217 comments on “Vickie Marie Rushton and Samantha Bernardo: Crowned Runners-Up

  1. There is a possible international contest for the two runners up and that’s is still secret while negotiations is going on not only just to fill in to the title holders who are not ready to compete internationally

  2. Who styles these ladies in their TV guestings? Do they have their own stylists pa rin? I don’t like Jehza’s and Karen’s styling (especially the clothes) in the TV appearances I’ve seen. Cat always looks good as expected, and whoever is styling Michele is doing a good job (i like her dresses).

  3. @ Jeremi (the trashy one)…before claiming that you’ve been to 3 continents, including ANTARCTICA, pwede bang i-spell mo muna siya correctly, para maniwala naman kami sa ‘yo! Inday, may google! Nahiya naman kami sa ‘yo!

    • Jeremi works as a seaman janitor (or should I say, sea-gay janitress?) for a shipping cruise line.

      Nakatikim lang ng barya-baryang kita and OFW na to sa cruise ship bilang baklang janitress na tagalinis ng inidoro at taga-mop sa barko, ang hambog na, litaw pa rin naman na wala siyang pinag-aralan sa mga post niya dito.

      Galit-na-galit pa sa pagkatalo. Pikon ang baklang Jeremi the Janitress na walang taste at laging talo ang sinusuportahan.


      • Diba insulto sa mga janitress na isama sa league nila si Jeremi? May kilala aqng mga naglilinis na mas may modo at class pa sa kanya! Jeremi is always “self described/anointed.” And his self deprecating remarks lately are sooooo getting old! Why not give us the pleasure of insulting you rather than your self-mocking! No fun!

  4. overhyped
    nganga naman sa international pageants


  5. Vickie should just use the surname “Milagrosa” if she plans to join again. There is some sort of mystique in that surname.

  6. we need to secure 2019 and 2020 and make sure our candidates in MU are sure-fire top 10 semifinalists at the very least that will give Pinas a perfect decade in MU; after Catriona, it is very hard to choose who can ensure this result in MU; only one I can think of right now is Teresita Sen Marquez; I cannot think of any other one, perhaps Angelica Alita? Samantha Bernardo? Rosantonette,Edjelyn?

    • teresita is overage
      any other girls could do it
      as if naman sure na mananalo itong si Catriona maybe top 10 or maybe
      not .. end of the era for Philippines,, ibang bansa

      hindi naman ito nakakatulong sa pagunlad ng bansa
      puro laos din naman ang beauty queens after their reign

  7. masyado litaw ang ribs ni queen cat
    mag pa sputum test kaya siya para malaman ang sakit niya
    baka makahawa pa siya sa MU pageant

    • Try harder. Boring na ng bash mo teh. Di na nakakaexcite. #FightTrashWithClass

  8. …and to the “real” Jeremi, why do you have to resort to such pettiness? You had made your point countless of times: you are not a fan of Cat nor her fans. To my fellow Cat fans, seriously, there’s no point with the back-and-forth malign arguments with him, or Gloria, or 4M, and whoever else! It is becoming too ugly, boring, and uninteresting. I am only making this comment because I am annoyed that I have to scroll past so many inane and insane comments —that are repetitive —to find one or two intelligent, respectable postings.

    Norman, I have been visiting your blog for years, and I have never seen it get out of control to this magnitude. It’s a hot mess. It’s maddening. It’s time for you to moderate the comments if you want it to be respectable…again. Sure, fans can be passionate, but some are just loitering and making your site a dumping ground for their vile, ugly, and nasty arguments while trying to outdo each other’s insecurities.


    • I have to agree. I’ve been visiting and commenting on this site for years. There were the occasional trolls but they went back to their normal hangout blog where all they did was trash everyone and everything. There use to be interesting and intelligent discussion here along with support of the winner(s) regardless. Now it seems to be a culture of slam, run, hide behind a computer. No accountability for words said. There use to be a lot of non-Filipinos who would frequent here and post a comment every so often. Not sure if they’re still around since this site has, at times, become a troll hang out and have turned off the foreign visitors. I don’t comment as much anymore because it seems that I would get caught in the crossfire of hate that happens here. On the other hand, it’s always a pleasure to read the comments that make for a good read with the possibility of having a great exchange of ideas. Shame there aren’t as many as there use to be. I understand that the world evolves and things change. However, I have always believed the change should be for progression not regression. Just my humble opinion….

      • I like your input here but I think this blog should also be open to everyone including those who cannot articulate their thoughts as well as you do . ..The more the merrier .
        Although I understand your concern about some comments being vicious and irresponsible , I honestly find them entertaining .
        At the end of the day, it’s the winner who sees this as an inspiration to do better while the loser Falls a victim and retreats in self-pity.
        So kudos to Cat for being the great queen that she is

    • It used to be my catharsis following this blog years ago. Nagulat lang ako pagbalik ko dito na gutter level na usapan. Some trolls speak of the kind of person they are. Minsan naman ok mga comments nila. At times I just bear and grin on what they post here kasi baka yon lang talaga magawa nila sa buhay. Kawawa rin naman kasi obviously dito lang sila na appreciate. Why stoop to their gutter level?Ang iba nga obvious na psychotic talaga. But that’s what life is. Ours is a diverse universe. We deal with many kinds of people despite their idiocies

    • I used to visit this site daily. Early on I was excited to discover a site that was devoted to updates on Philippine pageantry. I was excited to find a forum that would allow me to have meaningful discussions with other fans devoted to local pageantry.

