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    • tapos ung post nya noh after winning na tinukoy nya din c Cat, although ala nmang masama sa sinabi nya peo mjo maypagka konek2 hahaha…qng di nya tlaga feel, e give up nlng nya para makuha ni Vickie charrrrrrrrrrrrrr hahaha!

      • I saw the IG post of Karen and she wasn’t very malicious with her post, but she mentioned about Cat being Ms. World (she wasn’t)………hopefully that was just a typo because we all know that she did not win the Ms. World crown. 🙂

  2. Not a big fan of Jehza and Karen…

    I always knew Ahtisa would win the international crown… her big-eyed doll like features, her long sexy body and very charming personality could at least bag a runner-up placement in the Japan based pageant.

    Last night proved that Eva is almost the total package… it is only her Asian 5 head proportion that makes her beauty quite unconventional for pageantry but her beautiful face, skin and curves totaly makes up for it… Not to mention, the girl is inteligent and talented. An academic achiever who’s a nursing grad and a law student… Wow!

    And last but not the least….
    Only business politics would prevent her from winning the biggest international pageant…. But I know she would give her all and establish that she is indeed without a doubt the most desserving to be crowned Miss Universe 2018! 😀

    • Gallman’s question is quite hard to answer because there is no right or wrong answer and it’s an opinionated question. She tried not to deliver an answer that will definitely offend one particular group of people or offend one conservative religion group that is against LGBT, so she simply answered that question with what she think is proper at the moment. Even here in the US, the topic of transgender and having a separate restroom for them is still hotly debated. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

      • Booba paren sya kasi insensitive nya sa answer nya!!! Her reasoning is very TRANSPHOBIC!!!!! pinakita niya na ayaw nya makasama ang mga transgenders sa iisang restroom. Bakit? sisilipan ba sya? ibig sabihin hindi siya comfortable sa mga transgenders at kahit CR man lang pagdamot nya pa!!!!! Sana pag buntis tong si Gallman ma experience nya maihi sa daan at walang may gustong magpagamit ng CR sa kanya!!!!

      • Why 3rd bathroom ? Doesn’t she know that there is a MALE transgender and there is a FEMALE transgender. So it should be 4 bathrooms ? LOL

    • Halos complete copy and paste ang sagot ni Eva from Nadine Lustre. Sapat na recognition ibigay kay Nadine Lustre. dont take credit for someone else’s intelligence Eva. In short BPCI, ibigay ang korona kay Nadine Lustre. At para sa karamihan dito na hibang, ang pasarela ay pwede aralin habang ang katalinohan ay hindi. Magsaya kayo ngayon sa kahibangan niyo. Siguradohin niyo lang na papanindigan niyo ang mga putak niyo ngayon pagdating sa panahon na mapahiya tayo sa pandaigdig na timpalak at tawaging bobo ang mga Pilipino.


    • Whats her answer ba? I thought she said she is okay with another restroom for trans..

      Anyway mukhang bopols tong si galman.

      • sabi niya dapat daw may ibang restroom kaming mga trans para may privacy daw ang mga tunay na babae at lalaki….

      • I thought she said so everyone has privacy, i actually agree na may sari sariling toilet for men women and trans, i felt its giving importance to the third sex if they are alloted their own space in an eatablishment may it br restaurant, mall or offices.

  4. #nohate #justsaying.. why is Ms Gray sport always a fake smile? #nohate #justasking..#congrats though still possible top15placement finish. #recylced#nohate #justsaying.

    • Hi Luffy. You know what’s funny and ironic about your reply? You repeatedly said #nohate but the content is full of sarcasm and hatred towards Catriona. What’s with the hashtags recycled and just saying. Sometimes, people should just learn to STFU when they do not have anything good to say.

    • ANo Luffy Ninang didnt grant your wish!? Try it with santa baka pagbigyan ka!

    • give it up already Luffy!!! you guys don’t have it!!!! STFU!!!!!! loser!!!!! hahahaha char lungs!!!

  5. O asan na mga bashers ni Cat? sila jeremi, gloria, etc? ang rurunong nyo kc…na kesyo overhyped si Cat at predictable. Na kesyo pangit katawan at pageant patty sumagot. Na kesyo mukhang umaarte lang. Na kesyo bet ni SMA si Gumabao at Aya kaya maliligwak si Cat.Na kesyo makakarma si Cat …..may nagkatotoo ba sa mga pinagsasabi nyo? Nilimpaso lang tlga ni Cat mga kalaban nya kagabi. Lahat ng major awards sa kanya napunta. At higit sa lahat ang dami nyang supporters sa Araneta !!! sige simulan nyo ng mapahiya !!! ano kayo ngayon ha?! bwahahahahaha

  6. Truly deserving winners. loving the new crowns, 10X more better than the old one. not too big and very classy design.

    • It’s nice to see new crowns! They are not too big and well proportioned on the head. I just wish that they could have designed each crowns differently. They almost look identical….stlll a good upgrade!

  7. To be honest with you guys, di porke okay na yung sagot, deserving na ng higher crown placement. Ilang percent lang yun. You also have to take SS and LG performance into consideration.

    I think a lot of you especially yung mga nakapanood in person would agree, that Michele didn’t stood out on the first parts of the pageant. She looks pretty average compared to other girls. Nilamon sya ng buhay bes! It’s a curse na magkasunuran sila ni Cat. Pasalamat nalang sya she had Globe. She’s basically at Sandra’s mercy, who, if not given an irrelevant, absurd, useless question, would bag at least a minor crown.

    Lesson learned, these girls should train to answer Q&A not just on the things that they know, but how to get around questions unfamiliar to them. I admire your humility Sandra! Hope to see you joining next year.

    *Catrionaaaaaaa! Congrats! Love your earring/earclamp/earpiece, I dunno what’s that called. Fancy!

    *Ahtisa – my gosh. Sobrang ganda ni gurl! I didn’t expect that you’d perform well. Age is just a number, and you’ve proven yourself mature and poised. Pak!

    *JEHZAAAAAA – I was literally screaming when you won. Sa wakas! Styling was on point!!!! Pinatunayan mong sa kanila na may ibubuga ka pa. So pretty.

    *Eva – Ok lang yan girl. Bagay na bagay ka sa MGI! Though I heard na di ka daw bet ni nawat, at least be a runner up and we’re already proud!

    *Karen – Diffuclt question. Not that she’s not eloquent. It’s a very sensitive topic. Might be a headline if she said at least a single offensive word. So I can see your hesitation last night answering. Totally understandable. Heard to the grapevine, ikaw ang number 3. Sayang.

    *Samantha – Was not expecting that you’re the 2RU. Whyyyyyy. Consistent ka naman through out. Siguro you hadn’t stood out I guess. Join next year!

    *Vickie – Soyong. But well deserved okay na yan. 25 ka palang naman. Sooooo. Laban laban kayo nina Samantha at Sandra next year.

    Love the theme this year. Napanindigan nila na art. And super sketchy lang kasi yung intro ni Aya, focused sa art. Akala nya siguro bebenta. Hahaha. Jk. Kudos to BBP for upholding their integrity. Good show!

      • Same reaction here arawgabby😭 was she possesed or something! Weird answer or masyadong babad sa showbiz updates c wynona

    • I don’t think the question to Sandra was irrelevant. Build Build Build, amidst its stupid, stupid, stupid and redundant name, is a multibillion-dollar ambitious infrastructure project by the government. Although I agree with the absurd and useless parts, and you can also add the word unfair to it while we’re at it. Lol. And it’s also a tad self-serving, knowing that the judge, Mr. Saavedra, who asked the question to Ms. Lemonon is from Megaworld Corporation and Build Build Build is a public-private partnership. Oh well, just my two cents.

      And yes, I would love to see Sandra Lemonon to join again to prove herself worthy of a crown.

      • Slight correction: Mr. Saavedra is not from Megaworld, he is from Megawide.

        Malas lang si Sandra. I am 99% sure most of the other girls would not know about that initiative as well. It was just unfortunate she was picked by that judge.

    • I think Catriona’s earrings are a bit cheesy and too much. With that stunning face, she needs small jewellery. Even thou she knew, she’s gonna win. Her reaction is authentic.

  8. Dear Sylvia,

    Do the world a favor and drink a bottle of muriatic acid.

    #justsaying #nohate

    • U r sadistic , Gloria.
      Why would I subject myself to a painful death ?
      I’m sure the world would be delighted to keep me around .
      What bat you with your foul mouth?

      • Judging from all the thumbs down on your comment, I think people would be more delighted to see you six feet under.

