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  1. Maaring pintasan sya ng mga fans sa kanyang communication skills, base sa performance nya sa “Road to the Crown” tv special. A runner up placement maybe.

  2. Yeah, she’s undeniably charming. I think any crown is ok as long as she is sent to a pageant where Q & A does not really matter much.

  3. I was just a bit naloka when she said “my mother is a single mother who raise me as a single mother alone”

    • Hahaha redundancy!!!! Who raise me as a Single mother alone…..omg…..🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😆😆😆😆.

      • Sisters brothers sometimes etc help out . She prob meant her single mom did not get help from anyone raising her
        Nothing wrong with that … not at all

  4. I would prefer a not so drop dead gorgeous but with very good communication skills. Kahit dyosa ang ganda kung palpak sa QnA a super BIG NO for me agad. Di na pinagiisipan yun

  5. Her beauty reminds me of Wendy Valdez. Maganda talaga s’ya, and I hope na ibigay sa kanya ang Grand. I am pretty sure, mapo-polish pa ito, especially sa communication skills department. We set the bar so high pagdating sa comskills sa mga rep natin sa pageant ni Nawat, but hey, we should not forget Ariska, huh! Pwede sila mag-switch ni Vickie sa International. That’s all!

    • She has had 4-5 years to improve on her communication skills since her Miss Earth stint, and clearly, she has not improved. If she hasn’t improved since then, I don’t think she’ll improve in a few months.

      Clearly, yan na ang limit niya.

      There are much better girls to send to the MI pageant.

  6. In the beginning, I pegged her as another Mutya Datul. Refreshing ang beauty at parang walang pakundangan Kung kumilos. Remember them doing Zumba (?) a couple of weeks ago? Talagang bigay na bigay sya Kung sumayaw. I remember Mutya gliding the Supra stage some years ago. Kulang na lang na mabalian sya ng buto but she conquered the crown.

    Unfortunately, parang nag dim yung original spark ni Muriel or did the others just rise to the occasion? Mejo polarizing yung beauty nya; one day it’s a yay for me then it will be a nay tomorrow.

    Kulang ang crowns sa dami ng deserving. It’s a sad NO for me.

  7. Muriel, Jehza, Vickie, and Aya will make the top 15 but will falter in Q and A…

  8. She might win a crown come finals night depends on her performance! She’s beautiful…

  9. Sure Top15 but based on her comskills, I doubt if she would land a crown.

  10. This girl is super telegenic and her pasarela is divine but I can see a Maxine Medina the way she articulates her thoughts. She can be a shoo-in for Globe. Give the runner-up slots to MUPs and MIPs in the making.

    Remember Nelda Ibe? That girl delivered a not-so-impressive Q&A on top of her cringy diction yet managed to earn a crown. Muriel’s 26 already so I don’t see her coming again should she lose this year. After all, she has a very promising career as a flight attendant at PAL and she being the face of the brand is also worth a crown.

  11. She is very ugly ( for a BQ) when she talks . It’s the bad facial expressions

  12. i only want to focus on the positives:
    that face
    that presence
    those moves
    and poses

    bonne chance, la belle muriellle!


  14. PASS! Poor communication skills. Who are we all kidding?!!! IT’S CORONATION NIGHT FOR CAT Sunday! Stop pretending it’s even a contest. Who really cares about these minor crowns?!!! POOR MICHELE she will be wasted on a minor crown. Without Cat it would have been her year.

    • Stella should give her a runner up position so she can join next year and be the Miss Universe Philippines!!

  15. Habang papalapit na ang coronation painit na rin ang mga chismisan,

    — sa bandang sudamerica betchina nila ang gray cat although ang Ultimo mejor reklamo eh Yung katawan nga daw pero para sa mga Europeo, pusa pa rin!

    — para sa shupitbaler hati kina Karen at Cat ang laban.

    — si LP na admin NG isang pageant site ng shupitbaler kaaway dati ni GP na Pinoy site pero truce na sila after MU. Fiesta ngayon kina LP Yung issue ni Mariel at Cat.

    — etong si designer ang to the rescue Kay beauty queen nung di dumating Yung gown niya on time. NASA pinas siya recently and kasama si Unica hija at Amigas ni Madre sa isang dinner. Di ko Lang alam Kung siya din Ang gagawa ng gown niya?

  16. BOPLAKS.


    Miss Philippines Earth – Kahiya hiya ang katanghan sa Q&A. Tinalo pa ni Athena.

    walang energy (lamang lang ng konti kay Joana Eden)
    mukang napipilitan lang

    bagay as cabin crew, actually maganda sya tignan sa PAL uniform. pero Beauty Queen she is not.

  17. Pretty. But when i saw the Road to the crown, she didnt meet my expectations. Something wrong sa dila niya, may problema sa pagsasalita. And the basing sa mga sagot niya, no for me.

  18. She’s photogenic, I’ll give her that.

    But so far, that’s all I’ve seen from her. I still don’t understand why she’s regarded as a top 15 shoo-in. There are other candidates of a similar mold who are much more promising (Kayesha Chua, for example).

    Her styling choices need improvement…sometimes it looks…cheap?

  19. I’m a fan of soft oriental looks because those beauties are transformable. Her campaign did not generate noise unlike the front runners and others but maybe it’s just her strategy to come out swinging cum finals night? I hope she performs well. Definitely should be in the top 15 or something.

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