      Now I only visit rarely, if at all. This is because the comments have been taken over by trolls, many of whom exist merely to target & bash—repetitively at that—one queen in particular. I know the trolls increase the number of comments, which make it appear that traffic to the site has increased (which is always a good thing for a website). But the meaningful discussions are no longer possible. Honestly like so much of the internet, I feel this site has been lost to the trolls, to hate. So now I visit on occasion, but mostly keep my distance.

      Because of the toxic & ugly behavior of the trolls. I second the call for moderating comments. That would be the only way to keep the conversational exchanges on this board at level that is intelligent, thoughtful, respectful and decent. Take back this board from the trolls. Put a stop to rudeness & hate.

    • @Meghan. While I agree with you on moderation of comments. If that happens, the business side of blogging might suffer, I think. Reason why such trolls are tolerated.

      This is just my opinion. Though I would like to be proven wrong.

  9. I was a fan of Bea in her Bb days and my husband thought Maggie was beautiful. However, they are just vicious and petty girls —yes, girls —who have nothing else going on with their careers. They are the examples of Millennials who have no regard towards everything else but themselves, and would not want to be held accountable for what they say or do. Those two has-beens are the instigators but they can’t handle the heat. So what do they do? They attack and provoke even more. Cat’s fans can be overly passionate and overly protective of their queen to a fault —and I do not find anything wrong with that at all. I don’t think there was ever a Queen in Philippine pageantry who had such a following, and they were taken aback with the kind of support Cat is getting. They are probably even insecure that’s they never had such fan base. So, girls, if you have to throw some shade, be prepared to get the tea. And while you girls are at it, follow Cat’s lead: be humble, tactful, gracious, and classy…because that’s how a real and true Beauty Queen should be.

    • wala naman beauty queen na naging superstar

      walang career after

      look at Pia..


      • Pia is making movies and from what I hear has tons of endorsements . it’s a problem for beauty queens in the Philippines because they are too tall for most actors.
        But don’t count Pia out yet .it has been barely a year yet since she passed on her crown. She has good PR .. she will prob do very well in the long run
        Kylie is also trying to make her Mark
        Mariel will be a forever contravida
        And NIcole is a great host . One day , she could be another Munoz-Palma or Korina Sanchez

      • Well, not all Beauty Queens have star quality or aspire to be in the entertainment industry. They won their pageants because they had the goods, so-to-speak, in their respective years. It’s also what they do with the popularity or the connections they had made during or after their reign that can make a difference in their career choices. Hey, they can be “superstars” in some other venue or profession aside from the entertainment industry. #choices

      • As if being a superstar is the epitome of success. Now I understand, why your views are slanted. #FightTrashWithClass

  10. Guys, nakikisawsaw din daw si Thia Thomalla and Karla Henry sa issue ni Bea Nose And Maggie Clapper???

    • Pageant girls are like that .
      Actually , people in every sector of life are like that .
      Even in school, kids rally against those that do well academically … like laughing at them for the little things that they do wrong . Why ? Because it makes them feel better about themselves .
      Cat is in the same boat having won the top crown … and being trusted to win MU #4 for the Philippines . Naturally , she will continue to be the subject of ridicule by those people who are no longer in the line light like Bea .. or those that didn’t do well internationally like Maggie . You won’t hear anything like that from Pia Megan Ruffa Or Charlene who will forever be confidently beautiful.

      • I dont think so Fabian. This is the first time na may nagsasalita ng ganyan na mga past queens against sa isang current queen. There must be something. Or maybe because of Catriona’s squatterish fans. Catriona unfollowing Jonas, Pia, Megan etc. and chose to follow the Colombian and Venezuelan beauty queens speaks volume.
        Ayan magsulputan na naman mga squatterish fans kasasabi ko lang hahhahaha

      • wow..updated ka talaga pagdating kay Catriona…sabagay ang lawak ng kalye mong ginagalawan kaya malaya kang sumunod ng sumunod sa mga thread at comments about her…sabi nga ng isa dito naging OFW ka lang feeling alta na (feelingera ,,,nakakahiya ka) ahahahaha…at kung makapamintas ng “squatterish” thingy eh ikaw naman tong so “kalyeish”…so kadiring bakla ka

      • Jeremi, lagi kang anti-Cat. Never did you compliment her. And now you want us to believe that your views about her are true or at most objective? Naaaaaah. KADIRI KA. KADIRI.

  11. Congratulations to both Samantha and Vicky on winning the runners-up titles and being part of the exclusive 2018 BbP royal court.

    Have a fantastic year and take advantage of this golden opportunity for personal growth in the realms of pageantry.


  12. Nasan na mga squatterish fans ni Undin Duling tumigil na yata
    Catriona Undin Duling Gray, 24
    Albay, Australia

      • Kung ako lang gising bakit may nag reply pang isang squatterish gay na matanda na naagnas ang face na ang name is Paul Rivera?
        Waaaaaahhhh hala ituloy mo na yang overtime mo sa parlor sayang ang 50 pesos hahhahhaha aabangan mo pa si Ms Undin Duling bukas sa kalye

      • ano daw? “hunky gay” daw?? kadiri yang nalilimahid na pangit na baklang yan ahahahahah..if I know,,, so kalyeish hampaslupang bakla! lolz cheret

  13. Andami na nilang SQUATTER sa baba hahhahahahha
    Mga nakakaawa kumakain ng kanin na nakaplastic sa kalye habang inaabangan si Ms. undin duling Catriona Gray hahhahahahaha

    • Bakla, patira ka na sa pwet ng matahimik ka na hane? Bayot na OFW na walang class. Sosyal pero squatter naman pala. Daming bluff mo bakla! Alam na ng mga tao kung bakit low ang self esteem mo. WALA KANG KEPYAS, BAYOT!