  9. I believe that this is the most satisfying edition of BBP on terms of winners. Production-wise, it is a downgrade from last year’s. Like, akala ko TV ko yung umaalog sa dingding at first then realizing sa camera pala may problem. Hosts? I miss Toni’s and KC’s hosting.

    Vickie. I was not expecting her to place at all but she performed well last night. But looking at her performance, I see her as the inverse of Chanel’s performance. Should Vickie wants to rejoin next year, a little bit of energy on stage might help to get a crown.

    Michelle. My heart bleeds for her. I was surprised when she got called as BBP Globe. She was my alternate for Cat in MUP. Styling-wise, I was disappointed specially with her gown. Nevertheless I was happy with her reaction when she got called for the title. It was like, “Ay. Globe lang. Pero keri na at least may crown” face. So I guess she kinda expected for it but IMO she should’ve placed higher than Globe. Beauty-wise, I see pattern for Globe. Classic pinay morena beauty.

    Karen. She performed within expectations but her Q and A? I dropped my hopes that she will get any crowns this year. Was surprised when she won a crown despite faltering in Q and A. IMHO, runner up should be her highest placement this edition. But who knows, she could give us the first MIC crown. Same with Globe I can also see pattern on the national winners. Janson-Mcgarry-Hammond-Rodriguez-Gallman.

    Eva. She was under my radar. But she has this “kudaera” vibes that makes her fit with the crown. With her performance on stage minus the Q and A, she is a miles behind from Shah, Cordoves, and Clenci. She could try adding some spice on her performance and a sure placement might be on hand for MGI

    Jehza. I literally had a mini heart attack when she got called for a crown! Gurl your hard work paid off! Good thing she had a different fate from other three timers.

    Ahtisa. Her beauty might get us the 7th crown. She has this dollish face that I’m sure the Japanese would like. Polishing her personality will surely raise the chances of her winning MI.

    Catriona. A well expected win from Catriona! I was wrong when I said before that she has this MW aura. Her aura screams MU now! This year’s MU will be the most nerve wracking edition ever. With Gray’s participation, I can foresee that there will be another world war if ever Gray places below the MU title itself.

    Other notes. Sandra’s boo boo on Q and A may serve a lesson to future aspirants. I don’t blame her for not answering the question. I actually commend her for what she did last night. Not all girls can do what she did – admitting one’s lack of knowledge in the topic. That would be a courageous thing to do specially infront of millions of viewers. But things would have been better if she continued answering and tried to construct answer basing on the context of “build” and “governnent”. Nevertheless, she should consider joining again next year.

    This year’s batch is one of the most competitive batches. It could be a repeat of 2011 and 2013 editions. Numerous crowns and placements from the contestants in the international stage.

    The crown was a surprise. Everyone’s been complaining on the old crowns but the change of crowns last night was overshadowed by Cat’s participation in BBP. I hope Norman would post a special regarding the new set of crowns

    • I agree 10000% with everything you said, except sa “a repeat of 2011/2013.” Analyzing how the non-filipino pageant enthusiasts around the world are reacting to our new queens, this could be a 2.0 upgrade of 2015… or we will make history and 2018 will be our most victorious year. Beauty wise, super potential winners sina Cat, Ahtisa, and Karen… Mich, Jehza, and Eva naman need a bit of tweaking here and there and pag nahanap nila yung perfect look and aura for them, they could alos place super high and even win!! Super optimistic ako this year. 😊


      • Hi Angela Reyes. I do not know what your problem is but at least my comment is constructively made and opinions that are not offensive unlike yours. Your comment is saying a lot about you and I think you should make your own hate blog, not here throwing garbage in someone else’s blog.


      • If you’re calling me bobo, I don’t know what else to call you 😏😏😏😏 Let’s just keep discussions here healthy, okay?

    • Leche to! Sabi mo most satisfying in terms of “winners” pero dami mong kuda kesyo ganyan o ganito? Matulog ka muna. Parang lasing ka pa from last night. Hahaha

      • Hahaha Thank you for pointing that out. I was still overwhelmed last night from the results as to why there was inconsistency in my comment, add to that my personal thoughts and feelings. Well, I’ll be more lenient to my comments next time to avoid such inconsistencies. Lovelots 😚

    • We mostly have the same thoughts about the coronation night. I didn’t like the framing/position of the cameras. There were instances when the frame was just too close to their private parts. I feel like seeing the ‘line.’ I hope ABS-CBN saw this and improve next time.

      About the results, I also feel for Michelle. Her to Ms. Globe is like a reminiscent of Ann Colis. I think both of them are MU materials.

      I also thought Samantha and Wynona performed better than Karen and Eva.

      I’m happy for Jehza. She will do well in Supra.

      Lastly, I think the Philippines will win MU and MI this year.

  10. Felicitaciones, Catriona!

    Estoy muy Feliz por ti!

    If former Miss World alumni (Michelle McLean, Angela Visser, Mpule Kwelogabe & Georgina Rizk) were able to do it, you can do it too! They are remnants of the past now but you are the new paradigm! Good luck on your journey!

  11. All winners and runners-up are all worthy and deserving.

    However, Sandra Lemonon won my heart. Her honesty and humility is her crowning glory. That in and of itself is priceless!

    • actually si Sandra ang nakikita kong biggest threat to Catriona last night…until she messed up her chances in the Q&A….sayang…join again next year

      • She didn’t mess up, she was just a victim of a poorly-made question from a pageant-clueless judge.

  12. My final thoughts:

    1. Catriona deserved her crown. Preparation for Miss U starts now. Although I don’t think IMG will give the crown to an Asian girl this year, I think she’s a shoo-in for a runner up placement.
    Her gown though: It looks like Ariadna Gutierrez Miss U gown. As in almost exactly the same (the designer just changed the shape of the bosom part). Kinda disappointed with Mak Tumang actually.

    2. Ahtisa Manalo – Also deserved her crown. She was glowing on stage and gave one of the more responsive answers to the question asked of her.

    3. Jehza Huelar – She was beautiful last night. But honestly? Her answer was so-so. I don’t know how important Q&A is sa Supra pageant, but she still needs to brush up on her Q&A skills.

    4. Eva Patalinjug – I hate hate hate her Q&A answer. So rehearsed and so not responsive to the question. Hay naku.

    5. Karen Gallman – She got a tough question, and she answered it the worst way one could possibly answer it. I was surprised she got a crown.

    6. Michele Gumabao – I honestly thought she and Jehza should have switched crowns. Great showing for a first timer, her Q&A answer was the best IMO.

    7. Samantha Bernardo – Another girl with a pageant patty answer. Hay naku.

    8. Vickie Rushton – Girl, you deserved better. You should have been given the crown of Ms. Gallman.

    Best Q&A answers for me (gusto ko yung responsive sa question, kahit hindi articulate masyado):

    Worst Q&A answers for me (aside from the obvious two):

    tama na ang memorize, ladies!

    Lemonon got a tough question, and probably almost all of those girls would not have known how to answer that as well. Tough luck talaga. Anjame: poor girl. That was also a tough question to handle.

    • It’s all good………..your assessment was on point. Patalinjug girl was very rehearsed but she delivered what the audience wanted to hear………Gallman was ok but she did the same thing back in 2012…….she got nervous and rather answered her question with brief response.

      • Gallman’s answer was not ok. It was actually very offensive on some level.

        Men and women need their privacy? The implication of that statement re: transgenders bothers me. And to think this is a relatively easy question to answer kasi you know that it’s something you can prepare for (unlike Sandra’s question). Dapat si Vickie na lang talaga.

      • ANO problema niyo sa sagot ni EVA? syempre nag training yung tao, may mga mock q and a talaga sa bawat camps eh sa kung matalino lang talaga siya at articulate, paki niyo ba? sa tagal na ni EVA sa beaucon scene marami ng alam yan.


      • Parang ewan to. Kaya nga opinion ko yan eh. I don’t agree with the placement of winners except for Catriona and Ahtisa. Obviously the judges disagreed with me. If you can’t respect others’ opinions, sorry that’s not my problem.

      • Sorry it’s not my problem anymore!
        It’s your problem anymore!

        – MMarquez

    • Eto na naman ang conspiracy theories. 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

    • Another leche comment! Just celebrate, ok? Daming kuda may masabi lang.

  13. Right from the very it was Queen Cat, confirmation na lang. I just felt Michelle deserves a higher crown. Based on the QnA performance alone, Karen gave a weak answer considering English is her dialect. Vicky should have been in her place…I also felt Wynonah should be in the winning circle too.

