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    • Check out Philippine pageantry FB page. They have photos of the sketch and the crystals used plus the pattern. People are guessing it will be a red and gold gown. Mak Tumbg is the dress designer.

  1. Wow! 1 day to Go before the finals night. Excited na kakaba kaba pa din.
    All i can say is May GOD BLESS Catriona during bbp finals night. I hope she will come out on stage with enough MUish confidence both SS and EG. Be Universaly beautiful both segments and will speak from her heart as a great speaker during Q&A with her being witty and sincerety and to not sound/look rehearsed/scripted. All the best for her to win the MUP crown and sash. Hope she wins MUP title and the crown tomorrow night.
    Final Hotpick : #Binibini20CatrionaElisaGrayForMissUniverse2018

  2. And our Miss Universe Philippines 2018 is candidate number……..20! Catriona Gray!


  3. Final thoughts on Catriona:

    Catriona definitely heated up the whole Bb Pilipinas competition season this year. I just want to personally thank her for embarking on this journey and making each and every follower of Bb Pilipinas, in every corner of the world, feel the daily excitement of her constant pasabog and thrilling instagram videos.

    I feel kilig everytime I watch the ASAP guesting all the time, parang gusto ko lang sya i-loop play maghapon. She’s just absolutely magnetic that everyone faded in the background.

    I feel ridiculous about the recent comments people throwing at Catriona, her being rehearsed, nervous, scripted. All of a sudden, people are very critical of the Q&A. Pia, Janine even Shamcey sounded rehearsed and everyone was ok with it. Maxine gave a humiliating answer in Miss Universe and yet people were ok with it. Now we have this girl who thinks of the words she speaks with coherence and a certain degree of correctness and yet we still find fault in it. What is wrong with Pinoy Pageant fantards? It has become an unhealthy obsession for some.

    Kaya my dearest Catriona, I hope this message reaches you. If you don’t get Universe on Sunday night, don’t ever think that you didn’t deserve it. Maybe, the Philippines does not deserve you.

    Goodluck to all our ladies.

    I won’t watch the live pageant because I have a very bad feeling that Cat won’t get MU. But its gonna be fine, we’ll all live and I’m sure Cat’s gonna be fine whatever the result will be.

    Also, Hoping for Karen Gallman and Jehza Juelar to get crowns on Sunday.

  4. Bakit pala 25 ang edad nya nung nagpakilala?
    Rounded up ba ang edad nila?

  5. Siguro… strategy ni Sir Norman ang ginawa nyang i-post si Aya pagkatapos ng ilang minuto lang na ipinost nya si Catriona. Para hindi masyadong halatang pinapaboran nya si Cat. IMO

    • Parang hindi. Baka kasi kung makita ng fans si Cat e langawin na yung post kay Aya. Strategic position yun para kay Aya. Kapag magbukas ka ng site sa oras na yun, hindi mo mapapansin na na feature na pala si Cat.

      Mahirap din kasi ang sitwasyon ni Norman. Shades of MU2016.


  6. Hope she retain the “parade of beauties” styling for the swimsuit round. She looked her absolute best there.

    Also, if she win the lion share of special award, the judges will give her a second/third look. But if she wins the swimsuit round, it will be game over, I think.

    • i agree!!! i really like how she looked during the parade of beauties!! i especially love her hairstyle then

  7. She is the one to beat in the top plum. It’s a toss between MUP and MIP (There might be someone that will pull a surprise but I would be glad if she takes home any of those two crowns). If ever she wins MUP, I hope she will be able to rebrand herself that fits IMG. I don’t know if it’s only me but I still can see MW aura in her.

  8. There’s something about this lady that makes me like her. She is not only beautiful (they all are beautiful, no doubt about that) but Cat exudes sincerity, humbleness, maturity, confidence. Good luck Cat.

  9. Nothing can keep me from believing that Catriona Gray is Miss Universe Philippines 2018, and I don’t give a damn to those who say it will not happen. In my eyes, she’s the one.

  10. Make sure you cast your votes for Catriona Gray for JAG jeans, Manila Bulletin Readers’ Award, and especially for the National Costume! Cat in this video so humble in not saying “Vote for me!”.