      • Eeeewww ayan na ang isang squatterish fan ni Undin duling
        FYI di po ako screaming faggot gaya ng lahat dito
        Im a hunky gay di ako nag aaspire ng ibang organ gaya mo
        Yuck SQUATTER na nga SCREAMING FAGGOT pa hahahahha

      • Jeremi, darling bayot. It’s quite amusing that you keep on boasting these things online. It becomes easy to identify what type of a person you are exactly. And you know what, it really doesn’t matter if you’re hunky or not. It basically boils down to the fact that you’re still gay and uses his ass as an alternative to a vagina for fucking purposes. You’ll always be forever remembered in this blog as that attention-seeking gay OFW guy, who claims to be classy but is actually trashy. Very insignificant in many ways as possible. You must be a product of chronic low self-esteem. I would have pitied you, but you don’t deserve it, bayot.

        Fabianito, I did not say I’m classy. So, stop putting words in my mouth, and stop meddling with my conversation with this pest. If you don’t want to be humiliated through a word war, I suggest you keep your mouth shut and forever keep your peace. You don’t want to be treated like Jeremi, do you? Now, go back to your room and continue play with your dollies, okay?

    • So? Masarap kayang kumain sa plastic habang nasa karsada. Masaya. Subukan mo din minsan.

      UGLY FUCK!!

      • To copy someone’s name to use on the same blog is very telling and pathetic in itself
        Squatter na baklang matanda na naagnas ang face hahahhaaha
        Hala mgwalis ka na sa parlor sayang ang 50 pesos mo pamasahe mo rin yan sa jeep para manood ng parade waaaahhhhhhh

    • No offence Jeremi. But we all probably earn more money than you. Lol probably a tonne more. Hahahahahahha


      • Hahahahahaha I’ll bet your entire years salary cunt. You don’t earn as much money as me fag! HAHAHAHHAHA


      • Oh wait. You don’t earn salaries. You just get paid cash in hand which is illegal. Stupid ass poor OFW.

      • Yeah right for someone who took time to use the same name as mine intentionally. Waaaahhhh desperate ugly bald and squatterish screaming faggot that is fake Jeremi hahhahahahaha. Naagnas na ang face lol hahahahah





      • Inggit ka kasi squatter ka na nga screaming faggot ka pa hahahhaha
        Nakaawa naman tong fan ni Undin Duling na to sa sobrang inggit nya pati name ko ginaya hahhahahaha

      • Why the hell would I be jealous of you?
        I have everything I want in life. Hahahahahahahha


    • wow alam na alam mo ang daily activities mo ha! anong lasa ng plastic cups at spoiled food na kinakain mo araw araw? if I know..hahahahahaha…so kalyeish!

  14. Nagwawala si Jeremi. Triggered masyado ang bakla.

    Hindi naman minamaliit ka kung OFW ka, pero ibang usapan na din na mag feeling alta ka dahil lang nakaapak ka sa ibang bansa. Sa tingin mo ba ALTA ang tingin sayo ng natives ng bansang pinagtatrabauhan mo? Maging humble na lang sa blessings mo.

    • Ayan isa pang squatterish fan ni Duling Undin hahhahaaha
      Asan pa yung ibang Squatterish fan ni Undin

      • It takes one squatter to know one squatter, bayot. Galit ka yata da kapwa mong squatter, OFW ka ha? Kaya ka nga nag-OFW kasi squatter kayo ng pamilya mong walang kwenta. Baklang OFE na feeling sosyal. Squatter rin naman pala. Punyetang baklang OFW na may HIV to o! #NoToCheapOFWs

    • FYI I’ve been to 32 cities in 3 continents including Antartica baklang naagnas na Johnny hahahha
      Mga SQUATTERISH fans ni Undin Duling waaahhhh

      • BLAH BLAH BLAH JEREMI, YOU think we give a shit if you’ve been to 32 cities or whatever??? We don’t give a fuck about your rats ass or where you have been to because wherever you go, you will still have that cheap nasty attitude and you will remain as the sore loser, non educated degenerate that you are!!

        Who the hell feels that they need to boast or put people to shame. That to me is a complete and PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. ANY WELL TRAVELLED PERSON would not have that attitude.




      • Ayan na yung number 1 and the most SQUATTERISH fan ni Undin Duling mukhang affected sa 32 cities thingy hahahahA dream on baklang matanda na naagnas ang face hahahhahaha nasan na yung barkada mo sa slum area na jeremi din ang name na ninakaw pati profile pic ko para ibully lang ako. Uy jeremi fake panis na yung kanin mo sa plastic na baon mo pero di bale kinakain mo pa rin naman yun diba basta makita mo lang si undin sa kalye hahahhaa nakakaawa sya oh hahhahhhha

      • Lol Jeremi, you do realise that you are talking to yourself right? Majority of people don’t like you on here.