  14. Bet niyo ba yung 20 carat diamond sa middle ng crown. Lol 😂 I would gladly make a donation/ambag(and sure ako may mga pinoy na gays na willing din) if BPCI will setup a gofundme page para sa mga crowns. Why not diba? Hindi naman kailangan super expensive!llook yung sa thai ang gaganda ng crowns nila kahit simple lang. Pero, siguro… this is a good sign narin that BBP is finally listening to the fans. 😊

    • It looks like someone just bought a crystal pendant from the craft store and hot glued it on a plastic crown lol. Still somewhat better than the old crowns tho so it’s all good!

    • That lovely ear piece was very unique and smartly worn. Go queen Catriona!!!

    • #nohate#justsaying.. Fake smile again and again? she should answer the question of ces drillon. Good to her personality #nohate #justsaying

  15. Congratulations to the queens, si nawat 7:30 pa lang nasa araneta na. I’m a fan of eva and I’m proud of her to have mgip. Face of bininbini Her advocacy is to help the abused children which is also anti violence.
    So happy for jehxa. Kahit di ko sya ganun ka bet I could feel she is bursting w happiness nakakaiyak .malamang Ang saya ni bongabels. Happy ako sa results though sana nagplacesi wynona. And bernardo should join again. galing nila
    I saw Mitch wore a red gown during rehearsals mas maganda than the yellow
    Cat you made my manang(nanny) a proud bicolana.she teared up
    Great and fair placement

    • Yes. Agree with Samantha Bernardo very regal last night. Nagulat din ako 2nd RU lang

    • Jackiey12, I was not a fan of michelle’s. I am now . She should been the MGI or a runner up to be groomed as MUP 2019 . What a waste !Except for a little body fat , she looked amazing .
      I wanted Wynona to be MUP MI of MGIP . But she can join next yr .
      Unlike u , I am not a big fan of Eva’s . I nterestingly she sounded really good last night . And if u think hard, her answer was actually related to the question . I hope she works on her body .Her shoulders alone are not very BQ’ish .


      • Hi Sylvia, eva loves to read and she really have a convincing way of delivering her thoughts which some thinks as memorized. I was a fan coz ang ganda ng mukha in person poreless skin, Eva even won ms photogenic. I also like viki face.
        Gumabao for me is best in q and a.followed by eva .norman said before mgip is nawats pick.si angkol Ang aga aga wala pa ganung crowd nandun
        Nagagandahan ako kay mitch and wynona(very ruffa g) last night.

      • @Jackie, what was exactly the question that Mich Gumbao got? I thought she was asked what SHE could do to stop fake news proliferation, but what she answered sounded like what media could do.

  16. Bakit ganon? Eva is not short naman pero she looks super small compared to the 5’6” girls na kagaya niya? I’m confused!

  17. Eto yung tunay na darkhorse. Most were not expecting her to get the 2nd to the highest crown… but she freaking delivered! Fabulous swimsuit and evening gown presentation! Tapos sa q and a, she captivated the hearts of the judges and the audience with her adorably endearing way of delivering this heartfelt answer ⬇️ I hope the MIO will see that she is worthy of that 7th MI crown for the Philippines! Kaya ba naten i-tie and surpass ang Venezuela in the next 5😭 years? 🤞🏻😍

    • 5 years*** kairita yung emoji lol! Yung mga indogs insecure na sakaniya, meron pa side by side picture nung MI representative nila. haha!!

      • Kayang-kaya. She has the face and the wide eyes that the Japanese would appreciate.

    • Impressed with her ability to overcome nerves…and concluded with a very strong response.

      High five Ms. Manalo!

  18. I feel sad for Sandra not bagging a crown but it is not the end for her. I hope she joins Bb. Pilipinas again. Found this IG story of her cheering for Cat.

    Congratulations again to all the lovely queens!

    • Aww ang sweet ni Sandra!!! Hope she joins again and ‘build’ on this ‘Build Build Build’ brand! ‘I Built my Knowledge on ‘Build Build Build’ and now I’m gonna make sure I Win Win Win!’ 🍋

      • That’s so sweet of her. Didn’t they compete back in 2016 Ms. Philippines World??? Also, i felt bad for her honest answer……………it was truthful but as a public figure/beauty candidate who are representing your country, it is expected of you to know your country’s domestic issues………try again next year Sandra. You’re lovely!!!!

    • I feel bad for Sandra. It was an unfortunate question, but I thought she carried herself well. I share your sentiment, I also hope she joins again. I see her as either an Intercontinental or a Supranational contender.

    • sandra,
      i’ve always liked her
      but she really won my heart
      with her character

    • Sandra’s Q&A performance has so far, generated sympathy, instead of heckling, from the people here and rightfully so because the question was challenging to begin with and Sandra showed humility – she admitted she wasn’t at all familiar with the topic and did not attempt to bullshit her way through the question, which would not have gained traction or a crown. Sandra’s question should challenge her, other aspirants/would be repeaters, and even us average joes to read up because we will never know if that one interview question that will determine whether a pageant finalist gets a crown or a job applicant lands a dream post. I wish Sandra the best in her endeavors. 2019, perhaps?

      • Yes yes yes…..she was honest and stay true to herself……..that’s one quality that a real beauty queen should possess!!!! SANDRA FOR 2019……..Ms. Earth too if she wanted to compete 🙂

    • How sweet of Sandra applauding and cheering for Cat ! I love her honesty as she handles her Q & A ! That to me was humility. Yes I hope she joins again next year ! I love her to the moon and back 🙂

    • If Sandra decides to join a future edition of BBP, I’ll be part of her “Lemonade Army.” 😁🍋

    • Have you noticed the guy na nag-aabot ng flower, bumeso din kat Cat after winning kasi sya yung bf ni Sandra

  19. So so so happy with the results!

    Ahtisa was the surprise of the night for me cos I was thinking SMA might want to give her more time to ‘mature’, and place Eva as MI (cos kahit di nya sinagot yung tanong, nag-speech sya and was actually good at it hahaha). Also thought Vickie would get Globe—sayang, her performance was strong!

    Disappointed with Gallman! Anong ‘privatization’? Wrong choice of words and context, ano ba. Even if she said ‘for right to privacy’ (privatization means a public entity being bought and managed by a private one), hindi naman privacy ang issue, it’s equality.

    Missed Wynonah though. I thought her answer was on point. But I guess too candid?

    Sandra, ohhhh, Sandra. Sayang. I’m not sure how the results would have been different in her case :\

    A fourth Miss Universe crown may not be ‘logically possible’ due to this continental business scheme but I BELIEVE in Catriona Gray so much that she’ll put up an incredible fight and bend the rules of business and competition. She’s IT!

    And now, we have a new court—LET’S SUPPORT THEM QUEENS!!! Yay! Ang gagaling nila!

  20. Richard was a great host . Pia was better than last yr . And Nicole was flawless .
    I hope all three of them return next yr .

    Congrats to Cat.
    Now, Let’s get your body ready for MU 2018.
    And pls don’t forget to watch the past editions of MU And other pageants . What if u encounter the same situation as Sandra Lemonon or Maria of Thailand ? What’s the best course of action ? Should u ask the judge to explain the question or what ? I hope we get the answer to this question before MU 2018.

    I wish Sandra had said … I’m not familiar with that program Build x 3 but …here’s my thought . Telling the judge I don’t know and just leave is not the best way to deal with it . But who can blame her ? Hope Sandra joins next yr .

    • how could Sandra have shared her thoughts about program build when she actually didn”t know anything about it? It would’ve been a great disaster had she come up with an answer without knowing the topic. At least she was honest!

      • Agree! Although naisip ko sana ginawa nyang suggestion yung situation nya instead haha tipong ‘The Gov’t must do its part in encouraging participation from its citizens because this project seems to be promising but not everyone is completely aware of it, and that includes me. At the same time, citizens must also do their part in nation-building by educating ourselves with issues and challenges and be part of a greater solution.’ Charrrrrrrot lang!! Pero diba para may course of action at accountability 😅

        Pero rooting for Sandra if she joins next year 🍋 magaling sya, luck of the draw lang talagaz

      • Joy., I understand and it’s unfair
        But may be she should just expound on the word ‘build’ in relation to her person , the pageantry , or the economy . I’m sure she’ll hit the right answer somewhere .
        I know it’s easie said than done …. especially when u r standing there in front of thousands of cheering /jeering Pinoys.
        I guess it’s a lesson learned . She should take it from there and move on .

      • as Pia said..at least she was honest.. better than lying just to answer the question!

