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  1. Samantha is a good candidate. She is in competition-ready shape, works hard, and has good styling. However, I think her nose job is her downfall. It looks too obvious. She doesn’t look like her original self anymore. I have nothing against cosmetic enhancements if they indeed enhanced (very lightly) the natural beauty of the candidate. Halle Berry is a great example. Her nose is still ethnically identifiable. They didn’t make her nose bridge too high and her nostrils too narrow to replicate a Caucasian nose.

    • I agree with you. She reminds me of Arci Munoz – huge difference from before to after. She looks wax-y to me now, na para siyang minold. Flawless, but not in a very good way.

      Sayang kasi; her body is to die for, she’s intelligent and her advocacy is timely.

      With that said, ok lang aq if she gets a crown or not.

  2. Isa si Samantha sa mga girls na palaban at di nagpapatinag sa mga frontrunners yung tipong keber sa resulta basta binigay ko ang lahat lahat.

  3. Masyadong obvious ang “MJ Lastimosa” vibe sa candidate na ito, I have nothing against KF pero yun ang nakikita ko.

  4. In the structure of power, the organization, any organization for that matter is stronger than the individual. Unless that organization meets an opponent who has a power to oppose, topple, or destroy. Case in point: People power versus the Marcoses in 1986,

    Now, what does this argument have to do with beauty contests? A beauty pageant organization is more powerful that the individual contestant, and they have a say on who they want to crown no matter how qualified the candidate is.

    What about TV Networks? They as an organization is more powerful than the individual contestant. They have a say on who they want to choose even if the candidate has a lot of fans, unless it has something to do with monetary exchange like reality shows where tv networks and telecommunications company earn with vote buying via text or call.

    Sponsorships? What about the companies that provide food, clothing, etc? Most of the sponsors are owned by the mother organization, except for others who are after media mileage, tv commercial spots, and other print related or social media exposure and they don’t really care who wins as long as their company is advertised on national tv.

    Lucky is the girl who is favored by the organization and the tv network, Very very lucky indeed.

    • Dami mo dada,,, Hindi ito riddle me this, riddle me that, vakla!
      Bakit di mo pangalanan yang mga pinagkukuda mo???
      O sadiyang isa ka lang vaklitang puno ng kuro-kuro???

      Cherette,,,,, hihihihi!!!!

      4 more days to go kaya naman naglabasan na ang mga
      Echuserang veks……. hihihihi cherette leng…….

  5. Her beauty is on t my cup of tea, her facial features are too strong na nagmumukhanh masculine na at times. Maybe wear a lighter make up or something that would make her look feminine.

  6. Samantha Bernardo for Miss International 🙂

    Baklang bakla sya and she looks good on camera.

    Go besh!


  7. I like Samantha, she is up there , one of my alternates for my top 8 … yes I will be satisfied if she makes it (just not to MUP, this title belongs to Catriona because we love MU, we love our country and we love for MU to give the crown to our country for the fourth time in history)

  8. For people who want to throw the retokada, scripted shade at someone- throw it towards this girl lol…there’s something terribly affected about her which becomes apparent when she starts talking- and you notice the nose job, how her nostrils are unsymmetrical…..before i saw her interview, she looked so put together and natural tho

  9. Team Kulangot!!!




  10. Kaninong camp ba sya? A&Q, KF? Ilang taon kaya nya kinabisado ang intro nya?


  12. She’s a good speaker to me
    She looks long and lean
    And she does her homework , hello Michelle !

  13. She reminds me of Maria Sofia Love’s bestfriend. Maria Sofia Love is Love.

    Cara, 2 sentences na po lagi ako magsalita para practice for q and a. Now 4 sentences because I’m explaining.

    • Cheza dear, yun 2 sentences naman na nabigay mo yun saloobin but dont make it longer. You will do great

      • Okay po, tita Cara. I will do my best and beat the rest.

        Pwedo po 3 because I wanna say I, thank you.

  14. She’s okay… nasa middle siya ng top 16 list ko… but medyo bothered lang ako sa smile niya… medyo creepy-psycho killer ang peg… I don’t know why ganon? Pero it looks like this sa lahat ng unedited candid shots niya

    • Also, bakit ganun yung forehead niya sa last photo? Kinilabutan tuloy batok ko. Imagine ganun yung buong skin mo?

      Pero, I still like this girl… siguro extra polishing lang sa mga rough edges…

    • Same observation…but it’s said observation that makes me not like her.

  15. This lady is brainy ,talented w great body but she seems to be not noticed by the people who prefers the overrateds

  16. Oh Sam… paano bah…uhm, galingan mo na lang sa finals… hihi! kayang kaya mo yan! aim for the first cut nlang muna…and then, rampa! awra! …then sana makapag Q@A ka… good luck!

  17. Im waiting on the article entitled: “Are you on Team Kulangot”?


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