        Nuff said. HahahahahHH

      • And do I need approval from squatterish fans like you

      • Who said anything about approval you idiot. You’re having a dumb conversation with yourself. Hahahahahahahaha


      • feelingera! kahit sabihin mo pang nalibot mo ang libu-libong syudad ng pitong kontinente sa mundo..walang maniniwala sayo kasi hanggang kalye ka lang….hampaslupang bakla…ang totoong alta ay di pinangangalandakan ang katayuan sa buhay…..napaghahalata kang taga kalye lolz

      • Hoy Inday, i-spell mo muna correctly ang ANTARCTICA bago kami maniwala sa iyo! Ikaw naman!

  15. I’ll just leave you with this picture… napaka-sweet ng mga true supporters ni Cat… Panagbenga festival na nga agad-agad!! 😄💐🌷🌸🌹🌺🌼🌻💛




  16. Oh bakit nanahimik na yata mga SQUATTERISH na fans ni Undin Duling kung kailan binibigay ang gusto nilang sagutan eh saka nawawala.
    Come on squatters bring on! Hahhahahhaah mga SQUATTERS na baklang matatandang naagnas ang mukha dahil sa cheap facial cream hahahhahaha
    Ms. Catriona Duling Undin Gray
    Albay, Australia waaahhhhhhj

      • Ikaw ang boss nga mga squatters dito hahhahaha
        Bakla kang naaagnas ang mukha tanda waaaahhhhh

      • Paul Rivera raw magwalis ka na ng parlor mo para makasweldo ka ng 50 pesos mamaya hahahahaha

    • I know a psychologist who can help you. Just reply with your email address or mobile phone number and I’ll be in touch. I’m seriously concerned about your being.

      • I agree. Wag masyadong harsh sa kanya, shes losing it. Baka maglaslas. Dahil lang sa pagkapanalo ni cstriona, nababliw na. She seroiusly needs help. Wala bang kamag anak to? Pakiallalayan naman po sya.






  17. A nice quote from Misso: “From our archives: Social media do have enormous benefits. In the world of pageantry, real-time reporting is now possible because of these tools. But it has also became easy for other people to bully and insult other people.”

    I’ve been a long time fan and follower of this blog for a long time na… pero dumating sa point na super toxic na lang this blog has become. I admit, naging super vocal din ako with my views in the past, pero I never resorted to trolling. Sabi nga ni Bong, “tapos na ang pageant… may mga nanalo na… pointless na ang arguing at nonstop bullying.” Since day 1, sa application, up to now, Cat has been the most criticized and bashed by certain individuals(you guys know who you are) sa blog na to. (Well, that is aside kay Aya na nakareceive din ng bullying, pero it dialed down few weeks ago hanggang it just stopped.) Yes, some KF girls received criticisms din, pero never naging personal attacks… usually about sa shoes and veneers lang which is actually a very constructive lang to help them improve and be better.

    Kay Cat naman sobra na to the point na you are attacking her sa super personal level, basically questioning her existence as a woman. I honestly don’t know what motivates these certain individuals to relentlessly, restlessly continue hating on and being negative towards Cat… insecure ba? Gusto ba nila ma-notice sila ni Cat? O gusto lang talaga mag-troll and inip sa life? Okay lang to be vocal with opinions and views, pero yung paulit-ulit na lang everyday, hindi na healthy.

    To the sane people here na gusto ng healthy discussion, I encourage you all to join the original PTOP facebook page. Parang same lang dito pero may mga moderators, and siyempre it’s facebook so less anonymous troll hiding behind some usernames. Let’s wait hanggang magsawa yung mga trolls here talking to each other until they get tired. Kasi, sa personal experience lang, hindi na healthy ang conversation dito. Sobra na that sometimes you can’t help but lumevel sa pagiging troll nila until you become one too. I tried dipping my toes in their world, pero it’s very tiring, damaging sa soul, sa well-being. I guess…

    That’s all.

    • Are these haters Filipinos? I really don’t get it, why not just support to get more crowns for the country!

  18. My gosh mga matatandang bakla na naagnas sabi OFW daw ako
    Geesh hindi lang pala mga squatter kundi mga ilusyonada ang mga fans ni Undin Duling hahhahahaha come on keep them going!
    Hoy ialagay nyo na yung baon nyong kanin sa plastic dahil may parade na naman sa kalye tapos iiyak iyak na naman sila pag nakita si Ms.Undin hahhaha
    Nasan na kaya yung boss nila sa squatter na nagnakaw ng profile pic ko
    Patay na siguro at naagnas na ang mukha sa cheap cream na nilagay sa face hahhahahaha

    • Cut it out Jeremi. What causes them to be like that is ang gaspang ng ugali mo. Be kind and they’ll be kind to you as well.

    • Isa pang squatterish fan ni Duling Undin hahhahaha
      Sige magsama ka pa nasan na yung ibang squatterish na may baon na kanin na nakaplastic hahhahahaha

      • Fight trash with class daw. Sabihin mo yan sa sarili mo baklang ulol
        Kayong mga squatter ang nagsimula ng kabastosan dito at pagmumura mga squatterish fans ni undin duling hahahahaha #fighttrashwithtrash hahahhaha
        Nasan na mga kasama mong squatter?!

      • HAHAHAHAHAHHA JEREMI, is that how low your life has become? Repeating the same comments over and over again? What’s a matter, can’t think of anything else to say?

        You really are uneducated aren’t you?




        NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!!!!