    • OMG, Richard was not a great host. He was shouting the entire time. I actually missed Xian Lim because of him.

      Nicole Cordoves is the best. Bigyan ng award!

      • also.. it seems he had botox done on his forehead.. thats why he had a weird look and his eyes look “banlag” ! his face looks different from how he looks from his just concluded teleserye

  21. CATRIONA GRAY…Miss World Philippines 2016, Miss World TOP 5, Miss Universe Philippines 2018. TOUGHEST ACT TO FOLLOW IN THE ENTIRE PHILIPPINE PAGEANT HISTORY! INDEED, Catriona Gray MADE HISTORY!
    1. Who among the newly-crowned queens will conquer their respective international assignment?
    2. Who do you want to see joining again in 2019?

    • After the Q&A, gut feel told me Aya was in danger of not making it to the winning circle. Altho Gallmans answer was so-so, i guess the judges and SMA just couldn’t pass up her gorgeous beauty. Just my thought.

    • Aya was stunning for sure (I’m not a fan), but after seeing her on YouTube during the coronation night she did well and her styling was on point. She looks amazing and ready to be sent abroad to any competition except MU……Sadly, she gave a lame answer during QandA….it wasn’t a wrong answer but she lacked confidence during that segment. That was her downfall.

  22. Congrats to Cat and to all the winners. Being the last to be called in the Q@A is very challenging as it can raise anxiety, given the new format. I like this years flow and format. Camera wise this year is more on the candidates than their supporters. I also admired the use of phfabric during the swimsuit round. And the gowns were all fabulous. They deserve to be the in international stage. Congrats to the designers and their teams. Styling was also great. The candidates looked grea, fresh and current. A much upgrade from last year. I just hoe next that they use OPM or background music that evokes or connects with our culture and heritage with or without a modern twist. I just wanted the sounds to be more pinoy.. overall This year seems to be “less is more” and simplistic in presentation but that made it more elegant and royal. Looking forward to their intl competitions. Good luck queens.

    • I agree. Styling was on point. Congratulations to all the glam squads. I was proud to see the exceptional level of creative talent on display last night. Catriona’s patriotic sun & stars ear piece was everything. It is, to my mind, the equal of Aniporn Chalermburanawong’s Tuk Tuk Thailand national costume—instantly iconic & will be remembered for generations to come.

  23. Catriona was already a sure MUP! Congratulations! 4th MU!!!! 😍

    But super surprised with Ahtisa! I wasn’t a fan, but she’s my new favorite. I used to think she’s shy and timid. But she proved me wrong when she came out in swimsuit. She’s oozing with sex appeal in a beautiful but not pornish way. Im surprised that she’s my favorite in swimsuit competition. She also gave a spectacular performance in EG. Indeed she’s the 2nd best performer that night, but Im wishing she’ll go to MGI (because it’s 2nd rate MU lol) or MS where she can show off her skills and has a bigger chance in winning. MI is just speech pageant and with 2013 and 2016 win in MI, I don’t think MI is that generous to give another crown. And another part of me wishes for her to be as runner up only so she’ll be MUP in the next years.

    • I also thought Ahtisa would bag the best in swimsuit award. A runner up finish would have been better as she’s a Miss Universe Caliber beauty.

  24. Congratulations to BPCI and to the new set of BP Queens! Satisfied with the results overall.

    @Sir Norms: Do you have any inside scoop on the new set of BbP crowns and runner up tiaras? What’s the story behind them? Were they specially commissioned to be crafted or were they store purchases (like the most recent set of aging crowns that were just replaced)? What materials were used, and Is there any symbolism to each crown and design? I’m pretty sure your readers would appreciate a blog article on featuring these new BbP crowns. Thanks, Sir Norms!


  25. Di KO bet ang new crowns. .parang mga kabute lang na biglang nagsulputan.. love the old MUP crown.. Classic UN.

    • Parang crowns ng sagala lang ang peg.. pero keri na sizt. Kesa naman yung dating crowns na kinakalawang na hahaha

    • At least bago, makintab at kumikislap. Designwise, imho, sana medyo pinattern nila sa mga international crowns ang design. Ex. yung MUP crown patterned sa Miss Universe crown.

  26. My prediction for Catriona is for Supranational. And I was wrong about my thoughts of her being a Miss World Philippines is a disadvantage for her. She makes sure to it that shes in control. I am extremely happy for her. The most deserving and worthy of them all.

  27. Talked to Shawn at the coronation night and he told us that they are working for China to be next Miss Universe’s venue. Havey o waley?

    • @ Buloy : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Havey! LEARN from the lessons of Miss Julia Morley. I want China to get its 1st MU crown by 2020!

  28. I just wished that the names of the gown designers were flashed on the screen as the ladies walked, to give full credit and acknowledgement for their hardwork.

    • Especially because there were so many gorgeous gowns on display last night. It would have been nice to have the design talent acknowledged.

  29. Congratulations. Crown. Catriona!

    And much as we want to be magnanimous in victory, may I just ask this : What three-cornered fight? Lol.

    World Peace.

  30. I feel bad for Inigo.. he looks disconnected from the ladies. He was out of place and out of tune..

    tsk tsk

  31. I feel bad for Anjame. She got the most difficult question . Hope she joins again .
    I also feel like Buot Rushton and Aya should have been there instead of Ahtisa Karen and the MGIP winner . Hope Buot joins again .

  32. Ladies & gentlemen, the girl who is the most prepared, who has the most experience, the sharpest comprehension and the most qualified candidate and worthy to be our rep prevailed!!!! Congratulations is in place for Miss Catriona Gray for a job well done. Her hard work paid off handsomely. Universe, watch out!!!

    I feel for Sandra.Talking about victim of unfortunate circumstances ( what the hell is a Build, build, build program anyway? ). But the way she handled her misfortune ( in front of live television, of all places), I commend. She’s honest, cool & classy at the same time , even though I know she’s crying inside.

    Eva almost devoured the microphone during her Q & A. But I find her delivery kind of pageant patty, I heard it before from Miss India reps to Miss Universe. But Miss Grand International is perfect for her, Nawat will love her.

    Anjame needs more time. She reminds me of Janicel Lubina, in terms of background, styling & ehem, comm skills.

    Vicky Rushton, I expect to clinch a crown. Karen Gallman, I was shocked that she nabbed one. Karen fell short in her Q & A, she lacks conviction and direction the way she delivered her words. Maybe I just expected a lot from her.

    Michelle follows a certain legacy as a Miss Globe Philippines rep. She fits the mold of morena type quintessential Filipina beauties, like Ann Colis and Nelda Ibe.

    Oh Jehza, at last!!! So happy for her, she made it to the winner’s circle. I am rooting for her because she is an underdog, and a beautiful one at that. Kick ass at Miss Supra, girl.

    Ahtisa is drop dead gorgeous, I picked up my jaw upon seeing her in her evening gown. Stunning. The Japanese will love her at Miss International.

    Hats off to Aya Abesamis for being a good sport & showing flashes of fighting spirit. She is a beautiful, classy woman in her own right and not winning a crown doesn’t make her any less. A top 15 placement is a tough feat to accomplish, especially this year. Good work, Aya.

    The Binibining Pilipinas 2018 beauty queen squad is a formidable set of winners. It will be exciting to follow their journeys to their respective pageants. ESPECIALLY MISS UNIVERSE. Our neighbors are shaking in their boots. But Vietnam will give a tough competition.

    My utmost support to the newly crowned queens. Make us proud, girls. : )

    • Now i’m curious to see the Q&A……i need to youtube this. LOL…….well, good jobs to all winners for grabbing the crowns and representing the Pi. For the clappers, try your luck next year. I feel that Sandra, should try it again she’s really stunning.

  33. Huhuhu😭😭😭Happy tears mga vecklahhh😢
    Finally, Meowwww is Miss Universe-Philippines 🤗
    My Queen Jehza, napalalimhininga talaga ako dahil may crown kana at last kahit Di napunta sa yo ang MI😙
    Kay Michele, MGI sana pero they compared you’re beauty Kay Ms. Pilot hihihi 😄
    To other winners, Congratulations 🤗
    Sayang c Ena wala sa Top 15, palaban din yung ngipin nya sa Q&A 😄
    I’m sad for Aya kahit ayokong magplace cya kc daming effort nilang nasayang at gayahin nila nx time c Globe-Manalo na nagpaopera then I will support you nx year🤗
    Good luck to all winners for their competitions abroad🙏
    QUEEN JEHZA, imbitaha ko day sa victory party😂hihihi

    • Bong 700 , since Jehza sana MIP .Kabisaduhan naman ang speech . Omg, her grammar was all over the place. Haha haha,! But I’m happy for her win.
      Saying si Michelle , she was so gorgeous . She was a Lillie overweight but her Q&A was amazing . Sana MGI or runner up na Lang.
      Karen looked horrible
      I was very satisfied with BUot . She should join next yr for MUP MIP or MGIP . I wish she had won MIP . For me , she was way better than Ahtisa.