    [video src="https://instagram.fsnc1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/vp/8abb88a56e9878245686420b7e1f770f/5AADC894/t50.2886-16/28665214_404110786720631_5862472843979520715_n.mp4" /]

  11. Good Morning to all!
    First of all Thanks to the blogger for featuring Catriona, Finally.
    Hinde ko na papatulan kung bakit may kasunod na post agad after catriona. Nothing healthy in debating and ask for the reasons. Makakastress lang. Let norman do what he wanted. Its his Blog. After all he will not seat as one of the judges come finals night.
    Anyway! Finally, the most awaited night in Philippine Pageant Industry is set to happen this coming sunday night. I am so very excited. Habang papalapit eh para bang gusto kong wag muna ganapin sa sunday at ilipat ng ibang date. Nakakakaba kase. My heart is beating a little too fast. Nag sisitaasan mga balahibo ko especially while reading positives comments here. Thanks guys.
    I am not an expert but even in other part of this world, catriona has may believers and supporters both pinoy and foreign people. So by this i can say that Catriona is the one to beat and a good choice for MU plus her credentials and other things she showed to us says that she should be the next Miss Universe Philippines 2018 and become our representative in MU. Yeah there are other beautiful girls in this batch. May mga girls na merong katangian na katulad kay catriona but not all. Pero Kay Catriona nasa kanya na ang lahat which is great. Iba pa rin talaga ung all in one na. Not almost perfect pero almost close and near to perfection na. Yung mga traits na nasa previous rep natin is nakay catriona. Pinagsama sama na sa kanya. If she wins the top prize MUP we can cofidently say that we will have a greater chances of winning the MU again this year. Hinde pa sure yan coz may mga hinde pa nakokoronahan sa ibang bansa. But at least we will have enough confidence and a great chances to win our 4Th Miss Universe this year. If she wins MUP she will create History in PH pageant. As the first Filipina who represented MW and will represent MU.
    I dont have any words to say about her. Nasabi na natin lahat. The last word we can say for her is to PRAY. A words of Prayer for her success come Bbp finals night. The success that she was dreaming of. A dream and a goal to be the next Miss Universe Philippines. May GOD BLESS her come finals night. Hope and pray that everything will take place for her. From performances, to be one of top 16 til Q&A. Hoping and praying for her to be one or top of the best performer until Q&A to get the MUP crown. Hope she will do great from start to end to win the MUP crown. Hoping that all the judges and org will in favor for her in to win the MUP crown and that they will give her the MUP crown.

  12. Na Ms Colombia 2015 ang limelight ni Catriona sa blog na ito…
    Nag post kay Cat then after 3mins pinabulaga ang post sa mahigpit kuno na kaagaw ni Cat pagka BbPU.
    Kumambyo at nag ala MdL at si Cat na ang top bet nya for BbPU..
    But, madam Norman. I still respect you as a blogger…

  13. Weird that she’s saying she’s independent but A&Q is bannering her as one of the candidates they fielded in.

    Nonetheless, a crown for her. I hope she gets the crown everyone is eyeing for her. Otherwise, pandemonium sa Araneta sa Sunday nito. And the eventual winner, if not her will get the loudest boo. Just my two cents.

  14. #CAT4U all the way! She has all the qualities that the universe is looking for. please don’t waste her, BPCI!

  15. if she we will represent us in MU perhaps we will just land in top 15. she registers poorly in swimsuit. no behind…for me aya or michelle (janine mix janicel vibes) for MU..

    • Hello daw sabi ni ms.thailand 2017, Maria Poonlertlarp. Top 5 ang merlat kahit ewan ang body nung ss, tinalo ang vavaboom body ni Rachel Peters.

      Catriona Elisa Gray,


    • Pero Luffy inday, ung dalawa na binanggit mo ang isa eh her face in the camera/video registers poorly, sabi mo nga. No face value.. So, for me Cat for MU..