      • Ayan pa isang squatter na si Ajay aka as Ayesha hahahha
        Bald old screaming faggot in Australia who cant even afford a two-way ticket para mg vacay sa Pinas hahhahahhaha
        Mga squatterish na fans ni Ms. catriona “undin duling” gray hahahhahaha
        Mga iiyak iyak pa hahahhaha ang cheap ng pagkafanatic mga SQUATTER

      • Hoy, bayot! OFW ka na nga, masama pa ang ugali mo, bakla ka pa, it’s no wonder ganyan ang nangyari sayo. Too bad, di ka magkakaroon ng kepyas kasi, BAYOT KA! Lahat na paninira mo sa mga BABAE ay reflection sa insecurity mong maging isang beauty queen at magka-kepyas! Punyeta kang bayota ka! Baka naman fired ka na sa work mo at masyadong babad ka na sa blog na to? Baklang pasosyal, hindi naman ka-Aya2. Mabuti pa si Aya kesa sayo kasi may kepyas yun. Ikaw, wala! Bakla ka lang, na maliit ang self esteem, kasi OFW ka lang, and forever ka na magiging OFW hanggang mamatay ka sa AIDS! Punyeta ka!

      • Ayan full blown na ang pagka SQUATTER geesh sa lengwahe pa lang
        Halatang sa parlor nag ta trabaho hahhahahaha
        Nakakaawa ang squatterish na fan ni ms. undin duling na to
        Hala magwalis na ng mga buhok sa parlor ng may 50 pesos ka mamaya pag uwi mo pambili mo ng baon mo sa parade sa kalye tapos iiyak iyak ka pag nakita mo si Undin na duling hahhahahaha parang yung nakita ko sa video hahhahaha
        Ang chi cheap ng pagka fanatic waaaaahhhhhhjj

    • And then? Kailangan ba para manalo 100% boboto sa iyo. Like, is he an authority on this matter? Expert? To make his view binding. Hirap sa inyong nga De-De-Es, ang bababaw mag-isip.

    • Geesh bkit ganun anlaki ng suso tapos walang pwet parang cutting board lang hahahhahah pano nangyaring best in swimsuit yan hahhahahha

    • Because those two hateful jealous things are unqueenly….they are just simply mean girls. They unapologetic and that’s fine…they are entitled to their opinion just as the rest of us….but they are trying to be relevant when the spotlight is now on Cat.

  19. clapper ito sa MU18
    labas ang ribs
    tamad kasi mag work out
    aasa na lang sa hindi pagkain ng wasto at projections

    • AGAIN, GMW 2.0, ang babaw. May igagaling pa ba bashing skills mo? Wala na bago na may sense? #FightTrashWithClass

  20. Well, it’s just sad na hindi nagkacorona silang dalawa. Sa mga nagsasabing nagpeak na si Samantha Bernardo, malamang kayo rin yung nagsasabing nagpeak na si Jehza at wala nang ibubuga. As for Vickie, I hope she joins again, para balik BBP 2012 ang labanan, Janine vs. MJ, pero most likely baka di na to sasali.

    Siguro may factor rin kasi na sya yung Bb.1, try nyang malipat sa medyo dulo para swertihin. Walang korona usually ang #1 eh, pag unang lumalabas, usually sya yung ginagawang standard and most of the time forgettable. For example, Karen G back in 2012.

    Bernardo’s downfall was perhaps her EG performance. The gown looked too heavy on her, and was very unappealing. I was kind of expecting a gown that reveals and emphasizes her “curves”, sadly it wasn’t taken advantage of. Pasalamat nalang sya she’s 2RU, her SS and Q&A compensated for her score.. 2019, I hope her gown would be 10x sexier but not too revealing.

    • GMW 2.0, ang babaw. May igagaling pa ba bashing skills mo? #FightTrashWithClass

  21. yung ribs nya yung parang mga gutom na
    hayop sa zafari

    ang chaka!

  22. yung ribs ni meow
    parang katulad nung ribs ng mga
    etc na endangered na..

    • @ maggiebeaqueens : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Endangered cattle and fowl? Which species are you referring to? Please share with us.

    • At ikaw? Hybrid ba yang ribs mo na puno ng kabaklaan? May kepyas ka na ba? I’m sure na kahit hindi ka pa endangered, kahit may ribs ka pa, wala ka pa ring kepyas kasi bayot ka! Punyeta ka, Maggie! Puno ka sa MSG.

    • Your bashings are getting boring. Wala na bang igagaling? #FightTrashWithClass

    • sinabi mo pa hahaha, yes Jeremi, Erwann Pierro, maggiebea,gloria, trolss, tc etc etc …HAHAHA!!! mga inggiterang froglets hahahaha di maka move on2x… kala nmn nila ang laking bilang nila kay CAT wala din nmn hahahaha yaan nlng naten cla kasi bka bukas makalawa mamatay cla na inggit na inggit at bitter na bitter hahahahahahahaahahahahah

  23. Nice review ng Latino pageant enthusiast kay Catriona. Sa mga hindi spanish speakers, there is an option for English captions, go kayo sa youtube site mismo. Agree ako sa lahat ng sinabe niya. All positives. One constructive criticism lang is yung sa waist, like most people are saying. I hope Cat’s team consider “rib removal” surgery. Cat has a good figure naman, it’s just that she has a wide torso na can’t be remedied sa workout/gym. Sobrang check na talaga sa lahat ng aspects eh, yun lang talaga ang sinasabe ng foreign pageants fans and filipinos din. I’m saying this as a constructive criticism. All praises and admiration lang ang mga pageant fans all over the world. Isa lang talaga ang negative criticism which is yung body toning and yung waist part.