      • OK na sa akin ang Supra kay Queen Jehza😄
        Kending Kending lang naman doon and smile +friendly to all and give an acceptable answer eh magplace or win ka na😄
        At least gora sya sa Europe hihihi 🤗
        Deserving naman c Atisha kc japanjapan naman yung beauty nya like Kylie 😄
        She need to smile and look like a doll always at mahinhin na empowered lady lang ang peg to win🤗
        C Eva is a Thailand beauty nman kaya Thai will love her, pointers lang from Nicole C and Clenci ay kaya nya yan 😄
        C Michele ay MGI sana but i think mauwi ni Michele ang Globe crown + the help of manang Pilar and the candidates will love Michele 😚
        Bow ako kay Meowww.
        Good luck kay Karen, possible magplace din cya😄
        Congratulations ladies🤗

    • Hello, bong!

      I’ve seen your comments a lot of times in this blog, most especially when it comes to Jehza. Congratulations to her. Now she truly deserves to be addressed as Queen Jehza. 😉

      By the way, her reaction when her number and name were called as Binibining Pilipinas Supranational was priceless. It was the perfect combination of the statements “finally” and “thank you”. Truly well deserved.

    • congrats Bong!!!! yeheyyyyyyyyyyyy jusko si indai Jezha!!! namaos ako nung ngka crown sya na maluha luha pa…. sa wakas!!!! and of course, ung tipong dko na marinig ang music per segment sa lakas ng ingay para ka CAT!! haha yeheyy n yeheyyy sa Miss Universe PH. So happy

  34. I love the set of winners this year, although honestly, I want to see a crown for Aya and Sandra.
    Happy for Jehza and Karen who both finally get a bb crown.
    Congratulations to all the winners especially to my beloved pusa!
    You still have months for more trainings on your respective titles.

    Stop the bashing and please support our newly crowned queens.

    Congrats BbPCI for the new crowns!!!

    • Kerek veks! When Catriona won Best in SS and EG, she just sealed the deal already. Aya gave a very generic answer but I wish she at least got Globe. I thought Michele gave one of the best answers of the night and I was hoping she gets a higher crown that Globe. But like they say, a crown is crown and she was great in her first pageant.

      Overall I am happy with the winners.

  35. clap clap. Congratulations , maiba Lang mukang walang comparison ang mga bels Kung kf ba oh a and q . Nakuh ang mga kapitbahay nangingunig na. Catriona I would say will be the best MU. She took the risk . It’s a humbling experience that she join the pageant again not knowing what will be the result. God bless you Cat. We will support you all the way .

  36. Ibalik si KC as host with Nicole, please. Hosting is not Pia’s thing, she brings out the pintasera in me!

  37. So Cat bagged mostly the major awards like best in long gown, National costume, and the coveted best in swimsuit…..those who are very critical of her body for having a “flat” behind are probably feeling “asar talo” right now. It’s not about having the biggest boobs or having the Jlo type booty in order to win the best in swimsuit. It is all about how you confidently wear the swimsuits and how great you look on them.

  38. Catriona Elisa Gray,
    Twenty four,

    Universe, get ready!!!

  39. Ahtisa doesn’t have the gravitas of an MI candidate . A runner up placement would have been more appropriate
    Eva, I have never been a fan . Michelle Karen or Buot would have been my choice.
    Globe for Michelle? What a waste of potentials , she should have been given a runner up place to get ready for MU 2019
    What happened to Aya?
    Karen has always been my Intercon .
    As for Jehza , I wish she had won MI . She has the poise beauty and body of an MI . Her melodic voice would have been a hit at MI
    But good luck to everyone

    • Tama akong sa Manalo ang mapipiling Miss International Phil. Bagay ang physical features nya dun.

  40. Hindi bet ni Nawat si Eva. May pa-live video si angkol dun sa dinner afterparty, iba yung kapit niya dun sa fave niya na si gohlman.

  41. And btw, Jeremi, I’m just curious, pakisagot ang tanong ko ng mainaman…..

    Paano nakapasok ang lahi mo sa Noah’s Arc?

    • sa kalye kasi ako nakatira..pagtaas ng tubig kaming mga nasa kalye ang unang tinangay ng agos papasok sa gate ng arko…now you know..char 🙂

  42. Absolutely amazing!!!! Cat made a historical win. She is now representing the PI to MU. Well Deserving and I hope her win will stop the bashers from bashing lol…..congrats to other ladies…..Gallman, Huelar, Michelle all got the crowns and I rooted for them….even the PAtalinjug girl got a minor crown which I had predicted that she would get one…..Vickie as I predicted will get the runner up! Good for her, I’m quite content with the result……the only one that fell short was Sandra….what happened? I need to watch the footage 🤔🤔🤔

  43. Miss Universe is Miss Gray’s destiny. She may not have the WORLD but it’s crystal clear that UNIVERSE is hers. See you in Vegas, Catganern!

    • Yesss!!! She showed up in January and everyone took notice as well as doubted her intention, but look at her and her achievement….she did absolutely amazing and showed to her critics on the coronation night that she was the right queen for the crown! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  44. Congratulations to the new set of BBP queens !
    I’m so happy for Cat for bagging the top plum which she rightfully deserves ! It’s indeed MUP for her or nothing ! MWO’s loss is now MUO’s gain (well, not quite there yet, but, with Cat being our rep to MU this year, she is now under the watchful eye of the universe and being anticipated as “THE” one to beat).
    Cat will make us proud at the MU stage. She’s got “it” and will be a very effective spokesperson for the organization if and when.
    Congratulations, Cat ! All your hard work paid off. We’re so proud of you ! Thank you for being you… beautiful inside and out. Next stop… MU 2018. Bring it on 👑❤💋👄👏💫👑

  45. Everyone has BArbie doll proportions except for Eva… just based on the pic above . She may look better in other pucs

    • Because the PAtalinjug girl is quite short has chunky thighs…she has a pretty face but has short limbs. You will see how short she compare to the girls on her sides. It’s even noticeable when she wears those tacky elevator shoes….but hey she got a minor crown

    • Jezha had finally won a crown….and she looked amazing and regal on her gown!!!

  46. I love that Cat won MUP.
    But pls stop celebrating by making fun of Jeremi and her other detractors.
    This win wil all be for nothing if she loses big time at MU 2018.

    So Let’s hope Cat does not do a Gionna Cabrera .
    Maybe then we all be entitled to slap Jeremi in the face … figuratively .

    • Shut up, Jeremi. Tang ina ka pwede ba bigyan mo kame ng kahit one day lang ma free from your negativit. Dalawang buwan nagtimpi yung mga bakla dito sa panlalait mo. Bes, sink to the hole na please. Kakapanalo lang, numenega ka na naman.

      • Gloria it’s not the right time to celebrate that way .
        You do not want your hand to ricochet off Jeremi’s face and hit yourself big time.
        It’s always safe to celebrate with humility .

    • Anak ng puta ka, passnsya na, pero paulit ulit ka na lang sa “what if mangyari to””what if mangyari yon” hilig mo magcompare sa mga past events na nangyari from a totally different era. Kung dati, pinagbibugyan ka namen na magpakababoy dito, pwes ngayon hindi na uubra yan. Wala na kame reason para pagpasensiyahan ka pa. Sumosobra ka ng impaktang bayot ka! Lol 😂

      • What did I say wrong ?
        Gionna won all the awards too in her time but failed miserably at MU.
        Janine on the other hand did not get any special award but u know what happened at MU 2012
        All I m asking is for a little humility in victory.

        That’s all.

      • Hey asshole (aka Sylvia),

        Your opinion is unwarranted. Your first mistake is that, CAT is not GIONNA! STOP comparing her.

        We are allowed to celebrate cats victory! With the amount of people like you who put Cat down, it’s deservedly so.

        Each to their own.

