most beloved Philippine beauty queen in the history of pageantry thus far. These assholes who speak against her are probably just 0.0000000000000000000000001% of the pageant world, and are nothing but background noise and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

    Kagaya nu’ng nagwawala diyan sa ibaba. LOLs. Gigil na gigil na naman sa galit yang baklang tangang yan. Hayaan niyo siyang mag-ngitngit sa galit.

    Maya-maya ia-unleash na niya ang iba pa niyang personalities/profiles, kasi, kaligayahan niya yan.

    Pagnagka-break naman sa paglilinis ng inidoro sa cruise ship si Jeremi the OFW Janitor, mangagalaiti na naman yan sa galit yan dito at maghahasik ng katangahan at kawalang-kwentahan dito. Mark my words.

    Desperada lang ang dating. Disgusting pieces of shit.

    • I’m not actually a hater of Cat,,,,, I am not fan of her but I dont hate her hihihihi
      I’m #justsaying the truth….
      You know who I don’t like???? Jonas….. hihihihihi I know a lot of things

      Ready to cum out….. but I’m not gonna say anything ….. I’ll let the card unfold by itself….

      Or should I say….. by the people ready to make pasabog…… hihihihihihi

      Let’s seee…

    • Cat is like a puppet being manipulated by Jonas…. it was jonas idea to put 2kgs of silicone inside cat’s breast so she will resemble pia’s papaya and the past two MU winner breast……

      Ohhhhh this mess is so fun to watch….like 2016 Miss World all over again!!!! Trying to look like megan…… now pia with huge boobs and alll……

      Hihihihihi….. dont attack me because I’m #justsaying the truth….. jonas will destroy her once again….

      That is the bombshell waiting to cum out….,

  22. All of this publicity….. about Cat vs Aces is not true…. they did it to trick madam SMA to giving her the crown…….. that is the bombshell for this week…… I’m out….. mic drop🖐🏼 🎤 💢

    • To those uninformed why they would do that???

      Quick history lesson: last 2017 Jonas and Madam SMA had a major fallout…….. hihihihi
      It was rumored that Jonas became too Ambitious to the point that he wants to steal the Miss Universe franchise from madam SMA….. WHAT HAPPENED???? madam SMA became so angry so now no A&Q girls will ever win that MUP crown because of Jonas……. hihihihi

      • If Madam is agry with Jonas, then why did he let a Mercator talent ( that “bouquet guy” ), to be included in the pageant night?

      • Madam SMA is not responsible for that….. ABS CBN is in charged with everything from production to every minor details in the coronation…. except for the results…. and important parts….

      • MrManila, actually that is when the fallout started to happen….. MUO went to madam to discuss the possibility of frontrow/jonas gafood team buying the franchise…. that is when madam was informed and of course got upset……. hihihi

  23. Jonas will destroy you…… not because you are against him,,,,, but because you are still with him……

    That’s the lesson for this week mga veks….

  24. grabe. isang linggo na pero iba pa rin ang effect. Kudos to her team for capturing these magical and once in a lifetime moment. she is so down to earth.. parang andun na siya pero she feels that there are still a lot to do. to prepare. that’s the queen.

    I feel that Cat wanted to be independent because… may bet niya mag paturo kay nicole ng q and a… her style team consists of connected with aces and connected with KF. that’s a smart move actually. you go independent so you can have the best of both worlds. so far, they are on the right track. sana lang tama ang mga taong nilalapitan nila.

    BTW, if she’ll wear Jearson for MU’s national costume, does it mean mag maranao princess uli siya and not the traditional filipiniana?

    Mak Tumang for her gown? grabe. she’s almost ready pero what more pa pag nagstart na ang transformation trainings niya.

    • She is not independent….. im telling you…. and mr norman knows that too…..

      She is still working with aces and queens,,,,, they tricked madam so she’ll give the crown to her….

      BOOM!!!! yan ang pasabog!!!! Naniniwala ba kayo sa OA na awayan kunwari nung Mak Tumang at aces???? So fake hihihihi how about yung john cuay??? Arn arn??? Fabricated……. is all I will say for now

      🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐 zip it for now hihihihihi…….. if she wins MU……

      You will see madam Jonas rise from her fake coffin and suck all the blood/money Cattie will earn…..