    • Everyone is saying na she has what it takes to bring home the 4th MU crown for the Philippines. Lahat! Even Thais, Indonesians(na hate na hate tayo. Lol), Latinos… Lahat lang! Siguro yung challenge lang is Cat shouldn’t rest on her laurels… I know naman she wouldn’t kasi super strong ng 2018 MU batch so far. Yun lang talaga. Pero at least, yung problem is body lang which can be remedied. Hindi na eto yung year after year na communication skills and yung determination and hunger na naging problem naten. I’ll just echo what everyone is saying na body lang ang need ng improvement, tapos na ang laban talaga. 😊

  24. May nanalo na kaya support nalang tayo😄
    Di naman PCOS machine ang nagpanalo kay Meowww at wala c Andy Bautista sa panel of judges kaya walang dayaan sa votes🤗
    Kaya shut up na😄OK mga vecksxz
    Huwag ipagpilitan ang manira dahil Di tanggap na Di nanalo ang mga bobobobo at fangit ninyong candidate dahil sinabi ko na noon fa na waley sa Q&A c Pilita Corrales hihihi😄

      • Proud DDS my dear😄
        Talagang ganyan yata ang mga pinoy at ayaw matanggap ang pagkatalo kahit may dayaang ginawa ay Di pa rin matanggap ang pagkatalo kaya pinagpipilitan ang bobobobong candidate para tuloy ang pandaraya, taksil at pagnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan 😄hihihi

      • Bong are you anti-duterte or pro-duterte? Sorry hindi ako updated sa Philippine politics kaya di ko masyado gets yung meaning ng sinasabe mo. Hehe

  25. Whoever is managing Vicki’s career should seize the moment para ma-solidify Yung branding niya with her existing showbiz career!

    Somehow matatandaan siya as a Binibini pero huwag din siyang magpa-petiks-petiks because if one of the titlist wouldn’t be able to compete, siya ang alternative so maganda na ready palagi coz you may never know when the opportunity will knock! And “luck favors the prepared!”

  26. Kaya pala bet na bet ni Bea si Samantha dahil ito yung prettier version nya.

      • True ba yung nude photo ni clenci? May photo sa twitter nakasakay siya sa isang afam na malaki ang chichi…. may video daw soon to release

  27. my predictions
    back to back sa MI as clapper
    back to back sa MU top 10

    next year itong dalawang runnersna up na ito
    will do the same

    • Miss Philippines will win MU, MI, Supra (may transformation mangyayari kay Queen Jehza😄),🤗MIC, Globe and Eva will win also at mababa na ang Top 3 sa MGI😙 hihihi
      Country of the Year 2018 Divahhh mga vacklah😄hihihi

  28. Gosh nagkalat na naman ang SQUATTERISH fans sa baba nitong thread
    Fans ni Catriona “duling undin” Gray
    Sila sila nag uusap at nagbobolahan eh bilang lang naman sila sa daiiri.
    Nasan na kaya yung boss nila sa squatter yung nagnakaw ng profile pic ko at nag create ng account hhahhahahaha nakakaawa sila siguro nasira ang mga utak nila sa kaababang kay Undin Duling sa kalye dahil sa gutom kasi kanin lang baon nila na nakaplastic pa hahhahah
    Inggit daw si miss international kay Catriona “undin duling” Gray mga ilusyonada
    Dream on mga SQUATTER hahhahahhaha

    • at ano ka naman? baklang alipin na nang gagalaigti sa INGGIT sa pagkatalo ? Inggit na inggit sa pagkapanalo ni Cat ng Miss U PH crown at lalong lalo na sa SS at EG? ano hihmatayin knb sa inggit? o bka mamatay na s INGGIT??? hahahahaha MAMATAY KA SA INGGIT GAGO hahahahaha kahit ano pang sabhin mo sa fans ni CAT, never maaapektuhan ung c CAT, bogok ka lang tlaga at d marunong tumanggap ng pagkatalo. hahahahaha INGGITERANG ALIPIN!!!! MAMATAY KA SA INGGIT!!!!!! dream ON!!!! dahil hanggang dream ka nalanmg sa pag iilusyong baka mabawi ang result at pumanig sayo ang pagkakataon at bka SAKALING manalo kna hahahah kaso, hindi ei hahahahahahaha MAMATAY KA SA INGGIT! may parada kau soon hahahaha mga bitter at inggetera hahahahaha

  29. Ladies and Gents, abangan naten soon, magkakaroon ng mahabang parada s EDSA ng mga INGGIT sa pagkapanalo ni CATRIONA, ung di matanggap2 na nanalo ding best in SS, at ung mga di kinaya ang power na lalaban si CAT sa Miss U after her Miss World top 5 finish hahaha regardless if mananalo c Cat or not, CATRIONA is CATRIONA. again sila ang mga BITTER na di kayang tanggapin ang katotohanang talo cla! may Parade sila soon…. hahahahaha!!!!!!! abangan…

    Comment na agad Erwann Pierro, Jeremi at mga trolls! hahahaha

  30. miss scuba tayo mag focus mga beks
    dun maka ka back to back to back win

    • @ maggiebeaqueens : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Sherlyn Doloriel came short (1st RU) of the B2B to Cynthia Madumma last year. But THANKS for bringing this up! Miss SCUBA – Filipinas (and its International counterpart) are, imho, WORTHY of greater attention, with an advocacy more focused than Earth. Best of all, the candidates have the chance to become certified skin divers!