      • Back at you , asshole.
        Who gets the name Ayesha anyway ? That alone is very telling
        Ass hole , I am not asking u to stop doing whatever u want to do .
        I am just asking that maybe we should do it down low .. at least for now
        U never know what the future holds
        U do not want Jeremi and others to have the last laugh and say ‘ I told u so ‘ hahaha
        But do whatever u want , asshole

      • I told you so mo anus mong ugok ka. So dapat hahayaan lang na mambaboy kang jerrmi ka dito? Scroll down makita mo na siya ang nagsisimula ng gulo, response lang yung nakikita mo. Ugok! Magdadaldal ka pa diyan ng mga fictitious beliefs mo, wapake na kame. Gago ka ganiyan ka din these past 8 weeks eh. Puro kanegahan ka kay cat. Manahimik ka na lang impakta ka! Kung ayaw mo sakaniya, move on bakla! Hindi kailangan paulot ulit yung mga sinsabe mo. Ugok! Trolll! Lolololol! 😂

      • Gloria , repetitions are an effective way to get things done . Pls do not underestimate them .
        And sorry , u r wasting your time . The ugly things u say go in one ear and out the other . They don’t affect me … not at all.

      • Sylvia – whoever named you lacks taste.
        And you are still telling me what to do you idiot. Suggesting that we do something on the down low is still trying to get me to do something made from what you want me to do.


      • Yeah , being named after a famous character from La Dolce Vita is tasteless?
        What abt Ayesha ? Sounds like a trailer park trash from Australia . Congrats , your parents have great taste.
        Surely U can’t tell the difference b/w asking and telling , who is the retard now?
        As I said , do whatever u want , u nitwit !

    • I did slapped my namesake Jeremi’s face and kicked his ass figuratively with all the metaphors and simile in the whole universe lolz char!

  47. i was right
    the most kind hearted girl will win MUP18


  48. ISA LANG ANG FAIL SA RESULT!!!! RUSHTON SHOULD BE IN TOP 3!!!!! Gallman is dry and failure during Q&A!!!!!

    I always put Gallman in my leaderboards and Rushton out of Top15!!! But after tonight’s revelations, I believe firmly that GALLMAN DO NOT DESERVE HER CROWN and VICKIE RUSHTON should be the Supra or Grand crowned Binibini


    • Yes po pero sana sa mas malaking pageant. Tama ka, siya sa Miss World. 🙂🙂🙂

  50. Hey Jeremi!

    Why don’t you do the world a favor and just drop dead!!!!

    • Oh yes, po! My super-panget self dropped dead and I’ve been buried underground so many times na, that I’ve lost count. 😦

      I keep coming back from the dead po, kasi the ground refuses to eat me up. PANGET-NA-PANGET PO SA AKEN ANG LUPA AT PARATI AKONG ISINUSUKA PABALIK!!! BAKIT KAYA? It doesn’t matter if I get buried in the Smokey Mountain, Peylepens (my madirdir’s hometown) or in Begun Bari slum area, Bangladesh (my padirdir’s hometown), ayaw po talaga sa akin ni Mother Earth! Why po ba? 😦

      And that is why I keep coming back. Mukha po akong maligno, na kinasusuklaman ng lahat!


      • Pa-cremate ko na lang po kaya ang KAPANGITAN KO?


      • Enter mother earth through the kubeta, dear Jeremi. It might help.

      • Hija mag patiwakal ka na para magkaroon ka ng silbi sa earth. your decomposed body will fertilize the universe. so go ahead. nobody will miss u dahlin’

  51. “I’m gonna show the WORLD,the UNIVERSE rather”.
    Catganern.meow meow..😻😻😻

  52. Again, congrats to all the winners! Catriona deserves the title. I was hoping for a higher crown for Michele with that stellar answer but Ahtisa really proved me wrong with that overall performance. She looked like a winner tonight from swimsuit to Q&A.

    • Michelle had the second best Q&A answer… but maybe she didn’t do as well in swimsuit and long gown. I hoped as we’ll she got the MI crown.

  53. So happy with the results. Naalala niyo nung Jag fashion show na video? JEHZA-AHTISA-CAT TRIO? Sila rin yung top 3 ngayon!! 😍😍😍

    And I would like to commend Madam sa pasabog na new crowns! Binigla niya tayo at nalaman na lang natin the night itself. Haha.

    I agree with the placements. Karen deserves a crown kahit hindi ganun kasolid ang Q&A niya. You can’t deny a crown with that face.

    Makakatulog na tayo ng mahimbing! 😊





  55. YESSS I GOT MUP, MIP, AND INTERCON RIGHT! I’m so happy that my bets won! Tbh I wasn’t expecting a strong answer from Ahtisa but she did anyways even though she stuttered in the end! I’m so proud of her omg. I wish Michelle had a higher crown, Supra sana, ang pangit kasi nung gown nya. Jehza omg! I’m so happy she got a crown on her third attempt! Congratulations girl, I’m so happy for you! Karen Gallman had a hard albeit polarizing question, tbh I got nervous whether she’d even be in the winning circle but I’m so happy she got one! I really thought Eva was going to win MIP, but now that she’s MGIP I think it’s perfect for her, Thais love milky white skin like hers. Catrionaaa omggg I love her so fucking muchhh, she was perfect on ALL of the segments! I knew she’d slay the competition but I wasn’t ready for it!

    I’m going to say this now, this lineup is THE STRONGEST we’ve had, all of them have a very strong chance to bring home their respective international crowns grabe!

  56. Pansin niyo ba nung tinawag si BB24? Richard paused briefly after saying 20 and then sayed four. Akala tuloy ni Catriona siya na. Kaloka.

    • Yes. Tapos inulit pa niya nung binibini 30….2. Eva Patalinjug. Parang Derek Ramsay nung inannounce niya MUP 2011 is BB 20… (pause 2 secs) 6.. Shamcey Supsup. Why did they do that? Nakakainis lang. Haha.

  57. Can we recognize Pia din for her hosting tonight? I mean she’s still far from the caliber of say KC Concepcion. Pero she has improved compared to her stint last year. Nakatulong yung pagguest host nya sa showtime

    • I’d like to see Richard and Pia do a movie together… better match than Gerald and Pia

  58. Baklah,4m I told you 2 ladies fr visayas tinakda .well deserved win. They look at background beauty and attitude

    • Congratulations to the four Bisaya ladies: Eva (Cebu), Karen (Bohol), Vicky (Bacolod) and Jehza (Davao, but speaks Bisaya/Cebuano) !!!

  59. Oh talaga namang pang-Miss Universe ang beauty ni Queen Cat 🙂

    Congrats to all the ladies! Marami talagang magaganda sa batch na ito so I hope umulit sila next year 🙂

  60. Catriona Gray has had the MUP crown since day one. Na-stressed lang tayo dahil sa mga chismis at haka haka. A big sigh of relief. I never doubted her chance and ability to get the crown. I’m happy that the rightful winners won tonight. I feel bad for Aya for all the bashing she got. She is classy and mukhang yayamanin talaga. But her face is not pretty pretty. She is beautiful though with her demeanor on stage. Catriona is going to be a formidable force at Miss Universe and every pageant fan is going to be watching closely her next moves, not to mention the other candidates. Parang Paulina Vega lang at Demi Leigh Nel Peters who were declared frontrunners the moment they stepped on the stage of their national competition. Can’t wait to watch your journey Pusa!

  61. So now , we know the reason why Catriona finished 3rd up in MW 2016… it’s because she is really destined for Miss Universe ! I cannot wait to see her in MU 2018 ! Venue will be very important. I am very partial to and will campaign for Hawaii which was supposed to be the host for MU 2017. I hope they had fixed the problem they had last November and will now be ready to host MU for 2nd time !

    • indeed. Everything happens for a reason. Universe is really her destiny

  62. I believe we have a formidable lineup of queens this year.

    As I have expected, Michele Gumabao will be the Binibining Pilipinas Globe. I just feel she’s the perfect follow-up to Nelda Ibe.

    After that Q&A round, I thought Karen Gallman will not make it in the winners’ circle, but I’m glad that she did.

    So happy for Jehza Huelar finally clinching a crown after 3 attempts. My heart was pounding when she was answering the question because I truly want her to earn a crown, but she pulled through it.

    Pleasantly surprised with Eva Patalinjug’s overall performance. I didn’t know she can give Nicole Cordoves a run for her money in the speech part. The Binibining Pilipinas Grand International crown is very well deserved.

    As for Ahtisa Manalo, forget the age factor. If it’s your time, it’s your time. The most physically viable option for the Binibining Pilipinas International crown won.

    And of course, our Catriona Gray makes a Philippine pageant history tonight by being the first Filipina to win the rights of battling it out on the Miss World and now the Miss Universe stages; and I am simply filled with joy. ❤️❤️❤️

    Congratulations, ladies!