    • But hey, look at Ara before. She has no curves at all but she slayed the swimsuit competition. It’s a matter of performance rather than looking at the body itself 🙂

  16. She is a Universal candidate. Most pageants, I have a favorite or two but I usually let the chips fall where they may because it all depends on the night, the woman and all the stars align for her. When Cat joined, I became more interested than usual in the pageant. As I suspected, the trolls against her came out because Filipinos have a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to someone of Cat’s once in a lifetime caliber. There are many beautiful women in this edition that could claim any crown other than MUP. I can only see that crown for Cat. However, I am also aware that BbP can throw surprises and curve balls so I am somewhat leery about the upcoming pageant. I believe in Cat. Her beauty, sincerity and determination are admirable and beyond compare. If by God’s grace Cat wins MUP, then I will be a loud and proud supporter. If she doesn’t, the world won’t end but our Universe steak might. So I wait with baited breath and light a candle. Cat for MUP.

  17. Biglang humaba yung comment sa kabila kc naman tong c George Paulit ulit yung kulangot comments hihiji 😄

    • haha @bong700, kasi nman dun sa kabila puro daot ang comments…less ang puri…bakit naman kasi ganun hahaha…yaan mo na… basta c Cat ang Univ, c Jezha ang MI. davahaaaaaaa 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Hay naku bizukol, c Queen Jehza pakigising at siguraduhin nyang cya ang may nakakagulat na gown dahil superBongga at hindi superchaka hihiji 😄
        Kung Di bongga ang gown, kausapin nya c Inday Leo Almodal para tulungan cya😄hihiji

      • uu dapat dun sya mag bank ng bongga or else…juice colred!! pink hahaha

  18. I have closely watched this year’s competition and I can truly say that no one comes close to what Ms. Gray can offer as a representative for Miss Universe 2018, if God forbid she wins this title. She is the total package! Beautiful inside and out.

    She is in a league of her own. A truly world class Filipina right from the start. 🙂

    But I feel posting Cat’s feature before Aya doesn’t really have any bearing as what some may say about our dear Blogger. He is intelligent and obviously educated. He has a way with words that I truly admire. We will soon find out his top picks and I am sure who will be in the top plum.


  19. Catriona Gray… just believe in yourself, my queen.. you will get the Miss Universe Philippines 2018 crown!!! we are all here for you!!!!

    Good luck and Congratulations in advance… ❤ ❤ ❤

  20. Jackie, dito nlang kita sasagutin kc hahaba lang ang comment sa kabila😄
    Yung transformation from Di kagandahan to maganda, yes may similarity pero gusto ba natin na top 15 lang tayo because of sash factor or worst ay nganga like miss mariam of Venezuela or Bona of Miss U-Indonesia 2017 😄
    Kasalanan ni Miss Pilita Corrales ang lahat ng yan hihihi😄

  21. I have never followed a pageant as closely as I did now because of Ms Gray. It is true, there are other candidates there who may be as pretty, tall and articulate as her but Ms Gray has always been consistent. In all events, you can see that she is passionate and that she loves what she is doing. She has really a gift for words, just look at her blog and IG posts. And there isn’t much clamor for a candidate to clinch the top crown as this year’s edition. Im telling you, if she doesn’t win, expect a mayhem in Araneta. Bininini organization should be strategic on this, if Ms Gray wins, they already have an assired wave of supporters come Miss U. I am not assuming to much, I am statungbwhat is practical and evident. MISS CATRIONA GRAY, MUP 2018. Let’s claim it. Good luck Miss Gray!

  22. In a just world, it is plain to see that this is the girl most deserving to win the highest crown. There are a handful of candidates that are also stand-outs. But for 2018, Cat is a class all by herself and the rest are far, far seconds.

    Catriona Grey, Miss Universe-Philippines 2018.

    World Peace.

  23. Dito na lang kayo mag comment at huwag mag comment sa kabila kc akala nila maka-aya yung mga nagcocomment eh 90% sa comments against kay aya hihijii sayang ang pagod 🤗

  24. Ako rin akala ko walang post about Cat kc nauna ko nakita yung Are you on team aya kaya comment agad Ako doon, pero keber at huwag ng bigyan ng meaning kc Cat Vs aya daw ang lavanan hihihiji ang ilusyonadang falaka hihihi😄

  25. Expect na may facetoface feature sina Cat vs aya , Cat vs Michele and Cat vs ? Underdog on the 18th of March divahhhh maisingit lang c Di kaayaaya hihihi😄

  26. Sir Norman, paki-explain naman bakit after ng post mo kay Catriona may kasunod na agad na post?
    Bakit yung iba halos isang araw ang itinagal bago ang kasunod?
    Paggising ko ang una kong nakita at ang post mo kay Aya… kundi ko pa iniscroll down to ko alam may post ka na pala kay Cat! Parang unfair yata? Intentional ba ito sir Norman?