      • Wehhhhh?!!!?di nga veks,,,,, hihihihi pwede din ikaw? O kaya si jeremi?? O kaya si dakilang blogger…..l hihihihhihi cherett ka ever. You hate bonsai because you are a bonsai…… am i right??? Hihihihihi

    • shungak!!! panung back to back win eh 1st RU lang tayo last year sa Scuba…mema lang?

      • yaan mo n yang c maggie dai, wala tlagang alam yan kaya clapper! hahahahaha c bea, nalasing dw tlaga sya kaya lumabas ang ugaling mabaho at di kayang takpan ang issue nya s government nila s probinxa nya… hahahahaha

  31. Message sa mga fans ni Catriona like me. Wag nyu na patulan ang trolling guys, pwede naman patulan ang mga issue eh pero ung trolling di naman kailangan patulan. Humahaba lang ang usapan nyu na wala naman laman puro trolling sa isat isa. Sabagay Catriona is samrt enough para maging affected pa sa mga ganyan! Kayo kayo nageenjoy sa trolling online!! Tuwang tuwa si Bea at Maggie sa inyo!

    • I think u have to listen to everyone
      Her non-fans maybe mean but their input is not without basis
      It’s better for these negativities to come out now when there is still time to correct them
      If Cat is open to both pos and neg opinions , why can’t u.

      • Ohhh Fabian,,, you are exposed fan of cat who like her to improve some parts of her body and other stuffs by bullying her and saying nasty things. You call that reverse psychology…. you are really sylvia or even jeremi because if that is your mentality, i wont be surprised if you are here making bad comments about cat but you really like her and want to improve…., hihihihi

        I think you are psychotic fabian….. if you want someone to improve,,, say it directly!! Dont create fake accounts just so you can bash her and say stupid things about her because you want her to improve…… that is not the right way! Never!! You are only creating chaos and negativity….l

        Stop it! Hihihihi!!! Okay, I don’t like cat…. i admit it….. but i say my words directly,,,,,, if i sa negative comments…. i mean it…….. unlike you,,,,, so many reverse psychology and tortured words…..

        You are sadistic fabian, sylvia…. hihihihi cherett ka fabian…. that’s not goood,,,,,, give the fans and cat a peace of kind of you really love and support her.,… reverse psychology is not the answer….. give honest and genuine constructive criticisms instead,,,,,,

      • 4m, sabi nga ni Cat . Someone’s criticism is a reflection of who he is .
        Now , who is being accused of multiple fake accounts?
        As for me , it had always been Fabian Reyes until a week ago or so when my account stopped working. I had to use a different name to get in .
        Tse hihihi

    • correct…there are people provoking the fans of Catriona. And if the fans retaliate, they take it against Cat…Kaya sa mga fans ni Cat, deadma nlang tayo sa kanila…kumuda sila hanggat gusto nila

  32. Samantha is on peak kaya kinakabahan ako na sumali sya next year at wala na naman crown.
    Vickie has a lot to improve like personality and attitude, sana next year di na siya virgin para madagdagan ang aura nya kasi medyo mabigat pa mga galaw nya!!! Something like Migbelis Catellanos sana during Miss Venezuela at gamitin nya pangalan next year MILAGROSA RUSHTON na lang para latina ang peg!!

  33. Walang kyeme kyeme ang lola SMA nyo. Kahit kulubot na at may eyebags, keri lang, close up kung close up. At peace sya sa sarili nya.

  34. These girls should join again next year. Hopefully by then, they will be formidable contenders for the titles at stake.

  35. Hangga ngayon ba naman putak pa rin ng putak yang mga supporters ng mga talunan? Magsitigil na nga kayo, kahit anong gawin nyo wala na kayong magagawa nakoronahan na ang mga karapat dapat.
    Tigilan na ang pang babash. Kung di nyo kaya umalis kayo dito!!! Mga daga!!!

    • ahahahaha..tama ka putak ng putak….at paulit ulit …hindi matahimik..naku halos isang taon na mabubulabog ang pagkatao ng mga yan..kawawang mga nilalang ahahahahhaha

    • Parang wala naman teh nagpuputak sa post nato ni norman!!! Binasa ko lahat ng comments, parang tanggap naman na ng lahat!

      • wala ka ba sa sarili mo baklah? ahahahahaha…mukhang wala kang kaalam alam sa mga nagyayari dito…o nagtatanga tangahan ka lang..ahahahahahhaa..charlotte!

      • Rushton was among the prettiest that night
        Medyo mataas bewang .. parang nababaduyan ako sa EG presentation niya
        But I would replace Eva or Jehza with her

    • Miss Tissa , have u missed your risperdal?
      U have quite an imagination.
      I have heard anything from Aya’s supporters …. or even Michele’s hahaha

  36. I hope neither of these two is too old to compete in international pageants in 2019… they deserve titles although if Teresita Sen Marquez joins next year, gonna be a tough competition
    There is such a lot of them who definitely should come back, ( Abesamis, Buot, Gamboa, Orais, Angelina Alita, Charmaine Elima, Princess Camu, Sigrid Flores, Rosantonette, Magbitang, Guelos, Katrina Dimaranan)

    • Teresita at Abesamis overage na pati si Orais!
      Dimaranan di na pwede kasi titlist na sya Binibining Pilipinas Tourism 2012.
      Camu and Magbitang kailangan mag enroll ng Call Center course muna mga diosa to eh.
      Enough of Gamboa and Elima na kahit madaling tanong di nasasagot ng maayos!