    • Carlene Aguilar: Miss Earth and Miss World
      Rizza Santos: Miss Earth, Miss Universe and Miss World (although representing Canada)

      … and now Catriona Gray: Miss World and Miss Universe !!!


    The stage design, choreography, music etc sucked.. Nasan ang budget BPCI??? Napaka mediocre ng finals tonight. Finally, new crowns pero they still look cheap lol. Parang plastic lang?

    Onto the ladies:

    So funny that Muriel got PAL as she is a PAL girl in real life. Kinabahan ako for her sa Q&A BUT she did not falter! Good job girl! Sali ulit next year!

    Surprised that Artajos didnt make the cut… She would’ve given a very strong Q&A performance.

    I feel so bad for Sandra 😦 I really wanted her to do well but the question she got really sucked.. But I commend her for being so honest and not attempting to talk about a topic she really has no knowledge about. Had she done that, it would’ve been a bigger disaster! Please join again next year!

    Vickie deserved the runner up position. Very pretty, great figure, kindhearted, BUT the personality is really lacking. Join ulit next year!

    Michelle being GLOBE?! Wtf was that… Her stage presence was undeniable. Her charm radiated and she gave a strong answer. Bakit globe lang? She actually made me nervous because she was very strong tonight!! I would’ve given her International or any crown but Globe..

    Karen, very pretty and she has great stage presence too. Q&A was very subpar though… I think her nerves got the best of her. I would’ve given her a runner up position just because of her QA. but I think she’ll do great sa intercontinental!

    Eva as MGi? Hmmm. Never really saw her as a beauty queen. She looks more like an artista to me! Her answer was very off topic but her delivery was excellent! It’s clear that she gave a rehearsed answer. But hey, she’s brainy, so I don’t doubt her memorizing ability.

    Jehza!! I CRIED WHEN SHE GOT CROWNED. LIKE PUTCHA YES FINALLY!! I was worried for her cause she seemed so matamlay throughout the pageant activities. But she shone tonight and gave a great performance! She was very energetic and was exuding a positive aura! She looked so fresh. Ganda ng legs at muka! Styling was perfect! Her Q&A was so much better compared to last year! Although, I would’ve cut out the latter portion of her answer! Since supranational sya, she needs more personality development training! (Low-key hoping she’d get the international crown when Michelle was already crowned with globe, cause I think her facial beauty and personality is more fitting for this pageant)

    Ahtisa was a surprise for me! Never would’ve thought she’d grab the second major crown. Magaling rumampa, great body, super cute personality and her face — she looks like a doll!! I understand why she was given international. I think patok ang looks Nya sa pageant na to. (She reminds me of Kylie V.)

    CATRIONA GRAY – MUP 2018! PUYAT KO WAS WORTH IT as well my rent fee sa tfc to watch the pageant LOL! This girl has been strong from registration day until finals! The pressure never took a toll on her! And she remained very humble throughout! Knowing that she’s the most watched and supported candidate, she never let that get to her head. HAKOT AWARD si Cat,reminds me of shamcey’s year! That’s when I knew her chances of winning MUP was very high!. It was a Catriona show lol.. She was strong in all segments! EG was exquisite! QA was impressive and did not disappoint! I’m so happy for her success! Is she the first filipino to win two major national pageants? MWP and then MUP?! Wow that clearly means something… Catriona is a total package! Just keep toning that body girl, quasi lahat, nasayo na!

    Ps. mga hayop na cameraman. not everyone has the privilege to see the pageant live sa araneta. For some of us who can only watch the pageant from tv and computer screens, WE WANT TO SEE THE CANDIDATES not the damn audience!! Cat’s airtime sa SS was cut short because they focused on the fans too long… I wasnt able to fully enjoy Cat’s performance sa segment na to…

    also Wynona, I’m disappointed that she did not get a crown or a runner up position.. She wasn’t a fave of mine but her performance was hella strong, especially sa QA. (I would have given her MGi tbh). PERO JOIN ULIT PLS!!!

    also pia, wow you were so supportive of the girls during the QA! You Cheered everyone especially the ones who got nervous or messed up!

    • Girl,how old is Michelle?If she’s 25 and above then she is not for Miss International.I think,there’s some crown switching due to age.

      • I dont know how old she is but if she’s overaged for MI, what about other crowns that are higher than globe? is she qualified to compete in those pageants age wise? Kasi for me, Michelle is overqualified for globe

      • I don’t think it’s crown switching per se, but crown matching of some sort. I think Ahtisa, Jehza and Karen are physically the best options for their respective titles, given they’re ranked anywhere from 2 to 6. Eva’s Q&A performance cemented her fate as the Grand International crown contender. Plus, she’s a law student and an advocate against domestic violence, so her profile fits the said international pageant. These all left Michele, amidst possibly ranking higher than 6, with the Globe title. That I think was Michele’s waterloo from the beginning of the competition. She’s beautiful, statuesque and smart, but you just can’t find the most suitable crown for her.

      • Michelle is MI age eligible. She’ll be 26 in September. Cut off age for MI is 26.

    • Wynonah’s Q&A was bad, she said something like “If you follow your parents will, it will surely lead you to success” or something similar like that. Siguro hindi lang siya exposed sa mga abusive parents or parents that doesn’t care about their children at all.

      • good morning. I think OK naman yung answer ni wynonah in general kulang Lang sa delivery and emphasis to make the answer convincing. Kasi generally speaking most of the parents if not all wants the best for their children. I’m sure exposed sya sa cases of abusive parents its all over the news. but come on I and you can still say na even at the present mas marami pa ring parents na mabuti kesa masama.

      • @b but it’s insensitive sa mga children na may abusive parents, if you place yourself under their shoes and someone tells you na “you should always listen to whatever your parents say” ano na lang ang mararamdaman nila?

    • Teh, yung mga camera man inutusan lang ni direk MANAHAN. So you know who to blame teh, its direk manahan. Improved naman production values and lighthing, si direk lang parang nagdidirect ng ASAP…LOL hindi competition LOL

  64. Ang hirap ng tanong para kay Karen.Kahit sino dun sa contestants sigurado mahihirapan din.So kayo guys kelangan bang may pangatlong restroom para sa transgenders?Ako oo,hindi lahat ng straight ay mapagbigyan ang gusto niyo na gumamit ng restroom kasama nila.Halimbawa pag transwoman ka,sigurado ka bang lahat ng babae magustuhan na makasama ka sa iisang restroom.O pwedeng gumamit ka sa banyo ng lalaki na nakapalda at transwoman ka na?Hindi equality ang pinag uusapan dahil sa nagpa opera ka pwede ka ng gumamit ng restroom para sa borm female.Kung gusto niyo equality gamitin ang pangatlong restroom.

    • Sorry but I disagree. Creating a third bathroom for our transgender filipinos/filipinas facilitates discrimination… They should have the right to go a bathroom they are most comfortable with. Whether they have gone under operations or not, that should not be a factor. Transwomen feel they belong to the female population so that should be enough reason for them to use the women’s bathroom… The same goes for transmen. They should be able to go to a bathroom they identify with in terms of their gender. That’s one way of respecting someone’s personhood

      • Wow?Feels like a woman is enough reason to use female-born restroom?That’s funny.Let’s say having third restroom facilitates discrimination,then how about transgenders respecting female-born beliefs and their privatization as what Karen said?

      • Okay but why would a biologically female feel uncomfortable using the same bathroom with a transgendered women to begin with? Transgendered women aren’t there to invade people’s personal space. They aren’t there to take photos or videos of biological females doing their business… Transgendred women just like anyone else who uses the bathroom, go there to pee, poo and look at their reflection sa mirror… Also have you seen women’s bathroom? they have stalls lol… that’s promoting privacy isn it? Just because a transwoman who still has a male reproductive part does not make them less of a woman than a biological female….

        If a biological female needs privacy from a transgendered woman it goes to show that this individual clearly feels uncomfortable being in the same space as the other… Such discomfort usually stems from transphobia and lack of sensitivity, awareness, knowledge about the transgendered community….

      • Everyone has the right to be firm on their beliefs.Especially those women who don’t want transgenders to be in female-born restroom.It’s not about ignorance or acceptance but on how transgenders should observe respect to straight people.And trangenders should not call people “close-minded” when their beliefs is not the same with yours.