  27. Catriona Elisa Gray,
    Twenty four,

    Miss Universe Philippines

  28. I could still vividly remember the last time I supported a candidate for Bb. Pilipinas. It was at the time when Pia Wurtzbach joined, and readers here were comparing her to Yvette Santiago. Memories flashed thru my eyes at that time when Dexterco was rooting for Yvette. Childless as I was, I always formulated at least a decent argument to counter Dexterco’s contention at the time of Pia. Who would have thought that I will end up supporting another candidate in the person of Catriona Gray? When Catriona joined the Miss World pageant, I was so excited since I really thought that another crown was just really within our reach. When Puerto Rico emerged victorious, I honestly thought that the Philippines was really robbed big time. Frustrated as I was, I unfollowed Miss World in my IG account. I was one of those people who was clamoring for Catriona to join Bb. Pilipinas to be honest. I was dormant for so long in Tito Norman’s blog. But things changed when Catriona finally filed her candidacy in this year’s Bb. Pilipinas. Excitement and eagerness filled my whole, entire senses when she became an official candidate. But of course, you just cannot please everyone. While there was a clamor for Catriona Gray, there are also those who are non believers. There are always those who would like to put Catriona Gray down. Such desperate attempts to put this one heck of a really fine entity down. To Catriona Gray: Regardless of what might be the outcome, you will always be my favorite beauty queen. You’ve shown so much grace and humility. You have the most genuine attitude which is a rarity nowadays. You have always remained humble even if you are someone whose talent and skills are simply formidable. With your traits and characteristics,how can someone dislike you? All the best Catriona! Hail and bow down to the real queen who epitomises perfection! God Bless you on your journey queen.

  29. I’m on Team CAT!!! She has it all (plus more) to be the future MUP & MU, what more could you ask for? I’ve never supported a beauty pageant candidate like this before. Never been active on social media promoting any candidate with comments and likes until Cat joined the BBP pageant this year. God bless Cat!!! Cat for MUP!!! You can do it Cat!!!!

  30. Norman you did not even give Cat’s post a chance to shine like you did with the rest!! You just posted Aya’s post right after!!!

    • Catriona posts/blogs will get surely reactions even not at the top spot of the web page. 🙂

      Parang kapag store displays lang, yung mabili kahit itago mo sa sulok hahanapin ng mga parokyano. Then you also need to display yung iba pang products sa unahan para makita din ng customers.

    • Magdilang anghel ka sana. Bong700
      It looks like Uncle Norman and the Power that be are trying to push someone else down our throat hahahaha

      • Playing safe lang c Momma N sylvia dahil may mommy at Tita yung kavilah na Di kagandahan at friends ni momma N or pangkabuhayan showcase kung meron man😄hihihiji

  31. I would be disappointed if she does not win the top crown!! SMA should not waste her beauty and brain on some minor pageant!!

  32. I have to say I’m surprised that Lola Norman posted about Catriona before Aya. What was his intention for doing this? Does he know something we don’t???? I was expecting the other way around…
    Also, it looks like these ladies with “Are you Team…..” feature are his favorites to win a crown.

  33. Chill Norman, Cat ain’t the most BASHED binibini this edition like you’re trying to make her out to be. The hanash about her parents were obviously made up and didn’t even blow up lol in fact this was the first time i’ve heard of it, and tutok ako in this year’s edition ha. Stop trying to surround Cat with controversies pls?

    Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray, you’ve got this, our Miss Universe Philippines 2018!

    • Baka gawa-gawa ng Aces and Queens yung hanash sa parents kaya nose ni Tito Norms?

      • Totoo yun Hanash. I have screenshots. I also know someone sinister fr a camp is behind this . Same people who are mocking the team ngipin frontrunners

  34. No matter what happen this coming Sunday, in my heart you are the BB Universe Philippines. No one can take that away….