      #justsaying #truthwillsetherfree


      • I support our queens but I don’t support trickery and fakery……. i want honesty…..
        I know I’m not the most reliable person to say this,,,,, hihihihi but a pasabog na malaki,,,,,

        From some people will come out,,,,, hihihihi…. you can’t stop it…. truth will always cum out….

      • actually, feeling ko din yan noon e. she went “independent” because of the “issue” of bpci and jonas.. but di natin alam e. so let’s just wait and see.

  25. Bagay yung quote na cut me down,,,,,,, hihihihihihi…..
    Kasi troso nga sa lapad……. don’t atttack me mga vekss,,,,
    #justsaying…. papayat ka na muning kung gusto mo masungkit
    Ang korona……. right now ikaw ay tabachingching…..

    Fix that body!!!! Now na!!!! Cherettt hihihihihi
    Kung hindi si Aling Vickie ang papadala namen sa MU…….
    Sige ka,,,,,,,, hihihihihi

    • For every bad stuff thrown at you, respond with humility, grace and forgiveness. Gabayan ka nawa ng Poong Maykapal, 4M! Ameeen.

  26. I see pia to this women, on her determination but with more classynes and more queenly. Combination of Pia-maxine-rachel. Shes an upgrade. I hope mag tuloy tuloy ang upgrading ng rep natin sa MU yearly and also in other titles. I think this year pa lang mag sstart ang IMG sa hinahanap nila as MU. They fired their old management and ready to run the MU with the new management. May GOD Bless this women (Catriona Gray) in Miss Universe 2018.

    • I agree sa women kasi hindi siya iisanh babae lang,,,,, mukha siyang double…..

      Double sized bed…… hihihihihihi

      Cherette lang po,,,,,,, hyper ako sa chocolate from my handsome

      Foreigner boyfie with biggie chichi,,,,,, cheretttt!!!! Hihihihi

  27. Nakakaiyak. When people love you because of your humility and dedication. Aaaaaaaah. Indeed, this woman is defying the establishment. Hence, the backlash. But she won’t be defeated. She has the people’s support, love and admiration. Sail on, Catriona! We have your back. We will reclaim the pageantry from their vile and greed!

    • I saw her last Saturday at Gateway. My God, she’s absolutely beautiful. I was so star-struck, I froze. I didn’t even have the chance to get my phone and snatch a picture of her.

  28. Now that she has the BB crown I hope that she’ll go beyond KF for styling and makeup. Their track record in MU has been abysmal and I’m already concerned on how they’re packaging her looks-wise. Edgy will not work to her advantage.. she’s a smart and elegant girl so keep it simple and high class so she can lead with her personality. Can somebody please hook her up with Monique Lhuillier?

    • I was under the impression that for her BbP and Miss U campaign, she will largely go independent? Although mostly guided by Harley Tan and Ton Lao, I thought she was going to work with different stylists and designers. There is still rumors going about that she is still partly trained by A&Q but this is all done sub rosa.

      At any rate, I do agree that KF’s styling, not to mention their style of pasarela, are not tailor fit for Miss U. Both KF’s and A&Q’s “winter styling” are largely misses too. I never liked Pia’s and Rachel’s Vegas winter outfits. In contrast, the same exact stylist that curated Rachel’s winter ensembles, on the other hand, did great for Elizabeth Clenci’s everyday wardrobe for Vietnam. Maybe get a stylist that’s stateside who understands and is up-to-date with fall and winter fashion should the Miss U be held in Vegas again? On a side note: there is some rumor that Miss U for this year may be in Hawaii, which I welcome. That will give me a reason to take a break from the Midwest wintry chill, even just for a few days.

      Were you in DC/Maryland for Mess World 2016, DanDan? I was there with a few friends. Personally hated that dusty-rose colored gown she wore for the finals, although she was beautiful that night. There was a Mak Tumang gown apparently that was switched out in favor of that Libiran gown.

      • @George, I agree with her MW gown. It didn’t have enough oomph and it swallowed her.. too heavy in the eyes too.

        I skipped the show at National Harbor in 16. I have friend in the area who went… he liked the experience but said it felt long and boring, didn’t have the same excitement as Miss U in Vegas.

      • Yes, Cat could have worn a better gown at MW 2016. Though the Mak Tumang gown that was switched ou in favor of the Libiran gown was the same color and similar style to the one Cat wore at MWP.

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