      • can you red your sentences again? The undertone of your message is uncomfortably negative. Transpeople have to “respect” straight people for what? Being bigots and unaccepting? Why is it always the people within the minority that have to adjust and adapt to the “traditional” ways of heterosexuals? Its 2018, if you still dont see trans women as women, dont care to learn more about them and insist that they should be separated from biological females, then I feel bad for you because you are indeed close minded.

    • to answer the question, I agree that they shoul have their own restroom. However it should be because transgenders deserve their own rights to privacy, to feel that they can comfortably use a restroom without having to mind the negativities that straight people have to say. Kumbaga ang emphasis is more on how transgenders would benefit and not focus on how to lessen straight people’s discomfort against sharing the same restroom with transgenders and transexuals

      • It is ironic that the Philippines is supposedly one of the most accepting societies for LGBTQI, but there is a lot of ignorance about the SOGIE. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to end discrimination in this country full stop, and relegating these issues to the sidelines (by creating a 3rd category of restroom for “privatization” purposes) is exactly what we don’t need. Yes, there are more pressing problems, but fundamental human rights shouldn’t be forgotten.

  65. Nako yung mga kapitbahay natin kakapanalo pa lang ni Cat nambabsh agad, for surw threatened sila hahaha

  66. Haaay… mali-mali na naman ang mga predictions at mga sinuportahan ko. 😦

    Baklang panget at engot lang po na parating nagmamarunong – PANOT PA!



    • When you say pangit Im sure ikaw yun.
      Yung screaming faggot na naaagnas ang mukha dahil sa init sa kalye ng pinas hahahaha
      At kumakain sa mga maruruming street food hahhahaha

      • Hey Jeremi!

        Why don’t you do the world a favor and just drop dead!!!!

    • Hey there! The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here.

      When I say panget: sure na sure akong ako talaga yon!!!


  67. Congrats CAT!

    Love the earring! It looked like a flower from afar but up close, it’s the sun and the stars of the Philippine flag 🙂 Beautiful piece!


    (in terms of winners syempre, ibang usapan yung production)

    The Universe has spoken. 4th crown is on the way!!!!

    Ang happy din nanalo bet ko for MIP. Tapos ang saya kasi may crown na si Jehza!!!! wohoooo!!!!!

    Side note: I am not happy with the new crowns. They kinda look cheaper than the old ones. Suddenly biglang gumanda sa paningin ko yung old crowns. Well at least dininig ng BPCI ang panawagan to change crowns

    • looking at the close up pic of Cat above, maganda naman pala yung crown pag close up. Hindi lang siguro maganda tingnan pag malayo

    • Hear! Hear! I love the crown placements too.

      On the nega side, ang pangit ng prod, lalo na nung swimsuit round, unflattering ung camera angle, tedious background music, tapos trying hard yung performer. Sa EG, although magaling ung musician, pero parang may kulang sa stage. Hahaha.

      Buti nalang, nadala pa rin ng mga kandidata.

      • Ang saya saya di ba!!!!

        i was kinda expecting more from Inigo kasi may boses naman sya. Panget lang talaga yung song na ginamittapos feel ko hindi sya gaanong nagrehearsal. And yep parang mas dapat sa evening gown portion yung may magserenade, kaya kanina parang may kulang nga

        pero wieee ang bababaw nung nirereklamo ko super negligible coz Cat winning MUP offsets everything na “out-of-place” or mejo off sa buong coronation night

      • High five! The winning queens are undeniably deserving. Wala munang camp disctinctions, kapag sumabak na sila sa kanya-kanyang laban, it is for the Philippines na. Ihanda na ang all out na suporta 🤘🏼

  69. I got 5 out of the 6… I chose Rushton to be in top 6 instead of Manalo but I think Manalo will do well…
    Bernardo was a surprise but I am certain it is well-deserved.

    I hope a lot of this batch will return in 2019 and 2020…

    Onward an upward with Miss Universe 2018 ! I wonder if Catriona will now train under Gaffud …?

  70. The only big surprise for me are Gallman and Manalo. I thought the 2 runners-up had superior Q&A. Congratulations 2018 queens. Go rock the Universe!!!

    • Although Manalo stutters a bit, there is substance in her answer. She projected well in the swimsuit and EG rounds too. 🙂

      But Sam and Vickie did better than Karen IMO.

  71. I hope people here will stop picking on each other and stop bashing the binibinis winner or not. Let’s move on and support our new queens. Congratulations Catriona!

  72. Im so happy with Jehza Huelar.
    Edjelyn Gamboa was stunning tonight.
    Michelle Gumabao should be MIP.
    Yung iba wala akong pakialam antayin ko na lang kung paano sya matorch na naman sa international stage.

    • Hayss makapag book nga ng ticket to Montenegro at maiwasan ang travesty that is BInibing Pilipinas 2018.

      • Montegro is a small sub-community of the slums of Begun Bari, Bangladesh – just in case you ignorant people out there don’t know.

        I am Jeremi-mi “Bangladeshi Bakleshi” Jagpal: ❤ BAKLANG PANGET FROM BANGLADESH! ❤

      • Well Montenegro is a place where your kind could only dream of.
        Hala mag celebrate na kayo sa jollibee ba yun hahahhahaha

      • In Montenegro, Begun Bari, Bangladesh, is my mansion made of pawid, plastic bags, and yero from the dumpsite of my hometown, filled with all my FURNITURES (plural pa rin yan, ha? kala niyo tatanga-tanga ako sa grammar ko) that I made pulot-pulot from the dumpsite!



      • You fuck tard. You wish Montenegro. Baguio doesn’t count as Montenegro. You’re such a try hard.

        Go ride the jeep to the dump sight where you were born. Sucked into you, you fucking faggot. Eat shit.

        Oh in your case, I bet you’re slapping your cock with your face and are probably fainting in disbelief that YOU WERE WRONG AND CATRIONA WON BBP!


        SORE LOSER!!!!

    • Parang pagmumukha ko lang pong panget, na ti-norch ng nanay ko para mabura nu’ng sanggol pa lang ako… DI NAMAN UMEPEKTO, DAHIL NANAIG PA RIN ANG KAPANGITAN KO. 😦


      Patuloy po akong magkakalat ng katangahan at kapangitan ko, sa blog na ito, and beyond!

    • Jeremi akala ko ba Cat is going to give another torch answer? Anyare? Did that torch burn you and your entire preconception towards Cat?

    • Hey Jeremi!

      Why don’t you do the world a favor and just drop dead!!!!

    • mamatay ka sa inggit!!!! ano ka ngayon hahahaha,… nilamon ka ng sistema bes! sistema sounds like sistohon!!! uu sistohon!!! bitokon!!!! hahahaha uror wala kang maloloko dito gago hahahaha again , MAMATAY KA SA INGGIT!!!!! @Jereming marumi

  73. Cool

    If Maxine was known as 4M, well at this moment Ms. Gray id 5C!

    Lol… sincere congratulations to the BbP royalty class of 2018!

  74. After all that’s said and done… WALA PA RIN AKONG NA-CONTRIBUTE NA MATINO SA BLOG NA ITO.

    Pasensiya na po kung ubod ako ng yabang kahit na ubod ng baba ng IQ ko. Baklang panget at api lang po, na walang nagmamahal at pumapansin sa tunay na buhay! 😦

    That said, madami pa rin akong FURNITURES (plural yan, ha? pulot ko lahat yan sa dumpsite sa Begun Bari, Bangladesh, the hometown of my Padirdir).

    And most importantly…


    Do you lab et too?

  75. After all the hullabaloos, Cat is DESTINED to win that crown ❤️.

    The universe is waiting.

  76. Infair bago na ang crowns…Congrats Ladies!
    Represent our country with pride and honor!

    I prefer Vickie over Gallman though.

  77. Yes Catriona.!!!!!Humanda kayo Universe!!!
    Si Ahtisa Manalo maganda.Pero tingin ko hindi siya yung number 2(Miss International).Merong switching sa crown dahil sa edad.At kay Karen,tama ako,ang pinakamaganda lagi napupunta sa nakakalokang pageant.Talino ni Eva sayang din sa Miss Grand pero yung beauty niya pasok yan kay Nawat.At kay Jehza parang ang lamya niya para sa Miss Supranational.Kay Michelle,sa tingin ko sila dapat ni Eva maglalaban sa number 2 spot pero di pwede dahil sa edad.Good luck girlsies!!!

    • Jehza is number 3 which is pasok ang age sa International so as Eva which is number 4. It doesn’t make sense na may switching if you’re saying because of age. Well anyway, at least we all agree that CAT really deserved her win! 😊

    • Michelle is MI age eligible. She’ll be 26 in September. Cut off age for MI is 26.

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