  35. Originally Written by Mr. Warly, A Pageant Analyst:

    “Dear Catriona,

    I am years older than your parents. As someone nearing my diamond year, I am quite certain that I have never missed out on any opportunity to watch Binibining Pilipinas since its inception. I have seen an extensive list of beauty queens emerging victorious in their respective international pageant representations. Conversely, I have been a witness to the failures of some of our queens as well at these pageantries.

    I am a pageant fanatic. My eye for details has never failed me in determing individuals fit to represent the country. The judgment of my fellow Filipino pageant fanatics all over the world favors you, Catriona. I share the same foresight with them. We believe that you are the most fitting to represent the Philippines at Miss Universe.

    What qualities you possess that make you a cut above the rest? From the public’s perspective, I am outlining below your strengths.

    1. Face and Body Symmetry
    2. Perfect Photo and Camera Register
    3. Crystal Clear Advocacy
    4. Optimal Competence at Communication
    5. Real Humility

    The first two can be achieved overtime. You have been blessed effortlessly with these features. Your parents’ genes complemented so well that they have produced a stunning looker in you. Your physique can be eventually perfected further depending on the contemporary physical attributes that Miss Universe prefers. Aestheticians and trainers will have laid out manageable workout routines for you because your physical being has reached perfection since you joined pageantries.

    The third and fourth points are precisely developed through the years. Your diverse communication contexts are your media which make you capable of getting your messages across with realistic communication competencies. These points are not mutually exclusive because they progress either positively or negatively based on how you accommodate new knowledge and skills and how you assimilate them.

    I disagree with the points raised in that training you attended that it is okay to be ungrammatical and that what matters is to make sense of a point. Good speakers know that grammar inaccuracies impede processing of information. I suggest that the training incorporate a segment on developing strategic communication in future modules instead of coming up with an unusual claim that it is okay to commit wrong grammar.

    Linguistic (grammar, phonology, morphology, syntax), discourse, sociolinguistic, and strategic competencies in communication must be maintained to guarantee meaningful communication interaction. To treat the role of grammar as secondary in communication does not hold water. All these competencies are necessary to achieve optimal communication.

    And you know what, Catriona? You have successfully reached optimally these competencies. I surmise that your communicative ability has matured this far because you have a diverse range of experiences and have seriously learned from them.

    Majority of the Filipino pageant fanatics are rooting for you because all throughout the diversity of experiences you have had, you remain collected and calm. You have always been simply because your deep faith in the Divine and unique humility make you a real beauty queen. We are rooting for you because your kindhearted soul exudes and we feel it as it permeates our TV screen whenever we see and listen to you.

    Catriona, you will be the Philippines’ Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2018.




    I am requesting all the fans of Catriona to share or post my letter to your walls till it reaches her. Thanks so much.”

    • Thank you so much, Mr Warly for this very wonderful piece about Catriona. You touched all the bases. I still believe she will get what she rightfully deserves on Sunday 💕💖💗💚💙

  36. I don’t know why I smiled and laughed while reading the post and looking at Cat’s pictures. Parang I imagined that Cat is Super Mario on her way to the Universe crown, pero along the way may mga evil creatures throwing obstacles and challenges her way. If I was Cat battling all these evil people, siguro I would just roll over and die. I am not strong but Cat is! I mean, they are just TOO MUCH to the point that they would make fake facebook accounts of Cat’s parents? Couldn’t help but laugh at how desperate and sad lang to even go that far. How low could these evil people go? But above all these craziness, Cat still remains strong. Strong is the word talaga. Even if you are a hater, how can you not admire her resilience? Siyempre Cat is only human naman… pero to recover super quick sa lahat ng tinatapon niyo sakaniya, that is something to be admired lang. This only proves that she is a really good person, who responds to hate with love, through and through. Nothing but respect and admiration to the most loved queen that is Catriona. ❤️

  37. She is the reason why this year’s edition of BBP is so exciting and much awaited through the world. And that tell as you everything…She is Miss Universe Philippines❤️

  38. Congratulations in advance, Ms. Catriona Elisa Gray. Our 4th Miss Universe! I will cheer for you this coming Sunday!

  39. Oh catriona….I feel like there are sooooo many things against you the coming Sunday. I will pray that you win Miss Universe Philippines but if so it doesn’t come to be, everyone will still know you have done your absolute best and everyone will love you even more than now.

