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  1. I am still sad that Michelle Gumabao got the Binibining Pilipinas Globe title. The lowest among the titles being given. I wish BPCI should just given her a runner up placement so she can join again next or give her the better titles like Miss International or Supranational. Given that Michelle is a complete package Pretty, Tall, Articulate and has a pleasing personality to back it all up. Anyway what happen is already done and I will still support Michelle in her fight in Miss Globe. I hope she will win the title of Miss Globe.

  2. What a waste. She should have just gotten runnerup . That gown was hideous .

    • In her IG stories now, she mentioned that she had to change gowns halfway through the competition. I wonder what the original gown was and I wonder why she had to change.

  3. #hypepamore wud be more apt..next to aya, Michelle was another candidate heavily hyped to win a major major crown…

  4. A higher placement for MG is in my prayer..but for now,I am very happy she was crowned.. she is honestly way better than the other queens,height,brain etc..pero sige na nga lang.. malay natin mag Mag Miriam Q or Jewel Lubaton nga eto..:) feel q kasi talaga,ang bagay kay Mich ay korona ng isa sa mga
    BIG 4..for now at least malakas ang panlaban sa Miss Universe and,ok,sa Ms.Globe.. pati sa MGI.. 👑 so God bless Ph!

  5. Congratulations to my vet #Spikeforthecrown. Kahit Globe ang korona mo eh I will support you all the way 🙂

    I’m just really sad for her evening gown. It’s look ok from afar but oh my it looked like a yellow leathery plastic-ky in close up. She could have worn her instagram photo gowns than this. And this is the same designer who dressed Jennifer Hammond. 😦

    By the way, there is nothing wrong with her answer Lola Normans. She answered it with conviction and she addressed the issue head-on.

    • Same sentiments!!! Medyo mataas expectation ko since it’s a Nat Manilag creation. naloka ako.. mas bet ko pa yung kay edj!

      • In her IG stories now, she mentioned that she had to change gowns halfway through the competition. I wonder what the original gown was and I wonder why she had to change.

  6. I like her overall performance, towering height, the gown, the hairstyle, the q&a. She suits the Bb. Globe title. But facially she is not that striking, bordering to being a plain jane.

  7. well deserved, top 5 prospect in MG 2018 ! She does have a Miriam Quiambao angle

  8. Very Miriam Q ang peg during finals night. From the gown to the hairstyle.. congrats MG!

    I think the better hashtag is #MG4MG

  9. Hey there! The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here.


    That’s all. Bye!

  10. Panget naman tito NOrms yung suggestion mo na hashtag…ewan ko di ko feel!!!

    • mas bet ko ang #theMICHglobe at #MICHGlobe. parang yung sa ig din, kaloka chaka ng hashtag for cat.. #MUning walang relevance lakas maka salingkit. mas bet ko pa ung sa isa, CAT4U

  11. It is a rarity in the Philippines for a top Varsity player to transform herself into a winning beauty queen in a matter of days. I was silently wishing she wins the MU plum, but obviously bowed out to more experienced veterans in the beauty derby. Her back story should have been perfect for MU or MW: an
    inspiring story of leading her university to volleyball supremacy and sharing her playing skills to aspiring young girls in her Volleyball Clinic advocacy– while sustaining her academic standing in the Dean’s List. While that is now “water under the bridge”, so to speak, I now look forward for her to unleash her winning “kills” to spike for the MG crown.

    • Her evening gowm was a downer. It emphasized her thick trunk.
      I think the Q&A round saved her.

      Athletes turned beauty queens aren’t new in MU and MW.

  12. Well, her answer will only offend the journalists who practice fake news and rely on the frenzy of sensationalism for notoriety.

    Those journalists who excerise integrity in their craft should not be offended.

    Michelle answered her question directly, clearly and with knowledge of the issue. What else do we want?

    Congratulations Michelle! Enjoy your year!

    They know who they are.

  13. granted winning the miss globe philippines crown
    is a great accomplishment, this young lady still has so much
    potential…soooo much!

  14. SHE looks better on that black jumpsuit and white floral meshed mermaid gown….it’s hard to wear yellow especially if it’s the wrong shade of yellow. This yellow gown in particular is not flattering. Love the silhouette of the gown but it’s the wrong shade for Michelle. Remember Ara’s Yellow gown??? That was a nice yellow gown 🤗🤗🤗

  15. Ohhh common Norman do not be a part of the mainstream PR propaganda media of the oligarch who is making a fool of Filipinos for a long time. What Michelle stated was the TRUTH.

    Bwahaha a slap on their faces. Reporters are employees. They are not free to publish what they want. They are at the mercy of the owners propaganda. No freedom to to their own bidding.

    Only thing to say is what Miss Gumabao said is true nothing but truth.

    • To Michelle, thank for saying the TRUTH.

      Reporters are paid propagandist. Most. Only a handful with principle and integrity intact.

      • Parang sinabi mo na rin na nauto ka ni Meowww, bobofakeVP, saba queen, trollanes, kargadorMar,kikomatsing, ninoycostplayer, hontivirus,etc etc 😄hihihi

  16. That was a bad answer for Michele but her nice delivery and cheering of her fans made it NOT obvious. It was just funny that it was Ces Drilon who asked her.

    Moving on – I am happy that Michele got Globe and she is still very enthusiastic about it.

  17. She is such a beauty! Congratulations in winning BbP Globe 2018, Michelle!

  18. In her interviews, you would feel that she has contentment with her placement. She does not sound bitter that she did not get International or Universe. I love how spontaneous she is when she talks, and I am loving her more. Like I said here, I am seeing a Miss Globe crown on Michele’s head. I will rally behind her victory.

    My hashtag for her is #MG4MG. Go, Michele!

  19. She deserves a better title. But who knows? It happened in 1999 when Miriam who was supposed to be the Philippines’s representative to the Miss World got an upgrade and was sent to the Miss Universe pageant. Anything can happen in a blink of an eye.

    • Next step up would be intercon
      Karen may resign
      But is it really an upgrade for this beauty and brains ?
      She needs to join MWP or MEP

      • Nah, one shot deal lang yan. Baka in 2 years time mag anchor woman na rin yan sa Bb. like Nichole Cordovez. Actually she’s doing sports reporting on the side kaya easy peasy lang sa kanya ang ganung work.

      • Karen Gallman doing courtside reporting? I think it’s actually Ganiel Krishnan. Magkamukha lang sila 🤔🤔

      • Karen Gallman doing courtside reporting? Si Ganiel Krishnan ata, magkamukha sila. 🤔

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