    • Magbitang should be next yr ‘s MIP . Smart daw academically so she can memorize her speech well. She should not compete at MU If our goal is to win a crown . Based on her interviews, it will take a lifetime for her to straighten her tongue .

  37. Both pretty ladies!!!! It’s not their time though….but I hope the join again next year……I’m hoping Sandra joins….Elima (she looks modern with that’s short hair!!!!). Hmmmm who else needs to join…..wishful thinking Maureen Montage (Miss Arizona USA!!!!!).

  38. I love these TWO ladies😍
    They should try again next year
    Samantha B can be Bbp Universe
    Vicky R can be our next BbP international
    Both girls were charming and articulate
    They gave a very good answer in the Q n A
    I didn’t like the cape of Samantha’s gown
    It covered the shape of her beautiful BODY.

  39. In keeping with the new tradition of having their own “coronitas”, the Runner-Ups must, imho, now be given as well MORE exposure by placing them at the forefront of social media support campaigns for their Queen sisters. They should not merely be “spare tires” that crop up only if someone backs out.

    Rushton I feel badly for, in particular. She was, along with the Gray Cat, one of the FEW candidates that CONSISTENTLY caught the eye of foreigners, on BOTH sides of the Pacific “Pond”. If those rumors last year of the “Seventh Crown” do materialize finally, I hope BPCI will appoint her as rep.

    • Speaking of 7 crowns, share ko lang ang ranking of titles ng Miss India sa Femina at Diva pageants last year….

      Winner – Miss India World
      1st RU – Miss India United Continents
      2nd RU – Miss India Intercontinental
      3rd RU – Miss India Grand International
      Winner – Miss India Universe
      1st RU – Miss India Supranational

      kaloka dabah ambaba ng ranking ng MGI sa kanila hahahahha

      • @ Baklah : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Thanks for sharing! If Angkol wants an upgrade, he simply needs to crown India this year! I personally thought India’s reps in the last two editions of MGI were BEAUTIFUL – Indo-Aryan, like Aishwarya Rai (read : fair-skinned, chiseled facial bone structure, and hourglass figure).

        There must be a valid reason why SMA has not taken United Continents in. Despite WIDE speculation that this was the rumored title, and on the wings of Jeslyn Santos’ STUNNING victory two years back.

  40. Oh geesh bakit may picture si SMA kasam si 1st runner up oh gosh magwawala na naman ang mga SQUATTERISH na Catriona fans dahil bakit hindi si Catriona ang kasama hahhahaha
    Binigyan na naman ng masamang interpretation sige go squatterish fans murahin nyo n yan ang magwawala at sabihin palitan na sya bilang chairperson ng BBPCI
    Go go go go!!! Sinisiraan nya ang idol nyong mukhang Undin na duling bwahahahahaha
    All the fake jeremis should come out now and all the squatterish Catriona fans out there. Show the world the Universe rather kung gaano kayo ka squatterish hahahahhah

    • Jereming baklang sawi at di pa nakakatikim ng luto ng Dios.

      Eto… something to aspire for. At kung wala pang pumapatol sa yo kahit na bayaran mo, mamatay ka na lang na baklang tigang.


      • @ Andrew : Good morning/evening/afternoon, tucayo.

        Grabeh! Hahaha! You swallow?!

    • Maka squatter naman itong si Jeremi.
      Naging OFW lang, nag feeling alta na.

      • He is a homeless creature….kaya laging may “squatterish” thingy na sinasabi…ewww nakakadiring baklang pangit…so “kalyeish”! char ahaha

    • Your comment is always a reflection of your ownself! Squatterish? That defines your whole, entire being. I don’t need to ellaborate further. May you find that inner peace. Perhaps by then, maybe only then you will find the true meaning of your own word. Because that is the totality of your existence!

    • Your comment is always a reflection of your ownself! Squatterish? That defines your whole, entire being. I don’t need to ellaborate further. May you find that inner peace. Perhaps by then, maybe only then you will find the true meaning of your own word. Because that is the totality of your existence!

    • Ayan na sila andadami nila mga 3 hahahahhaha
      Mga squatterish Catriona Fans eeeeww eh mukhang duling na undin naman
      Come on keep them coming mga squatter show the world the universe rather kung gaano ka squatterish ang mga fans ng MW reject and soon to be MU biggest clapper and the most hates Binibini ever hahhahaha
      Naiinngit daw ang isang Miss International sa kanya hahhahaha dream on squatters

      • Jeremi , it’s obvious that Bea is missing the limelight .
        She’s so 2013 . It’s now 2018.
        But she has a right to an opinion…. prob more than most of us … because she was right in there … she still is

      • Ang OFW na nakaapak lang sa ibang bansa, nag feeling alta na sa kapwa Pinoy.

  41. ive been meaning to say this, pero hindi ko talaga mapinpoint kung alin. Pero there seems to be something wrong with Vickie’s face nung coronation night. Parang may something na namamaga. Idk if make up lang ba or what, pero may iba talaga. Mas sanay ako sa look nya jan sa pic na katabi nya si SMA

  42. Bakit pag di tungkol kay Cat ang topic, walang nagcocomment?

    • Gloriamoranw, what’s your intention for asking that question? Gusto mong pag-awayin ang mga fans ni Cat at fans ng ibang candidates? Do you really want to go to hell?

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