  40. #notobbpilipinas-PILITAcorales

    Ewan kung bakit pinagdi-diskusyunan p. Grabe. Kababalaghan. Kapangyarihang itim pag nanalo ang pinagpipilitan!

      • Dto ko tlg pinost to dear kasi if sa article featuring her sasabihin binabash. Hehe.

      • You should make it clear because people will think you are referring to Cat when you clearly aren’t.

  41. What’s with the immediate and subsequent post about Aya? A little more time to discuss Cat’s merits would have been appreciated. Thanks! #Shady

      • We’ll just keep on posting here Jonny, nothing much to appreciate there anyway, lol!

    • Agree! His post on Ahtisa stayed on top for a long time. Now Aya has more comments on hers than Cat’s which is NORMally NOT the case. Just look at the IG posts comments, Cat always gets the most comments and likes and views. Come on Cat fans, keep the comments here rolling.

  42. Kung hindi ka mag scroll pababa, di ko malalaman na na feature na pala si Cat.
    Pagbukas mo kasi si Aya lang makikita mo. Wala masyado gap.

  43. Barring unforeseen circumstances (politicking etc.), Catriona Elisa Gray should be MUP2018.
    Yes, she is the only one I can see who can best represent the Philippines in this year’s edition of Miss Universe. Everyone the world over, is talking about her (die hard fans may have gone overboard at times, but, Cat has remained her humble self trying to bridge the gap between her followers (the believers and her detractors (the non-believers) whose discussion has come to the point where name calling and bashing has reached
    unimaginable proportions). Through all this, Cat has called for peace and calmness.
    Yes , I am on Team Catriona for Miss Universe Philippines 2018 ! And I am proud to say it 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I agree, and she is so ready….I can see another Miss Universe for PI. I hope SM won’t take a risk by sending another girl.

      • Ikr ? The world, the universe rather, are all eyes on her and her being perpect (Well, almost) is just something that is just so hard to be ignored. She is perfect for MU. Period 😇🤗🤓💋👄❤💫

      • If SM & BBP want the best chance to win the Philippine’s 4th MU crown, they should send Cat even if she delivers (God forbid) a not so-flawless performance or answer in the Q&A because Cat has been the most consistent front runner. She will surely be an instant front runner at the MU pageant.

        Cat has been a stand out in ALL the BBP events and she slayed all the candidates (even the reigning BBP queens) at the JAG Jean Fashion Show. It would be the most disappointing coronation night if SM ends up not caring about sending the best candidate with the best chance to win the 4th MU crown for the Philippines. I hope she doesn’t end up selecting someone who is a weak candidate for MU solely based on looks or because of family relations.

        I pray SM doesn’t have the mindset like others in this year’s MU pageant that it’s one continent’s turn to win the MU crown., This gives her an excuse that the Philippines could just send whoever they feel like because it would not matter anyway even if we send the candidate who has the best chance to win the crown. SM can’t risk breaking the placement streak in MU which Venus started in 2010.

        The most important thing Cat’s fans can do right now is to PRAY FOR CAT and FAIR JUDGING!

        Make sure you have a ticket so you can cheer for Cat at the Araneta Coliseum.

        And make sure to be active on social media promoting Cat with posts, comments, likes and views.

  44. Yes.

    Performer (Works the stage)
    Charismatic (Works the crowd)
    And well spoken.

  45. She is the perfect candidate that the Philippines will ever had. She is the epitome of beauty, brain , class and above all down to earth. She is love by almost everyone and also frome other countries. The MUP crown is for here this year. Everone is afraid of her, but she still stayed humble amid’s all the bashings from some of the people out there also from her former camp A&Q. Goodluck Catriona win it and show them what you are made of. You are my winner this year.

    • “She is the perfect candidate that the Philippines will ever had.” You mean those who won in international pageant before her were not perfect?


    • She is the one to beat. I believe in her experience in the world of pageantry. She is our Miss Universe Philippines.

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